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The Current State of Exercise Facilities at the NRAO Green Bank by dandanhuanghuang


									    The Current State of Exercise Facilities at
          the NRAO Green Bank Site

1       Current Facilities
List of Equipment
   In Satisfactory Condition

    •   Desk
    •   Step Machine
    •   Free Motion Treadmill
    •   Elliptical
    •   Precor Stationary Cycle
    •   Wheelie Fan
    •   Diamondback Stationary Cycle
    •   Old Universal
    •   Cardio Glide Machine
    •   Mirror - hanging
    •   Free Weights - 2 x 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60 lb
    •   Standard weights 2 x 2.5, 4 x 5, 10, 25, 35, 45 lb
    •   weights, 2 x 50, 4 x 25, 10 x 10, 4 x 5, 4 x 5, 4 x 10, 6 x 2.5 lb
    •   Exercise ball
    •   Crunch bar
    •   various weight bars, clips, fasteners etc.
    •   Fan with solid base
    •   Table
    •   trampette
    •   Ping pong table
    •   Couch
    •   2 stools
    •   2 armchairs
    •   TV

Functional but Old
•   Crunchboard (old, but functional)
•   2 Skipping Ropes (new would be nice)
•   Pink Bench - not very stable
•   Wheel-old,dirty
•   Body solid weight bench - old, torn covering but functional
•   Body Smith workout bench, old, rusty but functional
Broken/Needs Replacement or Attention
• Stereo (Broken)
• Proform Treadmill (Broken)-has sign that reads ‘do not plug in’. Did
  belong to Ron Maddalena, apparently need plug to be changed.
• 5 Small Lockers, all with locks - who owns these locks?
• Scales (broken)
• New Universal (Some cables worn)
• Various Debris (Parts of machines, foam, wire, etc)
• Kids equipment- playhouse (why is this here?)
• VCR, not hooked up broken?
• Various equipment to be disposed of stored at end by laundry machines
  including old treadmill.

Known Users
•   Heather Niday
•   Jules Harnett
•   Dave Curry
•   Richard Prestage
•   Noreen Prestage
•   Martin Prestage
•   LuAnn Creager
•   Dave Woody
•   Paulette Woody
•   Jay Lockman
•   Ron Maddalena
•   Mike Stennes
•   Christine Plumley

    •   Logan Plumley
    •   Tom Plumley
    •   Sue Shears
    •   Bill Saxton
    •   Larry Morgan
    •   Amy Morgan
    •   Brian Mason

2       Origins of Current Equipment
The newest equipment to be bought in the exercise room includes the ellip-
tical machine which was purchased used in December 2006 for $3,304. The
warranty on this piece has now expired. At the time of purchase the carry-
over in the Rec Board fund was $5649.25, with $15,000 in a CD.
In May 2007 a new treadmill and universal weights machine were bought for
a total of $9,500. The warranties for these pieces of equipment are included
in the appendix. At the time of purchase the carry-over in the Rec Board
fund was $9312.25, with $15,000 in a CD.

   This equipment was purchased with the aid of Christine Plumley and
NRAO human resources. Christine wrote to Bob D’Angio (Human Resources
Manager) personally as an employee to request this cash. $7000 from the CV
wellness funds was received

3       Problems with Current Facilities
The current exercise facilities at Green Bank are cramped with poor ventila-
tion. There are also no drinking water fountains, locker or shower facilities.
There is a lack of security which has caused problems with vandalism in
the past. A lack of clear responsibility with regard to upkeep and repairs of
equipment has meant that decripit equipment has been kept for longer than
suitable with no repairs or removal effected. In addition, new equipment is
prematurely retired as no proper maintenance is performed.
    The current exercise facilities are housed in the same building as visi-
tors’ accomodation, this has lead to problems with regard to lack of sound

    There are encapsulated asbestos pipes in the current facility. These are
safe as long as they are not disturbed, however, this is less than ideal.
    Current facilities are housed with laundry facilities, leading to hot and
humid conditions when exercising, exacerbated by the lack of adequate ven-

4    Ongoing Developments
    • Relocation
        – New Building
          On June 20th 2007 the Rec Board wrote to Fred Lo requesting
          $180,000 for new facilities with an additional $40,000 to update
          and add equipment. This money would have been spent on a 100
          × 100 foot building with showers, lockers etc. The original letter
          can be found in the appendix. The money was to be supplemented
          by the interest accumulated on the Lockheed Martin settlement
          Fred Lo forwarded this request to AUI (Ethan Schreier) upping
          the request to $210,000 with an additional $40,000 for updates.
          This was then rejected by AUI with a suggestion that no further
          requests should be made.
          Chuck Beverage has writen another letter to Fred (letter has been
          passed to the rec board for approval, 17th March 2008), thanking
          him for his attention and making another case emphasising reha-
          bilitation and middle aged employees. This letter will request a
          multi-step program over several years, e.g. pouring concrete the
          first year, making pad second year, etc. Without specifying where
          this money comes from.

        – Offsite Location
          It has been suggested that an offsite center may be a possibil-
          ity with collaboration with Snowshoe, the YMCA or the Parks
          and Recreation Association or some collection of these. However,
          concerns have been raised that a site is needed for NRAO em-
          ployees and that any other site may pose problems in this regard.
          It should be within walking distance of the observatory and all
          staff and visitors should feel welcome there. There is also the issue

           that any site will need to be administered and cleaned. There is a
           worry that this responsibility will fall to NRAO even in an off-site
           An off-site center does have good potential for NSF money as it
           would enhance links with the community.
         – Difference Onsite Location
           There are no potential locations for rehousing the exercise facilities
    • New Equipment
      The Green Bank site is eligible for up to $10,000 per annum for up-
      grades and new equipment. However, without proper management or
      housing for the equipment this may be hard to utilise at present.

      The possibility exists that Navy surplus equipment is currently avail-
      able. However, the problems of management and housing still exist.
    • Security There are concerns about non-NRAO affiliated people using
      and abusing the facilities. Swipe card access should be instituted by
      the end of March, this will probably apply to the front door of the
      residence hall only. Dependants will have keys too, policy has already
      been circulated by Jody Bolyard. Employees and dependants over 16
      get cards and retirees can request cards.
    • Liability There have been concerns that anyone who fixes equipment
      may be liable should anyone be injured subsequently. The Rec Board
      post a sign saying ’use at your own risk’. In any new building there will
      be cameras to observe users. We should not appoint anyone by name,
      the rec board as an entity is able to permit any repairs by anyone it
      likes, therefore the rec board may be liable as a non-profit organization
      but no individual is.

5     Summary
A new employee ‘wellness center’ is desirable and may well be achievable.
Though this project may take anywhere up to ten years to achieve. Current
facilities have problems but many of these involve infrastructure and may not
be addressed without a change in premises which is not currently possible.

   The limiting factor in improvement of Green Bank’s exercise facilities is
not a lack of funds for exercise equipment or small scale improvements but
rather poor housing for current facilities that bear no possibility of improve-
ment without massive injection of funds.

   Small-scale improvements are possible and may be best approached by
a sub-committee of the NRAO GB Rec Board. Such improvements may in-
clude, but are not limited to,

    • Appointment of persons responsible for oversight and maintenance of
      current equipment and facilities.
    • Replacement and repair of equipment.
    • Disposal of retired equipment.
    • Improvement of current facilities where possible, e.g. small lockers, re-
      placement of stereo. A water fountain may not be possible but a small
      refrigerator or drinks machine may be.
    • Implementation and consolodation of exercise plans, there currently
      exist loose yoga and aerobics classes. These may be investigated for
      opportunities for potential of better organisation and advertisement.
      The potential for other exercise classes or events should be investigated.

6     Appendix
    • Warranty for Universal Weights Machine
    • Warranty for Treadmill
    • Letter from Chuck Beverage to Fred Lo.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Employees Recreation Association – Green Bank
P.O. Box 2 Green Bank, WV 24944-0002

June 20, 2007

To:      Dr. K. Y. Lo, Director – National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Subject: Green Bank Employee Wellness and Recreation Enhancements

Dear Dr. Lo:

   Diversity recruitment, employee wellness, employee retention, and employee morale are
extremely important issues within the NRAO. The NRAO sites at Charlottesville, Socorro,
and Santiago have easy access to facilities that promote wellness, employee fitness, and
well-being (UVA, NMT, gyms, and health centers). The NRAO Employees Recreation
Association-Green Bank (NRAOERA-GB) would like to improve our wellness, fitness,
and recreation facilities since we have no easy access to those types of facilities in our area.

Currently, the wellness and recreation facilities are housed in a cramped area of the
Residence Hall basement. There are no locker/dressing rooms or showers. The room has
no windows, low ceilings, inadequate ventilation, and poor lighting. Although the Board
has continually tried to upgrade the equipment, further updates are needed.

The NRAOERA-GB Board of Directors respectfully requests funding to improve the
Green Bank wellness facilities. Our proposal is to build an Employee Wellness Center
(EWC). The EWC would be approximately 100 feet x 100 feet with fitness, showers,
locker room, and recreation areas. We believe the estimated cost would be $180,000 with
an additional $40,000 to update and add equipment. These estimates assume the use of the
NRAO Green Bank Maintenance staff for as much work as possible. We would like to
request a total of $220,000 for funding this project.

Understanding that money for these types of activities is limited, we hope that some of the
interest monies from the Lockheed Martin settlement for the Green Bank Telescope Track
would be available to supplement other funding. By supplementing with the interest
monies from the settlement, the NRAO Development Initiatives would not be impacted.
We understand that this project and all monies would be managed by the Green Bank Site
Director and Business Office.

The NRAOERA-GB Board of Directors would like to thank you and the NRAO for all past


The National Radio Astronomy Observatory Employees Recreation Association –
Green Bank, Board of Directors
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Employees Recreation Association – Green Bank
P.O. Box 2 Green Bank, WV 24944-0002

Cc Dr. Phil Jewell
   Dr. Richard Prestage
   Michael J. Holstine, P.E.
   James Firmani
   George Clark
   NRAOERA-GB Board of Directors

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