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									NHS Dental Surgeries
in the Local Area

Produced by Student Advice Services
July 2009

Student Advice Services
The Nuffield Centre
St Michael’s Road
Portsmouth, PO1 2ED

Tel: (023) 9284 3157
Registering with a dentist                                           Exemption from prescription, dental and optical services
To register with a dentist you can approach any surgery to ask       charges: check out if you are eligible.
for NHS treatment, but the decision on whether or not to accept      Students may qualify for exemption from these charges on
you as a new patient under the NHS rests with the dentist. The       grounds of low income. A claim can be made by completing a
William Beatty Dental Service (University Surgery) provides          ’Prescription Exemption Certificate’ which will mean that no
NHS treatment at the address overleaf. You can ring the              payment is required (this also provides
Hampshire dental helpline on 08450 508 345, NHS Direct on            free NHS prescriptions). A Department of Health leaflet “Help
0845 4647 or visit                                                   with health costs HC1" explains how to go about this and is                     available from:
if you need help finding an NHS dentist in this area.                Student Finance Centre           Doctors Surgeries
                                                                                                      Post Office
Urgent treatment
If you need emergency treatment, please contact the Hampshire
dental helpline as above and your problem will be assessed.          You should complete this form before you need treatment -
This line is open 8.30am–5.30pm weekdays. If you ring the            obtaining refunds is time consuming and can be problematic.
same number 5.30–9.30pm weekdays or 8am–9.30pm at                    For further information or help with NHS costs please contact
weekends or on bank holidays, you will automatically be put          the Student Finance Centre on (023) 9284 3014.
through to the out of hours helpline.
                                                                     Open wide
Most dental surgeries are unable to offer you an appointment for     See also
the same day (unless in extreme emergencies and only then if
you are registered with the surgery). It is therefore important to   Contact us
register as soon as possible – don’t leave it until you have         William Beatty Dental Service (University Surgery)
raging toothache.                                                    William Beatty Building
                                                                     Hampshire Terrace
Under the NHS, there are now charges for check-ups (around           Portsmouth
£16.50 for new patients). The dentist will advise you of the costs   PO1 2QG
for other NHS treatment. Free treatment is available under the       T: 023 9284 5281
NHS if the patient’s income is low. Many students are classed
as being on low income and so are entitled to free prescriptions
and free dental treatment.

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