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					                                                     THE TWENTY SIXTH


                                                           26 Years of Diversity

                                           UCONN STAMFORD CAMPUS
                                                   STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT
                                                Saturday, November 7, 2009

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                           The 26th AMBYESE Conference
                                           is Appreciative of the Following
                                                 Platinum Sponsors:

                      AMBYESE - Annual Multicultural Business Youth
                          Educational Services Embarkment

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                   The 26th AMBYESE Conference
                                            is dedicated to
                                       The Xerox Foundation

                   From our earliest days, Xerox has been shaping
                  the idea of corporate social responsibility. Our
                  education and social service efforts are an ex-
                  tension of our belief that a successful corpora-
                  tion must be an active participant in society.
                  Today, Xerox Foundation is the hand that gives
                  back to the communities from which we draw
                  our employees, our customers, and our freedom
                  to conduct business. Xerox is proud to be a
                  long-time supporter of AMBYESE.

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                               AMBYESE Conference Schedule
                                                  Saturday, November 7, 2009

                  Starting Time          Minutes           Ending Time     Location          Activity
                    10:00 AM                 30             10:30 AM     Outside audi-   Attendee arrival
                                                                            torium       and registration
                    10:30 AM                  5             10:35 AM      Auditorium     Welcoming Re-
                                                                                         marks - John
                                                                                         Howell, CPA
                                                                                         and Conference
                    10:35 AM                 15             10:50 AM      Auditorium     Welcoming Re-
                                                                                         marks and
                                                                                         UConn's admis-
                                                                                         sion policy -
                                                                                         Terry Reilly,
                                                                                         Director of Out-
                                                                                         reach and En-
                                                                                         rollment Serv-
                    10:50 AM                 10             11:00 AM      Auditorium     Welcome re-
                                                                                         marks and re-
                                                                                         Founder and
                                                                                         CEO, Wendell
                     11:00 AM                 5             11:05 AM      Auditorium     High School
                                                                                         English Teacher,
                                                                                         Bethel High
                                                                                         School, Bethel,
                                                                                         CT - Jayme L.
                                                                                         Beckham, M.S.
                                                                                         in Instructional
                     11:05 AM                25             11:30 AM      Auditorium     Marketing Pres-
                                                                                         entation - Pep-
                                                                                         siCo, Inc.
                     11:30 AM                20             11:50 PM      Auditorium     Health Career
                                                                                         Profession -
                                                                                         Barbara E.
                                                                                         Kream, Ph.D,
                                                                                         Professor of
                                                                                         Medicine and
                                                                                         Genetics & De-
                                                                                         Biology, Direc-
                                                                                         tor, MD/PhD

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                     11:50 PM                15            12:05 AM    Auditorium     Fifteen minute
                    12:05 AM                 60            1:05 PM     Auditorium     Overview of
                                                                                      other profes-
                                                                                      Finance, Legal,
                                                                                      Supply Chain/
                     1:05 PM                 10            1:15 PM     Auditorium     Yes I Can Pro-
                                                                                      gram: Beena
                                                                                      , Ph.D, Com-
                                                                                      puter Science &
                                                                                      Expert at
                                                                                      Uconn, Dean,
                                                                                      Yes I Can Insti-
                     1:15 PM                 35            1:50 PM    Outside audi-   Lunch
                     1:50 PM                 35            2:25 PM     Auditorium     Breakout ses-
                                                                                      sion - Health
                                                                                      Career Center
                                                                                      Students Pres-
                                                                                      entation (Part 1)
                     1:50 PM                 35            2:25 PM     Assigned       Breakout ses-
                                                                      Classrooms      sion - Other
                                                                                      Classroom Role
                                                                                      Model Presen-
                                                                                      tations (Part 1)
                     2:25 PM                 35            3:00 PM     Auditorium     Breakout ses-
                                                                                      sion - Health
                                                                                      Career Center
                                                                                      Students Pres-
                                                                                      entation (Part 2)
                     2:25 PM                 35            3:00 PM     Assigned       Breakout ses-
                                                                      Classrooms      sion - Other
                                                                                      Classroom Role
                                                                                      Model Presen-
                                                                                      tations (Part 2)

                   AMBYESE - Annual Multicultural Business Youth Educational Services Embark-

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                            AMBYESE Board of Directors

                  Crystal N. March-Brinkley, M.D. Univ. of Pitt. Western Psychiatry
                      Professor James I. Cash, Jr., Harvard Business School
                        Marva N. Collins, Marva Collins Preparatory School
                                     Lela Connor, Pitney Bowes
                            Karla H. Fox, Esq., University of Connecticut
                                     John Gumpert, Praxair Inc.
                       John H. Howell, CPA, Retired Partner, Ernest & Young
                            Dr. Michael Intrieri, Stamford Public Schools
                                  Beverly B. Johnson, Co-founder
                            Wendell L. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer
                                        William H.Perry, IBM
                   Brenda S. Smith, Retired Superintendent, Mount Vernon, NY
                                   Carmen L. Smith, Walt Disney
                                       Richard Wright, Parent
                                 Philip Yieh, PepsiCo International

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                  AMBYESE ALUMNI BOARD
                  Stacey Baradit
                  Williams College ’09

                  Christopher Soares
                  UConn’08 & UConn Dental School ’12

                  Jacqueline Hermes
                  Mount Saint Mary ’09

                  Kimberly Williams             Catherine Trieu
                  UCLA ‘09                      Bucknell Univ. “10

                  Leslie F. Johnson
                  Florida A & M University
                  School of Business and Industry, ‘95

                  Madiya A. Aziz            Christopher M. Shafer
                  UConn, ’11                Lafayette Univ. ’10

                  Terry Randell Jones, Jr.
                  United States Merchant Marine Academy ’13

                  Paige Pavone                       Quynh T Nguyen
                  Harvard University ’11              University of VA ’11

                  Courtney Mannino
                  Brown University ’11 & Brown Medical School ’15

                  Melissa Duren            Paloma Ferreira
                  Fordham U ’08            Bentley College ’10

                  Christopher Rotante Sarah Menichelli
                  Drexel Univ. ’11    WCSU, ’10

                  Charly Almonte          Fatima Butt
                  University of Mass, ’12 Pace U. ’12

                  Likuvi K. Chebelyon-Dalizu
                  Wooster PolyTech Institute, ’11

                  Sana A. Samnani              Ashley G. Reazer Catika P. Wright
                  UConn, ’11                   SCSU. ’13        WCSU, ’13

                  Bailey A. Brown Leslie Duran               Minuette M. Griffin
                  U of Penn, 13   Boston U, ’13              AZ State U, ‘13

~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                  26th AMBYESE STEERING COMMITTEE

                  John H. Howell CPA, Lela Connor, John Gumpert, Evelyn
                  Shockley, Phillip Yieh, Ira Noble, Terry Reilly, Dr. Michael Intrieri,
                  Karla Fox Esq., Major William Webber, Beverly B. Johnson, Sam-
                  uel Roberts, Vanessa Abrahams-John,Esq. and Jayme McGovern

                  A Special Thank You To The Following:
                  UConn Health Center- Keith Carter, Community Based Education
                  Specialist, Dr. Barbara E. Kream, Carol R. Johnson, Dr. Beena
                  Ramachandran, John Gumpert, Phillip Yeih,The Westhill High
                  School Jr. ROTC, Dr. Rama Ramachandran, John Howell CPA,
                  Charles Alpuche, Esperanza Teasdale, Olivia Skiffington and
                  Norma St.Vil Bernard.

~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                  November 7, 2009

                     Dear Students, Educators, Parents and Corporate Participants:
                  On behalf of the entire Annual Multicultural Business Youth Educational Services Embarkment (AMBYESE)
                  family, welcome to the Twenty Sixth Embarkment.
                    The 26th AMBYESE is dedicated to the Xerox Foundation. Every since our inception, the Xerox Foundation
                  has been a corporate partner and major financial supporter. Over the past 26 years, the Xerox Foundation’s
                  support of AMBYESE programs has been AMBYESE’s life support. In terms of logic equivalence: The Xerox
                  Foundation is a supporter for AMBYESE, as oxygen is a supporter of life.” We are especially grateful to Dr.
                  Joseph Cahalan, president of the Xerox Foundation and Evelyn Shockley, executive director for their unwav-
                  ering support and commitment to develop our youth and future leaders of the 21st Century.
                     AMBYESE is being hosted at UCONN‟s Stamford Campus for the ninth year. We continue our commitment
                  of making a measurable educational impact on the lives of the 200 multicultural college bound participants
                  from schools across Connecticut and Metropolitan New York.
                  AMBYESE has a three phased program: 1) AMBYESE Conference, 2) S.T.A.F.F. - Student Tracking & Aca-
                  demic Fulfillment Force 3) Y.E.S., I Can -Youth Endeavoring to Succeed, I Can. Please visit our Web site for
                  more information.
                     All of our programs are offered free to all students! This is made possible by funding from AMBYESE‟s
                  corporate partners: Praxair Foundation, Xerox Foundation, PepsiCo Foundation, Wells Fargo Wachovia
                  Foundation, People’s United Community Foundation, Disney/American Broadcasting Company, Pitney
                  Bowes Employee Involvement Fund, University of Connecticut School of Business Administration, Stop &
                  Shop, American Express, CL&P and Patriot National Bank.
                  Xerox is the official documentation company. Xerox printed the 26th AMBYESE program journal. PepsiCo
                  products are the official beverages and snacks. STOP & SHOP is the official supermarket. Disney/ABC is the
                  official Theme Parks and Media Company. Commencing this year, everyone can come to a Walt Disney
                  World's theme park on their birthday and get in free. Anyone showing up with a valid ID including proof of
                  birthdate will get a free ticket on that day.
                     AMBYESE represents a unique opportunity for students to become acquainted with how “big business”
                  works. Today, students will learn how to apply their present-day school knowledge and work experiences
                  towards developing near-term careers. Students will interface with our team of highly successful mentors
                  who are employed by the above corporate partners. They‟ll be exposed to careers in accounting/finance,
                  banking, communications, human resources, engineering, research/development, marketing/sales and in-
                  formation technology and law.
                      Mission statement: AMBYESE prepares multicultural secondary school students for the challenges of a
                  more diverse workforce in the 21st Century. The objective is to motivate the students to “Strive For Excel-
                  lence” academically by exposing them to career options in the corporate sector, and to facilitate their anxie-
                  ties concerning “big business” by instilling a high-level of self-esteem in them so they learn about embark-
                  ing on careers through highly successful multicultural role models. Today, over 12,000 regional students
                  have earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, science, engineering, etc. as results of par-
                  ticipating in AMBYESE programs.
                     History: AMBYESE originated in Danbury Western CT State University‟s Ancell School of Business hosted
                  the 1st through 4th AMBYESE Conferences. Danbury High School hosted the 5th through 12th. Our student
                  population grew from 100 at Western to 1,100 at Danbury High School. After spending the first dozen year‟s
                  in Danbury, the venue was moved to Westchester County New York - The 13th and 14th AMBYESE Confer-
                  ences were hosted by White Plains High School; the 15th and 16th were hosted by Mount Vernon High
                  School; The 17th AMBYESE was hosted at Westhill High School, Stamford, CT and the 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st,
                  22nd, 23rd 24th and 25th were hosted at UConn’s - Stamford campus.
                    Our focus is “jump-starting” the careers of students, so they can qualify for scholarships available through
                  nonprofit organizations. We‟re passionate and honored to assist our nation by working with schools, par-
                  ents and corporate partners for the purpose of preparing students for the challenges ahead.....God Bless


                                                       Wendell L. Johnson     John H. Howell, CPA
                                                       Founder & CEO        Conference Chairman

~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                                             Barbara Kream, PhD
                                                Professor of Medicine in the School of Medicine
                                                   University of Connecticut Health Center

                  Barbara Kream, PhD, is Professor of Medicine in the School of Medicine at the University of
                  Connecticut Health Center (UCHC). She graduated from Mount Holyoke College (BA, Chemis-
                  try) and Yale University (PhD, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry) and did postdoctoral
                  work at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and UCHC. In 1979, she joined the faculty of
                  UCHC as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine. She was promoted to Associate
                  Professor in 1985 and Professor in 1991. She holds joint appointments in the Departments of
                  Genetics & Developmental Biology and Orthopaedic Surgery. At UCHC, Dr. Kream is a basic
                  researcher investigating the roles of local and systemic hormones in bone remodeling using
                  transgenic mouse models and in vitro systems. From 1997-2006, she served as Program Director
                  of an NIH-funded Program Project in the Pathogenesis and prevention of osteoporosis. She has
                  mentored many PhD students in the Biomedical Science graduate program and now serves as
                  Director of the MD/PhD program. At the national level, she has served as a member of NIH
                  study section and as President of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
                  (ASBMR). In 2004, she was elected to the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. In
                  2005, she received the Gideon Rodan Excellence in Mentorship Award from the ASBMR, and in
                  2008, the Osborn Biomedical Science Teaching Award from UCHC.

~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                                                     Robbie E. B. Narcisse
                                                      Vice President, Global Ethics and Business Practices
                                                                       Pitney Bowes Inc.

                  As Vice President, Global Ethics and Business Practices, Ms. Narcisse leads the Companyʼs efforts to ensure that its

                  worldwide business operations are conducted in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, Pitney

                  Bowes policies and procedures, and with the highest ethical standards.  Her departmentʼs objectives include refining

                  and implementing strategies to expand global communication and training in the areas of ethics and business prac-

                  tices, and enhancing the visibility and accessibility of Global Ethics and Business Practices in all areas where the

                  Company has operations.  She is also responsible for designing and implementing programs that protect the employ-

                  ees and assets of the Company. 


                  Ms. Narcisse was appointed to her current position in April 2005.  Prior to that, she served as Deputy General Coun-

                  sel - Corporate, where she managed a staff of attorneys in the Corporate Legal Department which provided legal

                  advice and counsel to the companyʼs various North American divisions in all aspects of corporate commercial law. 

                  She also served as lead in-house counsel for all domestic matters affecting the companyʼs largest division, Global

                  Mailstream Solutions, in a corporate practice that covered all aspects of general commercial law.  In her tenure with

                  Pitney Bowes since 1989, she has held succeeding positions of responsibility in the Corporate Legal Department.


                  Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Ms. Narcisse was an associate in the Litigation Department of Weil, Gotshal & Manges

                  (1984-88) in New York City.  She is a graduate of the University of Californiaʼs Boalt Hall School of Law (1982), and

                  received her M.A. and B. A. degrees from Stanford University (1979).  She is currently member of the board of direc-

                  tors of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association, and is also a member of the Association of the Bar of the City of

                  New York; the American Bar Association; the National Bar Association; and the Association of Corporate Counsel

                  (National; WESFACCA chapter; and WESFACCA Ethics Roundtable).

~McGovern Jamie       Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                                                         Norma St.Vil Bernard
                                                                     IT Director, ERP Planning

                  Develop and drive Center of Excellence Program for ERP Systems
                  Developed program to drive enterprise wide software systems through standardized implementation methods and
                  tools.  Created Toolkit and internal sites to communicate and collaborate with businesses to drive productivity. Devel-
                  oping JD Edwards prototype system to drive acceptance. Created Communication and Training strategies and
                  frameworks to drive thinking and capitalize on opportunities.
           Previous Experience: International Business Machines (IBM), White Plains, NY
                              Senior Marketing Manager – Strategy & Planning -- Led multiple teams through strategy development and
                  execution cycle to deliver on multi-billion dollar business strategies and marketing plans for Software and internet
                  business over several years.  Won IBM Sales & Distribution Marketing Excellence Award for leadership. 
                  Architected business strategy development methodologies driving standard more efficient business practices.   
                  Developed successful competitive marketing strategies for to grow channel participation of IBM products,
                  services and solutions year to year.   
                  IT Strategy Certified Management Consultant --   Delivered e-business strategies and performed business trans-
                  formation for major financial services institutions in the areas of consumer finance, insurance, retail brokerage, credit
                  cards, and commercial banking. 
                  Lehman Brothers, New York City, NY Summer Intern – Public Finance
                  Prudential Securities, New York City, NY Internal Auditor/Credit Analyst
            Columbia University New York City, NY
           Masters in Business Administration
         Binghamton University Binghamton, NY
           B.S. in Management, Concentration in Finance
           Universite de Paris a la Sorbonne  Paris, France
           Cours de Civilisation Francaise
                Series 7 and 3 Securities licenses
                  PC SKILLS
                Microsoft Product Suite, Lotus Product Suite and various collaborative tools
                  Fluent in French
      Board of Directors, Binghamton Alumni Association 
                  Founding Chair, Women @ Work Network LLC, Danbury Chapter

~McGovern Jamie       Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                                                     Noel A. Anderson
                                                       Enterprise Software Product Quality Manager

                                                                    Pitney Bowes Inc.

                  Mr. Anderson is currently the Enterprise Software Product Quality Manager for software products at Pitney Bowes

                  Inc. based in Shelton, CT.  In his position he is responsible for assuring software products meet or exceed customer

                  expectations of by assuring quality attributes are identified early within the development process and appropriate met-

                  rics are in place to measure and validate quality goals are achieved.

                  His prior experiences include Business Process Engineer, Data Quality Engineer, Staff Quality Assurance Engineer,

                  Quality Engineer, Associate Manufacturing Engineer, and Method Analyst. In addition Mr. Anderson is a Certified Six

                  Sigma Black Belt, member of the American Society of Quality (ASQ) and the Society of Manufacturing Engineering

                  (SME). Also he is a member of the Nu Ypsilon Tau Academic Honor Society. 

                  Mr. Anderson received a Masters in Software Engineering from the University of Fairfield, a BS degree in Electrical

                  Engineering from the University of Bridgeport. He also possesses a BS degree in Applied Technology from the Char-

                  ter Oak College and an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Electrical Technology from Westchester Community


~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                                                 Charles J. Alpuche
                                                   Senior Vice President, supply Chain Operations
                                                                Pepsi-Cola Company

                  Chuck graduated from Delaware Valley College in 1981 with a degree in Business Administra-
                  tion and later on with a M.S. degree from the University of Pennsylvania.
                  After graduation, chuck played one year of professional football with the Detroit Lions before a
                  knee injury ended his career. Chuck joined Pepsi Cola in February, 1982 as a production Su-
                  pervisor trainee in the Philadelphia manufacturing facility. He held a number of increasing op-
                  erational managerial responsibilities in Philadelphia Pepsi Cola before moving to Newport
                  News, Virginia, as a Production manager, and then Plant Operations Manager. Chuck then
                  moved to headquarters in Somers, NY in 1990 as Manager, Operations Training and then Direc-
                  tor, Process Improvement. After a variety of headquarters assignments in North America,
                  Chuck moved to the Pepsi Cola International Division of PepsiCo where he was Vice President
                  Concentrate Operations, Americas/Asia. Pepsi Cola international is in 195 countries throughout
                  the world and is a Division of the PepsiCo Corporation. Chuck moved to his current role as
                  Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Operations for Pepsi Cola North America in October 2005.
                  Pepsi Cola North America manufactures and distributes such brands as Pepsi, Cola, Mt. Dew,
                  Aquafina, Lipton Ice Tea, Sobe, Tropicana and Dole Bottled Juices, as well as many other lead-
                  ing brands.
                  Chuck and his wife, Marybeth, have two children and reside in Danbury, Connecticut.


                                                              Benna Ramachandran, Ph.D.
                                                          Computer Sciences & Engineering Expert
                                                                University of Connecticut

                  Benna Ramachandran is currently teaching crediting courses for the computer science and engineer-
                  ing courses at the University of Connecticut and Norwalk Community College. Her teaching courses
                  include learning Microsoft Office programs and graphic design programs such as Photoshop, design-
                  ing websites with HTML and FrontPage.

                  In 2008, Dr. Beena Ramachandran was appointed Dean of the Yes I Can Institute. In the summer of
                  2003, she was the Computer Science Instructor for AMBYESE’s Yes I Can summer college prep
                  program and in addition to designing the course curriculum, brought real-life experience to the class-
                  room to enhance the students understanding of using computers in business life.

                  Ms. Ramachandran holds several degrees, including a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the
                  University of Bombay, Bombay India, a Masters in Management Studies from K.C. College of man-
                  agement, Bombay, and a Masters in Science.

~McGovern Jamie       Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                                                  Olivia Skiffington
                                                                 Marketing Specialist
                                                                  Pitney Bowes Inc.

                  Olivia Skiffington is currently a Marketing Specialist in the Corporate Communications and Market-
                  ing department for Pitney Bowes. She manages projects around internal communications, marketing
                  communications and branding. Olivia is currently in charge of corporate project plans for brand im-
                  plementation and employee communications.

                  Olivia has produced collateral for the business units as well as worked with new acquisitions on their
                  brand migration. She helped produce the annual report and handled the distribution of it to the
                  shareholders and internal employees. Previously Olivia also worked for the tradeshow department
                  and has experience in event planning and tradeshow logistics.

                  Before Pitney Bowes, Olivia worked as a Marketing Manager for The Princeton Review as well as
                  Banquet Manager at L’Escale Restaurant. She received her BBA in Marketing from Pace University.
                  Graduating magna cum laude, Olivia now continues her education at the University of Connecticut
                  where she is studying for her MBA in marketing.

                  Olivia was born and raised in Costa Rica by American parents and is fluent in Spanish and English.
                  Being an athlete all her life, she continues to play volleyball recreational now for Pitney Bowes, and
                  volunteers her time for the Special Olympics.

                                                                     Aaron Lucas
                                                                    Ph.D. Candidate
                                                                    Material Science
                                                               University of Connecticut

                  Arron Lucas is a native of Chicago , IL. He graduated from Morehouse College in 2007 with a B.S. degree in physics.
                  He is currently a graduate student at the University of Connecticut in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Material Science. He is  a
                  member of  Omega Psi Phi fraternity Inc. Also involved in NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers), NSBP (Na-
                  tional Society of Black Physicist ) He is a Ronald Mc Nair NASA scholar. Eventually he is planning to become an as-

~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                  Esperanza Teasdale
                  Senior Brand manager
                  Pepsi-Cola Company

                  Esperanza Teasdale is a Senior Brand Manager for the Pepsi-Cola Company
                  on the Propel Enhanced Water Brand. She will be responsible for brand
                  strategy, marketing and execution. She previously worked on the Sierra Mist
                  brand where she was at the heart of developing brand strategy and creative
                  solutions including the recent launch of Sierra Mist Ruby Splash and Cran-
                  berry Splash. She also led the launch of a new diet CSD trademark (TAVA)
                  which was a zero calorie sparkling beverage. Prior to joining the brand team,
                  she led PepsiCo Shopper Marketing for the Regional Grocery Team where
                  her focus was building insight driven, marketing solutions leveraging the Pep-
                  siCo portfolio. In this role, she delivered powerful marketing promotions for
                  the Super Bowl XL and XLI, Shrek 3 and Superman Returns movie
                  properties. Early in her career she worked at Unilever Bestfoods in market-
                  ing, sales and operations which helped build core general management skills.
                  She received her MBA from the University of Connecticut, Stamford and her
                  BS in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University in New Jersey. She is
                  the mother of two children and happily married to Jeff Teasdale for 12 years

                                                              Christine S. Lee
                                                       Director of Resource Conservation
                                                          PepsiCo Americas Beverages

                  Christine Lee is the Director of Resource Conservation in the Supply Chain organization
                  of PepsiCo Americas Beverages (PAB), a division of PepsiCo. PAB has a beverage
                  portfolio that includes Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages, Gatorade and Tropicana.
                  Christine has worked for PepsiCo for 14 years in various engineering and operations
                  roles in Research & Development, Supply Chain and Bottling Operations. She is active
                  in various PepsiCo diversity and inclusion groups, such as the Women of Color and Pa-
                  cific Asia employee networks, on which she serves as a member of their leadership
                  teams and mentor groups.

                  Prior to joining PepsiCo, Christine held corporate engineering roles at Merck & Co., Inc.
                  and Nabisco, Inc. She received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Rutgers Universi-
                  ty and a M.S. in Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. Christine and her
                  husband, Myung, reside in Rockland County, NY with their daughter Elizabeth.

~McGovern Jamie    Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                           Schools Represented at the
                                        2008-2009 AMBYESE Conference

                                                         Bassick High School
                                                          Bethel High School
                                                       Brookfield High School
                                                         Buckley High School
                                                         Central High School
                                                         Crosby High School
                                                        Danbury High School
                                                       Greenwich High School
                                                         Groton High School
                                                        Hartford High School
                                                       Henry Abbott Technical
                                                        Hillhouse High School
                                                         Hill Regional Career
                                                  Humanities and the Arts High School
                                                      Immaculate High School
                                                      J.F. Kennedy High School
                                                     Mount Vernon High School
                                                     New Haven Career Academy
                                                      New London High School
                                                      New Rochelle High School
                                                        Stamford High School
                                                    Warren Harding High School
                                                         Weaver High School
                                                         Westhill High School
                                                      Wilbur Cross High School
                                                       Woodlands High School
                                                         Wooster High School

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
                                         The US Department of Labor
                                       Occupational Outlook handbook
                                             is an important tool.
                                      We strongly encourage our students
                                            to utilize its resources.
                                       Please visit the following website.

~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET
~McGovern Jamie   Monday, November 2, 2009 8:39:51 AM ET

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