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									  NOUNS                 DEFINITION                    EXAMPLE             TRADUCTION
Accomodation         adaptation,adjustment            The school            alojamiento
                                                     occupies split-
                                                      on the main
 admission fee       acceptance,admitting                                 costo de la entrada
  Attraction        is something that people        The walled city is         atracción
                     can go to for interest or        an important
                    enjoyment, for example a        tourist attraction.
                         famous building.
   Brochure          advertisement,booklet                                       Folleto
 camping site        A campsite is a place                                sitio para acampar
                    where people who are on
                    holiday can stay in tents
 car park (GB)        is an area or building                               Estacionamiento
                     where people can leave
                            their cars.
city centre (GB)   is the busiest part of a city,                         centro de la ciudad
                     where most of the shops
                       and businesses are.
 Community         is all the people who live in      The growth of          comunidad
                    a particular area or place.       such vigilante
                                                       gangs has
                                                     leaders, police
                                                     and politicians.

countryside        is land which is away from             We are                campo
                         towns and cities.            surrounded by
                                                     lots of beautiful

    Cruise           is a holiday during which      He and his wife            Crucero
                   you travel on a ship or boat     were planning to
                       and visit a number of         go on a world
                               places.                  cruise.
Destination         is the place to which they      Spain is still our         destino
                      are going or being sent.       most popular
 double room        is a room intended for two                             habitación doble
                   people, usually a couple, to
                           stay or live in.
downtown (US)      places are in or towards the                           centro de la ciudad
                     centre of a large town or
                    city, where the shops and
                      places of business are.
  Eco-tourism      is the business of providing                              Eco-turismo
                       holidays and related
                      services which are not
                   harmful to the environment
                         of the area.

   Flight        is a journey made by flying,       The flight will         Vuelo
                    usually in an aeroplane.      take four hours.
  Fortnight        is a period of two weeks.        I hope to be          Quincena
                                                      back in a

 Guesthouse          is a small house in the                          casa de huéspedes,
                   grounds of a large house,                                pensión
                     where visitors can stay.
   Guide            is a book that gives you                                Guía
                  information or instructions
                         to help you do or
                     understand something.
  holidays         is a period of time during                            Vacaciones
                  which you relax and enjoy
                  yourself away from home.
Holidaymaker        is a person who is away                           veraneante, turista
                 from their home on holiday.
   Hostel            is a large house where                                 Hostal
                 people can stay cheaply for
                      a short period of time.
                  Hostels are usually owned
                       by local government
                     authorities or charities.
   Hotel          is a building where people                                Hotel
                       stay, for example on
                     holiday, paying for their
                        rooms and meals.
Identification    the act of identifying or the                         identificación
                    state of being identified.
     Inn             is a small hotel or pub,                              posada
                        usually an old one.
 Inhabitant      a person or animal that is a                             habitante
                    permanent resident of a
                   particular place or region.

  Itinerary         a plan or line of travel;                             Itinerario
  Journey        a travelling from one place                                Viaje
                  to another; trip or voyage.
 Landscape       the distinctive features of a     the distinctive         paisaje
                   given area of intellectual       features of a
                   activity, regarded as an        given area of
                       integrated whole.             intellectual
                                                  regarded as an
  Luggage          suitcases, trunks, etc.,                                equipaje
                    containing personal
                  belongings for a journey;

  motor-home        is a large vehicle containing        casa rodante
                       beds and equipment for
                    cooking and washing. Motor
                        homes can be used for
                         holidays or very long
 one-way ticket      A one-way ticket or fare is         viaje de ida
     (US)           for a journey from one place
                       to another, but not back
  package deal            is a set of offers or            Paquete
                    proposals which is made by
                         a government or an
                       organization, and which
                         must be accepted or
                         rejected as a whole.
parking lot (US)     is an area of ground where        Estacionamiento
                    people can leave their cars.

    Tourism            tourist travel and the              turismo
                    services connected with it,
                    esp. when regarded as an

Season                                              estación
sightseeing tour                                    Recorrido turístico
single ticket(GB)                                   Billete de ida
single room                                         Habitación individual
ski resort                                          Estación de esquí
Sunglasses                                          Gafas de sol
     Tourist         a person who travels for                turista
                          pleasure, usually
                    sightseeing and staying in
    Transport       a vehicle used to transport           trasporte
                       goods or people, esp.
                      lorries or ships used to
                           convey troops.
     Travel             the act of travelling.              viajes

    Travelling        Gypsies or other itinerant            viajes
                    people: a term used esp. by
                    such people of themselves.
  travel agency      is a business which makes        Agencia de viajes
                      arrangements for people's
                        holidays and journeys
  travel agent      is a person or business that       agente de viajes
                     arranges people's holidays
                            and journeys.
    Trend             general tendency or                                  tendencia
     Trip           an outward and return                                     viaje
                journey, often for a specific
vacation (US)     is a period of time during                               vacaciones
                 which you relax and enjoy
                 yourself away from home.
   Village       a small group of houses in                                  pueblo
                 a country area, larger than
                            a hamlet
 waiting list   is a list of people who have         There were          Lista de espera
                asked for something which         20,000 people
                   cannot be given to them         on the waiting
                  immediately, for example        list for a home.
                medical treatment, housing,
                 or training, and who must
                    therefore wait until it is

 youth hostel   is a place where people can                             Albergue juvenil
                 stay cheaply when they are
ADJETIVES             DEFINITION                   EXAMPLE            TRADUCTION
Adventurous            Someone who is             He had always          Aventurero
                 adventurous is eager to            wanted an
                 visit new places and have       adventurous life
                       new experiences            in the tropics.
   Budget         is used in advertising to      Cheap flights are        Presupuesto
                 suggest that something is        available from
                     being sold cheaply.           budget travel
                                                   agents from

Breathtaking    If you say that something is      The house has          impresionante
                    breathtaking, you are           breathtaking
                    emphasizing that it is       views from every
                    extremely beautiful or       room..., Some of
                          amazing.               their football was
                                                  breathtaking, a
                                                      delight to
  Coastal         is used to refer to things         Local radio            costero
                that are in the sea or on the     stations serving
                      land near a coast.           coastal areas
                                                  often broadcast
                                                    forecasts for
                                                  The fish are on
                                                   sale from our
                                                    own coastal
Cosmopolitan     A cosmopolitan place or            London has            cosmopolita
                society is full of people from     always been a
                  many different countries         cosmopolitan
                     and cultures.                   city.
  Diverse      Diverse people or things          Jones has a            diverso
              are very different from each       much more
                          other.                 diverse and
                                               perhaps younger

  Flexible    Something or someone that             Look for            flexible
              is flexible is able to change      software that's
              easily and adapt to different     flexible enough
                       conditions and            for a range of
                  circumstances as they             abilities.
  Foreign     Something or someone that         She was on her         Extranjero
                is foreign comes from or            first foreign
               relates to a country that is      holiday without
                       not your own.                her parents.
   Local       Local means existing in or           Some local            local
              belonging to the area where       residents joined
               you live, or to the area that       the students'
                  you are talking about.              protest...
 Luxurious     If you describe something       She had come to           lujoso
                 as luxurious, you mean         enjoy Roberto's
                that it is very comfortable       luxurious life-
                      and expensive.                    style.
Mountainous   place has a lot of mountains     the mountainous         montañoso
                                                      region of
 Peaceful     place or time is quiet, calm,          a peaceful         pacífico
              and free from disturbance.       Georgian house
                                                 in the heart of
Picturesque      place is attractive and        Alte, in the hills     pintoresco
              interesting, and has no ugly         northwest of
                   modern buildings.               Loule, is the
                                                 Algarve's most

  Polluted                                     The police have        contaminado
                                               warned the city's
                                                inhabitants not
                                                to bathe in the
                                                 polluted river
  Quaint      Something that is quaint is      quaint town with        pintoresco
                attractive because it is        narrow streets
               unusual and rather old-          and traditional
                      fashioned.                 half-timbered

  Remote       areas are far away from         Landslides have           remoto
                cities and places where          cut off many
               most people live, and are           villages in
              therefore difficult to get to.    remote areas.
  Rough       A rough area, city, school,       It was quite a       A la intemperie
               or other place is unpleasant     rough part of our
                 and dangerous because               town.
                there is a lot of violence or
                        crime there.
     Rural      Rural places are far away         These plants                 rural
                from large towns or cities.     have a tendency
                                                 to grow in the
                                                more rural areas.
    Scenic         A scenic place has               This is an             Escénico
                    attractive scenery          extremely scenic
                                                part of America.
   Stunning    A stunning person or thing       She was 55 and      Atontar?
                is extremely beautiful or        still a stunning
                       impressive.                   woman...

     Tough      A tough place or area is          She doesn't              resistente
               considered to have a lot of      seem cut out for
                  crime and violence.              this tough
     Urban       means belonging to, or            Most of the              urbano
                relating to, a town or city.    population is an
    VERBS            DEFINITION                   EXAMPLE              TRADUCTION
     Affect      If something affects a         Nicotine                  afectar
                      person or thing, it       adversely affects
               influences them or causes        the functioning
                them to change in some          of the heart and
                             way.               arteries...
   Fluctuate       it changes a lot in an                                   fluctuar
                        irregular way.

Ticket         is a small, official piece of                        Billete,boleto,entrada..
               paper or card which shows
               that you have paid to enter
               a place such as a theatre or
               a sports ground, or shows
               that you have paid for a
Package        is a holiday arranged by a                              Vacaciones todo
holiday        travel company in which                                     pagado
               your travel and your
               accommodation are booked
               for you.
Suitcase       is a box or bag with a           It did not take             maleta
               handle and a hard frame in       Andrew long to
               which you carry your             pack a suitcase.
               clothes when you are

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