Baby Sitting Service Request Agreement

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					                            Baby Sitting Service Request Agreement
Guest Name:_____________________________________ Room # / Account #:______________
Booking Type Before Arrival________________                     On Property___________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________ Fax Number __________________________
Arrival Date: _____________________________ Departure Date:________________________

Babysitter Services Required On:
Date: __________ Time: __________                               Date: __________           Time:__________
Date: __________           Time: __________                     Date: __________           Time:__________
Date: __________           Time: __________                     Date: __________           Time:__________

Number of children:                 Boy (s): __________                  Age (s): _______________
                                    Girls (s): __________                Age (s): _______________

Remarks: _______________________________________________________________________
Your vacation planner is:___________________________________________________________
   Babysitting fee is $ _____12.00______ per hour per child. Minimum of three (3) hours.
   Additional child will be charged $1.00. Maximum of three (3) children allowed per
   Price on national holidays will be $____15.00_____ per hour.
   Arrangement for babysitter is a service provide by Concierge. All payments should be done
     directly to the babysitter. No room charge is possible.
   Babysitter is under no obligation to clean up the room.
   Babysitters are not allowed to leave property while on duty.
   Any discrepancies should be resolved directly with the sitter.
   Marriott is not responsible for any discrepancies between the guest and the sitter.
   Cancellation must be done 24hours in advance; failure to do so will require payment of two
     hours fee to the sitter.
   Aruba Marriott has a big list of highly recommended babysitters; therefore, Marriott
     associates are not allowed to baby-sit.
I hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless ARUBA MARRIOTT RESORT & STELLARIS CASINO, the
owner of ARUBA MARRIOTT RESORT & STELLARIS CASINO, Marriott International, Inc. and its subsidiaries and
affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, successors, and assigns from and
against any and all actions, cost, suits, demands, claims, damages, losses, and liabilities (including reasonable attorney’s
fees) of any type or kind whatsoever arising out of or caused by my child being under a babysitting supervision arrange
as a service by the Concierge at the ARUBA MARRIOTT RESORT & STELLARIS CASINO

Guest Signature: __________________________                              Date: __________________________

Babysitter’s Confirmation:
Babysitter’s Name: ______________________________                        Phone: _________________________
Confirmed by: __________________________________ Confirmation Date: _______________

Babysitting Services cancelled by: ___________________ Date: ______________ Time: ______

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