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					Lesson 11

1(       )内の語句を正しく並べかえて英文を完成しなさい。
 1. All students (in / keep / must / quiet / the library).
     must keep quiet in the library
 2. You (finish / have / the / to / work) by the end of this month.
     have to finish the work
 3. It’s (duty / matter / report / our / this / to) to the police.
     our duty to report this matter
 4. A doctor (for / is / life / responsible / the / of) his or her patients.
     is responsible for the life of
 5. It’s (both / important / look / that / ways / you) before you cross the road.
     important that you look both ways

2 下線部を英語で表現し,対話文を完成しなさい。
 1. A: I want to make a cake.
    B: Do you? Then, いろいろなものが必要になるよ。
     many things will be necessary
     there are many things you must have
     you must get many things ready for that
     you need many things
 2. A: 遅れないで学校に来なきゃだめだよ, Tom.
    B: Yes, but this morning the train was late.
     You must come to class on time
     You must be on time for school
     Don’t be late for class
     Don’t come late to school
 3. A: I have a toothache.
    B: That’s too bad. 歯医者にすぐ行きなさいよ。
     You have to go to the dentist now.
     See the dentist at once.
     You’d better go to the dentist as soon as possible.
     You should go and consult the dentist right away.
 4. A: The interview starts at ten. Is it OK if I leave home at 9:30?
    B: No, you should leave at 9. 少し早めに行くことが大切だよ。
     It’s important that you arrive a little earlier.
   It’s necessary for you to get there a little earlier.
   You have to be there a little earlier.
   You should get there a little earlier.
 5. A: 午後の 3 時に来てください。
  B: OK. Where shall we meet?
   You are supposed to come at three in the afternoon.
   I need you at three in the afternoon.
   I want you to come at three in the afternoon.
   Come at three p.m.

3 英語で表現しなさい。
 1. スポーツ選手は人並み以上の努力が必要である。
   Athletes must make greater efforts than ordinary people.
   Athletes must work harder than most people.
   It is necessary for people who play sports to make extraordinary efforts.
   It is important that athletes should make more efforts than others.
 2. プロの野球選手は,若者のよい模範とならねばならない。
   It is necessary that professional baseball players be good role models for young people.
   Professional baseball players should be good role models for the young.
   Professional baseball players must give good examples to young people.
   It is important for professional baseball players to set a good example to young people.
 3. スポーツにおける傷害保険が生徒には必要である。
   Insurance against injuries in sports is necessary for students.
   Schools must have their students insured against injuries in sports.
   Students need accident insurance in sports.
   Students cannot do without insurance against injuries in sports.
 4. スキー旅行に行くのなら,防寒服を持っていくべきだ。
   If you go on a ski trip, you should bring winter clothes.
   If you want to go skiing, you must not forget to bring winter clothes.
   When you go skiing, be sure to bring winter clothes.
   You can’t go on a ski trip without bringing winter clothes.
 5. この高校の生徒はだれでも,一つか 2 つのクラブに入らねばならない。
   Each student of this high school is supposed to take part in one or two club activities.
    Each student of this high school is expected to join one or two clubs.
    Each student of this high school must belong to one or two clubs.
    Students of this high school must each take part in one or two club activities.

Notes 2-2. 遅れないで on time 3. 歯医者 a dentist
      3-2. 模範 a role model 4. 防寒服 winter clothes
1 日本文を参考にして空所を補い,英文を完成しなさい。
   ①   ____________________.   ②   ____________________.   It was decided that the prefectural
 swim meet would be held in our town this summer. The event organizer and our school          ③

 ____________________.    ④____________________.

    ①A big sports event needs help from community members.
    When a big sports event is held, help from community members is necessary.
    Community members must offer help to make a big sports event successful.
    There must be help from community members.
    Otherwise a big sports event cannot be held.
    ②Students in our school are supposed to take part in such events as volunteers.
    Students in our school are expected to do some volunteer activities in such events.
    Students in our school will participate in such events as volunteers.
    Students in our school are supposed to do some volunteer work in these events.
    ③had a discussion about what the students would have to do
    had a meeting and talked about what students should do
    had a meeting and things that students would have to do were talked about.
    ④They decided that they should do their best to make it successful.
    It was decided at the meeting that they should make every effort to make it successful.
    They decided that they would do all that they could to make it successful.
    The decision was that they should spare no pains to make it successful.

2 下線部を英語で表現しなさい。
   ① スポーツではチームワークが大切だと言われている。 個々の選手がチームのために共に努力

    ①It is said that teamwork is necessary in sports.
    People say that teamwork is necessary in sports.
    Teamwork is said to be important in sports.
    I hear that we can’t play sports without teamwork.
     ②Each member on a team must work together for the team.
     Everyone on a team must play together for the team.
     What is important for each member on the team is to do their best for the team.
     Nothing is more important for each member on a team than to work together for the
     ③This is necessary not only in sports but also in our lives.
     This is the case not only with sports but with our lives.
     This is true not only of sports but also of our lives.
     This is necessary in our lives as well as in sports.
     ④That’s why sports are necessary to help us develop as human beings.
     Therefore, sports are important to help us develop as human beings.
     In this way, sports contribute to our development as human beings.
     That’s why sports are important [So sports are absolutely necessary] to help us develop as

Listen & Try
A. 英文を聞いて空所を書き取りなさい。
  It is true that ①____________________ in order to win, but there is ②____________________.
It is everyday practice. Even if you are not a good player now, ③____________________. The
time will come when you will be successful.     ④____________________.
     ①you must do your best in games
     ②something which is even more important than that effort
     ③you should practice every day
     ④You must know that practice makes perfect

B. 聞き取った内容について,あなたの意見を英語で書きなさい。
     1. I quite agree with this idea. I think our life would be dull if it were not for sports.
       Sports enriches our lives and refreshes our body. In some cases, it enlightens the mind
       and develops moral character. I’m a member of the tennis club and the practice always
       makes me fresh and vigorous. That’s why I like sports.
     2. It is true that sports may do us good in many ways. I, however, am not good at any
       sports. I’m not a good baseball player nor a good swimmer. So it is almost impossible
       for me to realize the value of sports. I like reading instead. When I read books, I feel I
       can get all the valuable things from them. Nothing gives me a greater pleasure than
       reading. While other people play sports, I read books and I’m quite happy.

Notes 1-①地域の community

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