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									                            St. Cecilia’s & St. Patrick’s
                               Parish Pastoral Team

                Minutes of meeting – Monday 7th September 2009

Meeting held in St Cecilia’s Presbytery
Present:              Fr Denis O’Mahony, Pat Brennan, Patricia Allan, Judith Knox,
                      Carole Thompson, David Lawson, Claire Goodfellow, Greta
Non members:          David Allan, Gerry Carpenter, Maureen Martin, Ronnie

Fr Denis opened the meeting with a prayer.
1.       Apologies: None received
2.       Minutes of last meeting
     Item 5 – amendment: Siobhan Carton will continue as co-ordinator for the
         youth masses. Carole Thompson is co-ordinator for children’s liturgy.
3.       Matters arising:
Church kneelers
     These have now been re upholstered.
 Organ loft pew
     One of the larger pews in the organ loft has been removed and rebuilt in two
         parts downstairs at the back of church.
Church maintenance
     The rotting wood above the windows has been replaced but some falling
         plaster work still needs to be repaired.
     The car park spaces have been re painted, with disabled parking slot allocated.
E-mail reminder for PPT meeting
     Sorry, forgot to send out reminders, but there was a notice in the bulletin
4.       Golden Jubilee
         Fr Denis will be celebrating his Golden Jubilee on Wednesday 16th June 2010.
It was agreed to have a Mass that evening to which priests, family, parishioners and
people from past parishes would be invited. The Bishop will also be invited. This will
be followed by light refreshments in the hall, provided by the CWL.
The following Saturday, 19th June 2010, it is proposed to have a celebration which
could be subsidised by the parish, with tickets sold to cover costs. A sub-group was
formed to look into venues, costs and entertainment. This group included David
Lawson, Carole Thompson, Maureen Martin and Ronnie Mitchinson. Phil Atkinson
will be invited to assist and Patricia Allan has agreed to help with any organisation
issues. The group will report back to Father Denis asap as the venue will need to be
5.       Future arrangements
         Fr Denis will be celebrating his 75th birthday the following year, 2011, and
will be expected to retire. He is considering speaking to the Bishop to request an
earlier retirement, following the jubilee, although no definite date has been decided.
The PPT assured Father of their support, whatever decision was made.
6.       Confirmations
         Monsignor Lavender will confirm our candidates on 17th November 2009 at
7pm Mass. The CWL will provide refreshments after this.
The preparation sessions are on Tuesday evenings 13/10, 20/10, 3/11 and 10/11 led by
Siobhan Carton and Fiona Stoker.
The candidates will be enrolled at 10am Mass on Sunday 18th October, which may be
a youth mass – Siobhan to confirm with Fr Denis.
7.      Feast of St Cecilia
        This feast is on Sunday 22/11/09 which is also the feast of Christ the King,
and national Youth Sunday.
Fr Denis would like to have a Mass for St Cecilia on Saturday 21st November at noon;
the music liturgy group will discuss further details with Fr.
A social evening in the hall has been arranged following the Saturday evening Mass
on 21st November, and a singer booked.
8.      Last Mass at St Patrick’s
        The 25th anniversary of the last Mass at St Patrick’s will be on Sunday 6th
December 2009. Fr Denis has a DVD copy of the video made at that Mass, and David
Allan has agreed to collate a small display of photos from the church, to show in the
9.      Youth Mission update
        The next meeting is on Tuesday 8/09/09 at St Benet’s at 7pm. The
representatives who attend from St Cecilia’s would appreciate further support from
any parishioner interested in encouraging the youth in our parish to participate more.
The St Anthony’s mission will now take place from 30th November to 4th December,
with a family night for ALL parishioners on 3rd December at St Anthony’s. Further
details about the mission will be announced at Mass and in the bulletin.
10.     Deanery Forum
        Fr Ryan has left the deanery so there is no Dean to call the meetings at the
moment. The priests will be holding a meeting soon and hopefully a date for the next
Deanery Forum meeting will be agreed on then. Details will be published in the
bulletin; all parishioners are invited to attend.
11.     CRB checks
        A small number of CRB checks still need to be submitted, Fr Tindall and his
secretary will be in the presbytery on 10th September from 7pm to assist with any
12.     Diocesan property manager
        The manager will be carrying out an inspection of the church buildings on 16th
September. An action plan may follow with guidelines for any improvements/changes
deemed to be necessary.
13.     Any other business

Father closed the meeting with a prayer.

Next meeting Monday 30th November 2009 at 7.00pm in presbytery

Contact details for agenda:          Tricia Allan Tel: 521 2265

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