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For a long time, skipping and other athletes have been boxing for flexibility and speed training techniques, rope skipping not only can enhance the body coordination, and can exercise endurance. Although people often think this is a low-end movement, but the skipping is really the most convenient body sport.

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									      Success Story
            Port Alberni, BC

John Paul II Catholic School, a                                                                   encouraged to use equipment
Port Alberni school of 71 students,                                                               provided in the Action Schools!
has been registered with Action                                                                   BC Classroom Action Bins –
Schools! BC since 2006. Action                                                                    skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk
Schools! BC is a best practices                                                                   and balls.
model designed to assist schools                                                                      In 2008, the school booked
in creating individualized action                                                                 an Action Schools! BC Classroom
plans to promote healthy living.                                                                  Healthy Eating Workshop to
The school registered with                                                                        encourage staff to promote
Action Schools! BC with hopes                                                                     healthy eating throughout the
of building on existing healthy                                                                   school day through Learning,
living initiatives in place since the                                                             Tracking, Tasting and Snacking
school opened its doors in 2005.                                                                  activities that focus on vegetable
These included not having vending machines, discouraging            and fruit consumption. Ms. de Bruijn describes the resource
junk food, and organizing physically active events involving        as “an easy-to-use, comprehensive set of lesson plans for
family members and the broader school community such as             teaching health units.”The primary students love the
Terry Fox Runs, the World Food Day Walk, bike rodeos, fun           Vegetable and Fruit Sticker Competition activity and record
days, community parades, and family skating in the winter           the vegetables and fruit they consume on a chart provided
and picnics in the spring. According to Angela de Bruijn,           in the Classroom Healthy Eating Action Packs. The school has
the school’s PE teacher, the school registered with Action          used the Action Schools! BC Healthy Eating School Food
Schools! BC to “further these activities and implement the          Grant to provide fresh produce for special food days – one
daily physical activity requirements” .                             class chose to have an Orange and Yellow Day and an Eat
    In 2006, the school booked an Action Schools! BC                Your Colours activity in another class revealed few students
Classroom Action (Physical Activity) Workshop. The staff            had ever tried eggplant, so the teacher brought in stir-fried
embraced the activities learned in the workshop and                 eggplant for everyone to try. Students loved it and many
continue to integrate them daily throughout class time.             took the recipe home to share with their families. Parents are
    In 2007, the school booked an Action Schools! BC                equally supportive about the promotion of healthy eating.
Outdoor Student Leadership Workshop. This model involves            The organizers of the hot lunch program are enthusiastically
an Action Schools! BC Regional Trainer teaching a group             replacing unhealthy foods with healthy choices.
of intermediate aged student leaders how to lead outdoor                John Paul II Catholic School is exemplary in its steadfast
games (like hopscotch, four square, long rope skipping              efforts to create a healthy, active school culture. By taking
and Chinese jump rope) for younger students. As a result            advantage of all that Action Schools! BC has to offer, John
of this and the school’s new tetherball poles and climbing          Paul II Catholic School is excelling at integrating healthy
apparatus, there has been a significant increase in physical        living into the fabric of their school community in a unique
activity during recess and lunch. Students are also                 and creative way.

                             Action Schools! BC: 604.738.2468 or 1.800.565.7727 ½

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