Customizing Linux Boot Loader Classic Way

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Classic way to costumize linux bootloader
by fath on May 4, 2011 • 6:58 am • Edit entry                                                                                                               1 Comment

This is a classic way to customizing Bootloader, since its the same way I modified bootloader until few months ago.


Grub uses 640×480(px) and up to 14 color for the background image. You may convert/resize any images with any image editor, save it as .xpm file. If you have
ImageMagick, you may use :

  1     $ convert yourbootimage.png             -colors 14 -resize 640x480        bootimggrub.xpm                                                                    ?

Then gzipped and copy boot-grub.xpm to /boot/grub

  1     $ gzip bootimggrub.xpm                                                                                                                                       ?
  2     $ cp bootimggrub.xpm.gz /boot/grub

Now open /boot/grub/grub.conf and add bootimggrub, here’s an example of configuration :

   1      default=0                                                                                                                                                  ?
   2      timeout=33
   3      splashimage=(hd1,0)/boot/grub/bootimggrub.xpm.gz
   4      foreground=000000
   5      background=fafafafa
   6      hiddenmenu
   7      title Slackware 12 (
   8      root (hd1,0)
   9      kernel /boot/vmlinuz-huge-smp- root=/dev/hda10 ro
  10      boot
  11      title Windows XP SP3
  12      rootnoverify (hd0,0)
  13      chainloader +1

The other customizable lines:
default=0: The default priority boot Operating System
timeout=33: Countdown timer setting for selecting OS
foreground, background: This is for the color setting.
title Slackware 12 ( This is where you edit the title for your OS, only this line, the afterlines are meant to be left as is.


LILO uses the same resolution, 640×480(px), but up to 255 color. Convert and save your image as .bmp file. After that, copy that file to /boot. For example, I use
mybootimg.bmp, then :

  1     $ cp mybootimg.bmp /boot                                                                                                                                     ?

Now edit file /etc/lilo.conf, and put these lines:

  1     install=bmp                                                                                                                                                  ?
  2     bitmap=/boot/mybootimg.bmp
  3     bmp-table=50p,215p,1,6
  4     bmp-colors=255,0,240,75,240,60
  5     bmp-timer=580p,455p,0,254,

Where :
bmp-table : A position of where the LILO table must be shown. The syntax is (x-coordinates),(y-coordinates),(column),(row); p means in pixels. On my examples, it
means the LILO table will be shown 50pixels from left and 215pixels from top.

bmp-colors : Color setting. The syntax is <foreground>,<background>,<shadowbackground>,<selectionforeground>,<selectionbackground>,<selectionshadow>

You may left both shadow color and selection shadow color empty, the value is 0-254.

bmp-timer : Countdown Timer setting for OS selection. The syntax is <x-coordinates>,<y-coordinates>,<bgcolor>,<fgcolor>,<shadowcolor>

Check above rule for value.

Once you are sure that /etc/lilo.conf is properly configured, run

  1    $ lilo -v                                                                                                                   ?

This is an old writing of mine, just want to keep it safe

                                                                                                  © 2002-2011 Insomnity. All Rights Reserved.


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