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“Restore your memories before they're gone.” Marsha Schorer by yaofenji


									                                                    Satisfied Customers

                                                    “. . . a beautiful, but badly damaged, portrait . . . Less than a
                                                    week later, she brought to me the MOST AMAZING, clear,
                       Marsha Schorer
                                                    perfectly-restored portrait! My mom’s reaction were tears
                       Digital Imaging              of joy - and a comment that this was the best gift I could
                       is a professional photo      have ever given her! Thank you Marsha.”
                       restoration and visual art                                         – Klaudia C., Tacoma, WA
                       company founded in 2003.

Marsha’s mission is to bring moments of happiness
to others by sharing her passion for beauty         “. . . We are so pleased with the result and know that our
and detail through visual art and restoration/      Mom will be absolutely thrilled. Marsha’s skills and pro-
preservation of family memories providing high      fessionalism are highly recommended by us.”
quality, affordable, customer-oriented service.                    – Jack O’Neal & Dianna Brown, Spanaway, WA
She has worked digitally with images since 1995.

Photo memories are priceless. Just think about
the feelings we experience when we look at our      “Marsha’s cards are original, refreshing, inspirational, and
family photo albums. They are the last material     very professional. . . . . I love sending out her cards to my
things we would want to lose in the case of a fire   friends because I know I am sending the best.”
or other disaster as they are irreplaceable.                                             – Shirley J., Lakewood, WA

Marsha has always loved art, photography, and
flowers. She has now found a way to combine
                                                                                                                        “Restore your memories
her passions resulting in the creation of unique    “Marsha does amazing work!!! . . .Marsha made her dream
                                                                                                                           before they’re gone.”
works of art.                                       come true when she put both the dogs together in a picture
                                                    on a jewelry box for her birthday. The look on her face
                                                    when she opened it up said it all!!! Thank you Marsha!!!”
   For more information about Marsha Schorer                                                – Tom W., Puyallup, WA
                  Digital Imaging, please visit
                          or email Marsha at

                                                                           P.O. Box 12198
                                                                         Tacoma, WA 98412
                                                          Capture the moment with a photograph.                             Marsha’s Art
                                                          Preserve it with a unique photo gift!                                • Framed/matted photo art by artist Marsha Schorer
                                  Restore your                                                                                   creates a stunning addition to your home or
                                                          • New baby, birthday, graduation                                       office décor
                                  memories before
                                  they’re gone            • Wedding, anniversary                                               • Marsha’s art is also available on note cards,
                                                          • Special pets                                                         jewelry, gift boxes, clocks, etc.

                                                                                                Enjoy for a lifetime             Visit Marsha’s website for a complete listing
                                                                                                your special photo               and order information:
                                                                                                on a gift box          

                                                                                                                            Photo Art (examples)
          Bring to life
           Add color

                                                          Proudly wear your memory
                                                          with photo jewelry gifts
                                                                                                                            Bell Bouquet          Dahlias

                                        Change a
                                                                                                                            Grapes               Tulips

                                                                                            Decorate your home
                                                                                            with framed photo
                                                                                            tiles and trivets
   Bring completeness
     Repair cracks and                                                                                                      Crabapples           African Daisies     Yellow Rose
         missing parts

                                                                 Personalize your
                                                               office with a photo
 • Add or remove a person                                       wall or desk clock                                          Pansies             Kittens              Rooster
 • Correct for fading & discoloration
 • Scan & archive to CD photos/slides                                                                                       Custom Photo Art
                                                           Touch the heart                                                  Your favorite photos are waiting to be turned into custom
                                                           Surprise someone special                                         art work.
Call 253.474.7867 for a free estimate                      Give a one of a kind photo gift, – a gift to treasure forever!   Get that photo out of the box & call for a free consultation.

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