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					Weddington Swim & Racquet Club
  WAHOOS - Swim Team 2008
Member, Greater Charlotte Swim League, Division I

       2007 Division I Dual Meet Champion
                     2007 Division I All Star Meet Championship, 1st Place

                                        Matt Mundorf, Head Coach
WSRC is a member of the Greater Charlotte Swim League, Division I. This makes for an exciting and challenging season

                                         GO WAHOOS !!!
                         The Sportsmanship Award, awarded at the conclusion of each season,
                        has been won by the Wahoos two separate seasons since its inception.
                        The recipient of this award is selected by vote from each Division I team.
          Success in this category starts with the parents and coaches and reflects every member of our team

                         We're here to make sure our kids have fun, a great team experience
                                    and (maybe even) develop a love of the sport

                                    Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated
                                 Sign-ups began April 16
                      Sign-up forms are available in the WSRC office
                        team suits are available for purchase at the
  Mecklenburg Aquatic Club Swim Shop located at Charlotte Latin School on Providence Rd

                           Sign-ups continue throughout the season
Swimmers registering after May 9 are not guaranteed a team cap and shirt as part of registration
                          Greater Charlotte Swim League
           WSRC is a member of the Greater Charlotte Swim League, Division I
                     Wahoo swimmers must be WSRC members
           Swimmers may swim for only one GCSL team, regardless of Division

                         Meets include individual events and relays
        Swimmers may swim a maximum of 3 individual events per meet including:
freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and the individual medley (one of each stroke)
  The coaching staff will determine if a swimmer's stroke is legal before entry in an event
             As strokes are mastered, 6 & unders may swim 8 & under events

                          6 & unders swim 25 meters, freestyle
             7-8s, 9-10s swim 25 meters, all strokes, 9-10s also swim 100 IM
             11-12s, 13-14s and 15-18s* swim 50 meters, all strokes, 100 IM
                               *may be 19 if a HS senior

               Your child's age group is determined by their age on May 31
                   They will swim in this age group the entire season.
                            Monday - Friday, beginning May 19 *
                                4:00 - 5:00 PM 10 & unders
                               5:00 - 6:00 PM for 11 and up
                             Once traditional school gets out:
                             9:00 - 10:00 AM for 10 and under
                                10:00 - 11:00 AM 11 and up

Wahoo swimmers 12 and up may volunteer to help out with younger swimmers during practice

                                      Practice Changes
                        * Week of May 19 - 6 & unders – 4:00-4:45
                       Monday, May 26 – Memorial Day – no practice
                  Friday, July 4 – Independence Day – no All-Star practice

                                        Afternoon Practices
       A limited number of alternative practice sessions will be available for swimmers
            with two working parents who are unable to attend morning practices
                  Participation in this program must be approved in advance
                                                     Mentor Program
               Older swimmers are matched up with younger swimmers to help them enjoy the meet experience
                                    This is a voluntary program for all who participate

                                             First swimmer in the family: $50.00
                                                    2nd swimmer: $35.00
                                                   All the rest: $20.00 each

                                       Sign-ups will continue throughout the season **

                                                       Cost includes
                             Weekday practices, Wahoo t-shirt and latex cap** (if you'll wear one),
                  ribbons, end-of-season trophy and entry in all regular season meets and the All-Star meet*
                                       *swimmers must qualify, 8 & unders and above
                                      **Wahoo t-shirt and cap quantities are limited,
                             and may not be available to swimmers who register after May 9

                                                      Also included
            During swim team season the Wahoo Swim Team Staff plans various social activities for our swimmers
                               These activities are available to swim team members only

Last year, these included a Pizza Pep Rally, Wahoo Movie night, Wahoos on Ice, Wahoo Sundae night and day-after-meet treats
             Wahoo Banquet night (a highlight!) welcomes Wahoo families
             to enjoy dinner, trophy presentation & the Wahoo slideshow
                                  Cost: $4 per person

        New suits may be purchased at the Mecklenburg Aquatic Club Swim Shop
                               located at Charlotte Latin
                          This is a two-year suit to be used in
                                      2008 & 2009

                                    Stroke Clinics/Lessons
Clinics and lessons lead by Wahoo coaches and experienced competitive Wahoo swimmers
                      will be available to Wahoo swim team members
          Look for cost & availability on the Wahoo Wire bulletin board at the pool
             Team clinic & lessons are available to swim team members only
Team and individual pictures by TSS Photography
           Friday, June 27, 9:00 AM
       wear your team suit and stay dry

   Candid pictures by Wahoo photographers
                                                              FAQ for new swimmers
                    Q. My daughter has gymnastics on Tuesdays and can't make practice. Can she still join the team?
      A. Yes, make every practice you can to become a stronger swimmer. Besides, it's fun. If you have a prior commitment, honor it.
                     Q. My son can swim but I'm not sure he can swim 25 meters unassisted. Should he join the team?
A. Yes, but he may not participate in a meet unless he demonstrates he can swim 25 meters without hanging on the lane line. If swim school is
                              the right place for him, our coaches will let you know. He can always join next year!
                                                      Q. Why do parents have to volunteer?
                                                    A. It takes A LOT of people to run a meet.
                             The good part is it's fun to meet other parents and see your kids having a great time.
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            Swim Team Contacts:
           David & Lori Murch Elliot

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