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									Beth Shalom Synagogue
                                     5827 North Trenholm Road * Columbia, SC 29206 * (803) 782-2500

                  Welcome to Beth Shalom!

  We are glad to hear of your interest in our community. “Beth Shalom” means
  House of Peace, and we hope this is a place where you can find peace, healing,
  inspiration and community, and grow in your love of yiddishkeit and your service
  of the divine. We are an inclusive and joyous spiritual community where tradition
  lives and thrives.

  At Beth Shalom, we offer more than just services. We offer Torah, joyous study
  of our traditional texts as a lifelong pathway to spiritual growth. We offer
  “gemilut hesed,” opportunities to do mitzvot together both for the Jewish commu-
  nity and for the greater world. And we offer community.

  I would be glad to speak with you more about your Jewish interests and passions,
  to offer any help or guidance which you would need, or simply to chat and get to
  know you. My door is always open.


  Rabbi David B. Siff
5827 N. Trenholm Rd. Columbia, SC 29206
             (803) 782-2500

               RABBI: David Siff
      RESIDENT SCHOLAR: Dr. Leon Spotts
           PRESIDENT: Dr. Lilly Filler
     WEB SITE:
Welcome to Beth Shalom Synagogue!
Beth Shalom "House of Peace" is affiliated with the Conservative branch
of American Judaism. Our worship service is conducted mostly in Hebrew
with English translation available on every page of the prayer book and
Chumash (Bible). The Shabbat (Sabbath) evening and morning services in
which we participate is a tradition that dates back well over 2000 years and
is conducted in synagogues worldwide.

The Bar/Bat Mitzvah
A Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an important cultural and religious event in the life of
a Jewish boy or girl, marking the time when he/she makes the transition to
a young adult member of the Jewish community. Becoming a Bar/Bat
Mitzvah is a call to responsibility.

Kippot (head covering) and Tallit (prayer shawls)
You may wonder why so many Jewish men in the synagogue wear a prayer
shawl (tallit), with long fringes. That's because of G-d's command in Num-
bers 15:37-41: The Lord said to Moses as follows: “Speak to the Israelite
people and instruct them to make for themselves fringes on the corners of
their garments throughout the ages; let them attach a cord of blue to the
fringe at each corner... Thus you shall be reminded to observe all my com-
mandments and to be holy to your G-d." The wearing of the Tallit is op-
tional for women. When entering the sanctuary, all men and boys are re-
quired to wear a head covering or Kippah. This is a Jewish tradition and a
sign of respect for G-d. Women are only required to wear a head covering
when called to the Bema (the raised platform in front of the synagogue).

The Sanctuary
As you sit in the main sanctuary, look straight ahead. The raised platform,
or stage in front of the synagogue is called a bimah. Located in the middle
of the bimah is the Holy Ark containing the Torah (Scroll of the Law), in
which is written the Pentateuch or Five Books of Moses. Our synagogue
has more than one Torah scroll, but it should be noted that all are identical;
in content, writing (orthography), and length, and are always produced by
specially-trained scribes. The scribe may require about a year to write a
Torah scroll. All writing is copied from an existing scroll, and each word is
pronounced aloud by the scribe before copying it. There can be no mis-
takes. If an error is made the entire sheet of parchment is set aside and bur-
ied. There is no punctuation and there are no vowels in the Torah. Aside
from the beautiful manner in which the Hebrew text is written, there is no
decoration or pictorial art in a Torah scroll. Reading from the Torah is the
central element around which the Sabbath morning liturgy is built. The
Torah Service Hebrew is read from right to left, so the reading of the
prayer book also moves in that direction. This portion of the service centers
on the chanting of the text from the Torah and a text from the Prophets
(Haftorah). The Torah contains the first five books of the Hebrew Bible:
Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The Torah de-
scribes the origins of the Jewish people. Embodied in this history are the
laws by which we are expected to live.

Each week the Torah is removed and a designated portion is read. After the
Torah has been removed from the Ark, it is carried around the sanctuary so
that congregants may touch is as a sign of love and respect. The congrega-
tion always rises when the Ark is opened out of respect for the word of G-d
contained in the Torah. The Ark is located on the eastern wall of the syna-
gogue, facing Jerusalem, the site of the ancient Temple. The Torah scrolls
are velvet or satin covered and are adorned with silver ornaments. Hanging
above the Ark is an ornate lamp called the "Ner Tamid" or Eternal Light. It
is continually lit to remind us of the constant watchfulness of G-d.

The service is divided into three main parts:

Shacharit Service: This service includes introductory prayers, psalms,
affirmation of faith and silent devotions.

The Torah Service: This begins with the opening of the Ark and removal
of the Torah Scrolls. The Torah will be carried around the sanctuary for all
to see and touch. The scroll is then opened and the weekly portion read.
The weekly Torah portion has been sub-divided into small sections. For
each section we call upon an honored adult who thanks G-d for the spiritual
privilege of reciting a blessing over the Torah. This honor is called an Ali-
yah. Every Shabbat at least seven Jews beyond Bar or Bat Mitzvah age are
called to the bema to recite a blessing over the Torah (Aliyah). Then the
weekly Haftorah portion will be read along with introductory and conclud-
ing blessings. The Haftorah is the lesson from the Prophets. The Torah and
Haftorah portions can be found in Hebrew and English in the larger Chu-
mashim, or Bibles.

The Musaf Service: This relatively short service contains concluding
prayers and hymns. After blessing over the wine and challah (ceremonial
bread), please join us for kiddush luncheon in the social hall.

 Thank you for joining us and we wish you a Shabbat Shalom
                     (Sabbath of Peace).
                       Schedule of Services

                     Shabbat evening services
                        Friday - 6:30 p.m.

                     Shabbat morning services
                        Saturday - 9:45 a.m.

                    Monday-Thursday - 6:15 p.m.

                          E-mail Addresses:

Rabbi David Siff:        
Rebecca Pinsker:         
Dr. Leon Spotts:         
Tonya Dotson:            
Sara Simmons:            

                Web Site:
                             Beth Shalom Synagogue 
                                RESOURCES & PROGRAMS 
                                     Junior Congregation  
                       Contact: Rebecca Pinsker, Director of Education 
Learning your prayers and learning how to pray are two completely different skill sets!  Families 
and students join together the first two Shabbatot a month to learn how to pray and create a 
dialogue with G‐d. 
                                       Kadima & USY  
                       Contact: Rebecca Pinsker, Director of Education 
We may be small but we are mighty! Get together with other your other Jewish friends and not 
only have fun but do mitzvot at the same time!  Join us for loads of fun. 
                                         Family Shabbat 
This  monthly  program  features  a  family  oriented  Friday  night  service  followed  by  a  Shabbat 
dinner including food and special programming for children. 
                                   Interfaith / Intermarriage 
                                 Contact: Matt Gottlieb, 528‐7312 
Do you or will you have a non‐Jewish family member or spouse?  This does not exclude anyone 
from being involved or welcome at Beth Shalom.  We offer programming and support to assist 
in the inclusion of all family members wanting to be involved members of the community.  Even 
if you just have a question we are there for you. 
                                          Daily Worship 
                   We join together as a community for daily worship (minyan)  
                             Monday through Thursday at 6:15 p.m.  
                                           Tikkun Olam 
                                 Contact: Sue Berkowitz, 256‐0109 
                                   Adult Education Academy  
                         Contact: Rebecca Pinsker, Director of Education 
Lean in an innovative environment that encourages questions.  Academy leaning happens three 
times a year, Fall, Winter, and Spring with course offerings of two‐55 minute classes each hour 
from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Thursday evenings. 
                                            Music & Choir 
                              Contact: Dr. Michal Rubin, 738‐0267 
Beth Shalom is in the midst of a "musical" journey, enriching our services with music and song 
with an emphasis on congregational singing.  Sound files are sent to the community with new 
melodies; groups of "singers" prepare for the High Holy Days, encouraging singing in the kahal 
(congregation); our services are led by lay leaders; the Torah and Haftarah are chanted by lay 
readers; As a new congregant, we would like to extend our invitation to you to join the ranks of 
singers, Torah readers, and prayer leaders. 
                                          Hesed Outreach 
                                   Contact: Doris Frank, 699‐1464 
                                       Caring for Our Members 
Our  compassion  for  our  Beth  Shalom  community  finds  its  expression  in  the  physical  world 
through bikur cholim, visiting the sick, and nichum avelim, comforting the mourner.  Both these 
mitzvot  fall  within  gemilut  chesed,  acts  of  loving  kindness  performed  in  emulation  of  God's 
devine  kindness  and  love,  without  the  expectation  of  reward  or  acknowledgment.    The 
relationships  created  by  these  acts  hold  the  potential  for  spiritual  experiences,  enriching  the 
giver as well as receiver. 
                          Contact: Rebecca Pinsker, Director of Education 
Celebrating  a  birthday,  anniversary,  commemorating  a  loved  one?    Consider  a  donation  to 
continue building our collection of juvenile, research, and adult books.  Our library is a welcome 
haven  for  scholars,  students,  browsers,  novel  lovers,  mystery  fanatics,  and  soon  movie  and 
music lovers.   
                                     Beth Shalom Sisterhood 
                                 Contact: Heidi Lovit, 736‐5144 
Beth Shalom Sisterhood is a vital part of Beth Shalom.  Sisterhood has many programs that run 
throughout the year, such as Sisterhood Shabbat weekend, Sisterhood Donor, Torah Fund “Chai 
Tea,” monthly Jewish Women’s Book Club meetings, Paid‐Up Brunch, and many more.  Not to 
mention they run our beautiful Gift Shop.  Sisterhood provides many opportunities for support 
to our synagogue and educational department.  Join Sisterhood today! 
                                       Sisterhood Gift Shop 
As  you  consider  your  birthday,  wedding,  anniversary,  and  holiday  gift  needs,  come  see  the 
wonderful  assortment  of  jewelry,  serving  pieces,  candlesticks,  religious,  and  non‐religious 
items.  Hours are: Wednesday:  4:30 ‐ 6:15 p.m., Sunday: 10 a.m. ‐ 12:30 p.m., or by appointment 782‐
2500.  We are looking for volunteers to work in the Gift Shop for a couple of hours a week.  If you are 
interested in seeing how you can help, call Naomi Freedman. at 787‐1882 
                                                        Welcome to
Beth Shalom Board of Directors
                Officers                    BETH SHALOM SYNAGOGUE
          President: Lilly Filler
      Vice President: Barbara Blau
         Treasurer: Joe Sharnoff
   Financial Secretary: David Zalesne
  Recording Secretary: Harold Friedman
Immediate Past President: Howard Stravitz

 Members of the Board of Directors

               Ruth Bazerman
                Ronnie Frank
                Ira Greenberg
              Howard Hammer
                Lyssa Harvey
                Charles Kahn
               Hyman Karesh
                                                       o ka ,hc
                 Dan Matzner
              Sandra Poliakoff
              Sharon Robinson
           Beth Bernstein Sanders              “Where Tradition Come Alive”
           Linda Schoen Giddings
                 Aaron Small
                 Randy Stark
                                                      RABBI: David B. Siff
    Board of Trustees Members                DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION: Rebecca Pinsker
                Shep Cutler
                Bruce Filler                       5827 North Trenholm Road
                Belle Jewler
                Barry Laban
                                                     Columbia, SC. 29206
                David Lovit                             (803) 782-2500
                 Bill Stern              
               Jack Swerling
            Henry Ray Wengrow
                                               Member of the United Synagogue of
                                                    Conservative Judaism
                              THE HISTORY
                                                                                                    Rabbi                      David B. Siff                       782-2500
THE BEGINNING                                                                                       Director of Education      Rebecca Pinsker                     782-2500
                                                                                                    Resident Scholar           Dr. Leon Spotts                     787-9330
                                  The Jewish community has existed in Columbia since
                                  the early nineteen century, with German Jewish set-               President                  Dr. Lilly Filler                    788-2416
                                  tlers practicing Judaism in a synagogue they had re-              Vice President             Barbara Blau                        782-0612
                                  built in 1900, after it was destroyed by General                  Treasurer                  Joe Sharnoff                        788-1184
                                  Sherman’s troops in the closing days of the Civil War.            Financial Secretary        David Zalesne                       788-2577
                                                                                                    Membership Co-Chairs       Sharon Robinson                     790-7977
                                  By 1907, a number of Jewish men began to gather in                                           Lyssa Harvey                        787-7331
                                  this small house at the corner of Park and Lady Street
to conduct Orthodox services. This small “minyan” became the House of Peace (Beth                            Friday Evening Service:              6:30 p.m.
Shalom) under the leadership of the first congregational president, Philip Epstein, and                      Saturday Morning Service:            9:45 a.m.
received a state charter in 1912.
                                                                                                             Monday - Thursday Minyans:           6:15 p.m.

THE PAST                                                                                   Beth Shalom Synagogue provides a comprehensive Jewish educational program for
                                     By 1928, Columbia’s Jewish community was too          the children and youth of the congregation beginning with the early childhood years
                                     large to be accommodated in the Park Street Syna-     and extending through Hebrew school into middle school and high school. The young
                                     gogue and plans were made to erect a larger syna-     people of the congregation have the opportunity to learn about and participate in the
                                     gogue. On January 27, 1935, this building was built   religious traditions and culture of our people. Bar and Bat Mitzvah for boys and girls
                                     on Marion Street.                                     at age 13 are particularly meaningful at Beth Shalom. And the emerging teen pro-
                                                                                           gram offers unique opportunities for further Jewish learning coupled with travel to
                                     At a general meeting on April 21, 1955, the congre-   Israel and elsewhere.
                                     gation approved the purchase of land on Trenholm
                                     Road to be used to build a Jewish Community Cen-      The congregation also offers a wide-ranging adult education program, including op-
                                     ter, education building and Synagogue.                portunities for studying Hebrew and participating in adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes,
The JCC later became a separate organization and the education building (now known as      discussion groups, lectures on diverse topics such as Israel, Jewish holidays, and life
Lollipop Lane Daycare) served as Sunday School, Hebrew School and Nursery School,          cycle events.
until the current education wing was added onto the synagogue in 1980.
                                                                                                         For further information on any of the above, contact the
                                                                                                  Director of Education at Beth Shalom, Rebecca Pinsker, 782-2500.
                                                                                                                    Board of Education Chairperson:
                                      Ground breaking ceremonies for the new Syna-                                      Daryl Giddings 419-0203
                                      gogue at 5827 North Trenholm Rd., were held on
                                      December 19, 1971. The dedication of the new                            Hebrew School: Wednesday 4:30 - 6:15 p.m.
                                      Synagogue we now call home was held on March                              Sunday School: 10:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
                                      25, 1973. At a general congregational meeting held                           Select Saturdays 9:45 a.m. - noon
                                      on October 31, 1976, the congregation voted to
                                      build an education building adjacent to the Syna-
                                      gogue. Ground breaking ceremonies were held on       The Sisterhood of Beth Shalom Synagogue plays an active role in the Jewish commu-
                                                                                           nity. It seeks to instill the ideals of Judaism into the lives and homes of its members
May 20, 1979 and the completed building was officially dedicated on January 12, 1980. A    through education, social action and religious observance. Call Heidi Lovit at 787-
major expansion of the education wing was built in 1999. A Mikvah was constructed adja-    5744, if you would like more information.
cent to the education building in 1999.
                                                                                           The Sisterhood operates the gift shop at Beth Shalom for your holiday and special
Today our congregation has the largest membership in its history and many second and       occasion gift giving. The gift shop hours are Wednesdays: 4:30-6:15 p.m. and Sun-
third generation Beth Shalom members have taken leadership roles within the Synagogue.     days: 10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. or by appointment.
            Beth Shalom
             “Where Tradition Comes Alive”

      Application for Membership

               5827 North Trenholm Road
                  Columbia, SC 29206
               (803) 782-2500 * (803) 782-2501
                     Fax: (803) 782-5420

Affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
                               Beth Shalom Synagogue ‐ Application for Membership 
Adult #1 
Title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc)                      First name                                    Last name         (Birthday) 
Married / Single / Divorced / Widowed   (Circle one)                                                  If divorced, was there a get?___________ 
Home Address:________________________________________________________________________________________ 
                              Street                                                 City                     State                    Zip 
Home Phone:_________________________________________  Personal e‐mail:__________________________________ 
Place of employment:___________________________________ Occupation:_____________________________________ 
Work Phone:__________________________________________ Work e‐mail:____________________________________ 
Cell phone:_________________________  
Hebrew Name: ____________________________________ Kohen /Levi /Yisrael  (Circle one) 
Parents’ Hebrew Names: ___________________________________________ 
If Applicable: 
Date and Place of Conversion:____________________________________ 
Name of Rabbi: _______________________________ Synagogue Name & Location: ______________________________ 
Date of Marriage:__________________________ 
Adult #2 
Title (Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc)                      First name                                    Last name             (Birthday) 
Have you ever been divorced?  ________ If so, was there a get?___________ 
Place of employment:___________________________________ Occupation:_____________________________________ 
Work Phone:__________________________________________ Work e‐mail:____________________________________ 
Cell phone:_________________________                                                          Personal e‐mail:_________________________________ 
Hebrew Name (If applicable): ____________________________________ Kohen /Levi /Yisrael  (Circle one) 
Parents’ Hebrew Names: ___________________________________________ 
If Applicable: 
Date and Place of Conversion:____________________________________ 
Name of Rabbi: _______________________________ Synagogue Name & Location: ______________________________ 
    Child's Name                               Hebrew Name (including parents)                Birth date 
If child's last name, address and/or phone number are different from that of member, please indicate: 
Phone________________________________________ E‐mail: ______________________________________ 
If child is away at college, please indicate: 
Phone________________________________________ E‐mail: ______________________________________ 
Hebrew School: Additional Information will be sent to you if you check this area. 
______ Kindergarten ‐ 2nd Grade meet Sundays 10 a.m. ‐ 12:30 p.m. 
______ 3rd ‐ 7th Grade meet Sundays: 10 a.m. ‐ 12:30 p.m. and Wednesdays: 4:30 ‐ 6:15 p.m.   
______ 8th ‐ 10th Grade (Midrasha) meet Thursdays: 6 ‐ 8 p.m. 
Previous Synagogue/Temple affiliations:_______________________________________________________________ 
Yahrzeit Information 
Deceased                      Relationship                 Who Observes                Date of Death 
Participation is part of membership at Beth Shalom Synagogue. Which committees or activity might either 
of you (or your children) be interested in serving on?  Please indicate which member is interested in each 
Committee                               Adult #1                                      Adult #2 
Social committee                        _______                                       _______            
Ritual committee                        _______                                       _______            
Youth committee                         _______                                       _______            
Chevra Kadisha                          _______                                       _______            
Cemetery committee                      _______                                       _______            
Membership committee                    _______                                       _______            
Library committee                       _______                                       _______            
Adult Education committee               _______                                       _______            
House committee                         _______                                       _______            
Fundraising committee                   _______                                       _______            
Outreach (Hesed) committee              _______                                       _______            
Global Concerns (Tikun Olam)            _______                                       _______            
Bulletin committee                      _______                                       _______ 
Intermarriage committee                 _______                                       _______ 
Please indicate activities you would be interested in becoming involved in: 
Leading Services                        _______                                       _______ 
Sunday Adult Seminar                    _______                                       _______            
Sisterhood                              _______                                       _______            
Kadima (youth group‐5th‐8th grade)  _______                                           _______            
Social Action                           _______                                       _______            
Hebrew school teaching                  _______                                       _______            
Daily minyan                            _______                                       _______            
Torah reading                           _______                                       _______            
Outreach/volunteer work                 _______                                       _______ 
Shabbat Greeter                         _______                                       _______ 
High Holidays                           _______                                       _______ 
Music & Choir                           _______                                       _______            
Adult Education                         _______                                       _______ 
Other (please list):_________________________________________________________________ 
Do you have any other skills or interests which you would be interested in sharing with the community? 
The Beth Shalom Board of Directors meets on the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of the month. At that time, new 
members applications are introduced and formally approved for membership.  
Please return to:  Beth Shalom Synagogue, 5827 N. Trenholm Road, Columbia, SC 29206 

     For Office Use Only:    Date of Introduction to Rabbi: _____________     Date of Introduction to Board: _____________  
                    Dues Deposit Received: $__________Check #________   Annual Dues: $______________ 
                                                       Type of Membership: 
_____ Family Membership  ____ Single Membership             _____ Associate Membership         _____ 35 & under 
                             Beth Shalom Synagogue Talent Bank 
From  time  to  time  the  synagogue  staff  or  synagogue  committees  have  need  for  members 
with particular skills and interests. Please indicate by putting a checkmark the areas in which 
you are willing to share your knowledge and talents with our congregation. 
Category                     Description                                                         Adult #1  Adult #2 
                             Judaic/Calligraphy/Illustration/Kid’s Projects                                    
                             Decorating/Floral Arrangements                                                    
Clerical                     Type/File/Organize/Phone                                             
Computers                    Programming/Graphics/Desktop/Publishing                              
Communications               Publicity/Media/Facilitating/Newsletter                              
Event Planning               Socials/B’nai Mitzvot/Weddings                                       
Financial                    Planning/Management/Training/Consulting                              
Food                         Cooking/Baking/Set‐up/Special                                        
Hebrew                       Teach/Read/Torah/Chant                                               
Judaic Knowledge             Teach Adult/Religious School/Lead Services                           
Languages                    Speak/Read/Understand/Write                                          
Music & Dance                Choir/Song Leader/Instrument/ Israeli Dance                          
Photography                  People/Events/Nature/Video                                           
Needlework                   Sew/Knit/Crochet/Needlepoint/Embroidery                              
Games                        Bridge, Mah Jongg, Poker                                                          

Sports                       Children’s, intramural, softball, tennis, basketball, golf                        
            Education                Degree (s)                Major/Minor                        School (s)____ 
Adult #1 ____________________________________________________________________ 
Adult #2 ____________________________________________________________________ 
Adult #1 ____________________________________________________________________ 
Adult #2 ____________________________________________________________________ 
Please mail this form with your filled out application for membership. 

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