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                            Peerless Bakery Business Records, 1930-1931

                                             Peerless Bakery Company

                                                            MS 216

2 boxes (0.85 linear ft.)                                   Prepared by: J. Simpson (UAF) Aug. 26, 2005
                                                            Revised by: S. Lanksbury, June, 21, 2006

Acquisition: This collection was transferred to the Alaska State Library Historical Collection
             from the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, on

Access:        The collection is unrestricted.

Copyright:     Request for permission to publish material from the collection must be discussed
               with the Librarian. Photocopying does not constitute permission to publish.

Processing:    The collection was boxed and materials were placed in acid free folders.
               Inventory descriptions remain as written by J. Simpson.

                                         Alaska Department of Education & Early Development
                                                Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums
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MS 216: Peerless Bakery, 1930-31.    Alaska State Library


The Peerless Bakery operated in Juneau, Alaska from 1922 until 1945. The shop was owned by
Henry Meier and Theodore B. Heyder and operated by Meier. It was on the water side of South
Franklin Street. The building suffered significant but repairable damage due to a bombing of the
facility at 5:40 p.m. on Tuesday, October 26, 1926.

                                     Scope and Contents Note

The Peerless Bakery Business Records consists of receipts invoices, billing statements, and the
business correspondence of the Juneau, Alaska, company. It contains a mix of originals and
some copies.


Box 1


1.        Advertisement. "Desert isn't complete without cake".

2.        The Alaska Weekly - Subscription Receipt. Sept. 13, 1930.

3.        The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Co. Statement July 31, 1931.

4.        The American Art Works. Bills, statements, and correspondence October 13, 1931.

5.        Robert P. Andrews, receipt. April 17, 1930.

6.        Armour and Company - Bought of 1930-31.

7.        Better Baker (newspaper), July 1934.

8.        Chester Barnesson-Garbage Hauled. Bills, service for May-August 1930.

9.        Blake, Moffit, and Towne-Paper. Invoices-Statements.

10.       B.M. Behrends, Company, Inc. Department store-receipts, bills.

11.       O. Bodding-General Transfer Coal and Wood. August 1, 1930.

12.       The Bradner Company- Wholesale butter, eggs, cheese. Receipt, order form. 4/4/30,

13.       Brown & Bigelow "Makers of Remembrance Advertising". Bills, etc. 1930-31.

14.       J.B. Burford & Company. "Burroughs Adding Machines" March 29, 1930 invoice.

MS 216: Peerless Bakery, 1930-31.   Alaska State Library

15.     J.A. Campbell Co. Flour Merchants. Correspondence, statements, etc. 1930-31.

16.     The Capital Cleaners – Statement - Sept. 1, 1930.

17.     Capital Electric Co. - Bills Receipts 1930-31.

18.     J.B. Caro & Co., Inc. - Wholesale Only. Statements 1930-31.

19.     Carstens Packing Company - Beef and Pork Packers. Invoices, bills 1930-31.

20.     Commercial Importing Co. Inc. Wholesale Coffees. Statements, Invoices 1930-31.

21.     Mutual Creamery Company - Statements, Invoices.

22.     Crescent Manufacturing Company, Bill March 9, 1931.

23.     The Cudahy Packing Co. Invoices, 1931.

24.     The Daily Alaska Empire - Subscription Receipts.

25.     The Glacier Dairy - Order forms.

26.     Juneau Dairy - Order forms.

27.     E.O. Davis-Garbage Hauled - forest wood for sale.

28.     Dishaw & Son - General Contractors.

29.     Alaska Electric Light & Power Company, bills.

30.     Elks Club-bill for "display advertisement in Elks show business directory".

31.     Empire Printing Company-bills.

32.     D.B. Femmer - General Draying and Transferring "All Coal Orders Promptly Delivered".

33.     Fisher Flouring Mills Company-bills.

34.     Fleischmann Co. Order forms-receipts.

35.     Juneau Florists - bills.

36.     Frye-Bruhn Co.-Packers and Provisioners. Bills.

37.     Gray, McLean & Percy, Bakers. Bill.


MS 216: Peerless Bakery, 1930-31.    Alaska State Library

38.     American Wholesale Grocery Inc. Bills, statements, Invoices.

39.     California Grocery - "Fancy Groceries".


40.     General Grocery Company, Inc., Wholesale Groceries Invoices, bills, etc..

41.     George Bros. "Fancy Groceries".

42.     Matchett-Macklem Co. Importers Wholesale Grocers. Invoices - statements.

43.     National Grocery Company-Wholesale Grocers. Bills-invoices,etc.

44.     Sanitary Grocery-"Fancy Groceries" statements.

45.     Schwabacher Bros. & Co. Inc. Wholesale Grocers . Statementsbills.

46.     Tacoma Grocery Company - Wholesale Grocers. Bills, statements.

47.     West Coast Grocery Co. Wholesale Grocers. Invoice.

Grocers Discontinued.

48.     Charles R. Hadley Company, Pathfinders. Invoice.

49.     Halvorsens - "Ladies Wearing Apparel, Coats, Dresses, Millinery, and Childrens Wear".

50.     Harris Hardware Co. Marine Hardware and fishing gear. Bills.

51.     Juneau Young Hardware Co. "Hardware, Furniture, and Undertaking". Receipts and

52.     The Thomas Hardware Co. "Hardware, Cordage, Ship Chandlery..." Receipts and

53.     Harri Machine shop, bills.

54.     Hayes Shop "Home of Dependable Curios". Statements.

55.     The Hobart Manufacturing Co. Invoice and statements.

Box 2
Receipts, Invoices, Billing statements, and scattered business correspondence of the Peerless
Bakery Juneau, Alaska. 1930-31.

56.     The Irros Company "Manufacturer of Carbonated Beverages, Fountain Syrups..."
        Invoices and statements.
MS 216: Peerless Bakery, 1930-31.    Alaska State Library

57.     Knights of Columbus-bill.

58.     A.F. Knight "Contractor and Builder..." Statements.

59.     G.E. Krause-General Building Contractor. Statements.

60.     Alaska Laundry, Inc. Statements.

61.     Snow White Laundry Co. Statements.

62.     Leader Department Store "Quality without Extravagance" statements.

63.     H.B. LeFevre - Attorney at Law, bill.

64.     Libby, McNeil & Libby-Orders.

65.     H.I. Lucas Office Equipment Co. Bill.

66.     Juneau Lumber Mills, Inc. Statements, Invoices.

67.     Thomas J. McCaul "Automobile Dealer" Invoices.

68.     Rebate Memorandum - General Motors.

69.     Juneau ...Millwork Co. Invoices.

70.     Morris Construction Company "Builders...Wood and Cement". Invoices.

71.     Connors Motor Company - Receipts, invoices.

72.     Juneau Motors, Inc. Statements, invoices.

73.     McCaul Motor Company Receipts.

74.     Service Motor Co. Invoice.

75.     National Nut Company Order Blanks, Correspondence.

76.     John J. Newman Plumbing, Invoice.

77.     Northland Transportation Co. "Straight Bill of Lading -- Original -- Not negotiable".

78.     Standard Oil Company of California, Invoices; statements.

79.     Union Oil Company of California, statements, invoices.

80.     The Osborne Company "Osborne Advertising Art Calendars". Invoice.

MS 216: Peerless Bakery, 1930-31.     Alaska State Library

81.     Oscar Lucks Company "Bakers and Confectioners". Invoices, statements.

82.     Pacific Coast Coal Co. Wholesale and Retail. Statement Invoice.

83.     Pacific Steamship Company Bills, statements.

84.     Juneau Paint Store Statements Receipts.

85.     Peerless Yeast Co. Inc. Customers Receipts and Correspondence:

86.     Perry Bros. Wholesale Butter, Eggs, Cheese, Poultry, and Veal. Invoices and information.

87.     Piggly Wiggly Alaska Co. Receipt.

88.     J.H. Pocock Wholesale Butter, Eggs, Cheese. Statements Invoices.

89.     Rainier Distributing Company-Invoice.

90.     The Rath Sales Company - Invoices.


91.     City of Juneau Miscellaneous Receipts.

92.     Goldstein's Emporium, butter receipt.

93.     Nation's Business, publication receipt for a "full three-year enrollment".

94.     Peerless Bakery - Miscellaneous receipts.

95.     Tax Receipts (city of Juneau).

96.     Territorial Treasurer Receipts, Feb.-March 1931. May 1930.

Receipts Discontinued.

97.     Red Shield Cremery Co. Inc. Invoices.

98.     Reliable Transfer - Coal and Oil Invoices.

99.     Resurrection Lutheran Church - Statement.

100.    Richardson & Holland Inc. Importers - Manufacturers. Invoices.

101.    The Salvation Army Self Denial.

102.    San Francisco Bakery, Bill.

103.    Sanitary Meat Company, statements.
MS 216: Peerless Bakery, 1930-31.    Alaska State Library

104.    Schoenfelds Standard Furniture Co. Invoice - Statement.

105.    Service Transfer - General Hauling coal and wood.

106.    Allen Shattuck, Inc. Insurance, bonds, Real Estate. Memo's, Invoices.

107.    T.J.S. Shearer "Maker of Men's Clothes". Statement.

108.    A.M. Geyer Sheet Metal Works - Invoice.

109.    George M. Simpkins Co. Printing, Stationary. Invoices.

110.    Sperry Flour Co. Statements-Invoices. Straight Bill of Landing from Alaska Steamship
        Co. Dec. 29, 1930.

111.    Standard Brands of California, Invoices.

112.    Statements, miscellaneous.

113.    The Stroller' Weekly (newspaper) Invoices.

114.    Sussman, Wormser & Co. "Fine Food Products". Invoices.

115.    Swanson Bros. "Groceries & Fishing Supplies". Invoice.

116.    Swift & Company Statements, Invoices.

117.    Telegram-from Henry Meier to J.A. Campbell Co. Seattle, Washington.

118.    Territory of Alaska-Return on Business and Income License Tax (form for Laundries,
        Bakeries). December 31, 1930.

119     Washington Co-operative Egg & Poultry Association. Invoices.

120.    Washington Creamery Co. Wholesale Dairy and Poultry Products.
        Statements, Invoices.

121.    Juneau Water Company-Bills, March-June 1930, August-Dec.1930.
        Jan. 1931, March-May 1931, august, 1931, Nov.-Oct. 1931.

122.    Western Waxed Paper Company-Invoices 5/19/30, 10/15/30.

123.    Zellerbach Paper Company- Invoices 1930-31. Shipping Order, November 13, 1931.

124.    Miscellaneous - "To Mr Meiers" (Alstrom Newsstand.)