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Trustworthy 1

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					                                                    Trustworthy 1

Tommy the Trustworthy Turtle
Meet Tommy. He likes to be trustworthy.
Every day he tries:

    To tell the truth.

    To follow the rules.

    Not to take things that don’t belong to him.

    To do what he says he’ll do.

Let me tell you a story about Tommy. It’s called:

Trustworthy Tommy and the Bad Day
                                                                                     Trustworthy 2

      Thursday after school, Tommy was walking home, but he wasn’t very happy. He got
in trouble at school for taking Fred’s toy truck and knocking down his tower. He didn’t want
to tell his mom and dad, but he knew he must tell the truth. So, when he got home, he told
his mom.

     “Mom,” he said. “I got in trouble at school today.”

     “Tommy, I’m so glad you told me the truth,” said his mom. “Why did you get in

     “Well, I was mad at Fred so I took his truck and knocked over his block tower.”

     “Why was that bad?” asked his mom.

     “Well, the rule is that you can’t break things that belong to others. I broke that rule.”

     “What did you do after you got in trouble?”
                                                                                    Trustworthy 3

    “I told Fred I was sorry, I gave him back his truck and then helped him rebuild his

      “Well, Tommy, I am glad that you helped Fred rebuild his tower. I bet that made you
feel good.”

     “Yes, Mom, it did make me feel better to help Fred rebuild the tower.”

   “What do you think you can do tomorrow to not get in trouble?” his mother asked

      “First, I am not going to take my friends’ toys. Maybe if I asked Fred to see his truck,
he will let me look at it. Second, I am not going to ruin something that belongs to my

     “That sounds like a good plan, Tommy. Will you tell me what happens tomorrow?”
                                                                                  Trustworthy 4

      The next day Fred brought his truck to school. Tommy asked Fred if he could play
with it instead of taking it, and Fred said yes. Tommy followed all the class rules and was
very helpful to the teacher.

     When he walked home after school, he was very happy. He did not get into trouble,
and he couldn’t wait to tell his mom what a good day he had.

      “Mom,” he said as soon as he got home. “Guess who didn’t get into trouble today? I
did just what I said I was going to do and it was great. I didn’t get into trouble and I had
more fun with Fred because we weren’t fighting.”
                                                                                        Trustworthy 5

     “Tommy, I am so glad you had a good day. What do you think you will do from now
on at school?”

     “I am definitely going to try to tell the truth, follow the rules, not take things that don’t
belong to me, and do what I say I am going to do.”

     “That sounds like a great plan, Tommy,” said his mother.

     From that day forward, Tommy was almost always happy walking home from school
because he did not get into trouble much at all anymore, and he knew that his friends and
family thought he was trustworthy.

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