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					Brooklyn Bounce
                        Brooklyn Bounce: (Live-Act)
Brookyln Bounce is one of the
most significant Live Dance Acts in the world. In their 9 year history they
could release no less than 5 albums and 14 singles, which have all stormed the
European and World Charts. Brooklyn Bounce was also nominated for two ECHO
prizes and a COMET, as well as receiving Gold and Platinum awards.

Brooklyn Bounce is one of Europe’s
most significant “Live Dance Act’s”
in the world. They are popular for
their progressive sound, strong
beats, pumping bass lines and a fat
electrifying and bombastic hook line
in their tracks. In the eight year
history they could release no less
than five albums and fourteen
singles, which have all stormed the
European and World Charts.
Brooklyn Bounce was also
nominated for two ECHO prizes and
a COMET, as well as receiving
Gold and Platinum awards.

The producers Matthias “Double M”
Menck and Dennis “DJ
Bonebeaker” Bohn started their
commercial succsess in the middle
until the end of the 90th. The two
Hamburg natives had their first
success soon after they met the
first time in 1995. Their first chart hit
of Boyz R Us - Singin in my mind

 hinted what will come in the future.
 In 1997, the duo debuted as
 Brooklyn Bounce, a characteristical
 visual dance act fronted by the
 vocalists and dancers Stephan
 “Damon” Zschoppe, Ulrica Bohn and
 Maeva, two go-go girls from
 Hamburg’s Traxx Club. The Theme
 (Of Progressive Attack) scaled the
 German Dance Charts as a club
 favourite before coming a crossover
 hit for Brooklyn Bounce in France,
 Austria, Scandinavia and Germany.
 The single’s success let Brooklyn
 Bounce decide to produce the debut
 album, In the Beginning
. This
 album became also big success in
 whole Europe so they decided to
 present the second album The
 Second Attack in the same year.

With the presentation of the album
 Restart in
2001, Damons career
 ended with his decision to take more
 time with his family.
Restart was a
 perfect produced hard trance album,
 that contains the chartbusters
 Bizarre, Born To Bounce, and
 Bass Beats & Melody
. At this time
 Brooklyn Bounce was represented
 on stage by the cool Swede Ulrica
 Bohn, the fiery Chilean Alexandra
 Cuevas Moreno and the hot
 blooded Diabolo Rene Behrens.
 After many successful years,
 hundreds of performances together,
 the third album BB Nation and
 singles like Club Bizarre
, Loud &
 Proud and Bring it back, Ulrica and
 Alexandra decided to leave their
 jobs as singers in the band and
 pursue new endeavours.

In summer 2003 Brooklyn Bounce
 started a new chapter in their
 history. With the support of
 new singers and dancers were
 sought in a nationwide casting
 action. A total of eight final
 contestants competed on VIVA to
 join the band. With the help of
 VIVA-viewers, the competition was
 won by 21-year-old Marina from
 Gelsenkirchen and 26-year-old
 Mandy who lives in Mülheim.
 Together with Diabolo, they
 presented the X2X (we want
 more), Crazy and the album X-Pect
 The Un-X-Pected which has been
 released in November 2004.

The secret of their success is not a
deal with the devil, it is more the

unique, tough winking Brooklyn
Bounce Sound, a hot style in varnish
and leather with a demonic
tempting attitude that was often
copyed, but never in such a perfect

Brooklyn Bounce plans for october
2005 to release their new single and
their sixth album.

2004 - X-Pect The Un-X-Pected
2002 - BB Nation
2000 - Restart
1998 - Remixed Collection
1997 - The Second Attack
1997 - The Beginning
2004 – Crazy                        2004 - X2X (We Want More)        2002 - Club Bizarre, Pt. 2
2002 – Bring it Back                2002 - Loud and Proud            2001 - Club Bizarre
2000 – Born 2 Bounce                2000 - Bass Beats & Melody       1999 - Funk U
1999 - Canda!                       1999 - Funk You (Rmx)            1999 – Hack the Planet
1998 - Contact, Part 2              1998 - The Music's Got Me        1998 - Get Ready to Bounce
1998 – Contact                      1998 - The Real Bass (Remixes)   1997 - Real Bass
1997 - Take a Ride                  1997 - Get Ready to Bounce       1996 - The Theme
The Dome Events                     VIVA Club Rotation               Top of the Pops
Go Parc – Herford                   Fun 2000 – Hannover              MEC – Hannover

More then 500 Shows in the last years in Italy, Austria, Swiss, Russia, Poland, Spain, USA, Denmark,
Netherlands, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia and Germany.

Live Acts / DJs:
Maria Carey, Sarah Conner, Scooter, Groove Coverage, Kai Tracid, Pulsedriver, Robert Miles, Boris
Dlugosch, La Bouche, Anastacia, Whyclef Jean, Mariah Carey, Söhne Mannheims, Ben, DJ
Quicksilver, 666, Silver, Lasgo, Gigi D´agostino, Special D, Scooter, Safri Duo, Yvonne Catterfeld,
Melanie C., Wir sind Helden, Fettes Brot, ATB, Londonbeat, Jeanette Biedermann, DJ Balloon,
Rollergirl, Alex C. feat. Jasmin k.,tTank, Spacefrog, Darude, Infernal, Vengaboys, C.J.Stone,
Starsplash, A.T.C.

Description of Diablo
Name: Diablo
Place of residence: Hamburg
Date of birth: December 23, 1973
Height: 1.88 m
Experience: Frontman of “666”, 666, Model, Moderator

Description of Marina
Name: Marina Zoj
Place of residence: Gelsenkirchen
Date of birth: May 22, 1984
Height: 1.69 m
Experience: Background-Dancer for D.S.D.S, Laurent Konrad

Description of Mandy
Name: Mandy Pagel

Place of residence: Schwedt
Date of birth: August 8, 1979
Height: 1.70 m
Experience: Background dancer for Rick Astley, 2 Unlimited, 666

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