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									Library Board of Trustee Meeting Agenda - DRAFT
Meeting         July 23, 2009
Meeting         7:15 PM - 9:00 p.m. EST
Meeting         Greenburgh Library – Multipurpose Room
Participants    Library Board of     Diane Creston       Library                Town Liaison
                Trustees             Thomas              Eugenie Contrata       Diana Juettner
                Frank Musantry       McCarthy            Marilyn Greiner
                George Hayward       Tomas Saez          Cory Deitchman
                Calvin Thomas        Elizabeth Vickery

Meeting         Monthly Board Meeting
Required        Inputs are required to the Library Director between 10 and 14 days prior to the
Input           meeting. The Agenda will be available 1 week prior to the meeting for review.
Prior to        1. Electronic Sign states location of Trustee meeting
Meeting         2. Paper signs hung to display location of meeting
                3. Ensure doors to meeting room are open.

Meeting Agenda
Opening Proceedings:
1   Call meeting to order
2   Presentation from Invited Guest(s):
3   Public Comments: (30 minutes is allotted - 5 min per person, prorated if greater than 6 people
    wish to speak – established 5/29/08)
4   Vote to adopt previous month’s minutes
5   Accomplishments since last meeting:
     a.  Met with Paul to discuss: Budget, Bookmobile, Appointments
            Town Board Work Session and Town Board Meeting Update
     b.     Met with Genie, Calvin and Frank to discuss budget
     c.     Met with Friends – Book Sale Multi Purpose Room 10/17 & 10/18
            Donation Days – 9/12, 9/26, 10/3 & 10/10
            Increase presence in GPL with a table and volunteers (shelving, etc)
     d.     Lunch with Judy Chriss
     e.     Leak fixed – completed / Lower parking lot lights - completed
     f.     Café – awaiting meeting with vendor and Foundation
     g.     Meeting with Triton – July 15, 2009
     h.     This board announces 2 vacancies, for the term starting January 1, 2010.
     i.     Advocacy planning session
     Library Board of Trustee Meeting draft Agenda July 23, 2009 - page 2
6    Treasure’s Report
     Review bills and vote to authorized payment of this month’s bills

     Reviews by Committee:
7         Administrative Report
           Presented by Library Director: Eugenie Contrata
8          Finance Committee Report
            Presented by Chair: Calvin Thomas
9          Building Committee Report
            Presented by Chair: Tom Saez
10        Policy & ByLaws Committee Report
           Presented by Chairman: George Hayward
11        Personnel Committee Report
           Presented by Chair: Thomas McCarthy
     Reality Check: Take notice of the time. Seek motion to table some discussions to a
     future time to ensure resolutions are voted prior to 9PM, or to continue. If resolutions
     will be made past 9PM, open the side entrance and post an employee there to allow
     access after 9PM.
12        New Business/Discussions:
     a.   Copier / Printing
     b.   Bookmobile Update
     c.   Book Sale by Friends – request preview night
     d.   Books & Cooks Update
     e.   Café Update
     f.   Town Board Update
     g.   Book Exchange Update
     h.   Meeting Room Policy
     i.   Unique Management Services Proposal
     j.   Reserve Fee
     k.   Strategic Planning Process
     l.   Museum Passes

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     Library Board of Trustee Meeting draft Agenda – July 23, 2009 page 3
13        Resolution #0709 – 1 Description: Charter Amendment – revision of resolution from June 25, 2009
14        Resolution #0709 – 2 Description: Purchase Furniture and Equipment from the Capital Budget
15        Resolution #0709 - 3 Description: Unique Management Trial

     Action Items:
16        Discuss plans for the upcoming month
17        List Action items from this meeting and assign responsibility and due date
         a. Describe Action Item #1
         Assigned to:                      Due Date:
         b. Describe Action Item #2
         Assigned to:                      Due Date:
         c. Describe Action Item #3
        Assigned to:                       Due Date:
     Closing Proceedings:
18        Adjourn from the public meeting
          NOTE: IF an Executive session is to follow, state the reason for the Executive session
          and that a public session will not follow it. Then ask for a motion to commence executive
     Executive Session: Personnel Issues
19        Motion and vote to open the executive session
20        Discussion in executive session
21        Request motion to adjourn from the executive session and end public meeting.
     Meeting agenda to be available 7 days before Library Board of Trustee meeting.

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