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                                                 ISLAM & SCIENCE TODAY
                                                                      Fahd Ameen

                          The field of science and modern technol-         treat the mentally ill was accepted in the
                          ogy is a fascinating one. Albeit the fact that   Muslim world long before it was in West-
                          individuals enjoy its various perks and          ern civilizations.
 Inside this issue:       benefits on a daily basis, there have yet to
                          be discoveries and findings on a more re-        But what about lately?
                          cent scale. For instance, one could argue
 Feature Arti- 2          that with the exception of String Theory,        Certainly the argument can be made that it
  cle: Science            very little has happened in the world of         is not the past or the future that should
and Islam in the          physics since the 1930's. Even then, one         concern us, but the present. What has Is-
      Past                cannot really “prove” String Theory since        lam and/or Muslim scientists contributed
                          its heavily dependent on the meshing to-
                                                                           in the past ten or even twenty years? The
Modern Medi- 3            gether of new mathematical and physical
                          ideas; at best one can find an idea that has     astronomical enthusiast would be inter-
 cine Medievel
Islamic History           an internal logical consistency with the age     ested to know that in 2007, Sheikh
                          old theory. Such is the paradox of science.      Muszaphar Shukor from Malaysia traveled
                          However, interesting little tidbits that can     to ISS with his Expedition 16 crew aboard
                      4   be thought of as groundbreaking discover-        Soyuz TMA-11 during the holy month of
     News                 ies in the scientific world are surfacing as     Ramadan, for which the National Fatwa
                          the days progress. Only recently was the         Council wrote Guidelines for Performing
                          sun found to have an orbit of its own, and       Islamic Rites (Ibadah) at the International
   Column                 the fact that the human lungs play a crucial     Space Station, giving advice on issues such
                          role in the purification of blood is a fairly
                                                                           as prayer in a low-gravity environment, the
                          new discovery as well. But what has eluded
                          the average, everyday individual is that the     location of Mecca from ISS, determination
 The Dreams           7   Holy Qur'an highlighted a large number of        of prayer times, and issues surrounding
that Made Us              these major developments centuries before        fasting. In the same vein, Ayatollah Ali
                          the modern world was made aware of               Khamenei, a supreme leader of Iran, issued
                          them. Islamic scholars have even found           a fatwa to use modern technologies for
                          that the notion of using music therapy to        moon sighting in 2005.
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  & Poetry

Art & The End 10
  of Times

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               ISLAM & SCIENCE TODAY Continued from cover page...
           Muhammad Yunus, while not being a scien-           shifting since the dawn of time. The Arabs        somebody to simply flip open the cover and
           tist in the traditional sense, did devise com-     borrowed from the Greeks; the Romans from         unveil the truth for themselves. A select few
           plex mathematical formulas in the field of         the Arabs, and so on. Where does the truth        are fortunate enough to accomplish this task.
           economics to develop the concept of micro-         lie? Maybe it lies in the modern textbooks        Islamic scholar and Professor Zaghloul El-
           credit. In 2006 he was awarded the Nobel           that encompass the shelves of university li-      Naggar is amongst those select few when he
           Peace Prize for his efforts to create economic     braries, collecting dust. Or maybe it is hidden   points out a verse in the Qur'an that reads:
           and social development from below.                 between the lines of the most ancient of           "A time is fixed for every prophecy; you will
           Still not convincing enough?                       texts, dating back centuries. Or maybe, just      come to know in time" (Qur'an 6:67)
               Then perhaps nothing will ever be. The         maybe, the truth is trapped behind the front      So where does the truth lie? You be the
           fact of the matter is this: the credit for the     cover of the oldest and purest book of them       judge….
           work of other individuals has been unjustly        all, the Holy Qur'an, where it screams for

                                                               Science and Islam in the Past
                                        A review of the most astounding discoveries and inventions from the Muslim World
                                                                                Soumia Allalou

                         Science is one of the most                       interesting          Although getting needles may                       be a pain-
                     themes in Islam. Muslims have                        been re-         ful experience, the benefits that                      come from
                     sponsible for many of the sci-                       ence discov-     them are life-saving. Inoculation                      was not
                     eries that we use on a daily basis.                  Here is a        invented by Jenner and Pasteur.                        It was
                     brief list of some of the most                       important        brought to Europe from the                             Muslim
                     contributions from the Muslim                        world taken      world, specifically Turkey, by the                     wife of the

                     from Paul Vellely‟s article: How Islamic Inventors Changed the        English ambassador to Istanbul                         in 1724.
                     World.                                                                Vallely actually states that „Children in Turkey were vaccinated
                                                                                           with cow-                          pox to fight the deadly small-
                     Coffee                                                                pox at least                       50 years before the West dis-
                         Yes, it‟s true and we can all admit that           most           covered it.‟
                     UTSC students can‟t live without it. It                was
                     first discovered in Ethiopia. In the early             15th           Carpets
                     century, the Sufis drank it to stay awake                                It shouldn`t be a surprise that carpets were indeed invented
                     throughout a whole night to pray. It then expanded to the             by Muslims. It was all due to the advanced weaving techniques
                     Arab world and then to Venice in 1645. By 1650, it was                and patterning that emerged from Islamic art which had a non-
                     brought to England by Pasqua Rosee, a Turkish man, who                representational focus. The first carpets that were brought to
                     opened the first coffee house in London. The Arabic word for          Europe were Arabian or Persian.
                     coffee: „qahwa‟ became „kahve‟ in Turkish, and then „caffé‟ in
                     Italian to „coffee‟ in English.                                        Number system, Algebra, and Algorithms and Trigonometry
                                                                                              Muslims have done enormous contribution to the field of
                      Ibn al-Haitham – Father of Optometry                                 mathematics as well. The style of numbering was first used in
                        A Muslim mathematician, astronomer                   and           the work of Al-Khwarizmi and al-Kindi in 825, two Muslim
                    physicist, Ibn al-Haitham was the first                  person to     mathematicians.
                    discover that light enters the eye rather                than             Al-Khwarizmi wrote a book called, Al-Jabr wa al Muabilah,
                    leaves it in order to see, in contradiction to what the Greeks         which Algebra was named after. The Italian mathematician
                    believed. This 10th-century discovery led him to invent the first      Fibonacci brought Muslim mathematic work to Europe about
                    pin-hole camera.                                                       300 years later.
                                                                                              Trigonometric theories and algorithms came from the Mus-
                                       Soap                                                lim world. Al-Kindi specifically contributed frequency analysis
                                          Arabs were the first to accomplish the           which made all ancient codes soluble and created the basis of
                                       recipe for soap by combining vegetable oils         cryptology.
                                       with sodium hydroxide and aromatics. Sham-             Overall, there are many more discoveries brought about
                    poo was introduced in England by a Muslim in 1759 who                  from all around the Muslim world. We should never underesti-
                    opened his first shop called Mahomed`s Indian Vapour Baths.            mate their work...especially the next time you drink a cup of
                     Inoculation                                                           coffee.

Volume 1, Issue                                                                                                                                                  Page 2
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           Modern Medicine's Medieval Islamic Legacy
                                                                                                        Salma Hussain

                                                      universities across the world, including the
                                                      University of Montpellier and the Univer- the art and the ethics of the
                                                      sity of Louvain. The principles of medicine medicine practised today and
                                                      described by Ibn Sina in his book are still exerted a not inconsiderable
                                                      taught at UCLA and Yale University.            influence on modern medi-
                                                          Ibn Sina is regarded as the "Father of     cine.
                                                      modern medicine and clinical pharmacol-
                                                      ogy" particularly for his introduction of
                                                      systemic experimentation and quantifi-
                                                      cation of the study of physiology, his
                                                                                                   Nuances Of A
                                                      discovery of the contagious nature of
                                                      infectious disease, the introduction of      Summer`s Night
                                                      quarantine to limit the spread of conta-
       The significant influence that Islam has                                                    I lie upon
                                                      gious disease, the introduction of ex-
       had on modern medicine is largely un-                                                       The grass at night
                                                      perimental medicine, clinical trials, ran-
       known. Much of European medicine up to                                                      To just behold
                                                      domized controlled trials, efficacy tests,
       the 19th century was based on Islamic                                                       A lovely sight
                                                      clinical pharmacology, neuropsychiatry,
                                                      risk factor analysis, the idea of a syn-
           In the Middle Ages, while Europe was
                                                      drome, and the importance of dietet-
       mired in superstition and feudal chaos,                                                     The light from
                                                      ics.Many other Muslim physicians con-
       Baghdad was the intellectual center of the                                                  The moon`s haze
       world. It was there that an army of transla-                                                Transfixes me-
                                                      significantly to medicine. In the 12th
       tors and scholars took the wisdom of the                                                    Gets me to gaze.
                                                      century, Ibn al Khatib described epi-
       Greeks and combined it with their own
                                                      demics in terms of contagion, a con-
       cultural traditions to create a scientific,                                                 This desk night,
                                                      cept unknown in Europe until the 19th
       mathematical and philosophical golden                                                       The earths`s veil
                                                      century. Ibn al Nafis postulated that
       age. Their accomplishments were stagger-                                                    Cannot hide,
                                                      blood circulated between the heart and
       ing, including the development of modern                                                    the moon so pale
                                                      lungs in the 13th century, well before
       medicine, chemistry, and algebra. Muslim
                                                      William Harvey described the systemic
       scientists correctly calculated the circum-                                                 I truly wish,
                                                      circulation in the 17th century. One of
       ference of the globe in the tenth century.                                                  That i may be ,
                                                      the first accurate anatomical diagrams
       Muslim musicians introduced the guitar                                                      In tune with ,
                                                      of the eye was made in the 9th century
       and musical notation to Europe. And                                                         This melody.
                                                      by Hunayn Ibn Ishaq, while Anatomy of
       Muslim philosophers invented the scien-
                                                      the Body by Mansur ibn Muhammad ibn
       tific method and paved the way for the                                                      My strength must
                                                      al- Faqih Ilyas, written in the 15th
       Enlightenment.                                                                              come
                                                      century, contains one of the most thor-
           Of the many contributors to the Is-                                                     From with me,
                                                      ough collections of diagrams of the
       lamic medicine, one of the most renowned                                                    like the moon,
                                                      skeleton, circulatory and nervous sys-
       would be Ibn Sina, a Persian polymath and                                                   So radiant-
                                                      tems. Al Zahrawi, a surgeon at the turn
       the foremost philosopher and physician of                                                   ever brightly
                                                      of the 11th century, wrote Book of Con-
       his time. Ibn Sina wrote a total of 450
                                                      cessions containing descriptions of medi-
       treatises on many subjects, 40 of which                                                     By Ashwini Prakash
                                                      cal instruments and surgical
       were on medicine alone. His most famous
       works included "The Book of Healing", a
                                                          Living in the 21st century
       philosophical and scientific encyclopedia
                                                      which is blessed with so
       and "The Canon of Medicine", which was
                                                      many medical advances, it is
       the foremost textbook on medicine in its
                                                      easy to overlook the history behind today‟s
       time. The Canon of Medicine was used in
                                                      achievements. The medieval Islamic em-
                                                      pire contributed much to the science,

Volume 1, Issue                                                                                                          Page 3
      UTSCMSA                                                                                                  THE MESSAGE


                     MSA Ski Trip
          The Olympics builds many qualities: persis-            SCSU Elections Review:
  tence, confidence, dedication, and team work just to                   So the wait is finally over. All the hard work
  name a few. Closer to home, all of these qualities were        and effort put into campaigning has finally paid off for
  on full display by many members of your own UTSC               our new school President, John Aruldason. Aruldason
  student body in Horseshoe Resort in Barrie, Ontario on         won the elections, winning over 670 votes from the
  February 16, 2010. The stage was MSA’s Ski Trip. In            student body! For Vice President of Academics,
  collaboration with 8 different MSAs from around the
                                                                 Sulaiman Abdus-Samad came through with 485 votes
  GTA, over 500 students nearly overwhelmed the exten-
  sive resources and hospitality of the resort.                  to his name. With over 700 votes, Pagalavan Thavaraj
          The day started in comfort as roughly 70 stu-          is the SCSU’s new Vice President for External Affairs.
  dents left UTSC at around 9 AM, cozy and excited               Last but not least, for the Vice President of Students
  aboard a luxury coach. Comfort was quickly replaced            and Equity, Zahra Murji gained the position with 584
  by thrill as these brave souls would go on to hurtle their     votes.
  bodies across steep slopes, feet clinging to sharp-edged
                                                                         We look forward to a new year with new faces
  smooth blades. Friendships blossomed, fears conquered,
  slopes mastered, lessons learned, and Olympian quali-          to bring about new, innovative ideas to help us make
  ties acquired. We BELIEVE all involved had a wonder-           UTSC a better place. For those members on the SCSU
  fully memorable day.                    -By Omar Rahman        board this year have done a wonderful job and we are
                                                                 sad to see them go. Good luck and a round of applause
                                                                 for the new SCSU team!                by Shaheena Syeda
         Once again the MSA is delighted to bring to you
  UTSC‟s annual Islamic Awareness Week. This year‟s Is-
  lamic Awareness week spans from March 1st to March
  5th exploring the astounding contributions that Muslim
  civilizations have brought to the world of Science. The
  eventful week commences with exciting exhibits in the
  Meeting Place and includes “The Power of the Pen” presen-
  tation by renowned journalists, Haroon Siddiqui and
  Noor Javed as well as movie screening of “The Imam and
  The Pastor.”
         The week is designed to clear misconceptions and
  provide unbiased insight into the religion of Islam. This is
  a great opportunity to help build a cohesive interfaith
  campus. So come out and enjoy! Look out for posters
  and flyers of various fascinating events throughout the
  week!                          By Sameehah Ibrahim

    Did you know it is Wajib (compulsory) to an-
    swer to the Salaam             ?
    The Qur'an urges you                     to ensure that
    your reply is more vigorous than the Salaam of the other
    person. I.e., if you are greeted with Assalamualai-
    kum" add on "warahmatullah" after
    “waalaykumussalaam" when replying. The follow-
    ing words may be added to the Salaam or to the re-
    ply: "warahmatullahi", "wa-barakaatuh" "wa-
    maghfiratuh." Rasulullah (SAW) had promised ten ad-
    ditional rewards for every word added to the Salaam.

Volume 1, Issue                                                                                                             Page 4
      UTSCMSA                                                                                                                THE MESSAGE

     Your Moment is Here!              pools, and a 10-metre diving        but will also bring along a      draw on leading edge expertise
                                       tank.                               pride to this communal cam- associated with the CSIO,
     UTSC Hosts 2015                                                       pus subsequent to the new        such as masters‟ degree in high
     PanAm Games                          Although many people are         Light Rapid Transit (LRT).       performance coaching.
                -Iqra Ahmed             fired up by the games, many        Through enhancement of our With the degree of current
                                        people have opposing views.        public transportation (TTC, campus facilities, this athletics
                                        One student was distraught by      Go-Service), access to St.     centre has the potential of bring-
                                        the decision “The Pan Am           George will be much easier ing possibilities of furthering
                                        games? What‟s that? Really,        than at present.               campus food services, residence,
                                        why waste money on such use-          In addition to the new      and conference facilities.
                                        less endeavors, will this event   campus pride, this new oppor-
                                        ensure that profit will be        tunity will offer students with    An upcoming referendum will
                                        made?”                            several job opportunities from decide if UTSC students are to
      On November 5th 2009, it                 Whether you are a sports   customer service staff and life help pay for a new athletics
     was announced that the 17th          participant, a performing art- guards to specialized trainers complex. The referendum will
     Pan American Games will take         ist, a studio dancer, or a stu- and program instructors. This run from March 17-19. The
     place July 10 to July 26, 2015 in    dent seeking space to study,    new sports and recreational University and government
     Toronto, Ontario, Canada.            the new athletics centre hopes facility provides UTSC with both want the facility. As stu-
         U of T will host several Pan     to bring a positively charged   many new opportunities to       dents we must consider whether
     Am events, with a construction student life for our future           work with academic colleagues it is important to increase the
     of new athletic facilities at        generation. It hopes to allow across the University and col- profile and reputation of our
     UTSC. UTSC‟s North Campus            for more readily availaable     laborate with existing pro-     and attract a large degree of stu-
     will be the site of a $170-million student study space on cam-       grams to focus on bilding new dents to UTSC, of course given
     sports complex, including gym-       pus. This will not only bring a programs at UTSC, such as the promise of a more robust
     nasiums, fitness and training        new perspective to campus       sports management program student experience.
     facilities, two Olympic-sized        life for our future students,   or new joint programs that

           We Remember Haiti                                                As a result of this earthquake many children suffered, died or
                                                                        were orphaned. There were many people who are now sub-
              - Zahra Mehraban                                          jected to long-term pain and troubles. For some lucky children,
                                                                                                  they were able to find adoptive parents
      On January 12th 2010 a disastrous 7.0 mag-                                                  in other countries, one of them being
     nitude earthquake struck the city of Port-au                                                 Canada. Approximately 217 children are
     -Prince, the capital city of Haiti, which dev-                                               due to come to Canada to seek a better
     astated over 250,000 residences and killed                                                   life with the adopting families. Lest we
     more than 150, 000 Haitians. While survi-                                                    forget, that thousands of children still are
     vors were still being found under the rub-                                                   suffering waiting for our help.
     bles and shattered homes 8 days after, a                                                         This earthquake not only affected the
     magnitude 5.9 aftershock earthquake shook                                                    thousands of people of Haiti, but also had
     up the town once again.                                                                      a great affect on people all around the
        The Republic of Haiti is a Caribbean coun-                                                world—whether they had family there or
     try around 27, 750 square kilometers and                                                     emotional ties to the land, or simply felt
     had a population of around 9,035,536 peo-                                                    compassion for the innocent public of the
     ple. It is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere as well nation. People of the world gather and join forces in order to aid
     as one of the world’s least-developed nations. Haiti also is over- the people of Haiti, to rebuild the country and to give a better
     whelmed with corruption, gang violence, drug trafficking and       life for millions who were hurt by this catastrophe. Our goal as a
     organized crime—leading to its demise. It also has very high       humanity should be to not only rebuild the country, but build it
     rates of unemployment, and very low rates of education. Most       to something better than it was before. May we always keep
     of the economy comes from informal activity. Even before the       them in our prayers, may Allah help them through this difficult
     events of January 2010 the country was not very well off, so just time as well as help us help them.
     imagine what shape it is in now.

Volume 1, Issue                                                                                                                            Page 5
      UTSCMSA                                                                                                                  THE MESSAGE

                          UK Bus Driver Stopped Bus to Pray
                            and Left Passengers in Shock
                                   -Soumia Allalou
           An article about a Muslim UK bus driver of the TfL has          so-beautiful image associated with Muslims in these days.
       made international news when he stopped his public transit               Yet, my major reaction as I read many of the articles was: Why
       bus, laid his jacket in the middle of the aisle and started pray-   is it that people immediately associate “suicide bombings” when
       ing. Immediately, passengers were bewildered at what was            they hear the melody of the Quran.
       occurring and when he started reading the Quran aloud,                   It is extremely sad and agonizing that the beautiful words of the
       many of them thought he was preparing for a suicide bomb            Holy Quran have become a way of instilling fear into people. This
       attack.                                                             reminds me of when a friend of mine who grew up in Iraq men-
           His action was not necessary. He should have at least           tioned to me that she jumps at the words “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is
       warned the passengers that he would be taking a 5-minute            great), since it was what suicide bombers said before they pushed
       break and should have used the TfL‟s provided facilities for        the “button”
       Muslims to pray. This incident spread like wildfire amongst              I believe it is our duty as Muslims to convey the true mage of
       newspapers and the Internet, which only increased the not           Islam. Islam is a religion of peace. It has boundaries, but it allows

  Suspect #786: Halal Foods                                             Why does she not file a lawsuit against the more than 200 kosher
                                                                        restaurants in Paris that are “discriminating” against non-Jews?
  By Abdul Basit Sarfaraz                                               There is obviously a greater motive behind her actions.
  Halal Restaurants beware! Selling only Halal food is a crime          The French authorities claim that their traditions are being
  against our democratic civil liberalities as it discriminates against threatened and hat Muslims are the cause of social and economic
  non-Muslims. So Popeyes down the street, if you do not change problems in France. Is it just me or are these claims quite similar
  your ways we will file a lawsuit against you despicable acts.         to what Hitler had across the border. It seems the French gov-
  The sheer stupidity of the above claim makes me want to write         ernment has been affected by the few years the Nazis occupied
  “LOL,” or “LMAO” but unfortunately this is not Facebook.              their country. I do not understand how Western nations, that
  As naive and childish as this maybe, it is a quite a                                pride themselves in the freedoms and liberties they
  serious matter in Paris, France.                                                    have granted for people, stay silent when these sen-
  A fast food chain in Paris named Quick, has de-                                     timents of Islamophobia are stirred by authorities.
  cided to make one of its restaurants 100% halal be-                                 The fact of the matter is that in general, the system
  cause it is located in a predominately Muslim area                                  of kufr will tolerate everything and anything except
  of the city. The idea, introduced in November                                       the truth. The society of the Jaahily Arabs was one
  2009, has created quite a controversy in a country                                  of the most tolerant at the time. In their midst lived
  that has the largest and fastest Muslim population                                  pagans, Jews and Christians. The annual Souq al-
  in Europe. René Vandierendonck, a socialist mayor, has filed          „Uqadh they held was a zenith for free speech as anyone could
  charges against the Restaurant for discriminating against non-        stand and present their works. However, once Prophet Muham-
  Muslims.                                                              mad (P.B.U.H.) began his noble mission of spreading Islam, the
  France is the same country that had problems with religious sym- Jaahily Arabs felt threatened and began their persecution of the
  bols, especially the hijab, therefore banning them in 2004. They Muslims.
  are same country that has problems with the burqa, as they deem Though you convince yourselves to deny it, many of these West-
  it “oppressive” to women. The same country that wants to unveil ern societies are the exact same. As long as we Muslims are in a
  National Identity Plans, forcing new immigrants to take special       zombie like trance rejoicing at the small scraps given to us, West-
  classes of “gender equality” and French patriotism. And now it        ern governments will have no problem allowing us to live our
  has a problem with serving only halal food.                           ways. But the minute we wake up and start demanding our rights
  I won‟t be surprised if next anybody buying halal meat will be        then the situation will change. If you don‟t believe me, look up
  considered a terrorist because Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the what happened when discussions for allowing Sharia law began.
  Taliban, Hezbullah and Hamas also eat halal food.                     With the French elections around the corner, Islam has become
  You may ask why René Vandierendonck is not filing lawsuits            the main point of discussion and debate. It is obvious that
  against the Chinese and Italian restaurants that are                  French authorities are simply using Islam as a scapegoat to avoid
  “discriminating3” against anyone who is not Chinese or Italian. addressing more important issues.

Volume 1, Issue                                                                                                                               Page 6
      UTSCMSA                                                                                                                   THE MESSAGE
                                                                                                      PERSONAL PROFILE
         Close Up With Munsif Mubarak: President of the MSA
                                                                                                                - by Shaheena Syeeda
    As many of you know, The Message is a         last president resigned, I was encouraged to     not run by just the president; we have dedi-
  product of the Muslim Student Associa-          consider the position and after much             cated brothers and sisters in the MSA who
  tion. The MSA has provided us with              thought, I did.                                  are committed to their designated tasks and
  many resources and the faith and motiva-            Can you give us a brief overview in re-      are fulfilling their duties efficiently. I’d like
  tion that we need to keep these issues          gards to what the MSA is currently doing?        to take the opportunity to thank the MSA
  coming! So we thought, why not inter-           The MSA is doing quite a bit. We are cur-        Board for being so diligent with their duties
  view the man behind it all? Here is an          rently preparing for the Islamic Awareness       and helping me oversee things smoothly. In
  exclusive interview with Munsif Mubarak,        Week (IAW) 1st –5th with the theme               terms of academics, I am taking 5 courses
  the president of the MSA.                       Islam and science. Tremendous effort has         this semester, but I do have to admit that I
    So to start off, could you give us a brief    been put into making this an excellent           do procrastinate at times! It’s not the best
  overview of what the MSA is all about?          event. We also currently have an ongoing         way of going about all this, but I do end up
  The MSA’s aim and purpose is to serve its       collection to assist the victims of the Haiti    meeting deadlines, Alhamdulillah.
  constituents: the Muslim students who at-       earthquake.                                           Last, but most certainly not least, what
  tend UTSC. The most amazing thing about             What are the MSA’s future goals?               are your views on the MSA Newsletter?
  the MSA is that it attracts the Muslims to-      I think it’s important that the MSA has           What direction do you see it heading?
  gether under one umbrella, and as a result      some sort of continuous income maybe in            I believe the newsletter can potentially be
  we end up working together and supporting       the form of alumni donations as minimal as         one of the best things that the MSA can
  each other to progress towards good.            $20/year. I also thought hosting an annual         be involved with. I think it can even reach
     Tell us about yourself as an individual      speech competition for youngsters would            outside the UTSC MSA community.
  and what made you run for MSA.                  be pretty interesting. Any goals are with the      One of the best ways to do that would be
  Alhamdulillah, I am who I am as an indi-        intention of attracting talented individuals       to put newsletter content onto the MSA
  vidual because of my parents and teachers       to UTSC so that in the future the Muslim           website, which would make it easier for
  and Allah SWT has decreed all matters. I        community on campus will be much more              people to access it, and maybe even get
  think the most comprehensive way I can          efficient, stronger, and united, Inshallah.        people to be actively involved as well.
  give a hint of who I am, would be to say           As the president of one of the most                 So there you have it folks! An exclu-
  that apparently I am like my father “90% of     prominent groups on campus, it must be             sive interview with our very own MSA
  the time!”                                      quite demanding. How do you manage                 president. Mashallah he has put in much
  As to what made me run for the MSA…             your time?                                         time and effort and we are blessed to
  well I’ve been at UTSC since 2005 and           If I was the only one doing everything, it         have such a dedicated individual repre-
  have always been involved with the MSA as       would be extremely demanding, and quite            senting the MSA.
  a general member, but I never consider          frankly, impossible. Though the president             May Allah strengthen and unite our
  running for president. However after the        is considered the “face” of the MSA, it is         Ummah and the generations to come!

   The Dreams That Made Us…
   An Interview with UTSC Professor Syed Ahmed                                             By Zahra Meharaban

         On a cold Thursday morning I            Economics and an MBA in Finance. As              A: When I was a child, I wanted to be a
 made my way to the Management                   we began the interview, there were               fighter pilot. I wanted to be in the Air
 Building at UTSC where Professor Ah-            many questions that needed to be an-             Force. My father also wanted me to be
 med’s office is located. As I knocked on        swered. It was interesting to learn about in the Air Force. I remember, he also
 the door and let myself in, he was sit-         his current position, how he got to              went to the interview with me, it went
 ting at his desk, hard at work. Professor       where he is now and how he paved the             very well but it was just the medical
 Syed Ahmed, a management professor              road to his success. And so his story was        part I didn’t pass. My eyesight wasn’t
 at the University of Toronto, is a multi-       told.                                            perfect. Later, I wanted to study ac-
 faceted, individual. He has a Bachelor of        Q: So tell us of your journey to becom- counting at Concordia; I wanted to be-
 Commerce in Accounting, an MA in                ing who you are today.                           come an investment banker. So being a
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       UTSCMSA                                                                                                                      THE MESSAGE

   I was a T.A. and I was doing very well.           trouble or issues for you while teaching? give up. Work hard, study hard for the
   One day, a professor wasn’t able to               A: No, none at all. I make my own                   first few years so that in the future you
   make it in for class and I got a call that        schedule so usually I try to not have               will be set.
   morning asking if I can substitute for            class on Fridays. There is a lot of flexi-                  Ending the interview off with a
   him. So I agreed, and it paid a lot of            bility with the University. During meet- few wise words of wisdom, Professor
   money for a student. And by a lot, do             ings I ask to leave for prayer and all              Syed Ahmed painted his journey for us
   you know how much I mean? About                   they say is “Okay, pray for us too”. I              in a few words. With the help of three
   fifteen thousand dollars a year for start-        think all Universities should be like this! simple steps--hard             work, dedica-
   ers! So it was not planned, it just hap-           Q: Do you have any advice or final
                                                                                                         tion and perseverance-- he was
   pened.                                            comments you would like to share?
                                                                                                         able to make it to the prestigious posi-
   Q: Does your Muslim faith create any              A: Basically, I want to say don’t ever
                                                                                                         tion he holds today.

                                                     My Journey of Passion
To many, the journey of life is to complete                                                             With the experience and the development I
education and get a stable job to support a                      Imran Khan                             attained this year, I decided I needed to con-
family. But amongst many other people who                                                               tribute more for the SCSU along with the hope
love doing something extra, my journey is to                                                            of taking away the stigma of corruption, I ran
improve the life of others and do that little                                                           for SCSU president. The campaign period was
extra that makes life worth living.                                                                     perhaps the most rewarding part, talking to
From watching peers in high school take on                                                              students, seeing the frustration and how badly
leadership roles, one thing I always wanted to                                                          they wanted an SCSU that truly served the
do was to be one of them. Even through my                                                               students interest. With that hope and vision, I
extensive involvement throughout my high                                                                planned on making my campaign centre
school, ending my secondary education as                                                                around the vision of students and a vision of
Vice-President of the Student Council, I still     With the outstanding campaign and support I          fulfilling student promises. With the awesome
didn‟t feel I had the qualities to be the leader   was given by peers and friends, I was able to        support I had from friends, campaigning was
that I saw amongst my peers. With the start of     pull off 605 votes during the elections. Al-         MUCH easier than expected.
my University career, I began this new journey     though I did not win the elections, the support      Life is not about winning or losing, but rather
as the First-Year representative for the Psy-      showed that I was victorious in winning the          how much you appreciate what you do; that is
chology and Neuroscience Departmental As-          heart of my fellow constituents. With that, I        solely the reason why I am happy with the way
sociation (PNDA). Being a first year student       again ran for the Social Science Director posi-      things have turned out from the presidential
and representing my constituents was an amaz-      tion for the SCSU and was chosen by the              elections. Although I was not victorious in the
ing feeling. I still do remember making those      members of the Board of Directors to repre-          competition, I won because I treasure every
announcements in PSYA01 and PSYA02, yet I          sent them as Chairman of the Board of Direc-         little second of my campaign and the friends I
felt there was more I could offer. Ending my       tors. This year has been an amazing experience       gained along the way.
first year, I decided to take a step further and   for me.                                              “Always follow what your heart says and with
run for Social Sciences Director for the Scar-     Being Chair has brought many obstacles that I        sincere honesty, you will be successful.” I en-
borough Campus Students‟ Union. Coming             gained a lot of experience from. Regardless of       courage our Muslim youth to get involved on
into the position was an amazing experience; I     the issues I had to tackle, I know for a fact it     campus and go in with the mentality that there
was able to commit my time towards an or-          only made me a stronger and a better person.         is always an scrutinizer observing us; anything
ganization that represented the student body at    My own saying, “If you feel what you are do-         you do, whether right or wrong, you will ex-
UTSC. I gained valuable friendships and also       ing is right, do it with respect, and you will get   actly get that back in return.
saw the University from a new perspective, not     the support from Allah, making it much eas-          When one door closes another opens; with
as an ordinary student, but rather as a student    ier.” That is a strategy that allowed me to get      that said, this isn‟t the last of my involvement
leader.                                            the support of my fellow directors, regardless       on campus. I hope to seek other opportunities
With the experience I had attained as a Direc-     of what I sought to pursue as Chair of the           on campus with the goal of making a differ-
tor and Chair of Standing Committee on Hu-         Board. At this point, I can say without any          ence. That is my sole purpose for being a stu-
man Resources (SCOHR), I then decided to           hesitation that my directors are with me, and        dent at the University of Toronto Scarbor-
run for Vice-President External of the SCSU.       that is something I will always cherish, forever.    ough.
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      UTSCMSA                                                                                                                 THE MESSAGE

                                                                                                           ADVICE COLUMN

                                                                                                           By Omar Rahman
  “Ask your Lord for forgiveness and then turn in repentance to        that we should never become despondent of Allah‟s forgiveness,
  Him.” (11:3)                                                         even if we feel burdened by mountains of sin. Indeed, whenever
  “O you who believe! Turn in sincere repentance to Allah.” (66:8)     we repent to Allah, Allah will forgive us and turn our sins into
  Numerous challenges confront us                                      rewards in our book of deeds.Even the pious make regular istigh-
  regularly. Allah has provided us with                                                    far. It is a sign of humility before Allah and fur-
  the many tools necessary to over-                                                        ther elevates their status. From the life of the
  come these challenges, such as faith,                                                    blameless Prophet Muhammad (peace and bless-
  supplication and prayer. One of the                                                      ings be upon him) himself, we can gauge how
  most powerful weapons in our arse-                                                       beneficial repentance is. Abu Hurayrah (May Al-
  nal is istighfar, or seeking forgiveness                                                 lah be pleases with him) said: I heard Rasulullah
  from Allah.                                                                              (PBUH) say, „By Allah, I ask forgiveness from
  Sin is despicable, wretched, shame-                                                      Allah and turn towards Him in repentance more
  less, and yet, no human, other than                                                      than seventy times a day.‟ (Bukhari). Such is the
  the Prophets, is free from sin. However, even the greatest sinners dedication to repentance by the man who knew that Allah had
  should never lose hope in the forgiveness of Allah, as sin can eas- already pardoned him completely. What then should our dedica-
  ily be turned into good deeds. Allah has said „Do not be despon- tion be? Istighfar also carries numerous worldly benefits as prom-
  dent of the mercy of Allah, Allah forgives all sins entirely.‟       ised by Allah. It leads to contentment and prosperity and repels
  The Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) has           calamity and depression. The Prophet (PBUH) has declared,
  said that “If you people were to stop sinning, Allah would create             “Whoever repents regularly, Allah will turn their every
  others who would sin, and then Allah would forgive                  sadness into happiness, find a solution for their problems, and pro-
  them.” (Muslim). The message is not that we should recklessly       vide them sustenance from unexpected sources.”
  submit to our evil urges depending on the mercy of Allah, but       Fellow students, we do have a vast arsenal to help us achieve suc-
                                                                      cess. Still, let us not forget about the power of istighfar.

                           For Success, Accomplishment &Fame…                                             By: Samah Syed

            I stood before the mirror                As I pondered on with glee                Did I turn to Him in thanks!
            Took a long and detailed gaze            My mind full of applause
            Searching deep within                    Hit by a comet of reality,                I did not take a moment
            For an iota of self-praise               My joy came to a pause                    To marvel at all He gives
                                                                                                If I raise my hands and ask
            Questions danced around                  There blossomed an Epiphany               How mercifully He forgives!
            A performance in my mind                 As I took a step back                     Overridden with guilt
            All hand in hand together                I realized how deeply lost I was          To Him I slowly turned
            Asking:”How can I be defined?”           On this worldly track                     For forgiveness of my thoughtless ways
                                                                                               The reality of which I learned
            My significance and self worth           How could I ever fathom?
            Under insecurities, I hide               How vain was I to think?                  Oh Allah I ask for guidance!
            So I scavenged deeper                    That without the blessings of Allah       As I now solemnly repent
            Through my vast resources of pride       I could even so much as blink             I have not fulfilled the purpose
                                                                                               For which I have been sent!
            Countless awards and trophies            My own shoulder did I pat
            Ornamental symbols of intellect          For every prize and test                  I stood before the mirror
            Memories of goals achieved               Not halting momentarily                   Now overcome with shame
            Upon which I contently reflect           To see how I was blessed                  How much we give for this worldly life
                                                                                               For success, accomplishment and
            I sailed a ship of commitment            For it was He who guided my tri-          fame.
            Hard work propelled me far               umphs
            Amidst the darkness of challenges        Who gave me the top ranks,
            Perseverance was my star                 Yet not once in my worldly joy

Volume 1, Issue                                                                                                                            Page 9
      UTSCMSA                                                                                                                      THE MESSAGE

                   ART                                 Days of the End                                   Surayya Khan
                                                              Allah`s signs of the last day are         ment” (Quran 44:10-11) Moreover, Implo-
      The Great Mosque of Xian                     plentiful. There truly is no shortage of in-         sions of the earth are set to occur. On the
                                                   formation in the Quran and                           authority of Aisha (ra), the prophet (sas) :
                                                   in hadith ascribed to Prophet Muhammad               “there will be in the last days eclipses, hurricanes
                                                   (sas) in which he reveals many signs of              and violent eruptions”. Pertaining to earth-
                                                   the day of resurrection. Among these signs           quakes, Abu Hurairah narrates that the
                                                   are manifestations of the earth itself.              Messenger (sas) said: “the hour will not arise
                                                   Changes in the environment and the natu-             until earthquakes become plentiful.” This narra-
                                                   ral order of things are set to change, inti-         tion does not only speak of the amount of
                                                   mating the coming of the hour.                       earthquakes that are set to occur, but also
                                                              Ubay Ibn Ka‟ab once said there            the severity of them.
                                                   are sixsigns before the resurrection. As the                    The occurrence of the sun
                                                   people are in the markets, the light of the          rising from the West and setting in
                                                   sun will be lost. And As they witness this,          the East is among the more well
                                                                                                        known signs signalling the last day.
                                                   the stars will fall. And as they witness this,
                                                                                                        Abu Hurairah narrated the prophet
                                                   the mountains will crumble to the seas,              said: “The final hour will not begin until
                                                   then as they witness this the earth will             the sun rises from its point of setting.
                                                   tremble and tremble causing all human,               When the sun rises from the West and
                                                   jinns, animals, birds and wild beasts to run         the people see that, they will all believe.”
                                                   wild , every creation all mixing with each                      Another sign is the occur-
                                                   other. This narration does not even begin            rence of three landslides. Hudhaifa b.
                                                   to encapsulate the totality of Allah‟s signs         Usaid Ghifari narrated,
                                                   of the last day.                                                “God‟s Messenger came to us all of a
                                                              Today Muslims are marvelling              sudden as we were (busy in a discussion). He said,
                                                                                                        „What are you discussing?‟ They (the Companions)
                                                   about treasures in the Euphrates River, a
                                                                                                        said, „We are discussing the Last Hour.‟ There-
                                                   manifestation of what Rasulallah has                 upon he said, “It will not come until you see ten
                                                   prophesized more than a thousand years               signs before it,” and among these signs “landslides
                                                   ago. Many hadiths speak at lengths of the            in three places, one in the east, one in the west and
                                                   Euphrates drying up to reveal treasures of           one in Arabia, at the end of which a fire would
  Art work of Salma Hussain depicting the great gold, and in other interpretations oil, that            burn forth from the Yemen and drive people to the
  Mosque of Xian, one of the oldest mosques in will be the cause of much strife and war.                place of their assembly.”
  China and is considered to be a heritage site by Abu Hurairah, narrated that the Messenger                       Ibn Hathar has noted that land-
  the Chinese government.                          (sas) said:                                          slides are a common occurrence, and there-
                                                              `` The Last Hour would not come before    fore these landslides are projected to be
                                                                                                        greater in severity and magnitude.
                                                   the Euphrates uncovers a mountain of gold, for
                                                                                                                   Lastly, many deaths are to occur
                                                   which people would fight.”                           before the day of judgement. On the au-
                                                              The return of the Arab lands to           thority of Auf Ibn Maalik , the prophet
    Did you know...?                               greenery and vast waterways in another               (sas) said: “count six (things) appearing before
    Whenever anyone took leave of Rasulul-
                                                   sign of the last day. On the authority of            the hour:... (and he mentions amongst them) mow-
    lah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, he would                                                            taan that will overcome you like quaasil-ghanam.”
                                                   Abu Hurairah, that the prophet (sas) said:
    clasp the former‟s hand with his own -                                                                      This narration is speaking of death in
                                                   the hour will not appear until the Arab
    out of love and affection - and he would                                                            great amounts. The prophet (sas) also
                                                   lands will return green and irrigated.
    continue holding the other person‟s                                                                 said: from among the signs of the
                                                   Among the signs of the last day is torrential
    hands until the person himself drew his        rain and the dryness of the earth. On the            hour....women would be plenty and men
    hands away. When bidding anyone                authority of Anas Ibn Maalik, the prophet            would be few...,” a result of war, many
    farewell, he used to recite:                   (sas) said: “the hour will not come until it rains   scholars say.
    "Astaudi'ullaha Dînak Amânatak wa              for a year, and the earth will not grow anything.”        There truly is no shortage of signs indi-
    âtîma 'amalik."                                           Another event intimating the com-         cating the coming of the end. It is only up
                                                   ing of the end is that of the appearance of          to the believer to seek and understanding
                                                   smoke that will envelop people as de-                this knowledge, and to be spurred into ac-
                                                   scribed in the Quran: “Then wait you for the         tion towards the path of righteousness.
                                                   Day when the sky will bring forth a visible smoke,   Surely the end is closer than we think.
                                                   covering the people, this will be a painful tor-

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