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									                                          CHAPTER 36

AN ACT concerning skateboarding and roller skating, and supplementing chapter 4 of Title 39
  of the Revised Statutes.

   B E IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

C.39:4-10.10a Regulation of skateboarding, roller skating.
   1. The governing body of any municipality may, by ordinance, regulate the operation of
skateboards and roller skates upon the roadways and public properties under municipal
jurisdiction; provided, however, that no such ordinance shall:
   a. absolve any person operating roller skates or a skateboard upon a permitted roadway of
any of the duties applicable to the operator of a bicycle pursuant to Article 3 of chapter 4 of Title
39 of the Revised Statutes and all supplements thereto, except as to those provisions thereof
which by their nature can have no application; or
   b. prohibit any person from operating a skateboard upon any public roadway, except those
specifically designated by ordinance .
   For the purpose of this section, "roller skates" means a pair of devices worn on the feet with
a set of wheels attached, regardless of the number or placement of those wheels, and used to
glide or propel the user over the ground.

C.39:4-10.10b Accommodation of roller skates, skateboards not required.
    2. Nothing in P.L.1998, c.36 (C.39:4-10.10a et seq.) or in P.L.1997, c.411 (C.39:4-10.5
et al.) shall obligate the Commissioner of Transportation to in any way maintain, plan, design or
construct roadways to accommodate the operation of roller skates or skateboards.

   3.   This act shall take effect immediately.

   Approved June 30, 1998.

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