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 10 Years of Local
Transport Solutions

        Formerly known as
    Torridge Transport
                                  TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

Forward, Roger Heffer, Chairman ……………………………… 3

Preface, Ian Hobbs ……………………………………….………...... 4

Preface, Tony Nicholls …………………………………………........ 5

A few words from the first Development Worker …………. 6

Year by year;

1998 - 1999………………………………………………………………… 7

1999 - 2000………………………………………………………………… 9

2000 - 2001…………………………………………………………..…… 11

2001 - 2002………………………………………………………………… 13

2002 - 2003…………………………………………………………..…… 15

2003 - 2004……………………………………………………………….. 17

2004 - 2005………………………………………………………….…… 19

2005 - 2006………………………………………………………….…… 21

2006 - 2007……………………………………………………………… 23

2007 - 2008……………………………………………………………… 25

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                                              TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

My how times fly!!

Who would have thought that in the fledging days of 1997, when a Torridge Transport
Group (TTG) organisation was conceived, we would have grown to the size and scope we
are in 2008.

There are many persons who have been with us since conception in 1997, birth in 1998,
then childhood, adolescence and now a state of maturity. These persons are all recorded
later in this celebratory publication. To those with the vision and tenacity to achieve the
early goals we must all say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’.

To those persons who were involved in the next two stages through the birth and childhood
of TTG the growing pains and difficulties were enormous and at times probably seemed
almost insurmountable. They, and they alone, will probably remember and recall the depth
of their commitment at the time.

To those persons who continued through the adolescence and early maturity of TTG as it
evolved into the Torridge Community Transport Association (TCTA) they inherited the
enthusiasm and drive to move us into not only a new century but also a new millennium. I
hope and believe that the early maturity is growing and growing into a robust maturity that
the founding persons are proud of.

As always funding has been the greatest of the difficulties to surmount. It was there at our
birth, remained through our adolescence, and is with us today. Funders are getting harder
and harder to find and convince, and the impending 2012 Olympic Games has sucked vast
sums of money away in its support to the severe detriment of charities in general and
TCTA in particular. We do have some stalwart funders and to them we say a further
heartfelt ‘Thank You’, however we cannot be over confident and must always have our eyes
on other opportunities for funding.

As the current Chairman, and from the records you will note that there have been only 3 in
our 10 years, I am fully committed to continue with their early dreams and objectives and
hope that TCTA will continue to grow and expand in the coming years to provide the best
possible service to our passengers and members.

Roger J Heffer

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                                              TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

When I first moved to Torridge from Plymouth to take up the post of District Manager of
Devon Social Services, I was immediately struck by how difficult it was for so many people
to get the jobs, services, family and leisure opportunities that were so important to them. I
remember sitting in one of our first partnership meetings in Bideford Town Hall in 1996,
working with colleagues to think about what the important issues were for Torridge. I
spoke far too passionately about the problems of access for people without transport of
their own and found myself leading a working group to see what steps could be taken to
improve their lives!

At that time we had a small voluntary car service run by TVS and a Ring and Ride service
in the Bideford area run by North Devon Community Transport but very little else. The
working group quickly came to the conclusion that it had to research need, expand
volunteer driving, extend Ring and Ride across Torridge and work with local employers,
tourism outlets, service providers, transport operators and anyone else who was interested
to raise the profile of transport issues and improve the range of services. We had meetings
all round Torridge and spoke to as many people as possible and after some time came to
the conclusion that we needed a dedicated organisation to lead our work.

The Torridge Transport Group was formed in 1997 to develop integrated solutions to
transport need.... the rest is history

Ian Hobbs
[Chairman, 1998, 1999 – 2002]

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                                               TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

It seems hard to believe that the Torridge Community Transport Association is ten years
old. I remember attending an early public meeting to discuss the feasibility of setting up a
local group to tackle transport problems in Torridge. At that time I was the Car Parks
Manager at Torridge District Council and I believe that my line manager had made the
rather obvious and exciting link between 'cars' and 'transport' and had suggested - in a way
that indicated the suggestion was non-negotiable - that I might like to attend on behalf of
the Council.

I went with some trepidation but was immediately impressed by the enthusiasm of the
people who attended that meeting who all clearly shared a common vision of improving
the transport network in the area. One of the positive outcomes from that early meeting
was the setting up of a formal group to take this vision forward. That group became the
Torridge Transport Group (TTG) and somehow (and for reasons which still elude me!), I
was elected as its first chairman.

There was a tremendous amount of work to be done during those first months from
electing a committee to drawing up terms of reference, securing funding and - most
importantly- trying to identify the transport needs of Torridge residents and establishing
how we could try to meet them. However, the Group started to take shape and we even
secured enough funding to employ a Transport Co-ordinator (Beth Dowdeswell) who did a
lot of valuable research in the early years of the project. I stepped down as chairman after a
couple of years owing to pressure of work but the TTG flourished and eventually grew to
become the Torridge Community Transport Association (TCTA) - a title which I feel better
reflects what the organisation is fundamentally about.

The problems facing Torridge then were the same as for any rural area: a sparse and
scattered population, a patchy public transport network, high unemployment, social
exclusion etc. etc. Those problems still exist today and, despite recent government
investment in public transport, I suspect that, for many residents of Torridge, access to
services remains a real challenge. I believe this is where groups such as the TCTA can make
a real difference to people's lives at a local level by looking at innovative and cost-effective
ways of meeting people's transport needs.

Ten years ago, very few people had heard of the expression 'climate change'. Now it has -
rightfully - rocketed to the top of the political agenda. We all have an obligation to try to
reduce our carbon emissions and organisations like TCTA can play a vital role by working
in tandem with public transport providers, by helping to provide flexible local transport
solutions and by reducing our dependence on the car. The challenges facing TCTA are
many and varied and funding will, inevitably, always be an issue but I believe the TCTA has
been a real success story in Torridge and has brought benefits to many of our residents.
Congratulations to TCTA on its many achievements during its first ten years and I hope
that the next ten will be equally exciting and rewarding!

Tony Nicholls
[Chairman 1998 – 2000]

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                                             TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

    A few words from the first Torridge Transport
              Development Worker -
The four years I spent with TTG were filled with meetings and applications but the most
important to me was the time spent with all the people in the district who would use the
transport provided. Listening to their individual requirements helped to build the service
and to inform the applications made on their behalf. My thanks go to all those who were
willing to be part of the growing organisation. Long may it continue to develop.

Beth Dowdeswell
[Development Worker, 1998 – 2002]

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                                              TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                                   1998 - 1999

                       WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

The 1998 Winter Olympics are
held in Nagano, Japan

India and Pakistan test nuclear

Good Friday Agreement is signed

Sky Digital launches in the UK

Hungary, Poland and the Czech
Republic join NATO

World population reached 6
billion people

Torridge Transport Group (TTG) inaugural meeting 4th December 1997

Torridge Transport Group (TTG) Constitution signed April 1998; adopted on 17th June 1998

Development Worker started in August 1998

Audit of Transport needs started

Open meetings held in 6 areas

Government ‘push’ to fund rural transport for the next three years

Complexity of transport problems and scale of unmet need in Torridge recognised

Local Transport Partnership established, to lead on local transport provision

New Community Transport Association in Holsworthy

Weekly service for Roborough under a private hire arrangement, using local taxi

Flexibus service suggested for Torrington & District

Development worker supported development of Ring & Ride in Bradworthy area

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                                     TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

        OFFICERS                                    MEMBERS

Chairman       Tony Nicholls          Judith Beer             William Isaac
                                      Richard Brassington     Tony Lawrence
Vice-Chairman Ian Hobbs               Annie Brenton           Andrew Lightfoot
                                      David Brenton           Sharon Lynch
                                      Tony Collins            George McLaughlin
Secretary      Jane Whittaker         John Cowle              Robin Makeig-Jones
                                      Tim Davis               Harry Maunder
                                      Frank Elliot            Ken Miles
Treasurer      Dawn Milner
                                      Pat Ferguson            Ivan Pollard
                                      Jeremy Filmer-Bennett   David Poole
                                      Joan Hardwick           Keith Potter
                                      Karen Hill              Mr & Mrs Richards
                                      Mrs Hollingsworth       Susan Scrutton

                          Rural Torridge

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                                            TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                                1999 - 2000

                     WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

Euro currency introduced

NATO forces in Serbia

Millennium celebrations take place
throughout the world

Y2K passes without serious,
widespread computer failures

UK fuel protests

Concorde crashes in Paris

Tate Modern Gallery opens in


   Trial minibus service in Roborough area taken over by DCC as a public bus service

   Trial ring & Ride service in Holsworthy area

   Involved in draft Devon Local Transport Plan

   Discussion on Countywide Concessionary Fare Scheme

   Evidence of need gathered for setting up Yarnscombe Taxibus

   Computerised booking system investigated

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                                   TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

        OFFICERS                                MEMBERS

Chairman    Tony Nicholls       Judith Beer           William Isaac
            Ian Hobbs           John Birch            Sue Kennedy
                                Michael Bradshaw      Mike Killoran
Vice-       Ian Hobbs           John Burnett MP       Tony Lawrence
                                Margaret Conkey       Andrew Lightfoot
Chairman    David Tyler
                                Noel Deakes           CI Matthews
                                Mike Dittman          Dawn Milner
Secretary   Jane Whittaker      Edna Doswell          Stuart Polhill
                                Frank Elliott         Nicola Poole
Treasurer   Peter Gammon        Pat Ferguson          David Poole
                                Jo Fernandez          John Rose
                                Adrian Freeland       Susan Scrutton
                                Mrs Gammon            Mandy Suheimet
                                Michael Gee           Paul Tamplin
                                Mark Goodman          David Trueman
                                Karen Hill

                      Ring & Ride in Action

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                                         TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                              2000 - 2001

                    WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

American Supreme Court seals
Bush victory in Presidential

The 2001 UK foot and mouth
crisis begins

The UK Census is conducted

September 11, 2001 attacks on,
and Collapse of, the World
Trade Center

   Wheels to Work piloted in Holsworthy area

   Access group developed in Bideford area

   Recognition of the need to develop a Voluntary Car service, currently operated by
   the Volunteer Bureau

   TTG to contribute to development of Community strategy for Torridge

   Foot & Mouth

   TTG invited to Join Torrington Market & Coastal Town initiative

   Ring & Ride for Torrington area piloted

   Yarnscombe Taxibus started

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                                      TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions
            OFFICERS                                 MEMBERS

Chairman         Ian Hobbs             Alasdair Barclay     Andrew Lightfoot
                                       Ann Betts            David Poole
Vice-Chairman    David Tyler           Roy Bezzina          Nichola Poole
                                       John Burnett MP      Joanna Sawle
                                       Walter Brown         David Smith
Secretary        Dawn Milner
                                       Georgina Cridland    Peter Southgate
                                       Edna Doswell         Jenny Tandy
Treasurer        Peter Gammon          Mark Goodman         Jill Thomas
                                       Roger Heffer         Paul Tucker
                                       Gordon Holmes        Roger & Rosemary
                                       Mr & Mrs Howard      Walter
                                       William Isaac        Jane Whittaker
                                       Paulette Jackson     Arthur Wright
                                       Tony Lawrence

      Foot & Mouth had a profound effect in rural Torridge

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                                         TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                              2001 - 2002

                    WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

The IPod invented

Beatle George Harrison dies

A large section of the Antarctic
Larsen Ice Shelf begins

The 2002 Winter Olympics are held
in Salt Lake City, Utah

The Queen Mother dies in her sleep

the XVII Commonwealth Games in


   Countryside Agency bid of £49k successful

   Yarnscombe Taxibus now 2 days/week

   Northam Town Council sponsors application to Vital Villages Transport Fund

   Yarnscombe Taxibus funding extended

   Funding won for NTCTA Co-Ordinator & Driver

   Further funding for Torrington Ring & Ride

   Youth Transport trial in Torrington

   Fare car development in Holsworthy

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                                      TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

        OFFICERS                                    MEMBERS

Chairman     Alasdair Barclay      Roy Bezzina           Karen Hill
                                   Richard Brumbold      Ian Hobbs
Vice-        Pat Ferguson          John Burnett MP       F Howard
Chairman                           Margaret Conkey       Sue Kennedy
                                   Sgt Sally Crabtree    Dawn Milner
                                   Mike Dittman          David Poole
Secretary    Edna Doswell          Frank Elliott         L Sharpe
                                   Pat Ferguson          Paul Troke
Treasurer    Jenny Tandy           Adrian Freeland       David Trueman
                                   Tricia Hawson         Jane Whittaker
                                   Roger Heffer

   Yarnscombe Residents benefited from the Taxi-Bus service

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                                         TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                             2002 - 2003

                    WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

Princess Margaret dies

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates
her Golden Jubilee

2003 invasion of Iraq

China launches their first
manned space mission

Pen Hadow completes the first
solo walk to the North Pole

Prometea, the first horse cloned
by Italian scientists, is born


   Relocated to 74A High St, Bideford

   Funding from Community Fund for Development Worker

   Funding for Ring & Ride bus through Countryside Agency

   New bus leased from DCC

   Ring & Ride expanded to cover 28 parishes of northern Torridge

   All of Torridge now covered by Ring & Ride by CTAs

   Yarnscombe Taxibus continues

   Passenger subscription charge implemented then scrapped

   Attempt to set up Wheels to work covering all Torridge & North Devon

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                                      TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions
            OFFICERS                                  MEMBERS

Chairman         Alasdair Barclay      John Burch           Karen Hill
                 Roger Heffer          Cllr Sonia Bushby    Anne Hinchcliffe
Vice-Chairman    Pat Ferguson          Mike Dittman         Ian Hobbs
                 Roy Bezzina           Pat Ferguson         David Poole
Secretary        Edna Doswell          Roy Foster           Gwen Ryder
                 John Birch            Adrian Freeland      Jane Whittaker
                                       Ian Hobbs            Arthur Wright
Treasurer        Jenny Tandy           Jo Fernandez         Amanda Wycherley
                 Dawn Milner           Simon Gant

                The new Minibus leased from DCC

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                                         TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                              2003 - 2004

                    WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

England win the Rugby World

Queen Elizabeth II christens
the RMS Queen Mary 2 cruise

Lance Armstrong wins an 6th
consecutive Tour de France

Gibraltar celebrates 300 years
of British rule

Severe flooding occurs in
Boscastle in Cornwall

Wheels to Work scheme for northern Torridge in development

Wheels to Work bid to Rural Renaissance turned down

Preparation for Charitable status and Company Ltd Status

Driver & passenger event at Rosemoor Gardens

Passenger Excursion Club started

Voluntary Car Service expanding

Ring & Ride passenger numbers growing

Working with Health on the ‘Pursuing Perfection’ project regarding transport to

funding for the Yarnscombe Taxibus finished

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                                   TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

        OFFICERS                                  MEMBERS

Chairman      Roger Heffer      Barbara Barnes        Les Knapman
                                David Charles         Nicola Poole
Vice-         Roy Bezzina       Kathy Childs          Janis Ruston
Chairman                        Mike Dittman          Pat Scanlon
                                Adrian Freeland       Margaret Shipman
                                Terry Hammett         Stanley Thomas
Secretary     John Birch        Diana Heffer          Ray Webster
                                Karen Hill            Jane Whittaker
Treasurer     Dawn Milner       Ian Hobbs             Amanda Wycherley
                                Brian Hopkins

        Publicity Event, Preparing to set out for Rosemoor

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                                          TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                             2004 - 2005

                   WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

Greek Olympics open on time in

Tsunami devastates Asia; 200,000

The marriage of Prince Charles and
Camilla Parker Bowles

The Superjumbo jet aircraft Airbus
A380 makes its first flight

United Kingdom general election,


   Extra office space taken on at 74a High Street

   ‘Single Points of Contact’ set up for hospital journey bookings

   Proposal for Devon-wide Wheels to Work Scheme

   North Devon Community Transport Association have funding from TDC for Ring
   & Ride withdrawn – TCTA take over coverage of the parishes affected.

   TCTA now cover 36 parishes

   Wheels to Work lottery bid unsuccessful

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                                    TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

        OFFICERS                                  MEMBERS

Chairman    Roger Heffer         Barbara Barns         Les Knapman
                                 Cllr. Sonia Bushby    Nicola Poole
Vice-       Roy Bezzina          Mike Dittman          Margaret Shipman
Chairman                         Chris Evans           Stanley Thomas
                                 Terry Hammett         Jane Whittaker
                                 Karen Hill            Amanda Wycherley
Secretary   John Birch           Ian Hobbs

Treasurer   Dawn Milner

                           Area of Coverage

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                                           TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                              2005 - 2006

                    WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

7/7 – 7th July terrorist bombings on
London bus and tube system

The Safeway (UK) brand in the
United Kingdom retail disappears
after 43 years of operation due to its
takeover by Wm Morrison

Surgeons carry out the first human
face transplant

   Move floors to larger offices, still at 74a High street Bideford

   Change of name to Torridge Community Transport Association Ltd

   New logo

   Company status achieved

   Charitable status achieved

   Change of financial year end to 31st March

   Driver publicity event at Torrington 1646

   Volunteer drivers trained to drive minibus for Passenger Excursion Club

   Devon-wide Wheels to Work set up

   Volunteer Drivers’ Forum instigated

   Gift Aid on donations set up

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                                       TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

            OFFICERS                                      MEMBERS

Chairman          Roger Heffer          Barbara Barns         Caleb Jarvis
                                        Chris Evans           Karen Rose
Vice-Chairman     Roy Bezzina           Pat Ferguson          Sandra Rowe
                                        Adrian Freeland       Margaret Shipman
                                        Terry Hammett         Stanley Thomas
Secretary         John Birch
                                        Diana Heffer          Jane Whittaker
                                        Ian Hobbs             Amanda Wycherley
Treasurer         Dawn Milner

             Volunteer Drivers undertaking skid training

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                                           TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                              2006 - 2007

                    WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

Saddam Hussein found guilty in
Iraqi Court of crimes and hanged
in Bagdad

U.K. drought order – first since

The strongest storm in the UK
for 17 years kills 14 people

Container Ship MSC Napoli
stranded off Devon

Smoking in public and work
places is banned in England


   Significant disruption to all office activities following withdrawal of Voluntary
   Ambulance Car Service (VACS) and change of policy in transport to hospitals

   Bank account moved to Charities Aid Foundation Bank

   DCC commission TCTA to undertake Access to Services Project [TTAW]

   Hospital Hopper Bus from Holsworthy to Barnstaple explored

   First overnight Passenger Club Trip, to Cornwall for the weekend

   Countryside Agency and Community Fund grants finish

   Volunteer fundraiser joins us to raise money through small bids

    ‘Community Transport Devon’ umbrella organisation concept explored and
   shelved for time being

   Bus destroyed by arsonist while parked overnight

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                                       TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

            OFFICERS                                      MEMBERS

Chairman          Roger Heffer           Lorna Angrave         Jon Hooper
                                         Barbara Barnes        Tony Hubbard
Vice-Chairman     Roy Bezzina            Margaret Dolan        Caleb Jones
                                         Chris Evans           Richard Lucey
Secretary         Dawn Milner            Geoff Gittins         Dave Pimble
                                         Paul Green            Karen Rose
                                         Terry Hammett         Margaret Shipman
Treasurer         John Birch
                                         Malcolm Harris        Keith Taylor
                                         Janet Hazel           Pete Worrall
                                         Diana Heffer          Bob Wootton
                                         Ian Hobbs

                        Bus Destroyed by Arsonist

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                                          TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions

                              2007 - 2008

                   WORLD & NATIONAL EVENTS

The Queen and Prince Philip
celebrate their Diamond

President Putin re-elects
himself as Russian Premier

Queen Elizabeth II became the
oldest-ever Monarch of the
United Kingdom

Fidel Castro announces his
resignation as President of


   Successful programme of small grant bids by volunteer fund raiser

   New TCTA website launched

   Approximately 60,000 miles of Volunteer Car journeys in the last year

   Over £1,500 received as donations from passengers

   Continuing involvement in Local Strategic Partnership

   Bus Vandalised for a second time, this time all the windows smashed

   Over 80 volunteer car drivers and over 1200 registered passengers

   Large amounts of time still being expended trying to resolve hospital transport

   Taxi voucher pilot scheme trialled in Bideford as part of the access project

   Access project designs Access to Services leaflet and website

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                                  TCTA - 10 Years of Local Transport Solutions
        OFFICERS                                MEMBERS

Chairman    Roger Heffer       Barbara Barnes        Ian Hobbs
                               Chris Evans           Jon Hooper
Vice-       Roy Bezzina        Adrian Freeman        Margaret Shipman
Chairman                       Geoff Gittins         Keith Taylor
                               Malcolm Harris        Lynn Thornton
Secretary   Dawn Milner

Treasurer   Peter Worrall

            Cover of the Access to Services Leaflet

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