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                                                  Height                          1.60m
                                                  Languages                       English and Mandarin
                                                  Training                        LASALLE College of the Arts-BA(Hons)Acting 2006-2009
                                                  Other Skills                    Stage Combatˆ, Piano, Taekwandoˆ, Singing, Modern Contemporary Dance,
                                                                                  Kalaripayattuˆ, Tap Dancing, Acoustic Guitar, Swimmingˆ, Cyclingˆ, Roller
                                                                                  Bladingˆ, Tai Chi, Ice Skating

          Shu An graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts with a BA (Hons) Acting in 2009. She started her love affair with the screen in 2006 with indie film
          Becoming Royston, directed by Nicholas Chee. Her TV credits include Love in a Cab, Channel U telemovie directed by Han Yew Kwang playing Joanne
          Peh's loudmouthed and lovable friend, Journey West playing a strict disciplinarian, as well as TVCs such as, Crystal Jade, Starhub and
          Maybank. She has also acted in many short films including Kitchen Quartet, directed by Nicole Midori Woodford which was screened at SIFF Panorama
          2010, played a young female boxer in Left Hook by Muhd Salihin (2010) and a robot in Lucy by Nigel Heng (2011).

          She started her training in the theatre at the age of 14 and is a founding member of TheatreStrays, a physical theatre group formed in 2008. The group
          trains regularly, primarily in Kalaripayaat and contact improvisation, and devised a site-specific piece The Lower Depths based on the script by Maxim
          Gorky in 2010, and What the Dog Knows based on Ionesco's The Chairs in 2011. She has also worked with The Necessary Stage in a public education
          play on Postpartum Depression (2010), played Cordelia in The King Lear Project directed by Ho Tzu Nyen and Fran Borgia, a Singapore Arts Festival
          commission which went to Brussels (2008). She has been voice trained by Matt Grey and Carmen Lysiak and has done voiceover projects with MCYS,
          SIA, SingTel, IRAS, RGE and the Earth Observatory of Singapore.

          Shu An is represented by FLY Entertainment.

           Lucy                                                         Lucy, Lyn                                 NTU
           Kitchen Quartet                                              Shu An                                    NTU
           Becoming Royston                                             Ah Girl                                   Originasian Pictures

           Journey West                                                 Zhu Ren                                   WaWa Pictures
           Love in a Cab                                                May                                       WaWa Pictures

           When The Bough Breaks                                        Susan                                     The Necessary Stage
           The Lower Depths                                             The Actor                                 TheatreStrays
           3 Fat Virgins, Unassembled                                   Lai Fong                                  LASALLE
           The King Lear Project: A Trilogy                             Cordelia
           The Life of Galileo                                          Andrea Sarti                              LASALLE
           The Comedy of Errors                                         Dromio of Syracuse,                       LASALLE
           The Good Person of Sichuan                                   Shen Te/Shui Ta,                          LASALLE
           LIST                                                         Bag Lady                                  LASALLE
           Tape                                                         Amy, Lead                                 Buds Youth Theatre

           Starhub, Karaoke on Demand                                           Reel Loco
           Starhub, Demand TV                                                   Kaleidscopeart
                                                             Two Oceans

                                                                    FLY Entertainment Pte Ltd
                       133 Neil Road Singapore 088862 . Tel +65 6224 3188 . Fax +65 6224-2388 . Web . Email

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