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            “LATVIA 2010”

                Dogs Handling Service
         of the State Border Guard’s College
                    Rēzekne, 2010

    The programme of 5th International Service Dog Biathlon Competition
                              “Latvia 2010”


     The 5th International Service Dog Biathlon Competition “Latvia 2010” will be
held on August 21, 2010 in the Dogs Handling Centre of the State Border Guard’s

    The aims of the competition:
         1. To raise dog handlers’ proficiency;
         2. To define the best dog handlers, service dogs and teams of the law
            enforcement agencies of Latvia and other countries;
         3. To evaluate the development of Dog handling service;
         4. The exchange of practical experience among the dog handlers of the
            State Border Guard of Latvia and foreign dog handlers;
         5. To define the champion teams of dog handlers and service dogs (4 dog
            handlers and 4 service dogs) of the State Border Guard for participation
            in biathlon competition of service dogs of international scale in years
            2010 and 2011;
         6. the popularization of Dogs handling service of the State Border Guard’s
            College in Latvia and abroad.

    The groups of participants of competition

    1.       the Professional grade – dog handlers of the law enforcement agencies
             of Latvia and other countries with service or private dogs;
    2.       the Folk grade – civil dog sport fans with dogs;
    3.       the number of team members is unlimited, but not less than 2.

    Evaluation and distinction

         1. team evaluation of the Professional grade (2 best participant of
            competition) – for first three places diplomas, cups and medals.
         2. individual evaluation (a dog handler and service dog):
             2.1. in joint evaluation the participants of Professional grade – for
               first three places diplomas, medals and promotional gifts;
             2.2. the fastest runner – diploma and promotional gift;
             2.3. the best shooter – diploma and promotional gift;

            2.4. in joint evaluation the participants of the Folk grade – for first
              three places diplomas, medals and promotional gifts;
            2.5. women – for first three places diplomas, medals and promotional

     Referees of the competition:

    The head referee of competition: major U. Barkāns
    Referees:      Captain D. Stucere; Captain O. Sergejevs; First Sergeant I.
Ļutaja; First Lieutenant I. Jankovska, warrant Officer S.Gailums.

     Application procedure

     Participants should apply for the competition in written form, which should
         1. name, surname, service rank and age of the participants;
         2. the name, breed and age of the service dog;
         3. for how many persons are there necessary sleeping – places and on
            which dates;
         4. does the service dog need a cage;
         5. application form (on the attached form) should be sent to the State
            Border Guard’s College by 15:00 o’clock on August 7, 2010 by fax:
            +371 646 03681 or by e – mail: uldis.barkans@rs.gov.lv.


The participant may be disqualified if:
        1. He shows rough and non ethic attitude towards the referees or other
           participants of the competition;
        2. He treats the dog roughly;
        3. There are not fulfilled veterinarian requirements;
        4. The service dog can not be controlled and threatens people and other
           service dogs;
        5. There are not fulfilled requirements of the competition.

     The veterinarian requirements:
     Service dogs are permitted to take part in the competition if:
        1. They are clinically healthy;

        2. They have been vaccinated against hydrophobia no earlier than a year
           ago or at least 2 weeks before the date of the competition (the
           vaccination certificate has to be presented to the head referee of the

     Submission of protests

      The representative of the team can make a protest about work of referee or the
result of any participant personally to the head referee of the competition. The
protest should be made in written within 1 hour after finish of a participant. Referees
review the protest within 1 hour after it has been submitted. Decision of the referees
after review is final and can not be changed.

     Other regulations

     Accommodation will be arranged for participants of competition at their own
expense. The State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia covers expenses for
participants from foreign countries, as well as for one team representative.
     It is recommended for participants of competition to provide themselves with
own dog boxes. For those participants of competition, who will not have such boxes,
there will be a possibility to accommodate them in State Border Guards’ college
Dog handling service dog cages (please, inform the management of Dog handling
centre in advance).

The schedule of the competition
Friday, 20.08.2010.
Till 13:00       Arrival and the registration of the participants in the
                 State Border Guards’ college Dog handling centre
13:00 – 14:00    Transfer to the place of competition
14:00 – 17:00    Review of competition trace
18:00 – 19:00    Dinner
19:00 – 20:00    Joint meeting, drawing for competition

Saturday, 21208.2010.
07:00 – 08:00    Breakfast
08:30 – 08:45    Official ceremony of the opening of the competition
10:00 – 13:00    Process of competition
13:00 – 14:30    Summarizing of the results, lunch
14:30 – 18:00    Distinction of winners and closing of the competition


     To participate in the competition there are allowed dog handlers of all the law
enforcement agencies (border guard, police, customs, army and other) with service
or private dogs as well as civil dog sport fans (shooting from pneumatic pistol).
     The participant of the competition has to make a race of approximately 8 km in
mixed area, where different obstacles are located. During the race the service dog
has to be held on lunge, which must not be longer than 3 meters. The obstacles
located on distance must be overcome such way how it was determined and shown
during review of competition trace.
     There are located 3 places on the distance where the service dog will have to
beat back the attack of figurant or to capture the figurant. During this exercise the
service dog has to be let from lunge (by letting the lunge out of hands). The dog
should be called back form figurant after the exercise with commands without
physical influence.
     On the distance the participant has to shoot 10 times from the distance of 10
meters. As valid are considered such shoots which had hit into black circle of the
target. Shoots:
          participants of Professional grade from pistol Sig-Sauer P239;
          participants of Folk grade – from pneumatic rifle.
     The participants take part in competition dressed:
          in uniform with or without headdress. Sport shoes are allowed;

          participants of Folk grade – in sport clothes.
     During the competition it is allowed to show such signals which are used in
real work. All the exercises must be done in determined order. After overcoming an
obstacle the referee brings up red or white flag. The red flag means that the
overcoming of the obstacle was not successful. Participant is allowed to repeat the
overcoming of the obstacle. The time will not be stopped. The white flag means that
the obstacle is overcome.
     If participant delays his start time, he will be disqualified. If service dog is not
under control, the participant will be taken off the competition.
     Participants with bitches that are observed the signs of search, starts the
competition in the end.
     Participants who are elder that 41 year gets time handicap 10 seconds for each
year over this age.

     Evaluation of the competition

    The provisions of competition evaluation will be declared during the review of
competition trace.

                                                APPLICATION FORM
                      For the 5 International Service Dog Biathlon Competition “Latvia 2010”

The Board or the
  State Border
Guard or country
The representative
   of the team
                                          Dog handler                                  The service dog
  Participants:                                                                                           Age
                          Name         Surname          Rank       Age         Name          Breed

             are there necessary cages for the service dogs: ___yes__(number)__________________               no
             people who will live in the hotel (number, males, females, dates):__________________________________

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