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					  Welcome to the Post-Panda SEO course. I want to take the time to welcome

  you and thank you for purchasing. Before you start reading the actual strategy

  and system I want you to understand the best possible way to use and read

  this ebook. First off, read the ENTIRE ebook through once. Even if you get to

  page 10 but have some questions, just keep reading and your questions may

  be answered later on.

  After you read it through for the first time read the entire ebook over again and

  take notes on the important points. Every detail is important when it comes to

  SEO and having a well planned strategy will really pay off once you have those

  #1 rankings for competitive keywords.

  You may be a little confused after reading through the first couple sections, but

  I have a full 30-day action plan that gives you step-by-step details on what your

  next task is so don't worry! I wanted to put as much quality as I could into this

  product, so you will not find much (if any) “fluff” or “filler”. I hope you weren't

  looking for that. LOL.

  Remember at any time you can send me an email to<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  and I will respond as quickly as possible, or visit me and other SEO Panda's on

  the forum at

  -Troy Eisert<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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Table of Contents
The Panda/Farmer Update..................................................................................................5
Module 1: Niche & Keyword Research..........................................................................7
 Finding a Niche Using ClickBank....................................................................................8
 Keyword Research Using Google's Free Tool...............................................................12
 Looking Up Competition Using Traffic Travis(Free)....................................................15
Module 2: On-Page SEO................................................................................................19
 Setting Up Wordpress Best Practices.............................................................................21
 Quality Content..............................................................................................................25
 Extra On-Site Panda Tips...............................................................................................29
Module 3: Off-Page SEO(Link Building).....................................................................34
 Link Diagram Setup.......................................................................................................36
 Link Quality Best Practices............................................................................................38
 Quality Content..............................................................................................................43
 Getting Social.................................................................................................................46
 Backlink Setup...............................................................................................................50
Closing..............................................................................................................................55<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                                 The Panda/Farmer Update
  The Panda(or Farmer) update from Google has changed the SEO game. Many sites

  and SEO techniques that used to work so well no longer do. But don't worry, I'm

  not going to teach you any of those. I found this system doing random tests and it

  is completely blowing me away how well it works. Before I dive into the entire

  system I want to explain 3 key things the recent Panda update has changed.

  Quality Content – Quality content is more important now then ever, Google does

  not like affiliate sites(which I will talk about more later) and having longer articles

  really helps. Articles and pages on your website should have 700+ words each.

  Google loves quality content and proving it to Google's spiders is going to boost

  you up the rankings quickly.

  Spammy Links – Google has been trying to address this issue for years, how do

  they decide which sites are pure spam and which are genuine links. In this update

  profile links and blog comments have taken a hit. Forum profiles and blog

  comments no longer pass much quality onto your site in Google's eyes, but that

  doesn't mean we are not going to use them. There is still something very powerful

  we can do here!<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Social Sites – Facebook and Twitter have taken off and now are among the top

  websites there is. Facebook is even challenging Google everyday with new

  products they are releasing. Google understands the power behind these sites and

  is taking them into account for SEO more than ever.

  You will see many people say Twitter and Facebook backlinks are useless because

  they are no-follow. Well this is just plain stupid. Just think about it...

  If you ran Google (lol) do you not think you would take into account websites that

  have huge twitter followings or Facebook pages with a huge fan base. This is

  social proof and Google wants your site to have social power. Who better to

  decide which sites rank #1 then the actual internet users and surfers. Having a

  Twitter and Facebook page is not enough, you need social proof that people LIKE

  your website and want to FOLLOW you. I'll talk more about how we are going to

  go about getting the social proof later on.

  The entire post-panda seo system was developed by me to combat these changes

  and take my websites to the top. I'm going to teach you how to rank your site in

  days and take over the top position within 30 days – flat. Let's get to it!<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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            Module 1: Niche & Keyword Research

  There are many ways to fail in internet marketing and specifically while trying to

  make a profit ranking in Google(Don't worry after reading this entire ebook you

  cannot fail!) but many people fail before they even begin creating their website by

  not doing proper niche and keyword research.

  If you have bought any products on internet marketing before then I am sure

  (almost positive) that you have heard something like the phrase “enter a niche you

  enjoy”. The so-called SEO Gurus tell you that in order to succeed you need to

  promote dog training products if you like dogs, or to stay away from dog training

  products completely if you hate dogs. Well I really just don't agree with this. I

  mean, of course if you have a genuine interest in something then it is going to

  make writing articles easier but this is not needed. First of all you can outsource

  your content writing and creation needs if you have no clue what to write about,

  but the most important fact is that the golden niches and keywords that are going

  to be pulling in 5 figures or more every month are most likely not going to be a

  hobby of yours or something that you love. I just wanted to get my opinion on this

  matter in here, so now it is time to start!<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                              Finding a Niche Using ClickBank

  Since I use Clickbank and other affiliate programs rather then Adsense I'm going to

  show you how to find a solid niche using the Clickbank Marketplace. I'm assuming

  you have looked at this before, but if you haven't and you are brand new to

  Internet Marketing then you will need to signup for a Clickbank account eventually,

  but not to just view the marketplace.

  Okay now open up the Clickbank Marketplace. On the left hand menu there are

  many different categories you can look through, with sub-categories in each one

  as well. Lets take a look at the E-Marketing and E-Business section. Click the link

  and you should see some products listed now. Here are some stats that the top

  product on the list shows for me as I'm writing this.

  Stats:Initial $/sale:$62.00|Avg %/sale:60.0%|Avg Rebill Total:$22.40|Avg


  Cat:E-business & E-marketing : Niche Marketing

  So what does all this mean and what should we be looking at?<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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   •   Initial $/sale: Quite simply, the amount of money YOU will receive if you send a

       customer to this product and they decide to purchase.

   •   Avg %/sale: The average percentage this vendor gives his affiliates (60%) of the

       total sale price.

   •   Avg Rebill Total: This is the average number that most affiliates receive for rebills,

       meaning more commissions coming in after the initial $62.

   •   Avg %/rebill: The same as average %/sale, most likely will be the same


   •   Grav: The big one – Gravity! Gravity is a formula that creates a number, it is not

       know exactly how this is calculated but Clickbank does give us some hints. To

       explain this to you simply, this number reflects the number of affiliates that have

       made at least one sale in the past month. In the stats above this means around

       400 affiliates are actively promoting this and making sales. Bigger does not

       always mean better though, do you want to compete with 400 other people or

       only 20?

  So what do we look for when deciding on a product and niche?

  I want you to take gravity in to account, but it is not the be all end all. Any product

  with a gravity from 50-100 is going to be a great niche to get into in my opinion,

  but only if that is the only product or one of few in the niche. Just because you<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  find a product in the internet marketing niche with 50 gravity, does not mean you

  should enter that niche(I highly recommend NOT to try and rank for internet

  marketing or make money keywords to start).

  Take a look at the image below:

  This product has 4.90 gravity, not too good right? Well let's take a look deeper

  into the product and the niche as well. Head over to On the right

  hand side is a search box so type in game tester jobs and find the correct

  product. CBEngine is a very powerful resource that has all kinds of stats on

  Clickbank products that the marketplace does not.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Taking a look at this chart on CBEngine, we can see that in 2009 this product was

  up around 20-30 gravity, and then a huge drop off happened. We don't know the

  cause of this but a drop that drastic in a niche like this means either the site was

  taken down, or some big affiliates jumped on a newer or higher converting


  One thing to keep in mind when deciding on a niche is if it is evergreen or not.

  Evergreen means it will last forever and doesn't only come seasonally like, for

  example, a guide on how to put up Christmas lights. I think that this niche

  definitely has some promise, and I can't see everyone in the world stop looking for

  information on how to become a game tester all in one year, so let's move onto

  keyword research and see what we find there.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                     Keyword Research Using Google's Free Tool

  There are multiple pieces of software on the market that aid you in doing keyword

  research, and greatly speed things up. But these all cost money so I want to

  provide you with as much free information as I can.

  Open up the Google Keyword Tool.

  If you have never used this before don't worry this is very, very simple. All you

  need to do is enter your keyword(s) in the box (one per line), enter the captcha,

  and hit search. After you have made a search I want you to make sure you look on

  the left hand side and check the [exact] keyword box. You want the exact box

  checked so you are getting stats for the exact keyword as you type it. This will

  make your keywords show up in [brackets].

  I entered the following three keywords, and these are a few results the tool shows


  video game tester job = 320 searches/month

  video game tester jobs = 3600 searches/month

  video game tester salary = 1000 searches/month<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Not bad at all, 3600 searches per month supply us with around 100 hits a day on

  average if we take the #1 spot over for that keyword. Now that we have a keyword

  that has a decent amount of searches we need to lookup the competition.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                 Looking Up Competition Using Traffic Travis(Free)

  To lookup the competition we will use Traffic Travis. This program is completely

  free to use with some limits and you can go download it at the Traffic Travis


  Looking at this competition we can see that Google has 350,000 competing

  pages(top right) and it is rated by Traffic Travis as medium difficulty. I never really

  trust what a piece of software is telling me difficulty wise. We need to be

  inspecting each site in the top 10. First we look at the PR(Page Rank) of the pages.

  We see that are no 0 PR pages on here which is not the best, but it's not bad


  Next let's look at the actual URLs. As you can see there are 3 web 2.0 sites ranking<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  in the top 10(,hubpages,squidoo) which is really good for us. The more

  web 2.0 sites or article sites in the top 10 the easier it will be to rank.

  BL = backlinks to the ranking page

  BLS = Total backlinks to the site.

  Looking at the stats I notice that there are not many sites on the list with more

  than 1k backlinks, as well I see a lot of “X” marks instead of “Check” marks (good

  for us). So we can come to the conclusion (I'm sure you already have) that this

  seems like a good keyword to target and take on.

  Now after you have found your niche, and your keyword, then it is time to register

  your domain. If you can get the exact match domain then that is perfect. By that I

  mean if your keyword is dog training, then try for

  If the exact match .com domain is not available then try for .net or .org. Some

  people recommend .info as well but I do not, stick with the big three in my opinion.

  Using the same example above, if is all taken then try to

  get If this is not available either then simply add on an action word<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  at the end or at the beginning of the domain name. If you are doing this then stick

  with a .com only!

  There are a few examples for you, I'm sure you will be able to find a domain that

  matches these outlines especially since you should be starting with low

  competition keywords. This section has been pretty short and to the point, only

  because keyword and niche research really needs to be practiced. Sure, I could

  tell you how easy it is to rank #1 for a keyword under 50,000 competing pages

  on Google. But just because one keyword with 50,000 pages is easy another one

  may be very difficult. That is why I have taught you how to analyze the Top 10 with

  Traffic Travis which is what you need to do for every single keyword you want to


  I do want to give you a small check list though, when looking at competition.

   •   Lots of Pr 0 + PR1 pages/domains.

   •   Age = 0 to 1.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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   •   Backlinks = 1000 or less.

   •   No Title/Desc/H1 is great.

   •   Lots of web 2.0 sites is great.

   •   Under 500,000 competing pages.

  If your keyword meets all of these then you have found a great keyword. Using the

  Post-Panda SEO system you will be able to dominate page 1 very easily.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                          Module 2: On-Page SEO

  “On-Page SEO” defines the optimization of your actual website, or what you can

  do to make your website look better in Google's eyes. I have a few important

  notes here:

   •   Use Wordpress – Wordpress is somewhat SEO optimized out of the box, and has

       a massive amount of plugins that we will use to increase our on-page SEO power

   •   Keyword Rich, Quality Content – Like I said before Google loves quality content,

       and with the proper amount of keywords placed throughout your articles and

       pages you are going to have a grade A optimized site for the Google bots to see.

   •   Images & Videos – Google loves quality text, but also loves videos and pictures

       on your website. Using proper names and “alt” tags we are going to show Google

       that our site is high quality with some great images and videos throughout our

       promotion techniques.

   •   Google Hates Affiliates – The Google bot has been programmed to hate affiliate

       sites, and there are a few quick things you can change on existing sites or setup<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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       on your new sites that will avoid this problem. Google loves banners and some

       advertisements(Adsense) but not a spam site filled with affiliate links.

  This is a few of the topics I'm going to cover in this module about On-Page SEO.

  Many people and even so called “SEO Experts” are not too worried about on-page

  SEO but I really beg to differ. This is crucial for your rankings especially if you are

  going after some competitive keywords.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                          Setting Up Wordpress Best Practices

  I'm going to assume that you already know how to install Wordpress on your own

  domain, but if you do not here is a great tutorial here that you can use to get


  Also if you don't know how to do anything I say in here with Wordpress then please

  send me an email and I will write a guide for you personally.


  Now once it is installed there are some things we need to do to the back end of

  the blog to make it SEO friendly. First is the Permalinks.

   1. Go to the Settings > Permalinks menu on the left.

   2. Click the “Custom Structure” check box.

   3. Paste this in as your custom structure: “/%postname%/” (Without the Quotes)

   4. Click Save Changes and you are done.

  What this does is change your website URLs for your posts and pages to the

  actual titles instead of just “p=7” which is much more powerful in terms of SEO.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Next let's install some great plugins that are completely free to help our SEO

  journey. To install a plugin in Wordpress simply click the plugins menu on the left

  hand side, click on “add new” and type in the name of the plugins that I give you.

  It's that simple!

   1. All in One SEO – This is probably the best plugin you will install and is necessary

       for every Wordpress blog that is planning on ranking in Google. It allows you to

       set title/description/keywords and more for your site and individual pages giving

       you full control over which keywords you want to target.

       All in One SEO Settings – The title of your blog should contain your main

       keyword twice with another keyword once.

   2. Cbnet Ping Optimizer – This plugin will make sure Wordpress does not ping too

       often, since it is set to automatically ping on every post edit, new post, new page

       etc. Then Google may think you are ping spamming if you edit your posts a lot.

       This fixes that problem and allows you to set # of pings per # of minutes.

   3. Easy Privacy Policy – This plugin gives your website a quick privacy policy which

       is needed for Adsense websites and I believe Google will check if you have one

       when the bots crawl your site. Just install it and put the privacy page on your

       site.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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   4. XML-Sitemap – This creates a sitemap for your site and automatically will submit

       it to Google, Yahoo, and Bing/MSN so they are notified every time that your site


       (Note: After installing the XML-Sitemap plugin then create a link in your website

       widgets area or footer directed to the sitemap like so: <a


   5. WP Super Cache – Speed up your website with this plugin, no explanation


   6. WP Pubsubhubbub – What??? I know... Just install this plugin and activate and

       watch your posts get indexed in Google within 24 hours. It just works that simply,

       I don't really need to explain to you why.

   7. SEO SearchTerms 2 – This plugin will put widgets on your blog that display

       popular and recently searched terms that come into your website. For example: If

       your ranking #1 for “dog food” and someone searches for that and clicks on

       your site this plugin will display that keyword on your blog. The best part is that it

       creates a search page on your site for each keyword that people click on

       increase your pages as well as your rank for those specific keywords.

  Those are my Top 7 plugins and I highly suggest you install every single one of

  them. If you are unsure about how to setup any of them then just shoot me a

  quick email and I will help you out! Or you could always visit the forum and maybe<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  another customer could help you out with this.


  What I want you to do for categories is setup one for each main keyword you plan

  on targeting. So say you are in the dog training niche. You will have the following


  dog training

  best dog training

  how to train a dog

  Assuming those are three of your keywords obviously. Then what you will do is

  add in posts that are made for 'best dog training' to the 'best dog training'

  category. And so on..

  Doing the same thing with tags is going to create that many more pages on your

  website with your keywords in them. Giving you inter-linking between all of your

  different pages that Google will absolutely love. They want people to be able to

  get around your site easily. And using this method you will have links going

  everywhere.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                                        Quality Content
  In this chapter I want to discuss how we are going to create quality content for

  Google to see (and love!). This is an essential step for getting those first page and

  #1 rankings that bring in the boat loads of traffic.

  Article Length

  Articles and blog posts on your website should be a minimum of 700 words. Not

  500, not 678, 700 words minimum. The longer your articles and posts the more

  content Google gets to crawl through, and we know Google loves content.

  Contrary to popular beliefs it is much better for you to have one 700 word blog

  posts rather then 2x 350 word blog posts. Sure you can target 2 different

  keywords but in the long run the 700 word post will outweigh the smaller posts.

  Small 350 word posts just look spammy to the Google bots.

  HTML Tags

  The <title> tag which tells the browser(and Google) the title of your website or

  webpage will already be done for us in All in One SEO(Once you set it up). But

  there are tags within our blog posts that will help our keywords to stand out.

   1. <h1>Heading</h1>: Use the H1 tag as a heading on each of your blog posts.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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       Even though there already is a post title create a heading with your keyword at

       the top of your post. Don't simply just use your keyword though, for example if

       your keyword is “dog training” then you should have something like: <h1>The

       Best Dog Training In the World</h1>.

       You can also use <h2></h2> and <h3></h3>. For every blog post have at least 1

       H1 tag, 2 H2 tags, and 3 H3 tags with your keywords.

   2. <b>Bold</b>: In every blog post I want you to put the bold tag around at least

       one of your keywords, up to 3 per article. I'm sure you know what “bold” means

       and it will stand out in the Google bot's eyes which makes them think this page is

       about this keyword.

   3. <i>italic</i>: The same story as bold, use this 1-3 times per article on your


   4. <u>underline</u>: Once again, 1-3 times per article.


  Image and Video content is as important as anything these days in the SEO world.

  To rank high in Google you must have some sort of images and video on your

  website. Not only does having the images and video files on your website help<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  with on-page SEO and creating quality content for your visitor. There are off-site

  benefits as well, such as uploading the video to different sites and linking back to

  your website.


  This is very important, and very easy. In every one of your articles you post on

  your blog, include at least one image. This image should be good quality and

  should be very relevant to what the post is talking about. Download an image from

  Google images and save it on your computer. Then rename the file as your

  keyword ex. Dog-training.jpg. Put a dash(-) in between each word in an image.

  Now when you add the image to your post, your going to include an ALT tag. What

  this is, is an alternate name for the image that Google will see. This is your chance

  to stuff another keyword in your ALT tag. The code would look like this

  <img src=”dog-training.jpg” alt=”Dog Training” />

  This gives your image 2 keywords which can be separate or exactly the same, but I

  recommend using two separate keywords on every image. Now, another thing you

  can do with these images is add a link. Make the image link to either your

  homepage, another post, or your category page.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Video is very powerful for your on-page seo as well. What you can do very easily

  is download a youtube video in your niche (make sure it is not watermarked).

  Then you will simply upload this back to youtube and embed it into your

  wordpress blog. Just embed it in one of your posts, making sure when you upload

  it to put your keyword(s) in the title and description of the video. Also include a

  link to your website in the description.

  Think about this, Google owns Youtube so why wouldn't they like to see videos

  from Youtube on your website. Well they do! Videos make your site look better in

  Google's eyes and thus will make you rank higher as well.

  Keyword Density

  I vary my keyword density throughout my different articles. For content on your

  website, use your keyword 2-3% of the time in the blog post. For content that we

  are using to create backlinks this will go up a bit more. That is for my main

  keyword that I'm targeting on the page. Also ,make sure to include a few longtail

  keywords throughout your article.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                                  Extra On-Site Panda Tips

  Out-Linking to Authority

  This is actually very powerful but not many people do this. In all my research I

  have always found that sites at the top in bigger niches have links to authority

  websites in the niche. What I want you to do on your blog is to create a widget

  where you will have the out-links.

  I always include a link to a Wikipedia page on my website, because no matter what

  your niche is there will always be a Wikipedia page in that niche. Since Wikipedia is

  so strong SEO wise it is always a good idea to link to one page on the site.

  After Wikipedia then look for up to two more authority links in the same widget

  area. I find three is a good number to go for and gives you that extra boost you

  just might need to make your site look a little bit better then your competitor.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Social Media

  With the Panda/Farmer update social media is a ranking factor more than ever

  before. Having an active twitter account and Facebook page will really help in SEO

  even though these links to your website are no-follow.


  Setup a new twitter account for your website, try and get the name as one of your

  keywords or your site name if you can do it. A great plugin I use for Wordpress is

  “WP -> Twitter”. What this does is every time you make a new post on your blog,

  edit a post, or make a new page this will automatically tweet on your account with

  a link to the post or page. Set this up with your account because it not only helps

  increase your rankings, it will get your pages indexed almost immediately since

  Google crawls Twitter so much.

  Make sure when you setup your Twitter account to include a profile picture and

  write in all the details you can. You want your twitter account to look real and not

  just like a spam account used for SEO. Hehe :)


  Next setup either a Facebook account or just a page for your new website. Add in

  all the necessary details just like Twitter and put up a profile image. Make a couple<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  posts on the page to look like it's somewhat active and put some links back to

  your website. This is pretty simple.

  After you have a twitter and Facebook page setup for your website, then install a

  plugin on Wordpress called “Ari Social Links”. This will allow you to create a widget

  that links to your social media profiles while giving a nice little logo of the site

  beside it. You want to link to your social media profiles so Google knows that

  these are connected to each other and for your business – not just spam!<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                  Page-30
  Page Speed

  Page speed has only been a factor in rankings for a short time, and it really isn't

  that big of a deal as it is. But you should still worry about this as everything

  counts in SEO standards. What you need to do is go to this site by Google:

  Enter your domain and this will give you a ranking out of 100 for how fast your

  page loads. Try and keep your websites above 70/100, if you get a score lower

  than that Google will give you some problems with your page that you will need to


  Again don't stress over your page loading time too much as it is a small factor. I

  just want to include this in here as it does have a factor in rankings, even though it

  is a small amount.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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  Google Hates Affiliate Sites

  Google Hates Affiliate Sites, Google Hates Affiliate Sites, Google Hates Affiliate


  Do you get the point now?

  Google really does hate affiliate sites, they have said so themselves when talking

  about why different landing pages are banned from Adwords. And they definitely

  do give a ranking drop to sites that are made just for affiliates, just like they do the

  same for sites made just for adsense.

  There are some steps you can take that will make your site look legit, and look like

  it is offering a bunch of real value for the customer. First of all never directly link

  to a clickbank product using your hoplink. Always use either a short url (, or use your own redirect on your website.

  Another thing I want you to do is not even mention anything about products, or

  the best products, or a review of a product until you have the rankings you want in

  place. IF you only are receiving 5 hits a day there is no point in having your

  banners and other promotion material on the site. Some people may argue with

  this point but think about this:<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                  Page-32
  Would you rather have 5 hits/day for one month.

  Or 5 hits/day for two weeks, then receive 100+/day after the initial two weeks

  since you achieved your first page rankings that much faster.

  I'm sure we both have the same answer for this question.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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           Module 3: Off-Page SEO(Link Building)
  This is where we are really going to dive head first into the Post-Panda SEO

  system. Backlinks are what have the most impact on your rankings in Google. And

  in the Panda update Google changed quite a few things to fight spam and spammy


  After reading through this module you should have a solid blueprint on how to

  setup your link building efforts and to capitalize on what Google is – a robot. You

  see, people often think Google is the smartest thing in the world and it is

  impossible to game it. Well, of course the Google bots are incredibly smart and

  can detect a lot of different things. But still, it is not a human looking at every

  single site or link that you build checking if it is quality.

  There are a few things that are key to a great backlink:

      •   High PR – The higher the page rank the better a link is for you... most of the


      •   Low Out-Bound Links(OBL) – You want to be one of the few links on a page, if<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                 Page-34
          you comment on a blog that already has 500 comments that really isn't going

          to do very much for you.

      •   Anchor Text – You want to mix up your anchor text so you don't have 1000

          links pointing to your website with the anchor text “dog training”. Create many

          variations on your keywords and you will see much better success.

      •   Content – Having a keyword-targeted article or content on the same page as

          your back link will provide added power to that backlink. Unique quality

          content on all your web 2.0 pages is needed to get your sites to the top of the


  I will go into more detail on these four points later on but these are the big 4

  points that you need to know to rank high in Google.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                                      Link Diagram Setup

  Now it is time to dive into the post-panda SEO system and see how it all works. I

  want to walk you through exactly how we will be building links to our money site

  and how you can push your sites to the top of Google quickly.

  Take a look at this diagram above, I will define what each link means and how you<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                            Page-36
  will set everything up but I just wanted you to see the big picture. One thing to

  keep in mind, The money page is actually any page on your website not just the

  homepage. So for example, let's say you are trying to rank for the following three


      •   “Dog training”

      •   “Best dog training guide”

      •   “How to train my dog”

  You will have your homepage targeted for the main keyword dog training, as well

  as having some of the longer tail keywords in your description and title throughout

  the site. Then you will also have one post(eventually more) on your blog for each

  of the keywords. So you will do this exact same process for each of your blog

  posts that are targeted for their own keyword. This is the key to ranking for many

  keywords at once.

  Before I show you exactly what each of the links in the diagram itself means, I want

  to talk more on the original four points I listed. Once you know what your links

  need then you can understand better how this system works so well.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                              Page-37
                                 Link Quality Best Practices

  High PageRank Links

  Links that contain high page rank will not only help your site raise in page rank, but

  will pass more juice then a regular link with a page rank of 0 or N/A. One thing to

  look for when checking a websites page rank is if the domain or the actual url of

  your link is a high PR link. You will see many providers give you PR 8 links, but this

  is a PR 8 domain not the actual url of your link. Don't get me wrong, having a link

  on a PR 8 domain is still great, but if you can get a link on a PR 8 URL then you will

  have a HUGE boost in the serps and that link is potentially worth thousands of low

  PR links.

  To check the page rank of a Url or domain simply go to:

  Or you could just search on Google for page rank check or PR check. Make sure to

  paste in the entire URL and not just the domain to get the proper URL page rank.

  Unless of course you are looking for the domain PR not the URL.

  What I want you to learn from this is that having backlinks from High PR pages is<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                               Page-38
  great for your site, so keep a lookout for any high pr pages you find that will add

  value to your website.

  Low Outbound Links(OBL)

  What does OBL or outbound links mean? It means that on a page the number of

  links that are on that page to other websites. This is very important especially for

  blog comments. I want to give a quick example.

  1 – This page has a PR of 6 and has 1000 OBL.

  2 – This page has a PR of 5 and has 50 OBL.

  Page 2 is worth much more for you since with every link on a page the link juice will

  be spread out to all of those site. If you can find pages with less than 50 OBL then

  you are finding gold backlinks. The lower the OBL on a page the more powerful

  the link is even if another page is higher PR.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                              Page-39
  Anchor Text

  This is one of the most important factors that many people miss or simply ignore

  when building links to their website. I'm sure if you have read any ebook on SEO or

  read some posts on a forum somewhere then you will have learned to put your

  keyword as the anchor text on your links.

  Of course you want your keywords in your anchor text, but think about this:

  Google hates spam right? They want you to have a popular site where people love

  it so much they link to you themselves, not by you spamming your link all over the

  internet. Well let's look at two scenarios:

  1 – Website A is about dog training. It has 1000 backlinks pointing to the

  homepage and a few blog posts targeted for dog training. Out of the 1000 links,

  500 of them contain the anchor text “dog training” while the other 500 contain the

  text “training dogs”.

  2 – Website B is also about dog training. Like the first, it has 1000 backlinks

  pointing to the homepage and a few blog posts targeted for keywords. However,

  what makes this site different, is in those 100 links, there are 10s or 100s of

  variations of anchor text. For example:<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                               Page-40
  “dog training”

  “training dogs”

  “dog training site”

  “site to train dogs”

  “learn to train dogs”

  “all about dog training”

  “best dog training”

  “trained dogs”

  “information about dogs”

  “different dog commands”

  As you can see there are some anchor texts I listed there that are not even about

  dog training, but just about dogs in general. Although Site A has more backlinks

  containing the two important keywords that both sites are targeting, in Google's

  eyes Site B will rank higher since it looks more natural and looks like REAL PEOPLE

  are linking to the website. You want to have your anchor texts mixed up and just

  general for the niche not for exact keywords all the time. My rule is around 50% of

  my anchor text is for different keywords, while the other 50% is random keywords

  within the niche.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                            Page-41
  So say you have a blog post that is targeted for “training dogs”. I do not mean

  50% of your anchor text will have the keyword “training dogs”. 50% will contain

  that keyword among other long tails like:

  “training dogs”

  “dog training”

  “training dogs fast”

  “training dogs easily”

  While the other 50% will have keywords like”

  “how to make my dog speak”

  “how to make my dog listen better”

  “the best dog to own”

  “cool dog tips”

  The other 50% will barely ever have the word “training” in there but will contain

  dog in all or most of the anchor texts. You have to put your brain in the mind of

  Google as well as the average internet user. If you found a website that you

  wanted to post a link about (pretend you know nothing about SEO) then you will

  probably type something crazy as the title or anchor text that is nothing like the

  keyword. Even something like “i like this dog site” or “cool site on dogs”. Put some<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                              Page-42
  of these anchors mixed in and you will get some great results on Google.

  One more thing, when linking to your money page do the 50/50 anchor texts.

  However when linking to links that link to your money site(adding value) then

  change this rule to 70% keyword texts and 30% random niche text.

                                        Quality Content

  On social network websites or article directories you will be adding content to the

  page with your link. Now I am guessing you have heard of 'spinning' or a 'spun'

  article. But if not it basically means adding multiple variations on once piece of

  content ex.

  {hi|hey} there.

  This is the typical syntax that all spinning programs use. With this example 50% of

  the time you will get 'hi there' and 50% 'hey there'. It is a quick explanation but it

  is quite easy to understand.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                Page-43
  Now spinning like this does not work anything like it used to – sort of. You still will

  be spinning your content when doing mass link promotion campaigns. However

  you need to be doing deep-nested spinning on word, sentence, and paragraph

  levels! This means you have so many multiple options that all your content will

  look very unique . Here is a short example:


  {sentence 1 is {cool|good}.|This sentence has some really {great|awesome}

  {spinning|spins}.}{ Paragraph 1 is over|{this paragraph is much {larger|bigger|

  longer} and this is the first sentence in that big paragraph|this is sentence {one|

  1} in paragraph 2 but this is a different choice from the {original|1st|first}



  This is not spun very well and doesn't really make sense, but what I want to show

  you is how you can go multiple levels deep from spinning. So this is how I do it.

  I write 2 articles (or pay my writer) on the same topic/keyword. I spin each

  paragraph together from each article so it looks like this:

  {article1 paragraph1|article 2 paragraph1}<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                   Page-44
  {article1 paragraph2|article 2 paragraph2}

  This creates a big difference in our content already. Next you need to spin each

  sentence at least once each, and then multiple word spins within each sentence. I

  know this sounds like a lot of work, but it is worth it!

  You can also pay for a cheap service that will do the spinning for you at sentence

  and word level, then you simply spin the paragraphs together yourself. This is the

  exact service I use and they do a very professional job.

  Click Here for Article Spin Service

  It's only $1.20 for each article you spin so yes it is very cheap!

  One last thing, do not mix your content on your money page with your link pages,

  either write or purchase separate articles for each.

  Note: Keyword density for articles that are going to be posted on other websites

  should rise to 3-5%.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                            Page-45
                                          Getting Social

  I told you before how Google wants your site to be social, and having social proof

  through Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks really gives you a boost in

  the search rankings (especially post-panda). So how are we going to get social


  We are going to be outsourcing our social proof but don't worry, it is extremely

  inexpensive. I use the following two sites:

  These websites allow you to put up “micro jobs” that users complete for whatever

  price you set it as. Let's take a look at real examples on how you will implement


  Social Bookmarks:, and other bookmarking websites still give you some weight

  in the social space. And you definitely do not want to leave these out of your SEO

  system. Especially when it is so easy!<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                             Page-46
  When Google looks at your bookmarks there is no doubt that it will give weight to

  social bookmarks that have many up-votes (diggs etc.)

  Signup to either MTURK or MicroWorkers(MW) and post a job to Digg your

  bookmark. Set the budget to $0.05 - $0.10 per Digg vote and you are set. For only

  $5 you can get up to 100 +Digg votes to your bookmark. This is plenty of social

  proof for Google to see your website is liked in the social space.


  We are going to do the same deal with Twitter. But there are two jobs we can


  #1- Post a job to follow you on twitter to build up your twitter base easily. You

  could include requirements so the user must have a photo, this # of followers or

  tweets etc.

  #2- The more powerful option is to pay people a little more to retweet your tweet

  on their profile. If you have 100+ people retweeting a message with your website

  in this Google will pick it up very quickly, do it enough and you could even get in

  the top trends.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                              Page-47

  This is going to give you the most powerful boost to your social proof of your

  website. After you have your fanpage setup for your website, then post a couple

  different jobs on the outsource websites.

  #1- Get fans, this takes one second for a person to “like” your page, pay them a

  cheap rate and get 100s of likes in a short period of time.

  #2- Get the users to not only like your page, but also make a post on your wall

  (non-spammy of course) that they like the website or something along those lines.

  Make your facebook page look active and you will be rewarded in the long run.

  #3- If you have a pretty broad niche that you think could potentially have some

  viral-effects, then get users to also share your FB page on their own walls. Get

  your site out there to viewers and pick up some initial traffic boosts. This is going

  to do more traffic wise then actual SEO benefit, but nothing ever hurts in this

  game!<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                               Page-48

  Just a quick note on pinging your website and backlinks. When you create a new

  link simply put it into and this will be pinged to the proper services

  to get the link indexed. Because a link that is not indexed does nothing for you!

  A great service out there is called This guarantees almost a 100%

  index rate for your links and I highly recommend using this. Yes I do actually use it,

  and it is quite affordable in my opinion. It definitely will be worth it in the long run.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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                                         Backlink Setup

  I want you to understand completely how I setup my link networks. Although I do

  vary it a lot this is the system I base my linkbuilding campaigns on and then just

  keep multiplying it into multiple tiers to each tier and so on.

  .Edu/.Gov Links(Tier 1):

  Basically any backlink from a edu or gov domain is very powerful in Google's eyes.

  Every site will be different and you could be posting links on forums or blogs. It is

  pretty simple you will just create an account and put your link on your profile(for

  forums) or else post a comment on a blog.

  Links to -> Money Site

  Social Bookmarks(Tier 2):

  Social bookmarking sites allow people to up-vote websites or stories that they like,

  making social bookmark sites basically a social news source. All you will be doing

  for these sites is adding in your link and creating a title and description. Make sure

  to put some keywords in the title and description. Bookmarking sites are mainly

  used for indexing but still provide a link to your site so it is a good idea to submit

  your money site as well. They are mostly no-follow but do it anyway.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                Page-50
  You will be social bookmarking your money site/pages, and tier 1 links.

  Links to -> Money Site + Tier 1

  Article Directories(Tier 1):

  An article directory is just a website with a bunch of articles on it. You will submit

  your article and also you are allowed to add in an author resource box with up to

  2 links on most directories. What I want you to do when submitting your article is

  including two links with separate keywords, pointed to two different pages on your

  website. For example you could do one link to the homepage, and on to a blog


  Links to -> Money Site

  Social Networks(Tier 1):

  Social networks also known as web 2.0 sites are very similar to an article directory

  but you have more control over the content. You can put your links anywhere

  within the content as well as include images or videos which will make your page

  more high quality. This is the backlink you will be spending the most time on. And

  this is where the video you created will come in to play. You will post a super-spun

  article as well as a video in the content of the page. Adding in images also will be

  a big benefit for your website. Post two links like the article directories, but there is

  one thing we will do here differently.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                 Page-51
  I want you to create your social network site, and add all the content without

  adding in any links. Then after 5-7 days you will place in your two links. This gives

  Google time to index your site and then you will add in the link after, which Google

  will look at as a high quality site initially since they know it wasn't created just for a


  Links to -> Money Site

  Private Blog Networks(Tier 1):

  A private blog network is a giant network of blogs where you are allowed to post

  an article with your backlink. This is what makes them so powerful, you aren't

  limited to posting blog comments you actually get to place a unique article on to

  the website giving you a powerful backlink. The only problem with this is that it

  costs money, but if you have money to spend I highly recommend using this. Email

  me or post in the forum if you would like a list of my top recommended private


  Links to -> Money Site

  Blog Comments(Tier 2):

  Blog comments are pretty self explanatory, it is a comment on a blog! You will be

  asked for a name/email/website/comment. In the name field you will put your<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                  Page-52
  keyword, and I'm sure you can figure out the other fields! If you are posting on a

  high PR blog then you should take your time to make a quality comment that will

  get accepted by the blog owner.

  Post high PR quality comments to your money site, and auto-approve comments

  to tier 1 links using Scrapebox or manually.

  Links to ->Money Site + Tier 1

  Forum Profiles(Tier 2):

  A forum profile is simply an account on any forum. Most forum software gives you

  the option to add in a website in your profile, and in your signature as well. You

  will be creating a new account and adding your website. For higher PR forums then

  make a few posts and add in the link in your signature as well.

  Links to ->Tier 1

  Web 2.0 Profiles(Tier 2):

  A web 2.0 profile is similar to a forum profile, except it is not usually on a forum

  website. It could be any other type of website and I will be giving you a list to get

  started with! High PR profile links are also great for your money site.

  Links to ->Tier 1<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                Page-53
  AMR Blast(Tier 2):

  AMR is an automated SEO software that will submit to thousands of article

  directories. I highly recommend getting Article Marketing Robot as it is a very

  powerful piece of software. I don't blast directly to my money site but to my

  backlink sites pointing to it. This gives these websites a powerful backlink boost as

  well. You can download a free trial by clicking here.

  Links to ->Tier 1

  Scrapebox AA Blast(Tier 2):

  AA stands for auto-approve. Auto-approve blogs will automatically place your

  comment on the blog post and it will not need to be accepted by the blog owner.

  This is good and bad. The bad side is that since it is auto-approve then thousands

  of other links are potentially going to be on the page as well. But the good part is

  we can use these links to the tier one sites linking to your money page.

  If you don't know what scrapebox is, it is by far the most powerful blog

  commenting software on the market. This is my #1 choice for any software for

  seo as it does a lot more then just post on blogs. You can scrape backlinks using

  different footprints, check PR, competitors backlinks and so much more. There is a

  secret discount page that you can buy from for only $57 compared to the $97

  regular price. Check it out here.<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                              Page-54
  Like I said I realize that you may think all this writing is a waste of time, but there

  may be some of you that have no idea what some of these sites are. So I wanted

  to included a little write up on each backlink type that my system uses.

  Links to ->Tier 1<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                                  Page-55

  I really hope you enjoyed reading through my ebook and learned a lot of valuable

  information. This is the exact same strategy I use to get #1 rankings and I hope

  you will follow in my footsteps and do the same thing.

  You should now understand that to rank high in Google, you want Google to think

  you are getting real natural backlinks. Using all of the techniques I taught you, you

  can basically trick the search engines into thinking you are getting natural and

  social backlinks and rise to the top very quickly.

  But don't worry – it doesn't end here!

  I 'd like you to join my private forum (if you haven't already) located at where I will answer any questions you have, as well as

  add in bonus content for purchasing this product.

  I have a lot of plans for the forum and joining in now will give you some HUGE

  benefits in the long term once it is established.

  I want to wish you good luck on your SEO journey and if you have any questions<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
Email Me :                                               Page-56
  at all do not hesitate to email me at any time. Or of course just post it on the


  -Troy Eisert<<--- Join The Forum for 1 on 1 Support – Free!
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