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                                (A GOVT. OF INDIA ENTERPRISE)


                             NOTICE INVITING TENDER

     Tender for 5/10 Pair U. G. Cable laying and Pole-less Network in BARMER District

NIT No: - S-2-1/POLE- LESS N/W/04-05/6                              Date of issue: 30/06/04

      On behalf on Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, TDM, BARMER invites properly
packing PVC tape/wax sealed tenders with supporting documents from enlisted contractors
in BSNL/MTNL for cable construction works.

1.      Name of Work: -      Laying of 5/10 Pair UGC in Pole-less Network and associated
                             allied work such as erection of wall/internal DPs with GI/PVC
                             pipe, subscribers office fitting, painting of pillar/cabinet etc.

2.      Bid for each tender should be submitted in three envelopes placed inside a
        main cover. These envelopes should contain the following:

                           Marked on the
           Envelops                                  Contents of Envelops
         First              Bid Security      Containing Bid Security as per clause 8
                                              Containing documents as per clause 7
         Second            Qualifying Bid
                                              except bid security.
                                              Rates duly quoted by the tenderer in
         Third              Financial Bid
                                              the prescribed format.

3.      “On all the envelops names of the firm and whether “Bid Security” or Qualifying” or
        “Financial” bid must be clearly mentioned and should be properly sealed (with sealing
        WAX/Packing PVC tape).

4.      Main Cover: First, second & third cover to be put in the main cover, super scribed
        with name of tender and Name / address of tenderer and finally the main cover to be
        sealed with Packing PVC tape/wax properly.

5.      The tender document will not be sent/received by post.

6.      Tender can be cancelled without notice.

7.      Brief Description of Tender: -

                                                                            Signature of Bidder
                                   Estimated      Estimated     Amount      Class of
S.                   Area of       Length for                                           Cost of Tender
      Tender No.                                     Cost       of EMD     contractor
N.                   Work          trenching                                            Form (in Rs.)
                                     cable         (in Rs.)     (in Rs.)    eligible
      S-2-2-SDE     SDE                                            19597
1.                                   50KM            783887                E & above    500+12%ST
      SIWANA        SIWANA
      S-2-3-SDOP    SDOP
2.                                  100KM           4976250       124406   C & above    500+12%ST
      BAM           BARMER
      S-2-4-SDOP    SDOP             64KM
3.                                                  4593433       114836   C& above     500+12%ST
      BOT           BALOTRA
      S-2-5- SDOT   SDOT
4.                                   21km            831205        20780   C & above    500+12%ST
      BOT           BALOTRA

8.      Period of contract     -      One year from the date of agreement and extendable.
                                      up to further one year

9.      Mode of payment      -     Tender document could be purchased by paying cost of tender
        form mentioned above cash or DD drawn in favour of Accounts Officer (Cash) O/o TDM
        BARMER, payable at BARMER. Bid Security (EMD) is to be paid in the form of Crossed
        Demand Draft issued by a scheduled bank drawn in favour of Accounts Officer (Cash) O/o
        TDM BARMER payable at BARMER.

10.     Tender document containing detailed          -        DE (PLG), O/o TDM, BARMER.
        Description of work & Terms & conditions
        can be had from

11.     Sale of tender documents                     -        Between 11.00 Hrs. to 16.00 Hrs.
        from 01-07-2004 to 27-07-2004                         (on all working days)

12.     Time and last date of submission of Bid      -        Up to 14.30 Hrs on 28-07-2004.

13.     Date & Time of Bid opening (Technical)       -        At 15.00 Hrs on 28-07-2004.

14.     Date & Time of Bid opening (Financial)       -        At 15.00 Hrs. on 28-07-2004.

       The tender, which is not accompanied by the requisite Bid Security, shall be summarily
rejected. Tender will not be accepted / received after expiry of date and time The TDM BARMER
reserves the right to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reasons what-so-ever.

                                                                  Divisional Engineer (Planning),
                                                                        O/o TDM, BARMER

                                                                                   Signature of Bidder

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