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  The Pareto Principle
  In most cases, 80% of a business is a result of 20% of its users. Knowing this, the focus should always be to design, develop and
  conceptualize for the group of users that you can rely on.

  Pareto User Experience is a consultancy that specializes in User Centered Design – the creative development, interaction design,
  information architecture, and usability of software, web, and physical devices. The value of our focus enables visual designers to
  concentrate on aesthetic design elements, programmers to concentrate on programming logic and stakeholders to feel confident
  that they are delivering the best possible solution to their customers.

If you need to know, “How does a user                  If you want to know, “How will a user                  If you want to know “How successfully will users
find the information they want?” we                    take the action they want?” we can                     interact with these recommended structures
can define navigation structures and                   identify system interactions, actions,                 and elements?” we can find the answer through
organize content, page hierarchy, and                  controls, and dynamic elements.                        such methods as direct observation, heuristic
taxonomy.                                                                                                     evaluation and user testing.

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Pareto is
We have over 10 years of real world experience in User Experience and User Centered Design working for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100
companies, financial Institutions, and industry leading software houses. We provide high quality interaction designs and valuable
user research, as well as the knowledge in how to tie it all together. We understand how to effectively champion the merits of UCD
to senior management, and how to seamlessly fit UCD into an existing process.

Pareto is a global company that sees geographical boundaries as opportunities. The bottom line is you want to hire the most
qualified professionals for the job regardless of location and our company model has proven to be successful on a global scale. We
have experience working with clients across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Today’s technology of conference calls and
shared desktop presentations allow for the same level of communication to occur whether sitting across a boardroom table, or
across the continent.

Pareto brings
We understand the difficulties in maintaining a team through the ebb and flow of large to small-scale projects. Bringing in an
outside consultancy ensures you are dealing with experienced practitioners who can effectively deliver on your project specific
needs. We have a breadth and depth of exposure to the industry, which ensures that we are always on top of the latest trends and
standards. If you are more interested in building your own UCD team we can help you hire qualified professionals, and work to fold
UCD into your existing processes.

Pareto provides
As a consultancy, Pareto provides a range of focused User Centered Design services to help deliver quality insight for all your
interactive project needs. The following pages help to break down the tasks and services we offer, and how they can add specific
value to your projects...

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                                                                                                                           Pareto UX Services | DEFINE

Would you consider building a house without blueprints? Of course not. An architect works to understand the
requirements of the building, how it will be used, and who will use it. They build a plan that creates a space to
satisfy the original requirements, shows consideration for the constraints of the engineer and builder, and all in
the best interest of the future occupant.

Pareto User Experience does exactly the same thing. Our list of services include requirements and conceptual
development to help business stake-holders define and focus what they want to achieve; research and analysis
that helps business stakeholders understand their users; then interaction architecture that solves business
problems within the constraints of technology while always advocating for the user.

The resulting wireframes, guidelines and recommendations are the blueprints that provide the plan for business
to sign off on, for design and development to build from and a point of reference for QA to test against.

Requirements Development                                                          Conceptual Development
Working with the stake-holders we can help to define and prioritize                Gather the appropriate people, and lead them to creative solutions.

Value: We understand who the users are and their motivations, so                   Value: With years of experience and a tool-box full of techniques, we
arming the business stake-holders with this information allows them                are able to guide people through the conceptual development
to make strong confident decisions.                                                process, where viable solutions are the end result. By including the
                                                                                   right people in the process we ensure that there is buy-in from all
                                                                                   levels early on, and that perceived constraints are either validated or

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                                                                                                           Pareto UX Services | RESEARCH

User & Task Observation                                                 Competitive Analysis
Through job shadowing (internal users), and observation of select       Comparison of similar products or functionality within your specific
external users we can document and analyze work flows, system           industry.
processes, user tasks and other integral procedures.

Value: Observation sessions allow us to capture the subtle details      Value: Researching how your competitors do things allows us to
often missed by business teams or even the actual user themselves.      determine best practices, as well as consistent approaches to
Observation also allows us to view the physical surroundings and        interaction within the industry. We are then able to be consistent
work space of a user, which helps us determine the flow of how a        with our solutions, while also identifying where improvements can
user would ‘normally’ interact with a system or device.                 be made based on any gaps or niches that exist in the marketplace.

User Interviews / Focus Groups                                          Comparative Analysis
Meet with users to determine specific preferences and needs, as         Comparison of similar products or functionality external to your
well as an opportunity to garner valuable product insight.              current industry.

Value: Interviewing users and/or facilitating focus groups enable       Value: Understanding how non-competitors within other industries
us to glean information in the user’s own words. We learn about         approach their online solutions and functionality is key, and helps
the pain points and difficulties perceived by an actual user, and       create a stronger appreciation of best practice solutions. This
learn about what a user would like to see fixed or left alone.          insight can ultimately be applied to your own business solutions,
                                                                        and can help set you apart from your direct competitors.

Heuristic Evaluation                                                    User Flow Diagrams
The evaluation of a product or application against accepted usability   Represents a task based view of a user’s interaction with the product
principles and guidelines.                                              or service .

Value: Shows the strengths and weaknesses of a product. Is based        Value: Understanding the flow of interaction helps to build out the
on globally accepted interaction and usability principles,. Helps to    structure of a site. Identifying each of the required steps early on in a
establish a solid baseline from which improvements can be               project helps to reveal the individual pages (and often content), as well as
measured and ROI can be realised.                                       the core interaction points required to successfully attain the user’s goals.

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                                                                                                     Pareto UX Services | EXPERIENCE DESIGN

Site Maps                                                                          Functional Prototypes
A site map illustrates the structure and scalability of a website and              Functional prototypes are often more elaborate and polished, and used
helps define the navigation paths. Card sorting exercises can be                   to gain a thorough understanding of a users ability with a product, or to
applied to help in the organisation of information and in defining the             test specific or complex functionality. Often have design support for
structure.                                                                         proper look and feel.

Value: Site maps indicate the individual pages that need to be designed,           Value: Functional prototypes allow user testing to take place before
and will naturally lead into wireframe schematics. It allows stakeholders          much development work has been completed. Prototypes are scripted
as well as other dependant teams (content, SEO, design and development)            and follow specific verticals through functionality. They give users a
to gain an early understanding of the scale of work required.                      ‘real’ product to interact with, without the ‘real’ development effort.

Wireframe Schematics                                                               Usability Testing
Wireframes enable us to effectively communicate our interaction design             Record and observe users performing scripted tasks with an
and information architecture solutions by means of a document.                     application or product.

Value: Used to gain sign-off on solutions, and acts as a strong resource           Value: By watching users perform tasks, then enquiring about their individual
moving forward in the development process by giving the designers a                experiences (frustrations, successes, areas of confusion, justification of
blueprint to work from, and the developers a point of reference for how            actions and decisions), we’re able to identify if the design is effective or has
the interaction should behave. Wireframes embrace usability insight                opportunity for further refinement. Based on the outcome of the testing
and best practice approaches to help shape the interaction solutions.              sessions, recommendations can be made for improvements to the product.

Rapid Prototypes                                                                   Recommendations Report
Quick low fidelity prototype that allows for early user testing and feedback.      Tailored report clearly communicating findings and next steps.

Value: With very little effort a rapid prototype can quickly and easily validate   Value: Research adds very little value if no one uses it! Recommendations
or reveal problems with a design or early concept, and are very effective          offer a clear way to move forward, and can be pitched to stakeholders at a
tools in selling early solutions to stakeholders. The rapid nature of this         high level, or used as a working document for product teams at a more
testing style allows an iterative approach to be taken in the development of       functional and granular level.
solutions, with constant insight being communicated to all involved.

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                                                                                                                Pareto UX Process | aligned with your project needs

                                                                                                                                                                                                           consulting phase

business             de nition           delivers        requirements            research                 creates            concept                  interaction acrhitecture                             delivers       wireframe   creation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • visual design
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • technical build
                              needs                                                 competitive research                                                          wireframing &
                                                                                    & analysis                                                                    site mapping
                       • business requirements
                       • timeline and budget                                    • competitor pro ling                                                      • navigation and site layout
                                                                                                                                                           • content structure

                                                                                                                                           could involve
                            iterations                                                    iterations                                                                  iterations

                             analysis                                                  brainstorming                                                               prototyping
                       • scope                      personae            goals              tasks          creates     user ows                                                rapid
                       • feasibility                                                                                  and scenarios

                                                                                                                                                                                             can lead to
                                                 • user types      • user intentions • user interaction                                                             • paper
                                                                                                                    • user paths

                                                                                                                                                                    • digital
                                                                                                                                                                    • high or low-fidelity

                                                 Usability Consulting                                                                                        Usability Consulting
                                                 • user research and analysis                                                                                • user testing

                   Large Project

                                                                                                                                   Small Project

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