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									Playing To Win At Darts

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No home bar is complete without a dart board and darts. The game originated
in the british Isles, and has been played in pubs since the 18th century. darts
has acheived great popularity in the well. Neighborhood bars sponsor dart
tournaments and dart teams, with participation coming from all age groups. This
article will focus on how to play darts and offer a few tips on improving your
accuracy at throwing darts.

Each player throws 3 darts per turn from behind a line approx. 5 feet from the
board. The board is divided into 20 numbers-1 through 20. When your dart hits a
particular numbered area, the player receives the amount of points that
correspond to that number. Areas on the outside receive double the points, while
areas on the inside receive triple the number of points. The bull's eye is in
the center and receives 50 points.Right outside the bull's eye is worth 25
points. The highest amount of points possible on any given turn is 180, which
corresponds to 3 triple 20's.

A couple of easy and fun dart games are "Around The Clock" and "Killer."In
"Around The Clock", players are required to hit the numbers 1-20 in ascending
order. They finish by hitting the bull's eye. The first one to hit the bull's
eye at the end is the winner. When playing "Killer", the players all throw one
dart and the number they hit is "their" numberfor the game. When they hit their
number 5 times, they receive 5 "lives" and become "killers." They now can hit
other player's numbers, and when they do, the other player loses a life. The
winner is the last player left "alive!"

Here are some tips on throwing darts. First and foremost, develop a throwing
style that is comfortable for you. When you find that style, DON't Change IT!
Keep your throws fluid
with little wasted motion. Don't move too quickly with a "jerky" motion.
Practice one style and don't deviate. Make sure you warm up properly. Oh yeah,
don't play someone you don't know for money.

Hopefully, learning some basic information on darts will help you enjoy the game
that much more. Learning to play darts gives you another recreational activity
that will enhance the enjoyment you get from your home bar.

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