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									   Understanding Estate Planning: 2 Basic Questions
When most people get started with their estate planning affairs,
they often have little understanding about the estate planning
process. It’s important to have some idea about the process, so that
you feel more comfortable when planning and can make good
decisions. If you’re thinking about planning your estate, take a
look at the following information. If you have any questions, or if
you’d like to begin your estate planning, contact an estate planning
attorney today.

What is an estate?
Your estate is everything that you own and have control over. This
includes everything from your personal items to your financial
accounts. Whether you own a home, car, jewelry, clothing,
retirement account, bank account, stocks, or bonds, these items are
considered part of your estate.

If others owe you money, these debts are also included in your

Additionally, your estate may include assets that are owned in your
individual name, jointly with others, and can even be held in a

Estate planning makes it possible to have full control over your
estate affairs.

What is estate planning?
Estate planning is a process that allows you to prepare for the
disposal of your estate, after your death. Estate planning also gives
you the opportunity to plan for possible incapacity, as well as
prepare for future needs. There are a number of goals that can be
achieved with the use of this planning.
It’s important to work with an estate planning attorney so that
you’re able to fulfill all of your estate planning needs. Without an
estate plan, you will have no control over your future such as who
raises your minor children, who gets your assets after your death,
and you handles your financial matters. You may also face many
other negative consequences, and your personal wishes may not be

If you have any additional questions about the estate planning
process, consult with a qualified estate planning attorney.

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