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          NEWS FROM PARMENTER COMMUNITY HEALTH                                                                             WAYSIDE HOSPICE
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                                                                        WINTER, 2004
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                                   The Future of Healthcare in
                                       Our Communities
Cynthia Mayher, Executive Director

Lately I have been spending a lot of time thinking about
how we provide healthcare in this country in gen-
eral, and to residents of our communities in particular.
Having just come through a long and heated election
process, it is clear that millions of people nationwide
are also concerned about healthcare on a personal level
and/or a national level. 2004 also marks Parmenterʼs
50th anniversary. As such, it is a key point in time for
this Agency to reflect on its past as well as its future.

How we pay for healthcare is determined by state, regional or national policies and increasingly, by private busi-
ness. Herein lie our biggest challenges. Some of the greatest ones I see in the coming years are these:

• The Balanced Budget Act of 1997 resulted in the closing or merger of 1/3 of the nationʼs homecare agencies.
  Most experts agree that the changes that are being triggered by the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003 will,
  in comparison, far overshadow the drastic impact of the Balanced Budget Act on homecare.
• There will be less government funding for healthcare. Changes in the tax structure will likely mean less fund-
  ing for social programs. Medicare, which has been the foundation for healthcare for the elderly for the past 40
  years, will be increasingly privatized.
• Healthcare for the elderly will dramatically shift from Medicare to private managed care plans. Historically,
  managed care programs have significantly under-funded homecare services. Under the new legislation, as
  managed care increases as a percentage of home care revenues in the coming years, homecare agencies will
  be significantly challenged to make ends meet.
• There will be more private payment for healthcare services for those who are able to afford it.
• Over the next 10 – 15 years, there will be a very large increase in seniors as the baby boom generation enters
• Our public health services have entered a new era of importance in light of our increased awareness of
   terrorist threats.                                                                       Continued on Page Nine

                                 Serving —Wayland, Weston, Sudbury, Lincoln, Concord, Marlborough, Maynard,
                           Acton, Wellesley, Natick, Framingham, Stow, Hudson, Waltham and surrounding communities
                  266 Cochituate Road l Wayland, MA 01778 l 508-358-3000 ph. l 508-358-3005 fx. l
2                                                                              P    a   r    m    e   n    t   e   r

    Our New Community Board                 Parmenter Food Pantry                  Wayside Hospice Appeal
                                               Needs Your Help                        Breaks Record
Last summer, Parmenterʼs Trustees
established a new board for the        The shelves are looking like Moth-      Our Annual Appeal for support for
organization called the Parmenter      er Hubbardʼs Cupboard! Currently,       Parmenterʼs Wayside Hospice has
Community Board and it has             we have a need for nonperishible        generated a record number of gifts.
quickly grown to over 75 members.      foods such as canned goods, pasta,      The mailing, centered around the
Community Board members make           sauces for pasta, rice, cereal, pet     story of a family that experienced
five simple commitments.                food, paper products (paper towels,     the extraordinary care offered by
They are:                              toilet paper, tissues), dishwash-       Wayside, was sent to the commu-
1. Learn about our organization and    ing detergent (for hand-washing         nities of Wayland, Sudbury, and
its activities and about the field of   dishes), toothpaste, toothbrushes,      Weston, as well as to those who
community health care.                 facial & bath soap, moisturing lo-      had supported the hospice program
2. Be an ambassador for Parmenter      tions, shampoo, hair conditioner.       in the past. Hospice Administrator
Community Health, spreading                                                    Edie Murray said that the response
the word of our programs and our       We would appreciate food items          exceeded expectations. “It is grati-
accomplishments among family,          that are not beyond their expira-       fying to see how people in the com-
friends and colleagues.                tion or in badly dented or rusted       munities we serve appreciate this
3. Contribute your ideas for grow-     cans or packaging.                      wonderful resource.” Running our
ing and enhancing the organization                                             hospice programs at the high levels
and its programs, building our en-     Recipients of Parmenterʼs Food          of quality that we—and those we
dowment, and enlarging the circle      Pantry program range from local         serve—insist upon is expensive.
of supporters.                         families with young children or         We need this kind of support to be
4. Attend the Annual Meeting of        teenagers to senior citizens in need,   able to continue our hospice ser-
the Community Board in 2004 that       due to economic difficulties, cut        vices. Anyone who received the
celebrates our accomplishments         backs in social programs and cir-       hospice mailing and who hasnʼt yet
and looks at future plans.             cumstances beyond their control.        sent in a gift is urged to do so to
5. Be willing to consider an annual                                            make sure that this local resource
gift to support our work.              The Parmenter Food Pantry also          is here if you or your family or
                                       accepts cash donations, which help      friends need it.
Executive Director Cynthia Mayher      us to buy perishable items for our
says that, “Parmenter has always       families.
had a loyal circle of friends and                                              Volunteering at Parmenter
supporters. The Community Board
brings them all together in a more                                             We rely on our volunteers and
useful way. We can exchange news                                               greatly appreciate the time and sup-
and information and reach out                                                  port that they give us.
into the community through each                                                Our Adult Day Health Program
memberʼs network.”                                                             provides on-the-job training for
                                                                               our voluteers. Those interested in
The first annual meeting of the                                                 volunteering their time for this pro-
Community Board will be at Long-                  Laurie Hoylo,                gram, can call 508-358-3000 x313
fellowʼs Wayside Inn in Sudbury         Parmenter Food Pantry Coordinator
                                                                               for more information.
on Friday, November 12 starting        Donations can be dropped off at         Wayside Hospice also has a 6 week
at 12:00 noon. We hope that this       our main office:                         training program for its hospice
new board will grow and flourish           266 Cochituate Road, Wayland         volunteers. The next training will
in the years to come and become                  8am - 5pm M - F.              be sometime in the spring of 2005.
an essential part of the Parmenter      If you have any questions, please
family.                                      call 508-358-3000 x239.
P   e    r   s   p    e    c    t   i    v   e   s                                                                    3

        Parmenter awarded
          ECCLI Grant

Competing against many other
agencies throughout the state, Par-
menter has been awarded a 2-year
$150,000 grant to provide supple-
mental training for our Home
Health Aides. This grant is really
a win/win situation for all parties
concerned:                                       Claire Farrell, Home Health Aide Supervisor (back row, center)
                                             and Enid Parker, ECCLI Project Coordinator (middle row, 2nd from left)
For Our Clients, it provides a bet-                                 with our first ECCLI class
ter trained group of aides who will
be better equipped to serve them on
many levels.
For Our Aides. Additional train-                  Our New Website                          A Homecare Story
ing and education is always a good
thing. In this case, it will lead to     Parmenter has a brand new website!       Lisa Roblin is the owner of Off
improved job skills, greater job se-     Residing at the same URL address         Center bakery in Weston. Her
curity and additional compensation,      that weʼve always had -                  mother was living in Florida when
as they complete the career ladder                     diagnosed with cancer, and Lisa
section of this program.                  - our brand new website has been        wanted to bring her back to the
For Our Staff. This program is           built from the ground up.                Metrowest area for the standard of
designed in such a way that it pro-                                               care she felt she deserved.
vides diversity training for our staff   Weʼve made the site much more
to better aquaint them with some         interactive, including a calendar of     While she never regretted the deci-
                                         events, registration for classes,        sion, it was a challenge - she has 2
of the challenges that our diverse
                                         a flow chart that depicts all of our      children, a husband, and a growing
group of aides faces as they prog-
                                         programs and services and their re-      business with employees to look
ress through our programs.
                                         lationships to one another, a compre-
For the Community. Wayland                                                        out for. Her father was unable to
                                         hensive description of each program,
and the Metrowest area, to which                                                  participate in the care, leaving Lisa
                                         a testimonials page from individuals
Parmenter provides such great                                                     in the role-reversal that has become
                                         who have experienced our services
healthcare, do not look the same in      first-hand, a history of Parmenter,
                                                                                  so common among baby-boomers.
2004 as they did in 1954, when we        contact information, and more.
began.                                                                            Lisa said it was a great relief to
                                         Weʼve tried to make the site as intui-   discover Parmenter through a
As the world truly has become            tive and easily navigable as possible,   friend. She was impressed and
smaller, so too has our own service      while at the same time providing         grateful that the staff was so sensi-
area. With increasing numbers from       much more comprehensive informa-         tive to her momʼs needs, and that
the Asian and African communities        tion about Parmenter and its diverse     they went way beyond the basics,
in many of our towns, it is essential    group of programs and services.          truly understanding the things that
that we have the ability to provide                                               she needed to be comfortable and
a diverse staff who can understand       Please check it out and let us know      to help her heal and cope with the
and meet the needs of these com-         what you think.                          realities of cancer.
                                                                                                  Continued on page 9
 4                                                                  P    a    r   m    e   n    t   e   r

                              To all                         wh o a t t e n d e d ,
       Corporate Underwriter:                                     Our 50th Anni
       Joseph J. Dempsey, Jr.
                                     Sandra Cheney                  Elizabeth J. & George P. Hayes

T h a
                                     Carole Clayton                 Patricia Hayes
     Roche Bros./Sudbury Farms       Robert J. & Gloria S. Condon   Dr. Toni Hays
                                     Eileen Coogan                  Nancy Hoffer
                                     Dorothy Cotton                 Margy & Richard Houlding
 Our Big Five-OH! Guests & Donors:
                                     Dorothea & Merwin Craig        Barbara A. Howland
Dick & Lynn Anderson                 William Craig                  Virginia Howard
Sue Anderson                         Barbara Crosby                 Bill & Marnie Hoyt
Joseph & Margaret Angelosanto        Carole & Jim Cudmore           Katherine & Jeffrey Huber
Sheldon Appel                        Edward & Susan Culver, Jr.     Israel Hurwitz
James Ashkar                         Kathy Czerapowicz              Nancy Hurwitz
Tom Assad for Eastern Bank           Andy & Sarah Daigneault        Annette Jacobsohn
Koko Atupen                          Barry S. & Elizabeth David     Ann Jacoby
Kyei Atupem                          Carol Davoll                   Robert S. Johnson
Ama Awopwi                           Debbie DeCarlo                 Shakel Johnson
Donald M. Bachman                    Maria Dempsey                  Donald W. & Patricia Jones
Karen B. Back                        Sheila Derolus                 Nancy L. Jones
Faye Rogers Baron                    Eleanor Doherty                Helen Kampion
Annie & Jim Bartholomew              John & Maureen Dolan           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Karol
Joe Bator

  Y o
                                     George & Susan Domolky         Ashema Kasongo
Georgiana R. Batten                  Joan & Robert Duffy            Julia & Mark Kaufman
Mary Jane & Winthrop A. Baylies      Barbara Ebert                  Neil & Phyllis Kaufman
Sandra Beling                        Janet M. Edmunson              Jerry & Gail Libowsky Kazin
Toni Benhaim                         Bill & Mavis Efthim            Judy Kennedy
Harrison L. & Mary A. Bennett        Sheila Emmel                   Magid & Pam Khalil
Tamara Blanchard                     Mrs. Albert P. Everts          Ellen M. Kilbourne
Mary Blohm                           Ann S. Fain                    Ellie Kinder
Katherine Boegehold                  Beth Farrell                   Valerie Kirshy
Marilyn L. Bonkovsky                 Claire Farrell                 Bernard Kizito
Janice Boreiko                       Fay Farber                     Dr. Mark & Mrs. Frances Borger Klempner
Linda Borin                          John P. & Barbara M. Finlay    Adele & Gil Klickstein
Harold Bossung                       Debby & Richard Finn           Sarah & Terri Konkel
Harvey Boulay                        Joe Finn                       Audrey Kracke
Dodie Boyle                          Bobbi Fisher                   Arnold & Dr. Gail Kraft
Nancy Boyle                          Becky & Chris Foley            John & Marilyn Kucharski
Ann Bright                           Anne Foskett                   John & Connie Kulowiec
Elizabeth R. Brown                   Gino Franceschi                Marie LaGuerre
George & Nancy Brown

  A L
                                     Mike & Mickey Freundlich       Mona Lalanne
Jane Brown                           Mary Lou & Kenneth Fries       Rebecca Lantz
Claudia & Joseph Browning            Karl & Bettyanne Geiger        Judy & Wade Larson
Cindy Brush                          Patti Glynn                    Pierre-Henry Laurent Trust
Larry Buckley                        Claire & Lawrence Glovin       Aaron Lazare
Barbara & William Burgess            Miriam Gonzales                Celia & Dennis Lombardo
Dr. & Mrs. James Burke               Joanne Goodman                 Hans & Mavis Lopater
Greg & Sheila Burkus                 Herbert & Lily Gordon          Frank & Ursula Lyons
Don & Nancy Burrer                   Janice Graves                  Bill & Jeanne Maloney
Carlos & Roxana Campos               John & Judith Gregorian        Cynthia & Ira Malter
David & Margot Carey                 Helen Greitzer                 Esther M. Mann
Eric & Lynn Carlson                  Arthur & Nancy Grellier        Deborah Marshall
Jeffrey & Nancy Carp                 Janine Guirand-Miller          Mary Matthews
Carolyn Carpenter                    Amy & David Gutschenritter     Cindy & Joe Mayher
Jack Carpenter                       Michael Halloran               Jessamyn Mayher
Lynne Chamallas                      Betty & Stuart Hamilton        Jennie & Sid McCollum
Ruth Chamberlin                      Leone & Roger Handy            Fred & Mary Ann McDougall
Gail Chapman-Close                   Ellen Harder                   Beatrice McKinley
Anne & Jerome K. Chase               Frank Haydu III                Bonnie McLean
   P   e    r   s    p    e    c      t   i   v   e   s                                                              5

 , donated, supported
iversary Gala...    A Special Thank You to Our:
   Margaret McLellan                          David & Janet Seeley                     In-kind Vendors
   Rolf J. & Joan McVickar                    Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Selldorff             Gordonʼs Liquors

a n k
   Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mele                    Jeanne Sells                           Avant Garden/Ruth Levin
   William R. & Madeline M. Meoli             Robinah Seruwagi                         Brattle Square Florist
                                              Sandy & Steve Shapiro                        erinʼs design
   Judy & Sam Merra
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Shelton                  FedEX Kinkoʼs
   Darlene & Steve Merselis
   Jerrold & Ann Mitchell                     Fiona Shinkfield
                                                                                       Larry Buckley/pianist
   John & Libby Moldenhauer                   Bunny Shuman
                                                                                         Reservoir Printing
   Donald Murano                              Cathy Shuman                          Sudbury Senior Center/COA
   Edith L. Murray                            Grace Shwert                        Sir Speedy Printer/Framingham
   Charles Nelson                             Patricia A. Siff                         Wayland Garden Club
   George Norton                              Gail-Ann & Leonard Simon
   Anna Notini                                Karen Sirkin
                                              Marissa Slaven
                                                                                   Silent Auction Partners
   Joyce Oduro-Owosu                                                                      Ardan Spa Salon
   Christa & Walter Oechsle                   Theresa Sorrentino                   Barmakian Jewelers/ Boston
   Dave Ogens                                 William & Martha Southard                  Bose Corporation
   Brian T. OʼHerlihy                         Grant E. & Esther M. St. John              Channel 7 Boston
   Phyllis Okoomian                           Helen M. Stanton                      Joey and Claudia Browning
   Leslee Olender                             Dorothy Stephenson                       Peggy Mangan-Cross
                                              Augusta & Richard Stewart

   Barbara & Bernie Olmsted                                                               Diva Hair Salon
   Peggy Patton                               Judy Stiles                             Donelanʼs Supermarkets
   Lunise Paul                                Peg Straube                                    Fay Farber
   Christy Paulsen                            Elizabeth Stux                               Figs/ Wellesley
   Kirsten Paulsen                            Emily Sullivan                             Fitness for Women
   Bill & Evelyn Pavloglou                    Jack Swenson                          Sue Foley Landscape Design
   Dorothy & Victor Pesek                     William & Karen Tafuri                  Frame Loft of Sudbury
   David & Susan Petit                        Jay & Robyn Tompkin                           Hill Jewelerʼs
   Alfred C. & Sarah Phillips                 Traditions of Wayland                Hyzen Photography & Video
                                              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Travers                    Lavin Liquors
   Nancy Ponn
                                              Ted Trivers                              Les Kahl Photography
   Susan Pope
                                                                                          Helen Kampion
   Barbara & Fred Pryor                       Joan Van Pelt
                                                                                          Adele Klickstein
   John Przbylski                             Mr. & Mrs. Michael Vasconcelles
                                                                                            Lavin Liquor
   John & Marilyn Pugh                        Bill & Jan Verzal                       Longfellow Fitness Club
   Lloyd Rapoport                             Jill Volk                              Longfellowʼs Wayside Inn
   Marlene Reiling                            Trish Walker                                  Frank Lyons
   Anne K. & John N. Renneburg, Jr.           Marilyn Walter                              Mary McCarthy
   Mary & Peter Renner                        Bob & Sally Watts                         Mary Louʼs Flowers

L L!
   Gene & Corinne Repucci, Jr.                Henry & Elizabeth Weisenburger           Marjorieʼs of Sudbury
   Ann Reydel                                 Martin & Roslyn Weiss                   Marriott Hotel/Newton
   Joan & Tom Robinson                        Rabbi Ronald & Mrs. Joanne Weiss        Newton Centre Kaplan
   Gloria Roche                               James & Louise Whelton                   Cindy and Joe Mayher
   Anne S. Rollins                            Cliff & Diane White                       Panera Bakery-Cafe
   Dick & Nancy Romanow                       Mary E. Willard                            Photo Video Store
   Theresa Rosen, CFP, CLTC                   John B. Wilson                              Rev. Frank Silva
   Edward Ross                                Barbara & David Winer                 Royal Tea Parties by Lady J
   Aldo & Ann Rossini                         Lorinda Wong                             Janice Corkin Rudolf
                                                                                          Marilyn Scimone
   Anthony & Brenda Rossini
                                                                                        Sidneyʼs of Sudbury
   Mike Rossini
                                                                                            Tom Selldorff
   Ann Rowan
                                                                                           Cathy Shuman
   Janice & Manfred Rudolf                                                            Sky Restaurant/Lounge
   Alice & Emanuel Salos                                                               Traditions of Sudbury
   Mary Jane Sanders                                                                          TJMaxx
   Paul & Jessica Schendel                                                       Wayland Police & Fire Departments
   Kathy Schirf                                                                          Catherine Whaley
   William H. & J.R. Schomburg III                                                      Woodmanʼs of Essex
   Francis & Marilyn Scimone                                                          D. Woods/Photography
6                                          P   a   r   m   e   n   t   e   r

All of these photos and many more can be
    seen in living color on our website:
        Follow links to “Our 50th”.
P   e   r   s   p   e   c   t    i      v    e    s                                       7

                                                       The Big

                                              On October 21st, Parmenter
                                            celebrated its 50th birthday with a
                                          big fund-raising gala at the Marriott in
                                         Newton. For many, the evening seemed
                                        more like a reunion than anything. As the
                                       evening was winding down, over and over
                                      people related that they had a great time catch-
                                     ing up with old friends. Most didnʼt know of the
                                     otherʼs interest/support in Parmenter.

                                 With over 300 people in attendance, the event was a
                                 huge success, and a spendid time was had by all.
                                 The evening began with a cocktail hour with hors
                                dʼoeuvres and a silent auction, at which there were
                                over 40 wonderful items on which to bid.

                                The speaker for the evening was Aaron Lazare, M.D.,
                                who is both the Chancellor of the University of Mas-
                                sachusetts Medical School, and the author of the recent
                                book “On Apology”. Dr. Lazare gave a humorous,
                                informative and thought-provoking talk on the subject
                                of his book and health care in todayʼs economy.

                                Throughout the evening there was a slideshow of
                                Parmenter images, from its inception to the pres-
                                ent, as well as some photos of Jonathan Maynard
                                 Parmenter, and Wayland during his lifetime (1831-
                                 1921), compliments of the Wayland Historical
                                  Society. The evening ended with the premiere
                                  of our recently completed video about the
                                   agency, made for us by Wayland resident John
                                      We are very happy to say that our goal of
                                       raising $100,000 for the agency was met
                                        during a fun-filled evening with old
                                          and                new friends.
8                                                                    P    a    r   m    e    n   t   e   r

    We couldn’t get eveyone, but this photo includes many of the people at our main office.

                           Parmenter’s treasure
                                  is its staff.
                    Whether they’ve been with us for 5,
                10, 15 years, or if they’re new to our team,
            it is their professional and personal talents, and
           their commitment to putting the needs of clients
         and their families first, that distignishes Parmenter.
        It is the exceptional care that staff provides, that has
                        been the agency’s hallmark.

     Another strength of the ageny is communtiy support. For
     50 years, Parmenter has enjoyed very strong community
    support in the form of volunteers, donors and partnerships.
    These two strengths - experienced compassionate staff, and
           strong community support will be the key to
                         Parmenter’s next
                             50 years.
P    e    r    s    p     e   c   t      i   v      e   s                                                                           9

                   A Tribute from the family of Cheryl S. Dempsey
         Our family is forever thankful to the Wayside Hospice staff for helping us and more importantly, our mother,
through the difficult process of dying. During our motherʼs struggle with cancer, especially the latter portion, we were
blessed to have a guiding hand.
         Mom and Dad made the decision to call Wayside Hospice after the doctors found an inoperable brain tumor.
After several long years of fighting through chemotherapy, various surgeries and radiation, the cancer had taken over.
Our motherʼs life was coming to an end and even though we knew it was likely, the reality hit us all very hard. We were
scared, mad and confused. Although my mom had a strong faith in God and was at peace with her decision, she was afraid
of the process involved with dying. We all wanted her final days on Earth to be as painless as possible. Thanks to Wayside
Hospice, our motherʼs fears were lessened.
         Teresa Sorantino and all the staff from Hospice helped our family and mother prepare. They made her transition
more comfortable. They offered medical assistance, emotional support and knowledge.
         It was very important for our mother to be at home during her final days. She was surrounded by the things and
people she loved. Hospice gave us the tools we needed. They facilitated the rental of a hospital bed and many of the es-
sentials. These items made our lives easier. At one point, Teresa foresaw the need for an oxygen machine. Because we had
never gone through this, we could not understand why or when we would need it, but she assured us that it would help.
Needless to say, a week later, it became imperative. It was this insight and anticipation of what to expect that helped us to
prepare for the next step in our motherʼs journey.
         As the effects from the cancer became more evident, we had so many questions, concerns and fears. We called
the Hospice staff at all hours of the day and night and they were always there to help us. They were always available and
responsive to our needs. Even now, almost a year after our motherʼs death, Hospice is still helping us. Their pamphlets
and counselors give us insights into understanding the grieving process.
         We are so grateful to all the staff at Wayside Hospice for guiding us through our motherʼs illness and death. None
of us knew what to expect or how to handle it emotionally or medically. Wayside Hospice let us know we were not alone.

Future of Healthcare                                                                      A Homecare Story
Continued from Page One                          they view what they do as “a call-
                                                                                          Continued from Page Three
                                                 ing”. Most healthcare providers also
For most of us, how we receive our                                                        Lisa said that the staff never ap-
                                                 realize that the business side of the
healthcare is a local concern. We                equation by necessity holds sway         peared hurried, and that they would
depend on our local physician and                over what we can do as practitioners.    stay and tend to whatever her
hospital and local healthcare provid-            All healthcare managers work to          mother needed. She especially loved
ers. And we depend on the support                improve organizational and staff effi-    to come home and find her mom and
and resources of our community – be              ciency as well as effectiveness. But     an aide sitting on the couch gig-
that local Boards of Health, busi-               balancing the financial challenges        gling.
nesses, faith communities and the                with the caring mission is a daunting
network of social service providers.             task.                                    Her mother still fondly remembers
Hillary Clinton coined the phrase,
“it takes a village .” Whether that                                                       the caregivers by name - Connie,
                                                 Given the financial realities of
is raising a child or providing health                                                    Mary and others and she has be-
                                                 healthcare in the United States,
services for our friends and neigh-                                                       come well enough to accompany
                                                 the only way that local healthcare
bors in need, it is the local, dynamic           providers such as Parmenter will         Lisaʼs family on an trip to Colorado.
and responsive community that                    continue to be able to be here for
makes it all work - or not.                      our neighbors and friends when they
                                                 need us is if the community is able
Those of us in healthcare understand             and willing to invest in and finan-
that one of the primary reasons that             cially support this Agency. It is the
we choose to work as healthcare pro-             only way that the numbers work. It
viders is that we want to help people:           is also the best way of taking care of
at some level, the serving aspect of             each other.
the profession is a compelling draw.                                                          Lisa Roblin in front of her bakery,
I hear from many staff members that                                                                 Off Center in Weston
                                                                                             P    a     r    m     e    n     t    e      r
           OTHER NEWS                                                       Flu Vaccine Update

     Lights Of Remembrance                 There has been a lot of confusion and concern about the Flu Vaccine shortage. While it
            Ceremony                       is important to note that the situation continues to change, this is the most recent infor-
                                           mation we have as we go to press. Parmenter will be distributing a limited supply of
Wayside Hospiceʼs Annual Lights of         vaccine to Wayland & Sudbury residents through the respective Boards of Health.
Remembrance Ceremony to illumi-
nate the Dora Efthim Healing Garden        Because the flu vaccine is in short supply this year, it is imporant that it be given only to
                                           people most likely to suffer complications from the flu:
behind our Hospice Residence will
be held on Tuesday, November 24 at         ➢   All children 6-23 months of age
4:00pm.                                    ➢   Everyone 75 years of age and older
                                           ➢   Pregnant women
Please join us, along with neighbors       ➢   Everyone 6 months of age and older with chronic medical conditions, such as heart
and friends as we remember loved               disease, asthma, diabetes, weakened immune systems, etc.
ones while supporting Wayside Hos-         Information about how the vaccine will be distributed will be communicated to
pice.                                      town residents by mail.
                                           Also, it is very important to remember that simple and consistent hygeine practices like
If you would like to remember a loved      those below, can dramatically reduce the spread of cold and flu germs:
one in this special way, you may pick
                                           ➢ Wash your hands with soap and warm water or use an alcohol based hand rub or gel
up information at our main office at            frequently, especially after visiting public places or contact with anyone with a cold
266 Cochituate Road in Wayland.                or the flu. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
If you would like to attend and/or         ➢   Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. Never cough in the direction of
purchase a light in memory of a                someone else.
loved one, please call us at 508-358-      ➢   If you are in one of the high risk groups above, avoid large crowds when the flu is in
3000x239.                                      your community.
                                           ➢   Avoid close contact with anyone who has had a cold or flu.
                                           ➢   Stay home from work or school and avoid public activities for at least 5 (7 for chil-
                                               dren) days if you have symptoms of the flu.
     Our Third Plaque Ceremony             ➢   Do not share items that can spread germs and viruses, like drinking cups, straws, or
                                               other items that you put in your mouth.
On October 24, we unveiled a third         ➢   Clean items that are touched often such as door and refrigerator handles, phones,
plaque at the Dora Efthim Healing              water faucets, etc.

Family members and friends of loved
ones who are memorialized in the
Garden since 2000, gathered for a
time of dedication and remembering.

Refreshments and fellowship were
then shared at the near-by Parmenter
Adult Day Health Center.

   Hospice Administrator, Edie Murray
speaking at the ceremony, with Executive
 Director Cindy Mayher and Board mem-
  bers Ann Rossini and Lloyd Rapoport                                 Remembering someone dear.
 P     e     r     s     p     e      c     t    i   v    e    s                                                                       11

                             COMMUNITY CALENDAR
                       All programs are held at Parmenter Community Health unless otherwise noted.
                                Please call 508-358-3000 for more information or to register.

        BEREAVEMENT PROGRAMS                                               COMMUNITY CLINICS/SCREENINGS
The following programs are offered                                      Parmenter offers a number of health screenings
free of charge due to generous finan-                                 (including blood pressure, glucose and TB) which are
cial support, grants and donations.                                supported by the Wayland and Sudbury Boards of Health.

  Bereavement Support Group
This group is designed to facilitate the             SUDBURY                                      WAYLAND
grieving and healing process for adults              Blood Pressure Clinics:                      Blood Pressure Clinics:
who are experiencing the loss of a loved             Fairbank Senior Center:                      Parmenterʼs Offices:
one due to death.                                    Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00am                        Mondays, 2:00 - 3:00pm
In this group setting, the participants              Tuesdays, Noon-1:00pm                        Wednesdays, 8:15 - 9:15am
will have opportunities to share feelings,           1st Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm
concerns, and coping strategies.                                                                  Senior Center:
The group will meet on Tuesdays                      Musketahquid Village:                        3rd Tuesday of the month at 11am
with a suggested time of 5:30 to 7:00pm              (for Village residents only)
for six sessions as listed below.                    1st Tuesday of the month at 1:30 pm          Cochituate Apartments:
The group will be facilitated by Jill Volk,                                                       3rd Wednesday of the month at 10am
LICSW.                                               Goodnow Library:
All sessions will be held in the Confer-             3rd Tuesday of the month, 9:30 -10:30am      Wayland Library:
ence Room at our main office at                                                                    3rd Thursday of the month 10 - 11:30am
266 Cochituate Road (Route 27), Way-                 Sudbury Shawʼs Market:
land.                                                2nd Tuesday of the month 9:30 - 11:00am      Tuberculosis Screening:
March 1, 2005 March 22, 2005                                                                      Parmenterʼs Offices:
March 8, 2005 March 29, 2005                         Tuberculosis Screening:                      Implant: Mondays, 2:00 - 3:00pm
March 15, 2005 April 5, 2005                         Fairbank Senior Center:
Call 508-358-3000 x249 to pre-register.              (by appt.)                                   Diabetes Screening:
                                                     Implant: Tuesdays, 8:00-9:00am               Parmenterʼs Offices:
                 HEARTplay                                                                        2nd Wednesday of the month, 8:00 - 9:00am
Offering a creative-arts experience to                                                            4th Wednesday of the month, 8:00 - 9:00am
children and teens who are grieving the
death of a family member or friend. With
the guidance and support of an expres-
sive therapist specializing in bereavement
issues, children will have the opportunity
to document their losses through visual
expression, music, writing, or storytell-
ing. The following workshops will be

Childrenʼs Workshops*
     Saturday sessions:
     December 4
     February 5, 2005
     April 9, 2005
     Preschool–K, 9:00-10:00am
     Grades 1–3, 10:30am - 12:30pm
     Grades 4–6, 2:00-4:00pm
                                                              The Healing Garden is located behind our Hospice Residence and is open
   *group size is limited, pre-registration is                       to the public as a place of quiet reflection and meditation.
       P    a     r   m   e    n   t     e    r                   P      e     r      s    p     e    c    t    i   v    e    s       12
                                             PARMENTER VNA & COMMUNITY
                                              CARE BOARD OF TRUSTEES
   Who to call at Parmenter                                                                    Parmenter Community Health is an
                                                             2004                              independent, non-profit health care
     Community Health                                                                          agency accredited by the Joint Com-
                                         Board of Trustees:
                                                                                               mission on Accreditation of Healthcare
For Adult Day Health care information:   Lloyd Rapoport, President
                                         Thomas Selldorff, Vice-President
                                                                                               Organizations. We provide homecare,
Audrey Kracke 508-358-3000 x313                                                                hospice, adult day health care and
                                         Richard Houlding, Treasurer
                                         Karen Back, M.D., Assistant Treasurer                 community education to communities
For Bereavement Services                 Phyllis Kaufman, Clerk                                in the MetroWest area.
Jill Volk 508-358-3000 x249              Joan Duffy
                                         Michael Halloran                                      Parmenter Community Health does
For Billing Issues:                      Stuart Hamilton                                       not discriminate on the basis of race,
Fay Farber 508-358-3000 x299             Antoinette Hays                                       religion, color, national origin, handi-
                                         Dr. Israel Hurwitz                                    cap, age, or sexual orientation on
To make a Charitable Gift:               Bob Johnson
                                                                                               admission or access to, or treatment
Cindy Mayher 508-358-3000 x233           Helen Kampion
                                                                                               or employment in, its programs.
                                         Ann Rossini
                                         David Seeley
For Volunteer Opportunities:
                                         Cathy Shuman
Sue Anderson 508-358-3000 x235
                                         Rev. Frank Silva
                                         Virginia Howard, Honorary Trustee
For information about Homecare           George Norton, Honorary Trustee
or Hospice services:
Laurie Sarah 508-358-3000 x255           Management Team:
                                         Cynthia Mayher, Executive Director
                                         Edith Murray, Hospice Administrator & Associate
                                         Cassandra Perfetti, Business Manager
                                         Janice Graves, Clinical Manager for Homecare
                                         and Hospice
                                                                                                 508–358–3000 ph. l 508–358–3005 fax
                                          266 Cochituate Road, Wayland, MA 01778                266 Cochituate Road l Wayland, MA 01778
                                                Parmenter Community Health
PERMIT NO. 1000                               Cindy Mayher, Executive Director
BROCKTON, MA                                 Please address all correspondence to:
                                         Your comments and suggestions are welcome.
 U.S. POSTAGE                                  PARMENTER COMMUNITY HEALTH
  NON-PROFIT                        Parmenter PERSPECTIVES is a bi-annual publication of

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