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Food makers slow to cut food costs_ despite falling commodity prices


									                                                                                                         S P E C I A L      R E P O R T

                                                                                                         ‘Decision 2008’
                                                                                                         A look at what this year’s election
                                                                                                         outcome means for agriculture | 3
                                                                                                                        November 17, 2008 Vol. 87   No. 21

‘Farm-City Week’
The 53 an-           rd
                                         EPA’s new livestock, poultry operation rule
nual Farm-City
Week will be
                                         sets tough new farm runoff standards
celebrated Nov.                            The Environmental Protection               of incentives for livestock farms            discharge elimination system
                                         Agency’s new rule for concen-                to operate at high levels of en-             (NPDES) permits under the Clean
21-27 to recog-                          trated animal feeding operations             vironmental compliance. A pos-               Water Act (CWA), said Don Parrish,
nize the links                           (CAFOs) “sets new environmental              itive aspect is that livestock farm-         AFBF water quality expert.
                                         standards for America’s livestock            ers will have flexibility to evalu-            “Under the rule, livestock and
between farm families and the            farms and represents a significant           ate their farm and determine                 poultry producers must meet the
consumers that benefit from              policy shift,” according to Ameri-           whether or not to secure a [dis-             highest water quality protection
their work | 7                           can Farm Bureau Federation Pres-             charge] permit.”                             standards possible,” Parrish ex-
                                         ident Bob Stallman.                            Although the rule was 10 years in          plained. “They must have a nu-
                                           Despite the challenges it may              the making and is laid out over              trient management plan and
                                         present, Stallman said agricultur-           hundreds of pages, it is fairly sim-         maintain records showing they
‘Thanksgiving Survey’                    al producers are “encouraged                 ple: all CAFOs must be no-discharge
Prices for turkey and                    that the rule includes a number              facilities or have national pollution                  Rule Continued on Page 7

trimmings up

                                         Food makers slow to cut food costs,
slightly, but re-
main affordable | 8

                                         despite falling commodity prices
Farm Bureau calls
for new approach
to trade talks
Just ahead of an emer-
gency global finan-
cial summit by lead-
ers of the 20 largest
world economies, the
American Farm Bureau
Federation called for new ideas on how
to get world trade talks moving again.

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                                         FOOD PRICES SHOT UP QUICKLY last year when oil and grain prices rose. Now that prices of oil, corn, soybeans and other commodi-
                                         ties are about half of what they were at the peak last summer, grocery retailers and others are asking why food companies have been
                                         slow to lower prices for their products.

                                           The price of corn, at under $4 a           Federation chief economist. “But             sticky retail prices.
                                         bushel, is about half what it was            it seems to take processors and                The all-milk price—the price the
                                         in June and July. Soybean prices             manufacturers longer to lower                farmer gets—is down from $20.50
                                         also have gone down by nearly                prices than to raise them.”                  per hundredweight (cwt.), or
                                         50 percent, from the summer                                                               about $1.76 per gallon, in Jan-
                                         high of $16 to now about $8.50                 Prices out of sync                         uary, to $17.60 per cwt., or about
                                         per bushel.                                                                               $1.51 per gallon, in October. Yet
                                           Food makers raised their prices              With world wheat production                the retail price of a gallon of
                                         in 2007 and 2008, blaming high-              on the rise, wheat prices have               milk increased 11 cents, to $3.92
                                         er raw commodity prices. So,                 fallen, too. They’re down from               per gallon, from the first to the
                                         now that several commodities                 last year’s high of about $15 a              third quarter of this year, accord-
 n e w s p a p e r

                                         cost less, why have the high re-             bushel to, now, between $6.55                ing to the American Farm Bu-
                                         tail food prices stuck around?               and $7.15 per bushel. Meanwhile,             reau Federation’s quarterly sur-
                                           “The food companies will tell              according to the AFBF quarterly              vey of average retail food costs.
                                         you it’s partly due to buying or             survey of retail food costs, the             AFBF’s more recent Thanksgiv-
                                         contracting for their inputs                 price of flour has risen from                ing meal price survey shows
                                         months in advance, so it takes               $1.70 for a 5-pound bag at the               the average retail milk price has
                                         some time for the lower com-                 end of last year to $2.62 for the            now dropped back to $3.78 a
                                         modity costs to show up at the               same size bag in the third quar-             gallon.
                                         grocery store,” explained Bob                ter of 2008.
                                         Young, American Farm Bureau                    Milk is another example of                         Prices Continued on Page 2
                                                                                                                                        November 17, 2008
Viewpoint                      2|

  Raising meth awareness will help save lives
    By Sen. John Thune                               through education and outreach.                                living a drug-free life, and schools must re-
                                                       Part of what makes meth abuse so tragic is                   inforce this message in the classroom. Fur-
    South Dakota towns, both large and               the disproportionate usage rate among minor-                   thermore, we must continue to give law
  small, are great places to live, to work and       ities, particularly Native Americans. Higher                   enforcement officials at all levels of gov-
  to raise families. Like towns and cities           meth use rates in Native American communi-                     ernment the resources they need to shut
  everywhere, however, there are problems            ties have been linked to higher death rates for                down meth production and trafficking.
  that endanger lives and can tear at the            young people, including higher suicide rates.                  Meth does not need to continue to tear
  fabric of our communities.                         This situation clearly must be addressed, both                 families and communities apart, but to
    South Dakota has a tragically high rate          in schools and communities, as well as                         stop it will require all of us to do our part.
  of methamphetamine abuse, and I believe            through law enforcement.
  that we must take steps to combat this               According to the National Association of
  crisis to ensure a better life for our children.   Counties, local sheriffs across America report
    Meth is particularly dangerous because it        that meth abuse is directly contributing to
  can be easily made from commonly found             increased crime rates. The cost of law enforce-
  ingredients and it has a highly addictive,         ment, both in combating meth production
  powerful, lasting effect on users. Also, the       and trafficking, and as a result of meth in-
  production of meth produces large quan-            duced crimes, is putting a strain on law en-
  tities of toxic waste, which poses a danger        forcement agencies across the country.
  to everyone in the community, not just               Similarly, the cost of meth-related health
  users and manufacturers.                           care and social services is increasing. Meth
    I have joined a bipartisan group of my           destroys families and forces children out of
  colleagues in sponsoring a resolution desig-       homes. Meth abuse patients frequently end up
  nating November as “National Metham-               in public emergency rooms, which increases                     Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) is a member of the
  phetamine Awareness Month.” This resolu-           costs and could make it more difficult for oth-
                                                                                                                    Senate Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry;
  tion calls for parents, school districts, local    er patients seeking urgent care.
  governments and other interested parties             There is no silver bullet solution for meth                  Armed Services; Commerce; Science & Trans-
  to increase the awareness of meth abuse            abuse in rural America. Parents must empha-                    portation; and Small Business & Entrepre-
  and its consequences among students                size with their children the importance of                     neurship committees.

Retail food cost stays high as commodity prices fall
Continued from page 1                    the conversion of corn to fuel             profit making is what’s really be-              lower now so according to GMA’s
   The Wall Street Journal, using        are the only part of the food in-          hind the higher food prices and                 argument, if biofuels were forc-
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics          flation equation that Congress             criticism of ethanol policies.                  ing food prices up previously, the
data, reported in October that           controls.”                                 Now, the group says, food com-                  lower cost of corn should have
retail food prices rose 7.6 per-           The group last year launched             panies’ chickens are coming                     already brought food prices back
cent in September from a year            the “Food Before Fuel” campaign            home to roost.                                  down.”
earlier. Now, the Journal said,          calling for the federal govern-              “It was a weak argument to                      Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa)
retail chains are fighting food          ment to roll back renewable fuel           begin with, and now it’s just a                 on Oct. 28 sent a letter to C. Man-
manufacturers’ efforts to raise          incentives such as the Renewable           downright ridiculous argument,”                 ly Molpus, GMA’s interim pres-
prices further. With the econo-          Fuel Standard (RFS), which re-             said Brooke Coleman, executive                  ident and CEO, asking that GMA
my slowing down and consum-              quires a certain amount of the             director of the New Fuels Alliance              let him know how food compa-
ers tightening their belts—shop-         nation’s fuel supply to come from          and a backer of Food Price Truth,               nies planned to reduce food
ping at low-cost grocers and buy-        renewable ethanol and biodiesel.           of GMA’s claim that producing                   prices commensurate with lower
ing less expensive products—re-          The Environmental Protection               ethanol was driving up the cost                 input costs.
tailers are suffering and finding        Agency last August denied a re-            of food. “They never had causa-                   “Now that grain and energy
it harder to compete with gro-           quest by Texas Gov. Rick Perry             tion. They had correlation, which               prices have been sliced in half,
cery discounters, according to           to halve the RFS.                          was enough to fool some people.                 surely we can expect that the
the report.                                Today, ethanol plants are mak-           Now, they don’t even have                       grocery manufacturers will pass
   Food makers, meanwhile, are           ing more ethanol than ever, but            correlation.”                                   on those savings to American
doing quite well. Kraft Foods,           commodity prices are down.                   Coleman said sticky prices,                   consumers who are suffering
maker of Chips Ahoy cookies                “That weakens the argument               where prices “shoot up like a                   from economic hardship,” Grass-
and, of course, Kraft Macaroni &         that ethanol was a major driver            rocket when the companies’ costs                ley wrote.
Cheese, in October reported that         of high food prices,” says AFBF            go up but float down like a feath-                FBNews requested comment
its third quarter profits were up        energy specialist Anne Steckel.            er when input costs go down,”                   from GMA, but did not receive a
19 percent to $10.5 billion. Kel-        “With commodity prices down,               are a way for manufacturers to                  response.
logg, the company behind Corn            the food companies will have to            string out the higher revenue and                 If there’s any good news to be
Flakes and Pop-Tarts, announced          find someone or something else             make as much money as possible.                 had about today’s economy, per-
a profit increase of 12 percent, to      to blame.”                                   In November a new group,                      haps it’s that food prices can’t go
$342 million.                              AFBF and USDA earlier this               Growth Energy, a coalition of                   much higher.
                                         year said the high price of oil            ethanol producers, formed to “set                 “You can’t blame food com-
 The ethanol excuse                      was a bigger factor in food prices         the record straight” on food pric-              panies for trying to make more
                                         than ethanol, because it takes             es. The new coalition also says                 money,” said Young, “but con-
  GMA blames ethanol for high-           energy to process, package and             the real reason for higher food                 sumers can only take so much be-
er food costs, saying that using         transport food to grocery stores.          prices is profits by “Big Food.”                fore they start cutting back in a
grain and land to feed the grow-         But oil prices also are down, to             “The assertion by critics that                big way. I think we’re beginning
ing ethanol industry means less          about half of their summertime             ethanol production is the root                  to see that pushback from con-
is available for producing food.         peak of over $140 a barrel.                cause of high food prices has                   sumers, and the retailers in order
While acknowledging other fac-             A group called Food Price Truth          been proven false,” said Dave                   to stay competitive are now
tors such as rising global food          was formed about six months ago            Vander Griend, CEO of ICM, one                  pushing back on the food com-
demand and changing weather              to correct misinformation about            of the ethanol companies behind                 panies. It will be interesting to
patterns, GMA said, “policies            food and fuel prices. The group            the new effort. “Corn and com-                  see if that helps hold retail food
for subsidizing and mandating            has said that food company                 modities prices are significantly               costs in check.”

                                                       November 17, 2008 Vol. 87     No. 21
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November 17, 2008                                         

Farmers face                         Farm Bureau: Election outcome
new political
landscape                            brings opportunities and challenges
 By Lynne Finnerty                      “Change” was a slogan of Barack        government should work.”                    having an effective administra-
                                     Obama’s successful presidential             In general, Stallman said Farm            tion but also in terms of moving
  The debates and the rallies are    campaign, but some in agriculture         Bureau looks forward to working             America forward.”
over. The campaign ads—positive      are hoping a few things stay the          with the new administration.                   AFBF supports comprehensive
and negative, both mostly nega-      same.                                       “Farm Bureau has been around              immigration reform that includes
tive—are finally off the air. The       During his campaign and while          a long time and worked with Re-             a new and improved guest work-
appeals for campaign donations       serving in the Senate, Obama              publican and Democratic admin-              er program for agriculture. Stall-
are … well, those haven’t ended      firmly supported incentives for           istrations,” he said. “It’s the poli-       man said the chance of getting
yet. But Election Day has come       producing biofuels. American              cies that are important.”                   a reform bill passed has perhaps
and gone, and now it’s time to       Farm Bureau Federation President            Obama transition team mem-                improved, because as a senator
assess how agriculture might fare    Bob Stallman says that                                                                        Obama supported reform
in the new political environment.    support should continue.                                                                      and the new Congress,
  President-elect Barack Obama          “It’s positive that Obama                                                                  with its larger Democratic
won a “decisive and historic”        is very supportive of bio-                                                                    majorities in both the
election, says Bob Stallman,         fuels. We’ll also have to                                                                     House and Senate, is more
American Farm Bureau Federa-         make the case that we                                                                         likely to take up the issue.
tion president. Now, he says, the    need a comprehensive                                                                            Gaining support for
administration and Congress will     energy strategy,” Stallman                                                                    trade agreements could
need to get to work to address a     said, referring to the need                                                                   be more of a challenge.
long list of issues including the    for more energy supplies                                                                        “The trade issue is one
economy, energy, immigration,        from all sources, including                                                                   that, based on campaign
trade, implementation of the         coal, oil, natural gas, nu-                                                                   statements, I feel we’ll
farm bill and others.                clear and, of course, renew-                                                                  have to do sort of an edu-
  While there are different points   ables such as biofuels, bio-                                                                  cational job with the
of view on those issues, Stall-      mass, wind and solar.                                                                         Obama administration,”
man says, “each person elected to       Obama promised during                                                                      Stallman predicted. “You
office ran for office to improve     his campaign that he would                                                                    know, there was a lot of
this country” and Farm Bureau        set a goal of having 60 bil-     Barack Obama speaks to farmers at a campaign stop in         talk [during the campaign]
looks forward to working with        lion gallons of the U.S. fuel    Iowa. American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob         about trade for manufactur-
them.                                supply come from biofuels        Stallman says the president-elect “understands the impor-   ing and what that meant,
  AFBF has been around since         by 2022. The current Renew- tance of agriculture.”                                           but there wasn’t a focus on
1919 and has worked with 16          able Fuels Standard requires                                                                 how important it is to
presidents and hundreds of mem-      36 billion gallons of biofuels in the     bers have been dispatched to                American agriculture. So I think it
bers of Congress. Farm Bureau        fuel supply by then. He said he           each department to begin the                will behoove us to make the case
will continue its long record of     also recognized the need for “re-         process of taking over the reigns           about how important it is to open
non-partisan policy advocacy on      sponsible development of domes-           of government. An announce-                 up markets for agricultural
behalf of farmers and ranchers.      tic oil and gas resources.”               ment of the new nominee for                 products.”
  Sen. John McCain, the defeated        Stallman said another positive is      agriculture secretary could come               One of the most important
Republican presidential candi-       Obama’s support for farm policy.          soon if speculation that Obama              things the new administration
date, liked to intersperse his       Obama supported the 2008                  will not waste time putting to-             and the new Congress can do,
catch-phrase, “My Friends,” into     farm bill.                                gether his cabinet is true.                 Stallman said, is take action to
his speeches. Obama was known           Obama also supports payment              Names that have surfaced in               strengthen the U.S. economy.
for saying, “Look,” to introduce a   limits. AFBF does not. However,           the news media include former               Farmers currently are enjoying
thought. Now, farmers and others     he has pledged to implement the           Rep. Charlie Stenholm (D-Texas);            record farm income, a low debt-
will look—at how each and every      2008 farm bill “in keeping with           former Rep. Jill Long Thompson              to-asset ratio and good access
one of Obama’s actions could         the intent of Congress.”                  (D-Ind.), who served as under-              to credit, he said, but tougher
affect their productivity and           Farmers may especially need the        secretary for Rural Development             times are around the corner.
profitability.                       safety net provided by the farm           in the Clinton administration and              “The big issue for everybody,
  Obama’s support for a farm         bill next year. While this year’s         just lost a U.S. Senate bid; and            not just agriculture, will be the
safety net and biofuel production    farm profits will set a new record,       former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack (D).           economy and how an Obama
incentives bodes well for farmers.   next year will be a different story       Stallman said whoever Obama                 administration addresses the
Working with the new Congress,       as commodity prices fall and pro-         appoints at USDA, the Environ-              problems we face there,” Stall-
comprehensive immigration re-        duction expenses remain high.             mental Protection Agency or other           man said. “It’s going to be very
form may have a better chance of     Stallman says Obama gets that.            federal agencies, those nominees            difficult to work ourselves out of
passing.                                “We may differ on some details         should have experience governing            the problems that we’re in right
  On international trade, climate    as we go down the line,” said             and balancing competing inter-              now, but we can do some things
change and other regulatory is-      Stallman, “but you know funda-            ests. They should not be activists          to be sure that we maintain cred-
sues, agriculture will have to       mentally he understands the im-           with a single point of view.                it and liquidity and that’s very
make a strong case for policies      portance of agriculture and fur-            Stallman said he likes what               important for agricultural lend-
that help farmers sell more of       thermore he’s even talked about           Obama has said about bipartisan-            ing because producers are going
their products abroad and don’t      the necessity of using sound              ship and hopes that will apply to           to have to go get loans at higher
eat away at their profitability.     science in terms of regulatory            his appointees.                             levels than they have in the past
  Democrats now hold larger ma-      decisions and also looking at the           “If he follows through with that          because of increased input costs.”
jorities in the House and Senate.    economic costs versus benefits            sentiment in the people he picks               He said it’s also important to
This can be good and bad. It         of regulatory decisions. And all          for these appointed positions,”             help stabilize commodity mar-
                                     that is really good news for us           Stallman said, “I think it’s going          kets that producers use as a form
 Landscape Continued on Page 6       because we think that’s the way           to be very positive both from               of risk management.
                                                                                                                                      November 17, 2008

Agriculture committees will see leadership changes
  Seven members of the House                                                            tee who won’t be back in Janu-                Lugar probably would decline in
Agriculture Committee—three                  • The House Agriculture Committee has      ary include Reps. Nancy Boyda                 order to remain ranking member
Democrats and four Republicans                 46 members. There are eight vacan-       (D-Kan.), Nicholas Lampson (D-                of the Senate Foreign Relations
—lost their re-election bids on                cies on the committee due to the re-     Texas), Tim Mahoney (D-Fla.),                 Committee or—and this is a long
Nov. 4.                                        cent general election.                   Randy Kuhl (R-N.Y.) and Tim Wal-              shot—if he is appointed by Presi-
  While Rep. Collin Peterson (D-                                                        berg (R-Mich.). Rep. Terry Everett            dent-elect Barack Obama to be
                                             • The Senate Agriculture Committee
Minn.) will continue to chair the                                                       (R-Ala.), the second-most senior              secretary of state, as has been ru-
                                               has 21 members. There may be two
committee, ranking member Rep.                                                          minority member, is retiring.                 mored to be under consideration.
Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) may step                 vacancies, depending on the out-           The carnage is less severe on the             Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.),
down because of term limits fol-               come of a runoff election in Georgia     Senate side, where all but two                ranking member of the Nutrition
lowed by members of the Repub-                 and a recount in Minnesota.              members of the Agriculture Com-               and Food Assistance, Sustainable
lican Conference. If he does, the                                                       mittee are certain to return in 2009.         and Organic Agriculture & Gener-
next in line for the ranking                committee, lost to Democrat                   Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.),               al Legislation Subcommittee, has
member position is Rep. Frank               Betsy Markey.                               the committee’s current ranking               to wait for the outcome of a re-
Lucas (R-Okla.), a farmer and                 Either Goodlatte or whoever re-           member, is in a runoff with Dem-              count in his race against Demo-
staunch defender of private                 places him as the new ranking               ocratic challenger Jim Martin.                crat Al Franken. On Nov. 4, Cole-
property rights, although se-               member of the full committee                The race will be decided Dec. 2.              man was ahead by 725 votes, but
niority need not be followed in             will appoint new ranking mem-               Chambliss was ahead 50-47 per-                that has narrowed to now just
selecting a rankng member.                  bers of the two subcommittees in            cent on Nov. 4, but because nei-              206. The race won’t be decided
  There will be more change at              the very early days of the new              ther candidate garnered more                  until mid-December.
the subcommittee level, where               Congress in January.                        than 50 percent, state law re-                  Franken, a former comedian
two ranking members lost their                Republicans have a different              quired a runoff.                              and progressive talk radio host,
races. Rep. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.)            selection process than Democrats,             It’s a tough race for Chambliss,            has promised Minnesota’s farm-
is ranking on the Livestock,                who select ranking members by               with the Democratic Senatorial                ers that he will seek a seat on the
Dairy & Poultry Subcommittee.               caucus.                                     Campaign Committee now able                   Agriculture Committee if he wins.
However, he lost to Democrat                  The House Agriculture Commit-             to concentrate its resources on                 Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa),
Larry Kissell and won’t return              tee next year will continue its             winning in the traditionally Re-              chairman of the committee, was
as a member of the 111th Con-               oversight of farm bill implementa-          publican state. If Chambliss loses,           up for re-election and won. He
gress. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-            tion, as well as tackle regulation          Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), a                will continue to chair the com-
Colo.), ranking member of the               of commodity futures trading                long-time critic of federal sugar             mittee and is expected to focus
Specialty Crops, Rural Develop-             and USDA organizational issues.             policies, would be the next in line           on rural development and farm
ment & Foreign Agriculture Sub-               Other members of the commit-              in terms of seniority. However,               bill implementation.

Democrats increase their majority in the House
       *  Incumbent         5 Doris Matsui, D*                Brian Gibson, R           4 Jim Himes, D**             25 Mario Diaz-Balart, R*      8 Melissa Bean, D*
     ** New member            Paul Smith, R                37 Laura Richardson, D*        Christopher Shays, R*         Joe Garcia, D                Steven Greenberg, R
   ***  Race undecided      6 Lynn Woolsey, D*             38 Grace F. Napolitano, D*   5 Christopher Murphy, D*                                   9 Jan Schakowsky, D*
                                                           39 Linda Sánchez, D*                                      Georgia
Alabama                       Mike Halliwell, R                                           David Cappiello, R                                         Michael Younan, R
                            7 George Miller, D*               Diane Lenning, R                                       1 Jack Kingston, R*           10 Mark Kirk, R*
1 Jo Bonner, R*                                            40 Ed Royce, R*              Delaware                       Bill Gillespie, D
                              Roger Petersen, R                                                                                                        Joseph Daniel, D
2 Bobby Bright, D                                             Christina Avalos, D       AL Michael Castle, R*        2 Sanford D. Bishop Jr., D*
                            8 Nancy Pelosi, D*                                                                                                     11 Debbie Halvorson, D**
  Jay Love, R                                              41 Jerry Lewis, R*              Karen Hartley-Nagle, D      Lee Ferrell, R
                              Dana Walsh, R                                                                                                            Martin Ozinga, R
3 Mike Rogers, R*                                             Tim Prince, D                                          3 Lynn Westmoreland, R*
                            9 Barbara Lee, D*                                           Florida                                                    12 Jerry Costello, D*
  Joshua Segall, D                                         42 Gary G. Miller, R*                                       Stephen Camp, R
                              Charles Hargrave, R                                                                                                      Tim Richardson Jr., R
4 Robert Aderholt, R*                                         Ed Chau, D                1 Jeff Miller, R*            4 Hank Johnson, D*
                            10 Ellen O. Tauscher, D*                                                                                               13 Judy Biggert, R*
  Nicholas Sparks, D                                       43 Joe Baca, D*                James Bryan, D             5 John Lewis, D*
                                Nicholas Gerber, R                                                                                                     Scott Harper, D
5 Parker Griffith, D**                                        John Roberts, R           2 Allen Boyd, D*             6 Tom Price, R*
                            11 Jerry McNerney, D*                                                                                                  14 Bill Foster, D*
  Wayne Parker Jr, R                                       44 Ken Calvert, R*             Mark Mulligan, R             William Jones, D
                                Dean Andal, R                                                                                                          James Oberweis, R
6 Spencer Bachus, R*                                          Bill Hedrick, D           3 Corrine Brown, D*          7 John Linder, R*
                            12 Jackie Speier, D*                                                                                                   15 Timothy Johnson, R*
7 Artur Davis, D*                                          45 Mary Bono Mack, R*        4 Ander Crenshaw, R*           Douglas Heckman, D
                                Greg Conlon, R                                                                                                         Steve Cox , D
Alaska                      13 Pete Stark, D*                 Julie Bornstein, D          Jay McGovern, D            8 Jim Marshall, D*            16 Donald Manzullo, R*
                                Raymond Chui, R            46 Dana Rohrabacher, R*      5 Ginny Brown-Waite, R*        Richard Goddard, R
AL Don Young, R*                                                                                                                                       Robert G. Abboud, D
                            14 Anna G. Eshoo, D*              Debbie Cook, D              John Russell, D            9 Nathan Deal, R*
   Ethan Berkowitz, D                                                                                                                              17 Phil Hare, D*
                                Ronny Santana, R           47 Loretta Sanchez, D*       6 Cliff Stearns, R*            Jeff Scott, D               18 Aaron Schock, R**
Arizona                     15 Michael M. Honda, D            Rosie Avila, R              Tim Cunha, D               10 Paul Broun, R*                 Colleen Callahan, D
                                Joyce Cordi, R             48 John Campbell, R*         7 John Mica, R*                  William Saxon, D
1 Ann Kirkpatrick, D**                                                                                                                             19 John Shimkus, R*
                            16 Zoe Lofgren, D*                Steve Young, D              Faye Armitage, D           11 Phil Gingrey, R*
  Sydney Hay, R                                                                                                                                        Paul Daniel, D
                                Charel Winston, R          49 Darrell Issa, R*          8 Alan Grayson, D**              Hugh Gammon, D
2 Trent Franks, R
                            17 Sam Farr, D*                   Robert Hamilton, D          Ric Keller R*              12 John Barrow, D*            Indiana
  John Thrasher, D
                                Jeff Taylor, R             50 Brian Bilbray, R*         9 Gus Bilirakis, R*              John Ewin Stone, R        1 Peter Visclosky, D*
3 John Shadegg, R*
                            18 Dennis Cardoza, D*             Nicholas Leibham, D         Bill Mitchell, D           13 David Scott, D*              Mark Leyva, R
  Robert James Lord, D
                            19 George Radanovich, R*       51 Bob Filner, D*            10 C.W. Bill Young, R*           Deborah Travis            2 Joe Donnelly, D*
4 Ed Pastor, D*
                            20 Jim Costa, D*                  David Joy, R                 Bob Hackworth, D                 Honeycutt, R             Luke Puckett, R
  Doug Karg, R
                                Jim Lopez, R               52 Duncan Hunter, R**        11 Kathy Castor, D*                                        3 Mark Souder, R*
5 Harry E. Mitchell, D*                                                                                              Hawaii
                            21 Devin Nunes, R*                Mike Lumpkin, D              Eddie Adams Jr., R                                        Michael Anthony
  David Schweikert, R
                                Larry Johnson, D           53 Susan Davis, D*           12 Adam H. Putnam, R*        1 Neil Abercrombie, D*             Montagano, D
6 Jeff Flake, R*
                            22 Kevin McCarthy, R*             Michael Crimmins, R          Douglas Tudor, D            Steven Tataii, R            4 Steve Buyer, R*
  Rebbeca Schneide, D
                            23 Lois Capps, D*                                           13 Vern Buchanan, R*         2 Mazie Hirono, D*              Nels Ackerson, D
7 Raúl Grijalva, D*                                        Colorado
                                Matt Kokkonen, R                                           Christine Jennings, D       Robert Evans, R             5 Dan Burton, R*
  Joseph Sweeney, R                                        1 Diana DeGette, D*
                            24 Elton Gallegly, R*                                       14 Connie Mack, R*                                           Mary Etta Ruley, D
8 Gabrielle Giffords, D*                                     George Lilly, R                                         Idaho
                                Marta Ann Jorgensen, D                                     Robert Neeld Jr., R                                     6 Mike Pence, R*
  Timothy Bee, R                                           2 Jared Polis, D**                                        1 Walt Minnick, D**
                            25 Buck McKeon, R*                                          15 Bill Posey, R**                                           Barry Alan Welsh, D
Arkansas                                                     Scott Howard Starin, R        Stephen Blythe, D           William Sali, R*
                                Jacquese Conaway, D                                                                                                7 André Carson, D*
                                                           3 John Salazar, D*           16 Tom Rooney, R**           2 Mike Simpson, R*
1 Marion Berry, D*          26 David Dreier, R*                                                                                                      Gabrielle Campo, R
                                                             Wayne Wolf, R                 Tim Mahoney, D*             Deborah Holmes, D
2 Vic Snyder, D*                Russell Warner, D                                                                                                  8 Brad Ellsworth, D*
  Deborah Farland, Green                                   4 Betsy Markey, D**          17 Kendrick B. Meek, D*      Illinois                        Gregory Goode, R
                            27 Brad Sherman, D*
3 John Boozman, R*                                           Marilyn Musgrave, R*       18 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R*                                 9 Baron Hill, D*
                                Navraj Singh, R                                                                      1 Bobby Rush, D*
  Abel Tomlinson, Green                                    5 Doug Lamborn, R*              Annette Taddeo, D                                         Michael E. Sodrel, R
                            28 Howard Berman, D*                                                                         Antoine Members, R
4 Mike Ross, D*                                              Harold Bidlack, D          19 Robert Wexler, D*
                            29 Adam Schiff, D*                                                                       2 Jesse Jackson Jr., D*       Iowa
  Joshua Drake, Green                                      6 Mike Coffman, R               Edward Lynch, R
                                Charles Hahn, R                                                                          Anthony Williams, R
                                                             Henry H. Eng, D            20 Debbie Wasserman                                        1 Bruce Braley, D*
California                  30 Henry Waxman, D*                                                                      3 Daniel Lipinski, D*
                                                           7 Ed Perlmutter, D*                 Schultz, D*                                           David Hartsuch, R
                            31 Xavier Becerra, D*                                                                        Michael Hawkins, R
1 Mike Thompson, D*                                          John Lerew, R              21 Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R*                                 2 Dave Loebsack, D*
                            32 Hilda Solis, D*                                                                       4 Luis Gutierrez, D*
  Zane Starkewolf, R        33 Diane Watson, D*            Connecticut                     Raul Martinez, D                                          Marianette Miller-Meeks, R
                                                                                        22 Ron Klein, D*                 Daniel Cunningham , R
2 Wally Herger, R*              David Crowley, R                                                                                                   3 Leonard Boswell, D*
                                                           1 John Larson, D*               Allen West, R             5 Rahm Emanuel, D*
  Jeff Morris, D            34 Lucille Roybal-Allard, D                                                                                              Kim Schmett, R
                                                             Joseph Visconti, R         23 Alcee Hastings, D*            Tom Hanson, R
3 Dan Lungren, R*               Christopher Balding, R                                                                                             4 Tom Latham, R*
                                                           2 Joe Courtney, D*              Marion Dennis             6 Peter Roskam, R*
  Bill Durston, D           35 Maxine Waters, D*                                                                                                     Becky Greenwald, D
                                                             Sean Patrick Sullivan, R          Thorpe Jr., R             Jill Morgenthaler, D
4 Tom McClintock, R** ***       Ted Hayes, R                                                                                                       5 Steve King, R*
                                                           3 Rosa DeLauro, D*           24 Suzanne Kosmas, D**       7 Danny Davis, D*
  Charlie Brown, D** ***    36 Jane Harman, D*                                                                                                       Rob Hubler, D
                                                             Boaz ItsHaky, R               Tom Charles Feeney, R*        Steven Miller, R
November 17, 2008                                                       

Democrats increase their majority in the House
Kansas                             Kilpatrick, D*           13 Albio Sires, D*             Steve Chabot, R*           South Carolina                     Eric Story, R
1 Jerry Moran, R*                Edward Gubics, R              Joseph Turula, R          2 Jean Schmidt, R*           1 Henry Brown Jr., R*           30 Eddie Bernice
  James Bordonaro, D          14 John Conyers Jr., D*                                      Victoria Wulsin, D           Linda Ketner, D                    Johnson, D*
                                                            New Mexico
2 Lynn Jenkins, R**           15 John D. Dingell, D*                                     3 Michael Turner, R*         2 Joe Wilson, R*                   Fred Wood, R
                                 John Lynch, R              1 Martin Heinrich, D**         Jane Mitakides, D                                          31 John Carter, R*
  Nancy Boyda, D*                                                                                                       Robert Miller, D
                                                              Darren White, R            4 Jim Jordan, R*                                             32 Pete Sessions, R*
3 Dennis Moore, D*            Minnesota                                                                               3 J. Gresham Barrett, R*
                                                            2 Harry Teague, D **           Mike Carroll, D                                               Eric Roberson, D
  Nick Jordan, R                                                                                                        Jane Dyer, D
                              1 Tim Walz, D*                  Edward Tinsley, R          5 Bob Latta, R*
4 Todd Tiahrt, R*                                                                                                     4 Bob Inglis, R*                Utah
                                Brian Davis, R              3 Ben Ray Luján, D **          George Mays, D
  Donald Betts Jr., D                                                                                                   Paul Corden, D
                              2 John Kline, R*                Daniel East, R             6 Charlie Wilson, D*                                         1 Rob Bishop, R*
                                                                                                                      5 John Spratt Jr., D*
Kentucky                        Stephen Sarvi, D                                           Richard Stobbs, R                                            Morgan Bowen, D
                                                            New York                                                    Albert Spencer, R
1 Ed Whitfield, R*            3 Erik Paulsen, R**                                        7 Steve Austria, R**                                         2 Jim Matheson, D*
                                                            1 Timothy Bishop, D*                                      6 James Clyburn, D*
  Heather Ryan, D               Jigar Madia, D                                             Sharen Neuhardt, D                                           Bill Dew, R
                                                              Lee Zeldin, R                                             Nancy Harrelson, R
2 Brett Guthrie, R**          4 Betty McCollum, D*                                       8 John Boehner, R*                                           3 Jason Chaffetz, R **
                                Edward Matthews, R          2 Steve Israel, D*             Nick von Stein, D          South Dakota                      Bennion Spencer, D
  David Boswell, D
                              5 Keith Ellison, D*             Frank Stalzer, R           9 Marcy Kaptur, D*
3 John Yarmuth, D*                                                                                                    AL Stephanie Herseth            Vermont
                                Barbara White, R            3 Peter King, R*               Bradley Leavitt, R
  Anne Northup, R                                                                                                          Sandlin, D*
                              6 Michele Bachmann, R*          Graham Long, D             10 Dennis Kucinich, D*                                       AL Peter Welch, D*
4 Geoff Davis, R*                                                                                                        Chris Lien, R
                                Elwyn Tinklenberg, D        4 Carolyn McCarthy, D*           Jim Trakas, R
  Michael Kelley, D                                                                                                                                   Virginia
                              7 Collin Peterson, D*           Jack Martins, R            11 Marcia Fudge, D**         Tennessee
5 Harold Rogers, R*                                                                                                                                   1 Rob Wittman, R*
                                Glen Menze, R               5 Gary Ackerman, D*              Thomas Pekarek, R        1 Phil Roe, R**
6 Ben Chandler, D*                                                                                                                                      Bill Day, D
                              8 James Oberstar, D*            Elizabeth Berney, R        12 Pat Tiberi, R*              Robert Russell, D
  Jon Larson, R                                                                                                                                       2 Glenn Nye, D**
                                Michael Cummins, R          6 Gregory Meeks, D*              David Robinson, D        2 Jimmy Duncan Jr., R*
Louisiana                                                   7 Joseph Crowley, D*                                                                        Thelma Drake, R*
                              Mississippi                                                13 Betty Sutton, D*            Bob Scott, D
                                                              William Britt Jr., R                                                                    3 Robert Scott, D*
1 Steve Scalise, R*                                                                          David Potter, R          3 Zach Wamp, R*
                              1 Travis Childers, D*         8 Jerrold Nadler, D*                                                                      4 Randy Forbes, R*
  James Harlan, D                                                                        14 Steven LaTourette, R*       Doug Vandagriff, D
                                Charles Davis, R              Grace Linn, R                                                                             Andrea Miller, D
2 William Jefferson, D* ***                                                                  William O’Neill, D       4 Lincoln Davis, D*
                              2 Bennie Thompson, D*         9 Anthony Weiner, D*                                                                      5 Tom Perriello, D** ***
  Joseph Cao, R                                                                          15 Steve Stivers, R***         Monty Lankford, R
                                Richard Cook, R             10 Edolphus Towns, D                                                                        Virgil Goode Jr., R* ***
3 Charlie Melancon, D*                                                                       Mary Jo Kilroy, D***     5 Jim Cooper, D*
                              3 Gregg Harper, R**               Salvatore Grupico, R                                                                  6 Robert Goodlatte, R*
4 John Fleming, R** ***                                                                  16 John Boccieri, D**          Gerard Donovan, R
                                Joel Gill, D                11 Yvette Clarke, D*                                                                        Sam Rasoul, D
  Paul Carmouche, D** ***                                                                    Kirk Schuring, R         6 Bart Gordon, D*
                              4 Gene Taylor, D*                 Hugh Carr, R                                                                          7 Eric Cantor, R*
5 Rodney Alexander, R*                                                                   17 Tim Ryan, D*              7 Marsha Blackburn, R*
                                John McCay, R               12 Nydia Velázquez, D*                                                                      Anita Hartke, D
6 Bill Cassidy, R**                                                                          Duane Grassell, R          Randy Morris, D
                                                                Allan Romaguera, R                                                                    8 James Moran, D*
  Donald Cazayoux, D*         Missouri                                                   18 Zack Space, D*            8 John Tanner, D*
                                                            13 Michael McMahon, D**                                                                     Mark Ellmore, R
7 Charles Boustany Jr., R*                                                                   Fred Dailey, R           9 Steve Cohen, D*
                              1 William Lacy Clay, D*           Robert Straniere, R                                                                   9 Rick Boucher, D*
  Don Cravins, D
                              2 Todd Akin, R*               14 Carolyn Maloney, D*       Oklahoma                     Texas                           10 Frank Wolf, R*
Maine                           William Haas, D                 Robert Heim, R           1 John Sullivan, R*          1 Louie Gohmert, R*                 Judy Feder, D
1 Chellie Pingree, D**        3 Russ Carnahan, D*           15 Charles Rangel, D*          Georgianna Oliver, D       2 Ted Poe, R*                   11 Gerald Connolly, D**
  Charles Summers, R            Christopher Sander, R           Edward Daniels, R        2 Dan Boren, D*                Craig Wolfe, Libertarian          Keith Fimian, R
2 Michael Michaud, D*         4 Ike Skelton, D*             16 José Serrano, D*            Raymond Wickson, R         3 Sam Johnson, R*               Washington
  John Frary, R                 Jeffrey Parnell, R              Ali Mohamed, R           3 Frank Lucas, R*              Thomas Daley, D
                              5 Emanuel Cleaver, D*         17 Eliot Engel, D*                                                                        1 Jay Inslee, D*
                                                                                           Frankie Robbins, D         4 Ralph Hall, R*
Maryland                        Jacob Turk, R                   Robert Goodman, R                                                                       Larry Ishmael, R
                                                                                         4 Tom Cole, R*                 Glenn Melancon, D
1 Frank Kratovil Jr., D**     6 Sam Graves, R*              18 Nita Lowey, D*                                                                         2 Rick Larsen, D*
                                                                                           Blake Cummings, D          5 Jeb Hensarling, R*
  Andy Harris, R                Kay Barnes, R                   Jim Russell, R                                                                          Robert Bart, R
                                                                                         5 Mary Fallin, R*            6 Joe Barton, R*
2 Dutch Ruppersberger, D*     7 Roy Blunt, R*               19 John Hall, D*                                                                          3 Brian Baird, D*
                                                                                           Steven Perry, D              Ludwig Otto, D
  Richard Matthews, R           Richard Monroe, D               Kieran Lalor, R                                                                         Michael Delavar, R
                                                                                                                      7 John Culberson, R*
3 John Sarbanes, D*           8 Jo Ann Emerson, R*          20 Kirsten Gillibrand, D*    Oregon                                                       4 Doc Hastings, R*
                                                                                                                        Michael Skelly, D
  Thomas Harris, R              Joseph Allen, D                 Sandy Treadwell, R       1 David Wu, D*                                                 George Fearing, D
                                                                                                                      8 Kevin Brady, R*
4 Donna Edwards, D*           9 Blaine Luetkemeyer, R**     21 Paul Tonko, D**             Joel Haugen, R                                             5 Cathy McMorris
                                                                                                                      9 Al Green, D*
  Peter James, R                Judith Baker, D                 Jim Buhrmaster, R        2 Greg Walden, R*                                                  Rodgers, R*
                                                                                                                      10 Michael McCaul, R*
5 Steny Hoyer, D*                                           22 Maurice D. Hinchey, D*      Noah Lemas, D                                                Roy Mays Jr., D
                              Montana                                                                                    Larry Doherty, D
  Collins Bailey, R                                             George Phillips, R       3 Earl Blumenauer, D*                                        6 Norm Dicks, D*
                                                                                                                      11 Michael Conaway, R*
6 Roscoe Bartlett, R*         AL Denny Rehberg, R*          23 John McHugh, R*             Dee Lopez, R                                                 Doug Cloud, R
                                                                                                                      12 Kay Granger, R*
  Jennifer Dougherty, D          John Driscoll, D               Michael Oot, D           4 Peter DeFazio, D*                                          7 Jim McDermott, D*
                                                                                                                         Tracey Smith, D
7 Elijah E. Cummings, D*                                    24 Michael Arcuri, D*        5 Kurt Schrader, D**                                           Steve Beren, R
                              Nebraska                                                                                13 Mac Thornberry, R*
  Michael Hargadon, R                                           Richard Hanna, R           Mike Erickson, R                                           8 Dave Reichert, R* ***
                              1 Jeff Fortenberry, R*                                                                     Roger Waun, D
8 Chris Van Hollen, D*                                      25 Dan Maffei, D **                                                                         Darcy Burner, D** ***
                                Max Yashirin, D                                          Pennsylvania                 14 Ron Paul, R*
  Steve Hudson, R                                               Dale Sweetland , R                                                                    9 Adam Smith, D*
                              2 Lee Terry, R*                                                                         15 Rubén Hinojosa, D*
                                                            26 Christopher Lee, R**      1 Robert Brady, D*                                             James Postma, R
Massachusetts                   Jim Esch, D                                                                              Eddie Zamora, R
                                                                Alice Kryzan, D            Mike Muhammad, R           16 Silvestre Reyes, D*          West Virginia
1 John Olver, D*              3 Adrian Smith, R*                                         2 Chaka Fattah, D*
                               Jay Stoddard, D              27 Brian Higgins, D*                                         Mette Baker, Libertarian     1 Alan B. Mollohan, D*
  Nathan Bech, R                                                Daniel Humiston, R         Adam Lang, R               17 Chet Edwards, D*
2 Richard Neal, D*                                                                       3 Kathy Dahlkemper, D**                                      2 Shelley Moore Capito, R*
                              Nevada                        28 Louise M. Slaughter, D*                                   Rob Curnock, R
3 Jim McGovern, D*                                                                         Phil English, R*                                             Barth Anne, D
                              1 Shelley Berkley, D*             David Crimmen, R                                      18 Sheila Jackson Lee, D*       3 Nick J. Rahall, D*
4 Barney Frank, D*                                          29 Eric Massa, D **          4 Jason Altmire, D*             John Faulk, R
                                Kenneth Wegner, R                                                                                                       Gary Gearheart, R
  Earl Sholley, R                                               Randy Kuhl, R*             Melissa Hart, R            19 Randy Neugebauer, R*
                              2 Dean Heller, R*
5 Niki Tsongas, D*                                                                       5 Glenn Thompson, R**           Dwight Fullingim, D          Wisconsin
                                Jill Derby, D               North Carolina
6 John Tierney, D*                                                                         Mark McCracken, D          20 Charlie Gonzalez, D*
                              3 Dina Titus, D**                                                                                                       1 Paul Ryan, R*
  Richard Baker, R                                          1 G.K. Butterfield, D*       6 Jim Gerlach, R*               Robert Litoff, R
                                Jon Porter, R*                                                                                                          Marge Krupp, D
7 Edward Markey, D*                                           Dean Stephens, R             Bob Roggio, D              21 Lamar Smith, R*              2 Tammy Baldwin, D*
  John Cunningham, R          New Hampshire                 2 Bob Etheridge, D*          7 Joe Sestak, D*             22 Pete Olson, R**                Peter Theron, R
8 Michael Capuano, D*         1 Carol Shea-Porter, D*         Danny Mansell, R             Craig Williams, R             Nicholas Lampson, D*         3 Ron Kind, D*
9 Stephen Lynch, D*             Jeb Bradley, R              3 Walter Jones, R*           8 Patrick Murphy, D*         23 Ciro Rodriguez, D*             Paul Stark, R
10 Bill Delahunt, D*          2 Paul Hodes, D*                Craig Weber, D               Tom Manion, R                 Lyle Larson, R               4 Gwen Moore, D*
Michigan                        Jennifer Horn, R            4 David Price, D*            9 Bill Shuster, R*           24 Kenny Marchant, R*           5 James Sensenbrenner Jr., R*
                                                              B.J. Lawson Jr., R           Tony Barr, D                  Thomas Love, D               6 Tom Petri, R*
1 Bart Stupak, D*             New Jersey                    5 Virginia Foxx, R*          10 Christopher Carney, D*
  Thomas Casperson, R                                                                                                 25 Lloyd Doggett, D*              Roger Kittelson, D
                              1 Robert Andrews, D*            Roy Carter, D                  Christopher Hackett, R      George Morovich, R           7 David Obey, D*
2 Peter Hoekstra, R*            Dale Glading, R             6 Howard Coble, R*           11 Paul Kanjorski, D*
  Fred Johnson, D                                                                                                     26 Michael Burgess, R*            Daniel Mielke, R
                              2 Frank LoBiondo, R*            Teresa Bratton, D              Louis Barletta, R           Ken Leach, D                 8 Steve Kagen, D*
3 Vernon Ehlers, R*             David Kurkowski, D          7 Mike McIntyre, D*          12 John Murtha, D*
  Henry Sanchez, D                                                                                                    27 Solomon Ortiz, D*              John Gard, R
                              3 John Adler, D**               Will Breazeale, R              William Russell, R          Willie Vaden, R
4 Dave Camp, R*                 Chris Myers, R              8 Larry Kissell, D**         13 Allyson Schwartz, D*                                      Wyoming
  Andrew Concannon, D                                                                                                 28 Henry Cuellar, D*
                              4 Christopher Smith, R*         Robin Hayes, R*                Marina Kats, R              Jim Fish, R                  AL Cynthia M. Lummis, R**
5 Dale Kildee, D*               Josh Zeitz, R               9 Sue Myrick, R*             14 Mike Doyle, D*            29 Gene Green, D*                  Gary Trauner, D
  Matthew Sawicki, R          5 Scott Garrett, R*             Harry Taylor, D            15 Charlie Dent, R*
6 Fred Upton, R*                Dennis Shulman, D           10 Patrick McHenry, R*           Sam Bennett, D
  Don Cooney, D               6 Frank Pallone Jr., D*          Daniel Johnson, D         16 Joe Pitts, D*
7 Mark Schauer, D**             Robert McLeod, R            11 Heath Shuler, D*              Bruce Slater, D
  Tim Walberg, R*             7 Leonard Lance, R**             Ralph Mumpower, R         17 Tim Holden, D*
8 Mike Rogers, R*               Linda Stender, D            12 Melvin Watt, D*               Toni Gilhooley, R
  Robert Alexander, D         8 Bill Pascrell Jr., D*          Ty Cobb Jr., R            18 Tim Murphy, R*
9 Gary Peters, D**              Roland Straten, R           13 Brad Miller, D*               Steve O’Donnell, D
  Joseph Knollenberg, R*      9 Steven Rothman, D*             Hugh Webster, R           19 Todd Platts, R*
10 Candice Miller, R*           Vincent Micco, R                                             Philip Avillo Jr., D
    Robert D. Denison, D                                    North Dakota
                              10 Donald Payne, D*
11 Thaddeus McCotter, R*                                    AL Earl Pomeroy, D*          Rhode Island
                              11 Rodney Frelinghuysen, R*
    Joseph Larkin, D              Tom Wyka, D                  Duane Sand, R             1 Patrick Kennedy, D*
12 Sander Levin, D*           12 Rush Holt, D*                                             Jon Scott, R
    Bert Copple, R                                          Ohio                                                      Democrats = 256               Independents     =0
                                  Alan Bateman, R                                        2 Jim Langevin, D*
13 Carolyn Cheeks                                           1 Steve Driehaus, D**          Mark Zaccaria, R           Republicans = 174             Vacant/Undecided = 5
                                                                                                                               November 17, 2008

Senate elections boost Democratic majority
                 *  Incumbent              Kansas                                Nebraska                              Tennessee
      **  Elected in special election — 
                                             Pat Roberts, R*                       Mike Johanns, R                       Lamar Alexander, R*
              Term ends in 2012  
                                             Jim Slattery, D                       Scott Kleeb, D                        Bob Tuke, D
                                           Kentucky                              New Hampshire                         Texas
   Jeff Sessions, R*
  Vivian Davis Figures, D                    Mitch McConnell, R*                   Jeanne Shaheen, D                     John Cornyn, R*
                                             Bruce Lunsford, D                     John E. Sununu, R*                    Rick Noriega, D
                                           Louisiana                             New Jersey                            Virginia
   Ted Stevens, R*
   Mark Begich, D                            Mary L. Landrieu, D*                  Frank R. Lautenberg, D*               Mark Warner, D
   Ballot counting continues                 John Kennedy, R                       Dick Zimmer, R                        James S. Gilmore III, R
Arkansas                                   Maine                                 New Mexico                            West Virginia
   Mark Pryor, D*                            Susan Collins, R*                     Tom Udall, D                          John D. Rockefeller IV, D*
  Rebekah Kennedy, G                         Tom Allen, D                          Steve Pearce, R                       Jay Wolfe, R
Colorado                                   Massachusetts                         North Carolina                        Wyoming
  Mark Udall, D                                                                    Kay Hagan, D
  Bob Schaffer, R                            John Kerry, D*                                                              Michael B. Enzi, R*
                                             Jeff Beatty, R                        Elizabeth Dole, R*                    Chris Rothfuss, D
Delaware                                                                         Oklahoma                                John Barrasso, R* **
  Joseph R. Biden Jr., D*                                                                                                Nick Carter, D
                                             Carl Levin, D*                        James M. Inhofe, R*
  Christine O’Donnell, R
                                             Jack Hoogendyk Jr., R                 Andrew Rice, D
  Saxby Chambliss, R*                      Minnesota
  Jim Martin, D                                                                    Jeff Merkley, D
                                             Norm Coleman, R*                      Gordon H. Smith, R*
  Run-off election Dec. 2                    Al Franken, D
Idaho                                        Recount                             Rhode Island
   Jim Risch, R                            Mississippi                             Jack Reed, D*
   Larry LaRocco, D                                                                Robert G. Tingle, R
                                             Thad Cochran, R*
Illinois                                     Erik Fleming, D                     South Carolina
    Richard J. Durbin, D*                    Roger Wicker, R* **                   Lindsey Graham, R*
    Steve Sauerberg, R                       Ronnie Musgrove, D                    Bob Conley, D                       Democrats                          =      55
Iowa                                       Montana                               South Dakota                          Republicans                        =      40
   Tom Harkin, D*                            Max Baucus, D*                        Tim Johnson, D*                     Independents                       =       2
  Christopher Reed, R                        Bob Kelleher, R                       Joel Dykstra, R                     Vacant/Undecided                   =       3

Farmers face new political landscape in 2009
Continued from page 3                      proof super-majority, and they        ers and consumers alike. Egg          in other states, so if you haven’t
eases the deadlock that has so             will still need to reach across the   farmers will go out of business,      experienced it yet, look for a
often prevented Congress from              aisle.                                and consumers will get more eggs      Prop 2-type of attack on animal
getting things done, such as im-             There’s been a lot of talk about    from hens that are more likely to     agriculture on a ballot near you.
migration reform. But this shift           how historical this election is. As   come into contact with migra-           But after two long years of cam-
also will make it easier for the           a result of the passage of Proposi-   tory and wild birds carrying bird     paign speeches, robo-calls, “My
administration and Democrats in            tion 2 in California, which bans      flu and other diseases.               Friends” and “Looks,” most of us
Congress to get their legislative          egg laying hen cages, egg produc-       Well-financed animal rights         are just glad it’s all over. Now, it’s
initiatives passed without having          tion most likely will be history in   groups succeeded by appealing to      time to get to work!
to compromise with Republicans.            that state.                           voters’ emotions, rather than their
In the Senate, at least, Democrats           The ballot initiative will have     good sense. Those same groups         Lynne Finnerty is the editor of
will be just shy of a filibuster-          negative consequences for farm-       will try to replicate that success    FBNews.

     Farm Bureau calls for new approach to trade talks
     Continued from page 1                 round in November 2001 with a         that are currently hindering          says it will cut subsidies if its
       The Doha round of global            goal of reaching a deal by 2005.      trade and further damaging glo-       farmers are able to access more
     trade negotiations, which were        The WTO has held two ministe-         bal economic markets,” he said.       customers around the globe.
     already stalled, broke down           rial-level meetings and several       “We can no longer sit by while          Stallman said it’s now time
     again last July over the opera-       “mini-ministerials” since 2001,       those who resist opening markets      to step back, reassess the nego-
     tion of a “special safeguard          with little progress as a result.     further contribute to the eco-        tiating process and seek an ap-
     mechanism” to address a sud-            The special G20 meeting, Nov.       nomic slowdown.”                      proach that allows parties
     den rise in imports, and other        15 in Washington, was called to         The G20 includes the world’s        committed to expanding trade
     longstanding market access            address the global financial crisis   largest economies, the Group          to move the process forward.
     issues. Disagreement over non-        and economic slowdown. Some           of Seven—Canada, France, Ger-           “It is imperative during this
     agricultural trade issues also        leaders, such as Brazilian Presi-     many, Italy, Japan, the United        ‘pause’ in the WTO talks that
     contributed to the stalemate.         dent Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva        Kingdom, the United States and        we develop a new format” that
       Stallman called for a new           and European Union Trade Com-         the countries of the European         allows the process to move
     way forward and cited the fail-       missioner Catherine Ashton, said      Union—as well as several devel-       ahead, Stallman said.
     ure of the current system that        the meeting should be an oppor-       oping, mid-level economies, such        “We’re not advocating try-
     requires all 153 member coun-         tunity to relaunch the trade          as China, India and Brazil.           ing to supplant the WTO be-
     tries of the World Trade Organ-       talks, and expanding world trade        The developing countries            cause it is a rules-based trading
     ization (WTO) to sign off on          was one way to boost economies.       are playing larger roles on the       system that exists and that
     any deal.                               AFBF supports expanding trade       world stage and in the global         works,” he added.
       “You can keep having minis-         through a WTO deal that opens         economy; however, some seem             Stallman said he is optimis-
     terials and keep failing, and         world markets. However, Stall-        to see the Doha round as just a       tic that the new administra-
     sooner or later someone has to        man said not all 153 members          way to get the U.S. and other         tion in Washington will wel-
     wake up,” said Stallman. “We          of the WTO are there to improve       developed countries to cut their      come ideas for a new approach
     need a new structure to move          trade flows, and their other inter-   farm subsidies, not as an obliga-     to advance global trade nego-
     forward.”                             ests and goals have gotten in the     tion to open their own markets        tiations as world leaders work
       The member countries of             way of an agreement.                  by cutting tariffs and other pro-     to bring about economic
     the WTO launched the Doha               “We need to remove barriers         tectionist measures. The U.S.         recovery.
November 17, 2008                                                    
                                                                                                                               |7       State FB Links

National Farm-City Week honors agriculture
Thanksgiving is a time to count             Farm-City Council. “While it’s               will accept the award at the
our many blessings. The week be-            important to honor them                      Farm-City Luncheon.
fore Thanksgiving, Nov. 21-27, is           throughout the year, it’s especial-            The council also will recognize
a time to be particularly thankful          ly appropriate to remember their             the Farm Bureaus in Chester and
for America’s farmers and ranch-            efforts in this week leading up to           Darlington counties in South
ers and the bounty that our                 Thanksgiving.”                               Carolina; Pickens and St. Clair
farms provide.                                The council will hold its an-              counties in Alabama; and Chau-
  National Farm-City Week, pro-             nual meeting and observance of               tauqua, Long Island and Orleans
claimed by the president every              Farm-City Week on Nov. 20 in                 counties in New York for their
year since 1955, always begins the          Birmingham, Ala. This year’s                 agricultural education and ou-
Friday before Thanksgiving and              theme is “Combating Hunger in                treach work.
ends on Thanksgiving. The event             America,” which is especially fit-             However, Farm-City Week is
recognizes the links between pro-           ting since at this year’s event a            as much a grassroots effort as
ducers and the consumers they               biography of Nobel Peace Prize               a national event, with various
take care and pride in feeding.             Laureate Norman Borlaug, The                 community celebrations taking
  “The National Farm-City Week              Man Who Fed the World, will be               place around the country. For ex-
is a time to remember the grow-             honored as the American Farm                 ample, Herman and Corrine Sell-
ers and ranchers—and all within             Bureau Foundation for Agricul-               ers of Hazlehurst, Ga., will host a
the production chain—who work               ture’s Book of the Year. Borlaug             Farm-City Day on their farm, as
to provide us with the food we              developed high-yielding vari-                they have for the last 13 years.
have in this country and export             eties of crops and his work has                Visit the Farm-City Council on
throughout the world,” said All             helped alleviate world hunger.               the Web for more information                   
Pell, chairman of the National              The book’s author, Leon Hesser,              about National Farm-City Week.

State Focus
                                                                                                                                      Brad Harrison joined the Georgia
                                                                                                                                      Farm Bureau staff as a print/Web
                                                                                                                                      specialist. Harrison previously
                                                                                                                                      covered sports for The Robeso-
                                                                                                                                      nian, and Macon
Idaho overtakes New York                    Coalition to Support Iowa Farmers            Pennsylvania FB pleased with                 Telegraph.

for third in milk production                concerned about Great Lakes pact             court ruling in ag biosolids case            Michigan Farm Bureau has several
                                                                                                                                      new hires and promotions. Karen
Idaho passed New York in milk pro-          An agreement struck between the Iowa         Pennsylvania Farm Bureau applauded
                                                                                                                                      Stoneman has rejoined the or-
duction in July and now stands as the       Great Lakes Association (IGLA) and sever-    the Commonwealth Court’s decision
                                                                                                                                      ganization as a regional repre-
third largest milk producer in the U.S.,    al hog companies will limit opportunities    to deny an attempt to dismiss a law-
                                                                                                                                      sentative. Andrew Kok has been
according to the Daily Dairy Report.        for independent family farmers, accord-      suit by the state’s attorney general to
                                                                                                                                      hired as senior assistant general
“Idaho’s production is up 8.74 percent      ing to the Coalition to Support Iowa’s       challenge an anti-agriculture biosolids
                                                                                                                                      counsel and assistant secretary;
on average over last year,” said Deana      Farmers (CSIF). Under the agreement,         ordinance. The court’s ruling blocks
                                                                                                                                      Jessica Jakubik and Jason Jaekel,
Sessions of the United Dairymen of          representatives of two Minnesota-based       East Brunswick Township’s effort to dis-
                                                                                                                                      regional representatives; and
Idaho. “So we’re not surprised that         operations and two operations in north-      miss a lawsuit brought by the attorney
                                                                                                                                      Nicole Campbell, legislative com-
Idaho now ranks third in the nation for     east Iowa agreed not to build new farms      general to challenge the township’s
                                                                                                                                      munications specialist and coor-
milk production. Idaho’s dairy produc-      or grow existing farms within four miles     ordinance to prohibit the use or land
                                                                                                                                      dinator. Patricia Cotter was pro-
ers are very efficient when it comes to     of the Great Lakes area. The operations      application of biosolids by corpora-
                                                                                                                                      moted to director of financial
producing a nutritious product that         would also have to share their construc-     tions for agricultural use. PFB says the
                                                                                                                                      services; Chuck Fitz, production
consumers enjoy in Idaho and across         tion proposals with the public if they       township’s biosolids ordinance, which
                                                                                                                                      manager for printing services;
the nation.” The vast majority of Idaho’s   want to build outside the buffer. “Those     is stricter than related state laws, was
                                                                                                                                      and Laura Hamlin, regional rep-
milk is exported out of the state to        who signed the agreement have the            designed to prevent an incorporated
                                                                                                                                      resentative. Also, Doug Ewald re-
other areas of the country and is used      ability to choose from a variety of build-   farming operation from continuing
                                                                                                                                      tired after 21 years of service. He
to produce cheese. Idaho unseated New       ing locations spanning several counties,     to receive and apply biosolids to its
                                                                                                                                      worked most recently as public
York from a spot it’s held for 36 years.    states and even countries. Local inde-       farmland. Application of biosolids for
                                                                                                                                      policy and elections specialist.
In July, Idaho produced 1.095 billion       pendent farmers don’t have this luxury,”     agricultural use was authorized under
pounds of milk, up 38 percent from four     said Aaron Putze, CSIF executive director.   a state permit and under the nutrient        Arkansas Farm Bureau hired
years earlier, while New York produced      “In addition, the agreement creates ad-      management plan filed by the farming         Gregg Patterson as communica-
1.058, up 6 percent from July 2004. Cali-   ditional confusion among area farmers        operation. The court’s decision did not      tions coordinator. Most recent-
fornia and Wisconsin, the No. 1 and No.     who raise livestock and ignores the fact     strike down the township’s ordinance,        ly, Patterson served as director
2 producing states, respectively, both      that no new livestock barns have re-         but it does allow the attorney general’s     of communications for Ducks
produce roughly three times as much         cently been constructed near the [Iowa]      office to continue with its challenge of     Unlimited.
milk as Idaho.                              Great Lakes.”                                the ordinance.

EPA’s new livestock, poultry operation rule sets tough new farm runoff standards
Continued from page 1                       pects of nutrient application un-            and agricultural groups, including           Waterkeeper Alliance, the lead
have implemented the plan.”                 der the CWA and, if the appro-               AFBF, challenged the 2003 CAFO             environmental group challeng-
  The new rule does not require             priate practices are not used, live-         rule in court. As a result, the 2nd        ing the 2003 rule, said it was
livestock and poultry operations            stock farms will be subject to               Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in          not happy with EPA’s revisions.
to have NPDES permits as long as            penalties. In addition, the regula-          2005 that EPA had the authority              Jeffrey Odefey, an attorney for
they do not discharge or propose to         tion requires that a producer ap-            to regulate only actual discharges,        the organization, said the rule
discharge. The no-discharge claim           plying for a discharge permit in-            not the potential to discharge.            was “an unworkable muddle”
must be supported by a third-party          clude a nutrient management                     However, the threat of further          that failed to offer “meaningful
assessment of their production              plan in the application.                     litigation has not been elimi-             protection of our nation’s waters
area. Although CAFOs with permits             “This means the public will                nated with publication of the              and communities.”
may have discharges under very              have the opportunity to com-                 new rule. “This regulation is                Issuing a more tempered re-
limited circumstances, they must            ment on the plan before it is fi-            partly the result of lawsuits filed        sponse, the National Pork Pro-
use the same sound management               nalized by EPA or state authori-             by environmental groups that               ducers Council called it a “tough
practices as non-permitted opera-           ties,” Parrish said.                         target agriculture, and it’s un-           but fair rule.” NPPC, like Farm
tions to avoid all discharges.                The rule revises a 2003 CAFO               likely such groups will back off           Bureau, emphasized how sweep-
  The rule fully regulates all as-          regulation. Both environmental               now,” Parrish explained.                   ing the policy changes are.
                                                                                                                                         November 17, 2008
Grassroots                           8|

 Classic Thanksgiving dinner remains affordable
   Menu items for a classic                                                                                                                   The 6-percent increase in na-
 Thanksgiving dinner includ-                                                                                                               tional average cost reported
 ing turkey, stuffing, cran-                                                                                                               this year by Farm Bureau for a
 berries, pumpkin pie and all                                                                                                              classic Thanksgiving dinner
 the basic trimmings will cost                                                                                                             tracks closely with the organi-
 just a bit more this year, but                                                                                                            zation’s quarterly marketbasket
 remain affordable, according                                                                                                              food surveys and the federal
 to the American Farm Bureau                                                                                                               government’s Consumer Price
 Federation.                                                                                                                               Index, Sartwelle noted.
   AFBF’s 23rd annual informal                                                                                                                Farm Bureau volunteer shop-
 price survey of classic items                                                                                                             pers are asked to look for the
 found on the Thanksgiving                                                                                                                 best possible prices, without
 Day dinner table indicates the                                                                                                            taking advantage of special
 average cost of this year’s feast                                                                                                         promotional coupons or pur-
 for 10 is $44.61, a $2.35 price                                                                                                           chase deals, such as spending
 increase from last year’s aver-                                                                                                           $50 and receiving a free tur-
 age of $42.26.                                                                                                                            key. Shoppers with an eye for
   “Throughout the year we’re                                                                                                              bargains in all areas of the
 fortunate to enjoy a bounty of                                                                                                            country should be able to pur-
 foods produced in every state                                                                                                             chase individual menu items
 of our great nation,” said AFBF                                                                                                           at prices comparable to the
 President Bob Stallman. “It’s es-                                                                                                         Farm Bureau survey averages.
 pecially appropriate as we gath-                                                                                                          Another option for busy fam-
 er at the Thanksgiving table to          the year winds down, energy              A combined group of miscel-                             ilies without a lot of time to
 savor not only food and fellow-          prices have moderated somewhat         laneous items, including coffee                           cook is ready-to-eat Thanks-
 ship, but to take a moment               but food prices have not come          and ingredients necessary to pre-                         giving meals for up to 10 peo-
 to recognize that this blessing          down,” said Jim Sartwelle, an          pare the meal (onions, eggs,                              ple, with all the trimmings,
 begins with our hard-working             AFBF economist. “Despite that,         sugar, flour, evaporated milk and                         which are available at many
 farm and ranch families.”                the components of this classic         butter) dropped in price by 60                            supermarkets and take-out res-
   The AFBF survey shopping list          Thanksgiving dinner cost less          cents to $2.69. A gallon of whole                         taurants for around $50 to $75.
 includes turkey, bread stuffing,         compared to 1988 when the ef-          milk dropped 10 cents to $3.78.                              The AFBF survey was first
 sweet potatoes, rolls with but-          fects of inflation are removed.          Sartwelle said despite recent                           conducted in 1986. While
 ter, peas, cranberries, a relish         Even at these slightly higher          retail price increases, American                          Farm Bureau does not make
 tray of carrots and celery,              prices, the cost per person for this   consumers have enjoyed relative-                          any statistical claims about the
 pumpkin pie with whipped                 special meal remains lower than        ly stable food costs over the years,                      data, it is an informal gauge of
 cream, and beverages of coffee           what Americans pay for most            particularly when adjusted for                            price trends around the nation.
 and milk, all in quantities suf-         ‘value meals’ at fast-food outlets.”   inflation. This year’s average cost                          A total of 179 volunteer
 ficient to serve a family of 10.           Other items showing a price          of $44.61 is equivalent to $20.65                         shoppers from 38 states parti-
   The cost of a 16-pound tur-            increase this year were: a 12-oz.      in 20-year inflation-adjusted dol-                        cipated in this year’s survey.
 key, at $19.09 or roughly $1.19          package of brown-n-serve rolls,        lars. The real dollar cost of the                         Farm Bureau’s survey menu
 per pound, reflects an increase          $2.20; a 12-oz. package of fresh       Thanksgiving dinner has declined                          has remained unchanged since
 of 9 cents per pound, or a total         cranberries, $2.46; a 30-oz. can       more than 8 percent since 1988,                           1986 to allow for consistent
 of $1.46 per turkey compared             of pumpkin pie mix, $2.34; two         according to Sartwelle.                                   price comparisons.
 to 2007. This is the largest con-        9-inch pie shells, $2.26; a 14-oz.
 tributor to the overall increase         package of cubed bread stuffing,
 in the cost of the 2008 Thanks-
 giving dinner.
                                          $2.57; a relish tray of carrots and
                                          celery, 82 cents; a half-pint of
                                                                                 Good ideas to be recognized at AFBF convention
   “Food prices rode the energy           whipping cream, $1.70; a pound           Through the American Farm                               on hand at the convention to talk
 price roller coaster up during           of green peas, $1.58; and three        Bureau Federation’s County Ac-                            about their time- and money-sav-
 the first half of 2008, and as           pounds of sweet potatoes, $3.12.       tivities of Excellence program, 15                        ing inventions. Through the AFBF
                                                                                 county Farm Bureaus will display                          Farmer Idea Exchange, these
                                                                                 at the AFBF convention, Jan. 11-                          farmers have competed with oth-
                                                                                 14, 2009, in San Antonio, Texas,                          ers around the country and their
                                                                                 information about their winning                           ideas have been selected as the
                                                                                 programs and events. Winning                              most innovative and useful. The
                                                                                 programs fall into three catego-                          farmer with the best idea over-
                                                                                 ries: member services, education                          all will win a year’s free use of a
                                                                                 and ag promotion, and public                              New Holland Bidirectional trac-
                                                                                 relations and information. An                             tor, courtesy of New Holland.
                                                                                 award for the best overall pro-                             For more information about
                                                                                 gram idea will be announced at                            the convention, visit www.fb.
                                                                                 the convention.                                           org, click “Events” and “Annual
                                                                                   In addition, 15 farmers will be                         Convention.”

                                                                                    Corner Post
                                                                                    U.S. Turkey Consumption
                                                                                    More Americans are realizing that turkey is not just
                                                                                    for the holidays. In 1970, 50 percent of all turkey
                                                                                    consumed was during the holidays. Today, that
                                                                                    number is around 29 percent as more people enjoy
                                                                                    turkey year-round.

                                                                                                                                                         In 2007, U.S.
                                                                                                                                                         of turkey was
                                                                                                                                                         17.5 pounds
                                                                                                                                                         per person.

                                                                                    Source: National Turkey Federation

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