Employee Review Accomplishment List


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									This form is an example of an employee’s annual accomplishments. As drafted, this
document can be used to record an executive’s accomplishments in the areas of
corporate strategy, sales and marketing, and operations and general management for
an entire year. This document is useful to an executive seeking a detailed list of
accomplishments which may be necessary when presenting the executive’s work
experience, knowledge, expertise, and ability during an annual review. Using this tool,
the executive can enter any interview or annual review thoroughly prepared to answer
any question about past performance.
            (Year) Accomplishments for (Name of Employee)

I.    Corporate and Strategic

      A.    Developed the presentations for and participated in investment
            banking and strategic investor meetings for equity funding.

      B.    Completed the (Year) Marketing and Sales Plan within (number)
            days of the (Name of Company) acquisition.

      C.    Completed the Digital Distribution Marketing Plan.

      D.    Completed the (Year) Digital Distribution Business Plan including
            department summaries, product strategy and roadmaps.

II.   Sales and Marketing

      A.    Created and repeatedly updated packaging, product naming,
            signage, messaging, documentation, Web site, collateral, mission,
            positioning, market category segmentation, tag lines, and business

      B.    Developed and executed strategies with regard to:

      C.    Unique selling propositions by product.
      D.    Business life cycle cost justification.
      E.    Internet Guardian.
      F.    Concession owner strategy.
      G.    Outsourcing telemarketing.
      H.    Installed base profiling and marketing.
      I.    Strategic alliances.
      J.    Channel distribution strategy.
      K.    56K strategy.
      L.    Launched (Name of Product) marketing plan.
      M.    Supervised electronic commerce.
      N.    (Name of Product) end of life plan.
      O.    Webizing all products.
      P.    Acquisition strategy.
      Q.    Nationwide customer installation capability.

       R.    Outsourcing technical support.
       S.    Closed the following strategic accounts: (Name of Accounts).
       T.    Tripled the number of business dial up accounts, the dedicated
             access accounts, increased overall (Name of Product) and gross

III.   Engineering, Operations, and General Management -- developed the
       following systems and processes to allow managers to run the business
       by metrics:

       A.    One team, one goal strategy, process, and results.
       B.    Strategic messaging matrix.
       C.    Strategic account matrix.
       D.    Master engineering schedule.
       E.    Product marketing roadmap.
       F.    Corporate marketing calendar.
       G.    Weekly backlog report for web and dedicated.
       H.    Engineering management meeting.
       I.    Product team meetings.
       J.    Staff meetings at all levels.
       K.    Channel meetings.
       L.    Bi-weekly reports.
       M.    The current staff meetings, agendas, and formats.
       N.    Weekly production meeting.
       O.    Objectives calendars by department.
       P.    Performance metrics by department.
       Q.    Completed first pass roles and responsibilities.
       R.    Channel marketing budget tracking system.
       S.    Channel deal matrix and tracking system.
       T.    Reviewed revenue, gross margin, and operating expense
             performance and how we can improve.

       U.    Life Plan training for (number) associates in (name of company).
       V.    Back up of all internal systems.
       W.    Source code control in all locations.

IV.   Responsible for overseeing employees of (name of company) to efficiently
      manufacture (Name of Product).

V.    Responsible for (Name of Product) being developed and initial shipping to
      be on time.


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