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									- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VPL
PRODUCT CODE: VPL-Allerpet PRODUCT NAME: Allerpet/B C or D IDENTITY (As Used on Label and List): Allerpet/B, C or D ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION I - PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION ----------------------------------------------------------MANUFACTURERS NAME: VETERINARY PRODUCTS LABORATORIES 301 WEST OSBORN ROAD PHOENIX, AZ. 85013 TELEPHONE NUMBERS: EMERGENCY: (602) 285-1660 EMERGENCY: (602) 234-2269 INFORMATION: (602) 285-1660 DATE ENTERED: 04/28/92 LAST REVISED: 04/28/92 SYNONYMS: CHEMICAL FAMILY: HAZARD LABEL: None MOLECULAR FORMULA: MOLECULAR WEIGHT: NE or NA ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION II - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS/IDENTITY INFORMATION ----------------------------------------------------------HAZARDOUS COMPONENTS OSHA ACGIH PERCENTAGE (SPECIFIC CHEMICAL PEL TLV IDENTITY/COMMON NAME) ----------------------------------------------------------Non hazardous 100.0 CAS NO.: F-Non hazard ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION III - PHYSICAL/CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS ----------------------------------------------------------BOILING POINT: 212.0 deg. F MELTING POINT: NE or NA SPECIFIC GRAVITY (Water = 1): 1 NE or NA VAPOR PRESSURE (mm Hg): NE or NA VAPOR DENSITY (Air = 1): NE or NA EVAPORATION RATE (Butyl Acetate = 1): NE or NA SOLUBILITY IN WATER: Soluble PERCENT VOLATILE: NE or NA APPEARANCE AND ODOR: odorless, milky color ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION IV - FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA ----------------------------------------------------------FLASH PT: NE or NA METHOD USED: EXPLOSIVE LIMITS: LEL: NE UEL: NE EXTINGUISHING MEDIA: NA SPECIAL FIRE FIGHTING PROCEDURES: NA UNUSUAL FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARDS: NA ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION V - REACTIVITY DATA ----------------------------------------------------------STABILITY: Stable CONDITIONS TO AVOID (Instability): NA INCOMPATIBILITY (MATERIALS TO AVOID): NA HAZARDOUS DECOMPOSITION OR BYPRODUCTS: NA HAZARDOUS POLYMERIZATION: Will not occur CONDITIONS TO AVOID (Hazardous Polymerization): Will not occur

----------------------------------------------------------SECTION VI - HEALTH HAZARD DATA ----------------------------------------------------------ROUTE(S) OF ENTRY: INHALATION? SKIN? EYES? INGESTION? OTHER: HEALTH HAZARDS (Acute and Chronic): NA CARCINOGENITY: NTP? IARC MONOGRAPHS? OSHA REGULATED? RECOMMENDED EXPOSURE LIMITS: NA LD 50/LC 50: NA SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF EXPOSURE: None known MEDICAL CONDITIONS GENERALLY AGGRAVATED BY EXPOSURE: None known EMERGENCY AND FIRST AID PROCEDURES: IF INGESTED: Induce vomiting by giving water and tickling back of throat. Never induce vomiting or give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. IF INHALED: NA IF IN EYES: Flush with soap and water. Consult physician if irritation persists. IF ON SKIN: Wash with soap and water. Consult physician if irritation persists. ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION VII - PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFE HANDLING & USE ----------------------------------------------------------STEPS TO BE TAKEN IN CASE MATERIAL IS RELEASED OR SPILLED: Normal clean-up, no special requirements or procedures. WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD: Dispose of in accordance with local, state and federal regulations. PRECAUTIONS TO BE TAKEN IN HANDLING AND STORING: HAZARD LABEL INFORMATION: None required OTHER PRECAUTIONS: Keep out of reach of children. ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION VIII - CONTROL MEASURES ----------------------------------------------------------PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT SUMMARY - HAZARD LABEL INFORMATION: RESPIRATORY PROTECTION (SPECIFY TYPE): None VENTILATION: LOCAL EXHAUST: Sufficient MECHANICAL (GENERAL): SPECIAL: OTHER: PROTECTIVE GLOVES: None EYE PROTECTION: None OTHER PROTECTIVE CLOTHING OR EQUIPMENT: None WORK/HYGIENIC/MAINTENANCE PRACTICES: Wash hands before eating, smoking and using restroom ----------------------------------------------------------SECTION IX - ADDITIONAL COMMENTS ----------------------------------------------------------IMPORTANT: The information and data herein are believed to be accurate and have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable. It is offered for your consideration, investigation and verification. ----------------------------------------------------------APPROVED BY: Wendy Marshall REPRESENTING: Veterinary Products Laboratories DATE: 09/10/93 COMPAS Code: 12540010

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