acts cookie thief by ernyku


									Acts Cookie Thief

A woman was waiting at the airport one night.
There are still a few hours before her flight.
To waste time, he bought a book and a bag
cakes in the airport shop and find a place to sit.

Sitting woman reading a new book
just bought.
In his preoccupation that he saw a man
next to them to be so bold as to take one or
two of the cake that is between them.

The woman tried to ignore in order to avoid
keributan.Ia read, munched cookies and watched the clock.
While the brave spend Cookie Thief
inventory. He was increasingly irritated as the minutes

Women and even then had time to think If I was not
well, already I punch him! Every time he took one
cake, The man also took one.

When only one cookie remained, she wondered what
will do man. With a smile of laughter
face and nervous laughter, The man takes the cake
last and divide it in two. The man offers
half his, while he ate a half

The woman was snatched it and think 'Geez
this guy was brave, and he is also rude, in fact he
do not seem grateful '.

Never had he felt so annoyed. He heaved a
sigh of relief when her flight was announced. He
collect her belongings and headed
gate. Refusing to look back on the "Thief
ingrate! ".

He boarded the plane and sat in his chair, then look for
his book, which is almost finished reading. As he
reached into her bag, she gasped with surprise. There
there are pockets of cookies in front of his eyes.
Koq mine are here groaned with a broken heart,
So the cake is his and he had tried to share.
Too late to apologize, he propped sad. That
in fact he was the rude, ungrateful
and he was the thief that cake.

In this life story of a cake like that thieves often
occur. We often prejudiced and see people
others with our own eyes / subjective and not
we rarely prejudiced against him.

Someone else is always wrong,
others who should be removed,
others who do not know yourself,
others who sinned,
someone else who always makes trouble,
someone else who deserves a lesson.

And .....???
our own who stole the cake was when we
own shameless.
We often affecting, comment on, scorn
opinions, judgments or ideas of others while
we really do not know exactly the problem.

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