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									T H E T R A F F IC L IT E
Virginia Section Institute of Transportation Engineers

Volume 41, No. 1                             Newsletter Editor, Chris Lawrence            Summer             2008

    President Kirsten Tynch’s Message                       ITE President Alf Guebert and George
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Kids are
back in school, vacations have been taken, and                  •   George Brisbin - Senior Transportation
everybody seems to be hard at work. It’s been a                     Planner, City of Portsmouth
very busy summer for VASITE and our members.                    •   Bernard Whitlock - City Traffic Engineer,
Our Annual Meeting was as successful as always.
We had over 120 attendees at the conference in              If you have the opportunity to see any of these
Virginia Beach this past June. We were especially           gentlemen, please thank them for their years of
honored to have our ITE International President, Alf        dedication to the transportation profession. We are
Guebert, in attendance. Alf provided valuable               scheduled to present Dr. Nick Garber his certificate
insight into the challenges facing ITE and                  at the Fall VASITE Conference at Wintergreen.
transportation professionals during his speech at the
banquet. Alf also recognized one of our new ITE             Kathryn Brown, VASITE Continuing Education
Life Members, George Brisbin, at the banquet.               Chairperson, has been busy putting together great
                                                            continuing education classes this summer. A signal
VASITE has had 5 members become ITE Life                    design class was taught by Earl Hughes in June.
Members over the past 2 years. To become life               There was so much interest in this class that there
members you must be over the age of 65 and paid             were over 20 people waitlisted for this class. Don’t
for at least 25 years. The new life members are:            worry! We’ll be offering it again in 2009. A bicycle
                                                            and pedestrian safety course was held in Richmond
   •   Whitefield Mayes - President, Mayes &                in August, and a SIDRA Roundabout Analysis class
       Associates, Newport News                             will be held in late September. I don’t know any
   •   Dr. Nick Garber - Professor, UVA                     other training courses of this quality that you attend
   •   Fred Hanscom - Director, Transportation              at the low VASITE prices.
       Research Corp., Markham

VASITE Newsletter                                       1                                         Summer 2008
In addition to arranging these great classes, Kathryn
was also busy submitting our application for
another DMV grant to subsidize our continuing
education efforts. Kathryn was successful in
obtaining a $15,000 grant for fiscal year 2009. I
know it’s a lot of effort putting the application
together and making sure that we spend the grant
money in accordance with DMV requirements.
Thanks Kathryn for all your hard work! We look
forward to many more interesting classes in 2009.

Our next meeting will be our Fall Meeting at
Wintergreen. As always, this will be our student led
meeting. We look forward to interacting with
students from UVA, VA Tech, and hopefully ODU.
We will be holding our traffic bowl to select our           Vice President Tim Foster’s Message –
team of students to represent VASITE at the SDITE
Annual Meeting in Alabama in April. I know as               Dear Fellow VASITE Members:
President I am supposed to be unbiased, but GO
                                                            I would like to thank everyone for participating in
                                                            our spring and summer VASITE meetings. These
                                                            meetings are the backbone of our VASITE
Our SDITE 2010 planning continues. We will be
                                                            organization. They give us a chance to further our
having a planning session at Fall Meeting in
                                                            knowledge in transportation, as well as give us a
Wintergreen. In December we will be hosting the
                                                            chance to see old friends and meet new colleagues
SDITE Board of Directors. As part of that meeting,
                                                            in our quest to improve transportation in Virginia.
we will be showing the BOD the facilities for the
                                                            Again, thank you all for your continued
2010 conference and updating them on our planning
                                                            participation in VASITE.
efforts. We are still looking for members to help
with the planning, so please let me know if you
                                                            Tim Foster,
want to help. It’s hard to believe we started
                                                            VASITE Vice President
planning this conference over 3 years ago, and it’s
now less than 18 months away.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Fall
Meeting.                                                    In this issue:
                                                            New Members………………………………...3
Kirsten                                                     Continuing Education……………...…….…....3
                                                            Secretary’s Message……….……..…………...3
                                                            Treasurer’s Message………………..………....3
2008 Fall Meeting @ Wintergreen                             Welcome and Guest Speakers………………...4
                                                            VASITE Awards……………………………...4
Please see the VASITE website at                            VASITE Summer Meeting Presentations...…..6 for more details!
                                                            Southern District ITE…………………..…....11
                                                            Corporate Sponsors……………………..…...12
                                                            Job Postings………………………………….14

VASITE Newsletter                                       2                                       Summer 2008
2008 Officers:                                          Continuing Education -
President………………….… Kirsten Tynch, P.E.,PTOE             The VASITE Continuing Education Committee plans
                     Woolpert LLP                       and conducts training courses on relevant topics for the
                                                        VASITE membership.
Vice President………………...Tim Foster, P.E.
                        Henrico County                  Through a Transportation Safety Project Grant from the
                                                        Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV),
Secretary………………………John Yorks                            VASITE is able to offer safety-related continuing
                   City of Hampton                      education courses at an affordable cost to attendees.
                                                        Typically, the DMV Safety Grant covers over half of the
Treasurer……………………....John Hendrickson, P.E.             course registration costs. VASITE is very appreciative
                      PB                                of the DMV for their generous support of our training
                                                        courses to improve safety across the Commonwealth.
Past President………………….Chris Gay, AICP
                      VHB                               The Continuing Education Committee tries to offer three
                                                        courses per calendar year. Currently, the committee is
Southern District Rep………….Bryant Goodloe, P.E.          working on the courses for the 2008 calendar year. In
                          Bryant B. Goodloe, P.C.       the past few years, the Continuing Education Committee
                                                        has offered courses on design topics such as Traffic
Southern District Rep. ……..…Mike Corwin                 Signal Design, Roundabout Design, Roadway Lighting,
                            VDOT                        Roadway Safety Audit, and Roadside Design. The
                                                        Committee has offered software training for packages
                                                        such as Synchro, CORSIM, and HCS. Please contact
                                                        Kathryn Brown (Chairman) if you have course topics
New Members –                                           that you would like to see taught in the near future. If
                                                        you are interested in joining this committee, please
Robert (Dale) Edwards                                   contact Kathryn Brown at 757.961.7834 or
Brian Wilson
Rakesh Nune
George (Wes) Lewis                                                   From the Secretary:
Larry Kelley                                            Reminder that dues have to be paid in full in order to
                                                        take advantage of the reduced membership registration
Wesley Parker                                           fees for each conference and continuing education
Leo Blades                                              course. To check your membership status or make any
Gary Campbell                                           changes to your contact information, please contact John
Jessica Banks                                           Yorks at
Michael Simpson
                                                                     From the Treasurer:
                                                        The VASITE account balance was $33,105 leading up to
                                                        the summer meeting.

                                                                   Scholarship Committee:
                                                        The scholarship committee would like to remind all
                                                        students that would like to be considered for the
                                                        VASITE scholarship to please apply. In recent years
                                                        there have been very few applicants. We ask that
                                                        members please remind students that there are
                                                        scholarships available. See the website for details.

VASITE Newsletter                                   3                                           Summer 2008
Summer Welcome Speaker - The                             VASITE Awards – Presented at the Annual
Honorable Mayor Meyera E. Oberndorf                      Conference in Virginia Beach

                                                         Bryant Goodloe, chairman of the awards committee
                                                         for VASITE, thanked Tim White and Warren
                                                         Hughes for serving on the committee with him and
                                                         then presented the following awards.

                                                         Recognized for chairing the local arrangements
                                                         committees for both the spring meeting and the
                                                         annual meeting, Pete Leavitt received certificates
                                                         for each one. Tim Foster was given certificates for
                                                         chairing the technical program committee for the
                                                         spring meeting and the annual meeting.

                                                         Kelli L. Stamm received the Young Member Award
                                                         for her outstanding fundraising activities in support
                                                         of the reception. She bought great enthusiasm and
                                                         organization to the task. Born and raised in
Mayor Oberndorf welcomed VASITE to Virginia              Norfolk, she received a B.S. degree in Business
Beach with a light and humorous introduction.            Administration from Old Dominion University. For
                                                         the last two years, she has worked for Precision
                                                         Measurements, Inc., where she is the Director of
Guest Speaker – Jason Cosby, Director of                 Business Development. She is married and she and
Public Works – Virginia Beach                            her husband, Scott, have two dogs.

                                                         Ric Lowman received the award for the
                                                         Outstanding Individual Activity for his work as
                                                         treasurer of VASITE.        Under his leadership,
                                                         VASITE is now in compliance with Internal
                                                         Revenue Service rules and has filed its first return
                                                         ever. Ric received his BS in Civil Engineering from
                                                         Virginia Tech and works for the City of Virginia
                                                         Beach Traffic Engineering division. He has been an
                                                         active member of VASITE for many years and is
                                                         married with two children.

                                                         Valerie J. Henchel received the Distinguished
                                                         Service Award for achievements over her entire
                                                         career. Valerie received her B.S. degree from
                                                         Lehigh University in Pennsylvania and has earned
Jason Cosby gave a passionate speech on how              an MBA from Old Dominion University. She came
important engineers are to society. His theme was,       to this area as assistant City Traffic Engineer for the
“they come to us for answers.” He encouraged             City of Virginia Beach and became the City Traffic
members of VASITE to get involved with                   Engineer. Later, she left the City and founded
legislation and funding, “be heard” he said.             Intermodal Engineering, a woman’s business
                                                         enterprise. She has been a member of VASITE for
                                                         many years and has served as Secretary/Treasurer,
                                                         Vice-President, President, and District 5
                                                         Representative.       She has remained an active

VASITE Newsletter                                    4                                          Summer 2008
supporter of VASITE, recruiting new members and
is always an enthusiastic participant in the golf
tournament, as well as other activities. She is
married and has a daughter.

Ric Lowman accepting his award

VASITE Newsletter                                   5   Summer 2008
                                                            Mr. Coffey gave a presentation on his research that
Summer Meeting Presentations                                dealt with the evaluation of DWI checkpoints and
                                                            their impact on traffic operations.       He used
The 2008 Summer Meeting was held in Virginia                computer modeling to test various scenarios (traffic
Beach at the Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel. The                 volume, number of officers, and type) and the
following articles highlight the presentations.             resulting queues. He also explained how some of
                                                            the procedures are dictated by state law to prevent
Transportation Engineering Maintenance
Lynn Allsbrook                                              Analysis of Operating Speeds, Speed
City of Hampton                                             Limits and Appropriate Speed Limit
                                                            Chris Armstrong
                                                            Virginia Tech

Mr. Allsbrook gave a presentation on how the City
of Hampton went about developing a Transportation
Engineering Maintenance Plan. The only guide he
found in the development was from APWA. Since               Chris explained the methodology FHWA has
developing their plan other localities have requested       developed to determine appropriate speed limits
copies for development of their plans.                      using a set of inputs. FHWA has developed a web
                                                            application for helping to set speed limits. The
Evaluation of DWI Checkpoints and their                     website is
Impact on Traffic Operations
Peter Coffey
Virginia Tech

VASITE Newsletter                                       6                                        Summer 2008
Dr. Brian Katz
Virginia Tech

                                                                        Tim White

                                                     Andy Boenau and Tim White both shared their
                                                     experience with the development of the Franklin
                                                     County Access Management Guidebook.
Dr. Brian Katz served as an advisor to the two
previous presentations which were research
                                                     Citizen Involvement in Newport News
                                                     Josh Hurst
                                                     Clark Nexsen
Franklin County Access Management
Andy Boenau
Tim White
T3 Design, Inc

                                                      Mr. Hurst gave a presentation on citizen
                                                     involvement on a small road design project in
                                                     Newport News. He shared the lessons they learned
                                                     during the process. Some of the key lessons learned
                                                     were: bringing in the public early, give the public
                    Andy Boenau                      ownership, safety is paramount, don’t offer what
                                                     can’t be provided, listen to the citizens, be
                                                     responsive to citizen’s request, and most
                                                     transportation projects involve impacts to the

VASITE Newsletter                                7                                       Summer 2008
Norfolk’s Light Rail System                                     most effective manner. His research will be
Marie Arnt                                                      published in upcoming TRB reports.
Hampton Roads Transit

                                                                Evaluation Procedures to Identify High-
                                                                Risk        Four-Legged      Signalized
                                                                Intersections in VDOT’s Northern
                                                                Virginia District
                                                                Dr. Young-Jun Kweon
                                                                Virginia Transportation Research Council

Ms. Arnt gave a presentation on the progress of the
Norfolk Light Rail system. She serves as a public affairs
officer. She gives presentations and answers questions
the public has about the project.

Advanced Process to Identify and
Prioritize    High Crash Signalized
Intersections                                                   Dr. Kweon explained his efforts to develop an
Dr. In-Kyu Lim                                                  evaluation tool to identify high risk signalized
VDOT                                                            intersections. The intent of this tool is to for it to be
                                                                simple so that it is something traffic engineers can
                                                                use without much effort or time. His methods
                                                                employed regression to the mean techniques.

Mr. Lim gave a presentation on his research to
develop advanced process to identify and prioritize
high crash signalized intersections. It is a very
useful tool in order to use our limited funding in the

VASITE Newsletter                                           8                                           Summer 2008
Strategic Highway Safety Plan                                   VDOT Work Zone Traffic                        Control
Mike Sawyer                                                     Training Requirements
VDOT                                                            Paul Kelly

Mr. Sawyer presented a vast array of statewide statistics
on automobile crashes. He spoke of VDOT’s plan to               Mr. Kelly gave a presentation on the updated work zone
increase the safety throughout the state. The goal of the       traffic control training – basic, intermediate, and
plan is to save 100 lives and prevent 4,000 injuries per        advanced. He said that more construction will have to
year. The top five driving behaviors related to highway         take place in traffic due to our aging infrastructure. He
safety are summarized below.                                    explained the three perspectives of work zone traffic
                                                                control – design, maintenance, and construction.

                                                                Local Perspective of VDOT’s New Work
                                                                Zone Requirements
                                                                John Yorks and Larry Kelly
                                                                City of Hampton

                                                                                     John Yorks

VASITE Newsletter                                           9                                           Summer 2008
                                                             Fort Lee BRAC Study
                                                             Brian Curtis
                                                             Michael Baker Corp.

                    Larry Kelly

Mr. Yorks and Mr. Kelly gave a presentation on the
implementation of the new VDOT work zone
requirements. The explained how they have been
training all the field workers and how the program           Mr. Curtis spoke of his experience with the recently
has been instituted.                                         completed Fort Lee BRAC study. The base wanted
                                                             to reroute a major 4-lane arterial highway around
                                                             the base but it wasn’t the consensus of the study
Development of the                TRB/AASHTO                 team which included VDOT and the localities. The
Highway Safety Manual                                        VDOT road cut separated portions of the base
Stephen Read                                                 making it less accessible and less secure. The
VDOT                                                         BRAC legislation was creating enormous amounts
                                                             of new facilities at Fort Lee on a portion of the base
                                                             which is separated by the road in question.

                                                             Norfolk Naval Air Station BRAC Study
                                                             Keith Nichols

Mr. Read explained the development of the
TRB/AASHTO highway safety manual which is
similar in nature to the Highway Capacity Manual.
Its purpose is to be the single source safety manual.
Details of the manual can be found at
                                                             Mr. Nichols spoke of his study of some road
                                                             changes around Norfolk Naval Air Station related to

VASITE Newsletter                                       10                                         Summer 2008
BRAC.        They primarily involved Hampton
Boulevard, which runs on the east side of the base,
and I-564. The study focused on the existing
conditions because volumes have changed little
since 1994. They encountered large variations in
traffic flow for various reasons such as number of
ships in port and security levels. The base employs
60,000 military and 10,000 civilians.

                                                           2010 SDITE Annual Meeting Update
                                                           Our planning of the 2010 SDITE Annual Meeting in
                                                           Portsmouth, VA is off to a great start. We still have a
                                                           few committee co-chair positions open and are always
                                                           looking for volunteers to staff any and all committees.
                                                           The dates for the 2010 SDITE Annual Meeting are April
                                                           11 – 14, 2010. Please mark your calendars. We will need
                                                           everyone’s help to make this a successful event.

                                                           We would like to encourage any VASITE member, but
                                                           especially the SDITE 2010 committee chairs and co-
                                                           chairs, to attend this year’s SDITE Annual Meeting in
                                                           Charleston, SC on March 30 to April 3. This is a great
                                                           opportunity to see a SDITE Annual Meeting in action,
                                                           and will help with planning our conference in 2010. The
                                                           characteristics of Charleston and Portsmouth are similar,
                                                           so it should give an invaluable opportunity to preview
                                                           our conference. In addition, the 2009 SDITE Annual
                                                           Meeting will be held in Birmingham, Alabama, and the
                                                           registration and travel costs will be much higher in
                                                           Birmingham than Charleston. The 2008 SDITE meeting
                                                           should be a great event. Please try to attend if at all

VASITE Newsletter                                     11                                           Summer 2008
Advertising with VASITE
                    Kelli Stamm
             VASITE - Public Relations
              Phone: (757) 368-0945

                                                 Intermodal Engineering,

Bryant B. Goodloe, P.C.

VASITE Newsletter                           12                   Summer 2008
VASITE Newsletter   13   Summer 2008
VASITE has a "Job Posting" area. The cost per ad               engineering reviews of land development projects
is $75.00 and it will run for 90 days. This ad will              and proposals within Culpeper District. Provide
run in both the Newsletter and the Website.                     assistance to Assistant Regional Traffic Engineer
                                                                  in administration of various highway safety
                                                               improvement programs and administration of the
The point of contact for further information is:                 work unit. Hiring salary is $55,000 - $109,000
                                                                    (Salary negotiable based on training and
Public Relations Chair for VASITE Kelli Stamm                   experience). This position will remain open until
with Precision Measurements.                                                          filled.                                            Minimum Qualifications:
(757) 368-0945                                                                -P.E. License required.
                                                                   -Prior management experience required to
We want to also advertise on the Website the                   include but not limited to: supervising/developing
opportunity for companies to become corporate                        staff; participating in, coordinating, and
members. This is $ 75.00 for the year. This covers               managing projects to include ensuring projects
inclusion in the three (3) Newsletters that are planned             are delivered on-time and within budget.
each year, the Membership Roster and your Company                  -Knowledge of civil and traffic engineering
Logo and Profile Information on the VASITE Online                principles and practices as related to highway
                                                                               design and operation.
web site,, including a hot link to your
company’s web site. See how others are benefiting from
                                                                          Preferred Qualifications:
this opportunity. Visit and click on
                                                                   -Working knowledge of Highway Capacity
‘Sponsors’ at the top of the page. Please complete and               Software, and other traffic simulation
mail the accompanying form to place your Ad. Please                     optimization modeling software.
send your Business Card Artwork, Company Logo and              -Demonstrated analytical skills required to plan,
Profile Information to Public Relations chair for              coordinate, and complete multiple assignments
VASITE Kelli Stamm with Precision Measurements,                  with the ability to organize and analyze data,
Inc. via e-mail me at                                              draw conclusions, develop recommended                                improvement alternatives, and cost estimates.
or you can contact me at 757-368-0945.                           -Experience in conducting traffic engineering
                                                                               analyses preferred.
                                                                 -BS in Civil Engineering or equivalent related
      Architect/Engineering Manager II                               education, experience, and training.
                  Job Description:
                                                                            Special Requirements:
   The Virginia Department of Transportation is
                                                                         -Valid driver's license required.
     seeking an Area Traffic Engineer, position
                                                                 -Position requires completion of Statement of
   number #20103, for Northwestern Regional
                                                                Economic Interest as condition of employment.
                                                                 -Successful DMV background check required.
      The position will: Conduct and supervise
traditional and special traffic engineering studies
                                                                      Special Instructions to Applicants:
      in the Northwestern Operations Region,
                                                               Applicants selected for interview may be required
     addressing roadway safety and operation
                                                                 to perform a skills demonstration as part of the
 problems that affect motorists, pedestrians and
                                                                  interview process. Additional positions may be
  bicyclists. Primary focus area will be Culpeper
                                                               filled from the same applicant pool within 90 days
   and Warrenton Residencies within Culpeper
                                                                                of the closing date.
    Construction District. Engineer solutions to
 improve traffic safety, capacity and other traffic
                                                                 In addition to a rewarding work experience,
issues with a proactive and systematic approach.
                                                               VDOT offers core benefits including competitive
   Manage the secondary traffic count program.
                                                                  health and life insurance programs, pre-tax
       Participate in and coordinate the staff's
                                                                   spending accounts, and leave programs.
    involvement in the concurrent engineering
                                                               Employees participate in a Retirement Plan fully
   process for roadway and bridge construction
                                                               funded by the State; a tax-deferred Retirement
 projects within Culpeper District, ensuring traffic
                                                               Savings Plan with employer-matching provision
  engineering, operational and safety issues and
                                                               also available. Also, the State funds a Short and
       items are addressed. Administer traffic

VASITE Newsletter                                         14                                      Summer 2008
   Long Term Disability Program. Miscellaneous                     transportation projects; or an equivalent
benefits include paid holidays, training and tuition         combination. EIT or PE desired. This person will
  assistance programs, wellness programs, etc.                       manage the preliminary engineering,
  On-line application required. For benefits                   environmental, right-of-way, utility relocation
     information or to apply on-line, visit                  and construction phases of road projects. Duties For additional assistance                   include reviewing design plans for compliance
  contact the Human Resources Office at: (540)                      with specifications and determination of
 332-9087 or VA Relay Center: 1-800-838-1120.                        constructability; discussing proposed
                                                            improvements with property owners; overseeing
         Equal Opportunity Employer                             the acquisition of right-of-way; reviewing bid
                                                             documents and resolving construction conflicts;
                                                                 managing the project budget and schedule.
          Transportation Engineering
                                                               Strong oral/written communication and public
 The Transportation Engineering Department of                relations skills necessary. This position requires
   the City of Richmond, Virginia has several               coordination with engineering consultants, VDOT
  professional position openings in this multi-              and internal county departments. Good driving
            disciplinary department.                             record required. Must not reflect a total
                                                            accumulation of six or more negative points
      Assistant Transportation Engineer                           within the past three years or a major
         (Operations Manager) - 936:                           violation within the past four years. Pre-
 B.S. in Civil or Transportation Engineering or a             employment drug testing and FBI criminal
   related field, plus a minimum of five years                 background check required. A Chesterfield
   related engineering experience; must have                      County application is required and must be
  Virginia P.E. or ability to obtain Virginia P.E.          submitted online. Visit to
        Salary Range: $57,419 - $94,312                     view instructions and to complete and submit an
                                                             application. Salary range for position is $50,837
Traffic Operations Engineer (Engineer II) –                  to $86,810. Position to remain open until filled.
                   991 & 992:                                                   (804) 748-1551.
B.S. in Engineering and minimum of four years
  related experience; Virginia P.E. or ability to             An Equal Opportunity Employer Committed to
         obtain a Virginia P.E. desirable.                                Workforce Diversity
        Salary Range: $50,167 - $82,403

  Neighborhood Traffic Program Manager
              (Engineer III) – 189:                         If you would like to contribute to the next
 B.S. in Civil or Transportation Engineering or a           VASITE newsletter, please send articles and
   related field, plus a minimum of four years              information to:
  related experience; Virginia P.E. or ability to           Chris P. Lawrence, P.E.
 obtain a Virginia P.E. desirable. Salary Range:            URS Corporation
                 $55,001 - $90,342                          11832 Rock Landing Drive, Suite 306
                                                            Newport News, VA 23606
       Apply online on the City website,                    757-873-0559 Click “I want to”, then     
            “Apply For A Job”. EOE
                                                            THE TRAFFIC LITE is the official publication of the
                                                            Virginia Section of the Institute of Transportation
                                                            Engineers (VASITE), which is a professional society of
                                                            persons involved in transportation engineering activities
               Engineer - Senior                            in Virginia. It is affiliated with the ITE, which is an
                                                            international professional society of transportation
Chesterfield County’s Transportation Department             engineers. The primary goal of VASITE is to promote
     is seeking an Engineer to handle project               sound transportation engineering practices in planning,
       management for capital improvement,                  design, operation, and management of transportation
     state/federally funded road improvement                facilities and equipment for the safe, convenient and
projects. Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or         efficient movement of people and goods.
  related field and 3 years experience in project
   management, design and/or construction of

VASITE Newsletter                                      15                                           Summer 2008

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