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									                             Production Class 3 Week 2

Armand:   Okay again, I’d like to welcome everyone to the call today. My name is Armand
          Morin and you are on part two of the Production Creation Workshop and what
          we’re going to do today on the call is this, is we’re going to cover some of the
          information that we didn’t get a chance to finish last week such as the eBooks, the
          EXE type of eBooks. Last week we primarily covered pdf’s and researching the
          product. Then after that we’re actually going to go into software where I’m going
          to teach you how to develop your own software even if you don’t have any
          experience whatsoever. It’s very simple. Many of you, well I think all of you
          realize at this point that I have created a great business created around software
          and yet I don’t produce or code or program any of the software myself
          whatsoever, I outsource that.

          So what we’re going to do is figure out how to, we’re not going to figure it out
          I’m going to explain to you how to do that and show you that you can do it
          yourself. It’s very simple. It’s a simple process. It’s easy if you just follow some
          straight guidelines and we’re going to cover all that on today’s call. So lets get
          right into the call. Again, those of you that are just joining us we’re just getting
          started right now on the call and again, what we’re going to start with right now is
          the second part that we didn’t get a chance to finish last week and that was the
          EXE type of eBooks.

          Now, here’s what you have to understand is that every person that I know and that
          I’ve seen and what I’ve read is creating their eBooks wrong. Now that’s a pretty
          big statement, but what you have to understand is this. It doesn’t matter if you
          think the book looks great. It doesn’t matter if you think the content is good.
          Ultimately what matters is what the customer thinks. You see the sooner that you
          can take yourself out of the equation the better, because we have no right into
          even criticize or even look at our own product. We need the feedback from our
          own customers to accomplish this.

          Now the reason why I say most people create their eBooks all wrong and I’m
          talking specifically of an EXE type of eBook. For example, all of you have
          received my eBook generator software and that creates an EXE type of eBook.
          An EXE type of eBook is simply a set of compiled html pages. Now why do I say
          everyone is doing that type of eBook wrong 100% without a doubt? Its because
          there is hardly any navigation in any type of eBook. Those of you that are on the
          call and I know some of you have already created eBooks previously. Ask
          yourself this one question. How easily can my customers know where to go on
          my eBook? How easy can my customer navigate it? If you didn’t know how a
          person or where a person should go and this was the first time that you looked at
          it, could you easily identify the first thing, which is simply how to enter the

          Some people put what they refer to as a splash page prior to entering into the
          eBook, which means its just a basic page with just a little bit of information and
          then they should have a big click here to enter or enter here in the middle of the
          page. Some people put that way in the bottom of the page and its rather annoying
          because people don’t know where to go. There have been eBooks that I’ve
                     Production Class 3 Week 2

purchased where I have no idea even how to get into the eBook until I more
closely had to read through what people were trying to say and then finally in this
little tiny link at the bottom of the page was the little link that said click here and I
finally clicked it.

Here’s what you need to do. First, identify the pages. What are the main pages of
your book? Well first lets talk about what pages should be contained. We talked
last week about some of the basic elements of a book and that is the title page, the
copyright page and the table of contents as well and that goes for a pdf file and
that also goes for a regular EXE type of eBook. Now here’s what you need to
know is that you need to first take your, lets back up one step, because I think
some people may be a little confused because sometimes I take for granted that
everyone knows about html and how it works. So I’m going to bring this down to
a basic level first, then I’m going to make it more complicated because I know
there are various people at different levels on this call.

The first thing is this, you need to take your information and put it into an html
format. Now the majority of people out there will write their information in
Word. First of all do not go into Word and click file save as and then select html
that’s the worst thing you can possibly do. The reason why I say that is is it adds
all this extra code to your book that’s not necessary and will screw up the
formatting on certain computers. That means your book will not look the same on
every single computer that views it that’s the last thing you want to happen. You
want a very consistent look, a very consistent feel and a very consisting branding
to the book itself.

So if you’ve done your book in Word the first thing you need to do is divide it up
into chapters and how do you do this? The first thing you need to do is get rid of
the formatting. The way you do it, it’s a little tedious if you’ve done it in Word to
start off with, but I’m going to explain to you just a couple simple steps that you
can do. First of all, I would open up a text document on your computer. Simply
create a new text document and take one chapter at a time and create a new text
document that’s the first step. The second step is this, now you need some type of
html software. Now, there are several different types of html software on the
market. There’s Front Page; there’s Dream Weaver, those are two of the most
popular. Front Page has a version that has been around for quite some time and
some of you that already have html software disregard this next part, because
what I’m going to do is I actually want to give away Front Page’s original version,
which is called Front Page Express.

Front Page Express is just a very simplified version of Front Page. It still works
its very easy and its very simple to use and I happened to save a copy of it and
here’s where you can download it.                         Just simply go to
www.gogenerator.com/FX.exe its very important that the f and the x are
capitalized. It’s very important that the f and x are capitalized or you will not get
that download. Download that to your computer, double click on it and it will
install itself to your C drive. Go into your C drive and you’ll see a folder that it
created called, I believe its FXP. Simply open that up and you’ll see the actual
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

program inside that folder. It’s a very simple program. Easy to use, but what you
would do in this next step though is simply copy the text document that you have
and open up a page in Front Page Express and simply paste it.

Now when you paste it you will see that it looks bad, it doesn’t look proper so it
needs a little bit of formatting, just like you would do in Word. Format it, bold it,
highlight it, italicize the different words, whatever you choose to do, but make
sure that you format it in an html software rather than formatting it in Word,
because its not going to work the other way that’s very key to this whole scenario.
Now the first thing before, once you have all your pages in html its very simple to
format from there. The first thing you need to do is decide on a page navigation
layout and there are two types of page navigation layouts. There is one across the
top, which would simply mean chapter one, chapter two, chapter three or simply a
previous and next button at the top of the page or there is a side navigation. I
prefer the side navigation, because this way you have a navigational bar on every
single page of your eBook.

Here’s what I mean by side navigation. It could be something as simple as table
of contents, chapter one, chapter two, chapter three and when you clicked on each
one of those links it would go to the appropriate chapter. Does that make sense?
You see by doing it like that every place that a person goes on your website
they’re going to be able to get back to the main page. Now that’s the first set of
navigation that an eBook must contain and that’s either a top navigation or a side
navigation. Preferably the side navigation because its easier to work with. The
second thing that you need to have at the bottom of every page of your eBook is
also navigation and that’s a previous link and/or button. Again, if you don’t know
anything about html we’re not going to sit and go through html and how to do
this, but you can simply have someone that does know html, maybe your
webmaster do that for you.

Some of these things you will be doing yourself, some of these things you’re
going to have to outsource to another person, but your Webmaster would
definitely know how to do this. Its very easy and they can probably do it in just a
few short minutes once you have your base files already created. Again, at the
bottom there is going to be a previous link, there’s going to be a link in the middle
to a table of contents page and then there’s the next link, which would just be the
next page in the sequence. So again, the basic navigation is this is a top or a side
navigation then there’s the bottom, the previous and next and also the table of
contents. This way a person can get back to wherever they need to go to
anywhere in the book just by simply clicking the link at the bottom of the page
back to the table of contents.

You see, most people do not read the whole book. If you think they’re going to
sit down and read every single word of your book you’re probably kidding
yourself at this point. The reason is, is that people will buy a book not for the
whole content and they may go back and read it at a later point and time, but they
bought it for one or two bullet points from your sales letter. They want to know
very specific information and you’re just going to accommodate them by giving
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

them easy navigation within that particular eBook. Now, also inside of an eBook
there are several things that you should have in the eBook. The first thing is an
update page.

What do I mean by an update page? Simply this. You should have a place where
a person can click on, hopefully, within the first page or two that they can simply
fill in their name, their email address and click the submit button and they will be
signed up for your newsletter or your updates to the eBook list. This works
especially effective if you’re doing a viral eBook let me give you an example. If I
created an eBook that I want to simply get into the hands of thousands of people,
what I would do is put it out there with resell rights. We’re going to talk more
about resell rights at a later point and time, but I’m going to put it out there with
resell rights. Then the first page or two I’m going to have a little link at the
bottom of that page to ask people to sign up for updates, meaning I’m going to
give them free lifetime updates to that book or information.

Why? Because I simply want to create a list from that information. You see the
more people that are selling this book, the more people that are buying this book
whether through me or somebody else will ultimately build my list and that’s
what I want to accomplish is a big list from that viral marketing campaign. If its
simply just a book that I’m selling and I’m keeping 100% of the profits then
again, I still want the updates inside of the book itself or I want to maybe make
another offer to them to subscribe to a newsletter if I haven’t subscribed them to
my newsletter already. Now in an eBook, in an EXE type of eBook I should say
you can put a pop-up. Its possible because of one simple fact is that it’s all html.
You see one of the advantages, there are a couple of advantages and I’m going to
be very specific regarding my particular software, the eBook generator software,
because I know it the best and I know the features that we have that other eBook
compilers don’t have.

One of the features that we have that many compilers, not all, but many compilers
don’t have is this, the ability to put the pop-up in the eBook and actually make it
work. Most compilers don’t have that ability. We have it and we have it built
into the software so you don’t have to worry about if the software can do it, its
just can you physically do it as far as putting the pop-up code in there and then
you have the pop-up generator software that will allow you to do that pretty
easily. The second thing that you want to have within the eBook itself is your
contact information. One of the things that people don’t realize when they publish
a book, an eBook or especially a viral book that there’s a lot of publicity that can
be gotten from the eBook itself.

What I mean is this, is when people read your information, if they’re impressed
with it enough and you don’t know who is going to buy it, you don’t know who is
going to read it, but you need to put some way for them to get in contact with you.
It could be a basic email. It could be a phone number. It could be an address or a
combination of all those. There are so many times and so many products that I’ve
put out into the marketplace where I’ve gotten calls from people that wanted to
interview me. People that wanted to purchase additional products. People that
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

wanted, some of them just asked questions as far as a customer support issue, but
I’m specifically talking about the publicity aspect of producing that book.

Once you start publishing books out there in the marketplace you’re going to get
your name known for something that is, being whatever topic you that you chose
to publish on. Every avenue of publicity is a great form of publicity, especially if
it doesn’t take any time or energy on your part. So simply put, at the bottom of
every page you’re name, who the copyright is under, which may be your name or
your company, put your address and then put in a link to email you or to a certain
address where you know someone is going to answer it. I’ll give you a quick
example of that. Recently we were featured, one of my companies was actually
featured, audio generator to be exact was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine,
actually this month’s Entrepreneur Magazine and that came to a whole series of
ways that person contacted us, but it all started initially from one of our products.
That’s how it happened.

We’re getting ready to go into another national publication again, not because that
we went out actively looking for this, but because they contacted us through one
of our products. So definitely put ways for people to contact you. Make it easy
for them to contact you. If you have an 800 number, if you have a voicemail, if
you have a phone number that you want to utilize that you want to speak to your
customers then put that in there as well. Every easy way to contact you put that in
the book, its vitally important and you’ll appreciate it later in time as your
business continues to grow.

Now the eBook itself has to be divided into chapters and here’s what you need to
do. Here are the basics of not only writing an eBook, I’m talking about this in the
eBook section, but its not the eBook itself. What you want to do is you want to
start highlighting as far as the different categories, the main topics of your books
and then sub categorizing those topics. Every chapter in your eBook should be
able to be sub-divided, meaning that in each chapter of your book you should
have a minimum of four sub categories. For example, lets say that we were
writing a book and that book was on the topic of how to bath your dog. Lets say
that was my chapter, how to bath your dog and underneath that chapter would be
four main topics. Now this is very key, because no one ever does this in an eBook
and here’s what I mean.

The main topic is this. This is a chapter heading. When I click on the chapter for
chapter one and its how to bath your dog, the first thing we see at the top of the
page is the chapter title, name, how to bath your dog that’s the main part, that’s
the main focus, it’s the headline of that page and underneath that, should be four
distinct links. Each one of those links, and I would usually put this in a bullet.
What I mean by bullet is it’d have a little dot next to it and there’d be four bullets
going down the page right underneath that, centered to the left and there would be
four bullets and it would be the main four topics that I’m going to cover in this
particular chapter. Why again, back to easy navigation. What I’m going to do is
I’m going to allow that person to skip what they’re not interested in and if they
clicked on lets say the third topic, the third bullet they would automatically be
                   Production Class 3 Week 2

transported to lowering my page lower in that eBook chapter where that topic
starts. Do you see what I mean?

So that means again, at the top of the page is the title, underneath that is four
bullets. When you click on every one of those four bullets it takes you to the part
in the page that corresponds to that that’s what’s called an anchor. So again if
you’re doing this yourself you’re just putting in a bookmark or an anchor in that
particular space and that’s going to transport you to wherever you need to go
within the book. If you’re talking to your webmaster tell them that you want to
create a bookmark somewhere on the page and then you want to create an anchor
link at the top to go where that bookmark exists. That’s very crucial, because
again we’re allowing people to literally, we’re giving them permission to skip
what they’re not interested in and by giving them more use and more utilization of
our actual information, how they can manipulate to use it themselves that’s what
we want to allow.

One of the biggest questions that I have, I get, often times from people that create
eBooks is what about protecting my information. What about protecting and
password protecting it so people can’t steal it, so people can’t pass it around. So
my information isn’t freely roaming around out there in the marketplace. The first
thing, my answer is two-fold. The first thing is what I tell them, which is you
know it depends on the software that you’re utilizing obviously, its specific to my
software, which we have any kind of protection method you want built into it and
you can find that out simply by going through the software. I’m not going to get
into the eBook generator software on the call.

The other part to that is this is that if your book is structured properly you
shouldn’t care if that book gets passed around or not. If the book is talking about
enough topics with enough examples that you can get people to go to other sites
other links in the book as well, then you hope that it gets passed around, because
hopefully those links are encoded with your affiliate I.D. for those products. Now
I’m not just talking, I’m talking about whatever you talked about in the book. If
you mentioned a company name then there should be a link to go to that
company’s website. If you mention a product there should be a link to go to that
product in the eBook. Now, its very important that when you create these links
inside your eBook that you do not continue, allow the person to click inside the
eBook to go to that page meaning this. The eBook that you’re looking at the EXE
type of eBook is a browser that’s what it is. When you open up the book itself
you’re looking at essentially its own little browser.

Now you can choose to have a person, if they click on the link it will change
inside of the browser itself inside of the eBook or to open up into a new window.
What I’m telling you is that every link that is in your eBook except for the
navigation should open up a new window. By having it open up a new window
the person will not lose their place in your eBook. Its so annoying to find out
when you click on a link that you have to go look at it inside the eBook because
then I go to backspace in order to get to the place where I currently just was.
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

Again it’s annoying and this is a pet peeve that really bugs people about eBooks,
don’t make them. Now every link again has to open up into a new window. Also,
everything that you reference in that eBook where at the end of most books they
will give you some sort of resource or an index or you can actually go through and
see the companies that they talk about, especially in an article. Well in an eBook
you want to do the same thing, which means you should have a page in your
eBook dedicated to what’s called resources and I’d title it just that resources and
the reasoning is, is because these are just the resources that we talked about in the
book. It’s a great way to politely say these are the products that I’m promoting in
my eBook and if you click on any of these links I’m going to get a commission
and if you want to click on them any way go ahead here they are, because I want
to get paid on them.

You see, give people the opportunity to make back end sales for you
automatically within your eBook. Give them permission to invite, giving them
permission by creating that resources page; it makes it very easy for you to do that
and the resources page has to be structured in this fashion. The resources again at
the top it would have my book, whatever my books name is, my books resources
and then it would have that at the top of the page. Now we have to be very
descriptive here and this is again where people screw up, because what happens in
this eBook is they do not tell what the resource is for. Here’s what I mean. They
have this resource page, if they have a resource page with just a bunch of links
and/or titles, what the product is, not even what the product is, but the products
name and then it’s maybe an active link. You can click on that and there’s just a
bunch of links on this one page that’s not the proper way to think about it.

You want to look at it as a definition, so you should have the product name, which
should be a link. For example, in my resource section if I was going to have
eBook generator it would have eBook generator that would be an active link and
if they clicked on that a new window would open up and they would go to my
eBook generator site utilizing my affiliate I.D. So it would be eBook generator,
bold, underlined so they know it’s a link in blue. Then next to it, then it would
have a dash and then it would describe what eBook generator is in two or three
sentences. Then at the bottom I would actually put the whole link again meaning
http://www.ebookgenerator.com and if my affiliate I.D. is there then I would put
whatever my affiliate link is right there. I would spell out the whole thing though,
because if someone has a problem in clicking on the link, if their computer is
screwed up and they can’t click on the link and the link doesn’t open for them for
some strange reason, what they can do is simply look at the eBook and then type
that directly into a browser.

If you do not give the people the ability to type a link into a browser then you’re
going to lose sales and in the resource section this is our back end for our book so
you have to decide, we have to decide up front that we’re going to make money
from these resources on the back end. If you’re not worried about collecting
commissions don’t worry about it. My suggestion to you is that always, always
try to earn back end commissions from an eBook. Now content, there are a
couple different things that you need to understand. Part of creating a good
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

eBook or a good looking eBook is the content, but not just the content itself, but
it’s the way the content is formatted. You want to consider that every chapter of
your eBook is just like a sales letter, meaning again we have the title, we have the
four icons or the four bullets and then you would actually go into the various

Again, throughout the information underneath that it has to be formatted properly.
Now some people will agree or disagree with me, but I’ll tell you this. Online
you’re going to have your font; it should be 10-point font, if you’re utilizing
straight html code. If you’re using something like Dream Weaver that means two
the number two size font. If you go bigger than that your words will look all
messed up, especially as you get into different browsers. Utilize a ten point or a
number two size font in your actual text. Now people will say my market is all
older people and they need bigger font. Well I can tell you this, if it means that
much to them what they’re going to do is they’re going to increase the font size
automatically in their browser so it doesn’t matter what you do on your side. We
have thousands of people visiting our websites every day. Every one of our
websites is in ten point or the number two-size font. The reason is, is because it
looks the best on the website.

You see people want shock value. They need shock value. You know I talk about
this one factor, many of you have seen me in person, many of you have heard me
on calls, you know I talk about it all the time. Its called the holy crap factor, the
holy crap factor boils down to just this one scenario and that is you have to shock
the person when they first open up your book and/or your product or your
package. For example, we have a person on the call Gary, Gary Brownlee and
Gary just received a package from me on one of my new products that we haven’t
released yet, but he received this great big box with four binders in it and fourteen
CD’s and everything in it. It is a great thump value to that product and again this
is an off line product, but again the whole point is, is the holy crap factor says this.
The first words out of their mouth should be holy crap, I mean look at all this, this
is amazing.

You see if you can create that kind of shock value from your book just from the
looks of your book when we’re talking about an eBook then you’re going to get
the people involved in your eBook immediately and you’re going to get them to
pass your eBook around as far as telling other people about it and those other
people going out to purchase it. Stephen Pierce did this with The Whole Truth
with sheer content. The other part that you can do it with is a little bit of
something that people don’t realize that you can put into an eBook and that is
flash. You see if I opened up an eBook and I looked at and all of a sudden we
have just a mini flash presentation when I opened up that book and with maybe an
audio message that someone told me thank you for purchasing my book. You
know by the time you’re finished reading this book you’re going to learn this, this,
this and this you know how different would the experience be.

You see people have a certain idea of what an eBook should be. What I’m telling
you to do is break every single rule that they have become accustomed to, because
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

they’re used to a plain old boring book that’s very poorly formatted, the content is
probably not that great and it may be only 30 pages long. Does that sound about
like a lot of the books that we purchase online? Heck yeah that’s the majority of
them out there, because people have come under the conclusion that an eBook
only has to be a few pages long. The content doesn’t have to be great because we
want to get them to buy all our other products that’s not true, we want to produce
every single product that comes from us like it was the last product we were ever
going to create. You do that by making, let me put it this way breaking a person’s
frame of mind when they read your book that’s what you want to accomplish.

When they read it, again I want to shock them by maybe having a flash
presentation. Maybe going in and having a little audio message on that and then
when they click through after that that brings them to the table of contents about
our book or it brings us to our title page of our book and that brings us to the table
of contents. You see every single time that you do that and every single person
that is amazed by what you’ve just done is almost a guaranteed extra few sales,
because they’re going to tell someone else about it. What about this concept and
this idea and there’s only one person that I’ve ever known to even do this and his
product isn’t even out yet. How about actually putting an audio on every page of
your eBook it makes it so simple now that you can do this. There are several tools
available obviously, you know one that we promote and actually have, but you
can put audio on every page of your eBook.

By putting audio on every page of your book and you simply reading it for people
you’ll be amazed at how many people will just think that’s the greatest thing since
sliced bread. See you’ll become complacent with the technology that you’ll have
available to you, but other people haven’t seen this stuff yet and they’re going to
just be amazed. People aren’t going to know what to do. If they can listen to it as
well as read it you’re utilizing two types of learning modalities now. You’re
using sight, obviously them reading it and then you’re using hearing, as far as,
them actually hearing what you have to say in your own words. I mean why do
people buy books on tape, you know books on CD, because they don’t have the
time. What if they could just open up their book, click a button and hear each
chapter in your own words from you. Its not anything great, you don’t have to
elaborate on anything, you just have to read the book.

You have a script in front of you, if you don’t want to do it yourself then have
someone else do it, but put audio in books. That’s the next evolution of eBooks
and there’s only again, there’s one person that’s about to do it and he hasn’t done
it yet, but you can be one of the first to release that type of book out to the
marketplace. Its going to make it that much easier in the future for, I shouldn’t
say easier its going to be much more common place in the future, but the people
that take advantage of it now are going to get a big foot hold in their particular
market niches. So again add audio to the book.

You also have to consider this when you’re producing an eBook and that is the
size of the eBook. Never, ever, ever unless it’s a last resort and you have no other
choice, you know never create a file an eBook that’s over four megs in size. How
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

do you know how big a file is, all you have to do is if you see the eBook on your
desktop put your mouse over top of it, right click and hit properties and it will tell
you the size. For example, I just clicked on one on my desktop and it says 654k,
which means it’s less than a meg. So it’s an easy download for most people.
Over four megs you will find that the number of people that have problems
downloading your book will increase dramatically. We’ve done a lot of testing
with this with our software and it works the same thing with eBooks.

If you go over four megs, slow connections sometimes the download will not
download all the way even though the person may have thought they downloaded
it, it didn’t download all the way and therefore they’re emailing you back right
now and telling you that your book is no good. Telling you that I didn’t get a
product and I’m sitting here complaining about it, because I didn’t download it all
the way. So you can avoid a lot of problems. You can avoid a lot of customer
service just by making sure that your eBook is less than four megs in size. That’s
very key and very crucial. Here’s another way that will take your eBook and put
it into a whole new realm.

What happens is this, people view eBooks, we want a person to download our
eBook, but we want them to have a permanent place on their desktop. We want to
permanently capture that little piece of space on their desktop. So what we want,
I’m just looking for a piece of software here so I can show you an example. What
we want to do is we want to create a set-up file and what a set-up file is means
that it installs our eBook on our computer very much like a piece of software. If
you have a piece of software that you’ve downloaded to your desktop that you’ve
had to double-click and it installed in its own directory in its own folder on your C
drive that is an install file. You’ve experienced an install file before, so what you
need to do is create an install file for your book.

Now there’s a product that’s out there, its actually free and its called set-up
stream. Set-up stream allows anyone with very little knowledge about how to
create an install file to create their own installations and here’s the website and
again write this down. Its virtual www.virtualzone.de and the product is called
set-up stream. If you go to that website you’ll be able to download it for free, its
not a trial its actually free software. Its great, I use it for the majority of my
software that I create and that’s how I install the files under their computers.
Here’s what you have to do its very simple. All you do is go into your C drive,
you create a folder and you put your eBook in that folder and then you walk
through the simple, I think its about six steps with set-up stream and it creates one
single EXE file.

I would name it, for example, my eBook.exe and here’s what happens. A person
downloads that file from you after they’ve purchased, they download it to their
desktop, they double-click on it and here’s all that happens. It creates a folder on
their computer, puts the files, it creates an uninstall file, puts an icon on their
desktop and if they hit start and programs guess what? You just captured that
little piece of area as well too, because now your eBook is sitting in their program
files just like any other type of software. When you utilize programs like this one,
                     Production Class 3 Week 2

when you do an installation like this for your eBook you’re going to be taken
much more serious. You’re going to have a much higher rate. You’re going to
have less refunds, because its no longer an eBook its in a different category. In
fact, the eBook is now categorized like software and people are going to utilize it
more, because you have a permanent place on their hard drive.

You see people, if you put it on their desktop, just the eBook itself on their
desktop they’ll delete it eventually. At the end of 30 days or whenever they
update their desktop and start cleaning out stuff that they don’t need anymore
guess what’s the first thing to go whether they bought it or not. Your eBook is
gone, but if you permanently install, I shouldn’t say permanently, because they
can always uninstall it. If you install it to their computer its going to stay there
much longer and that’s ultimately what you want to have happen is to create the
install file, install the eBook and go from there that’s very crucial. One of the
things that you really need to do.

Lets talk about password protection just for a moment. There are several types of
password protection to your eBook, but I don’t want to go into all kinds, because
truly I don’t password protect my eBooks. I don’t really believe in it, because its
just a pain, but one of the things that you SHOULD NOT do is you should not
disable printing of your eBook. You should not disable printing of your eBook.
The reason is, is because people do not all like to read online or on their computer.
What you want to allow a person to do is to print that out and start reading it off
line. You want to have your book in their home. By having your book in their
home you now have a piece of permanent space in their house as well and their
computer. You see you’re taking up more real estate. You’re taking up more
space and that’s what you want to accomplish.

When they look on the shelf some people will go as far as putting it into a three
ring binder just so they can reference it easily at a later point and time. I know
many people online that do that. I do it with certain things that are important to
me if the information is just one of those pieces of information I have to have. I’ll
print it out, put it in a three ring binder and then I’ll access that information all the
time on the hard copy rather than on my desktop because I want to or just to take
it with me when I go on vacation so I can read it. You know, a friend of mine that
many of you know, Frank Garrin, he carries this little bag with him most of the
time and inside this little bag he has all the information that he’s recently bought
online and now he’s reading it off line. People want to do that.

People don’t want to sit in front of the computer. People want to sit in front of
their television. They want to sit on the couch. They want to lie in bed and they
want to read your information so let them. Let them do that, so definitely do not
do that, but as far as password protection just make it very simple. The bare
minimum if you want to password protect your eBook is just a simple password.
That’s one password, you upload it, put it on your download page and when the
person downloads your eBook there’s their password. Don’t make it anything
complicated. We have all kinds of crazy password protection in eBook generator
and again, just read the instructions, go through it and you’ll find out that we have
                              Production Class 3 Week 2

          three different password protection methods. The reason I put that in there was
          because that’s what my customers wanted, not what I wanted, because if it was
          me I wouldn’t care if we had it or not.

          Some people want to protect it. Some people do not want people to right click in
          your eBooks. You can do that, you can do that in our software it’s very easy to
          do. Anything you don’t want a person to do you can do an eBook generator so
          don’t worry about. That pretty much wraps up as far as an eBook. Those are the
          basic elements. Those are the basic things. Again, create flash, create a flashy
          interface, create a shock value inside the eBook and then go through and create an
          install file with it as well too and make sure there is simple navigation throughout
          the eBook so you know what’s happening. So you know how this whole process
          tends to work, its very crucial for people to know how to go through your eBook
          and how to access the information you provide them and give it to them in a way
          that they’ll completely understand.

          What I’m going to do right now, we have about forty-five minutes into the call.
          Instead of waiting for the halfway point what I want to do is I want to open up for
          any questions. Please do this. If you’re in an area with background noise press *6
          on your phone now, before I open up the call that’s the first thing I ask you. If
          you have already pressed *6 previously and you are muted, simply press *6 again
          in order to ask a question. The reason why I’m doing this is to make sure that
          everyone can hear the answer, because you will learn a lot of information from the
          answers or the questions and the answers that other people ask. So please do that
          if you’re in a busy area so we can all hear better on the phone. So I’m going to
          open up the call, we’re going to take a couple questions then we’re going to get
          right back into it and start talking about software. Any questions regarding
          eBooks, just one moment. Okay any questions?

George:   Yeah Armand, you had a table of contents on the side of the page and then a link
          to the table of contents on the bottom of the page. Did I misunderstand that?

Armand:   No actually there’s a link at the top of the page. The table of contents, you could
          have, you’re exactly right George. There is a link on the left hand side with all
          the chapters, which is essentially a table of contents, but on the table of contents at
          the bottom of the page will link to a page that has nothing but the table of

George:   Okay, and the purpose for that is, because they can go to the side of the page and
          click on chapter eleven if they wanted right?

Armand:   You’re correct, but the thing is, is when you have a table of contents page.

George:   Yeah.

Armand:   What you’re going to do is put the name and then you’re going to put a
          description of the chapter.
                                  Production Class 3 Week 2

George:       Oh, I gotcha okay yeah.

Armand:       You see?

George:       Yeah.

Armand:       By having a description of the chapter they’ll know in detail if they want to click
              on that particular link or not.

George:       Okay and on the side of the page all you have is the chapter numbers?

Armand:       Correct.

George:       Okay, that’s a step I leave out I’m going to have to change that.

Armand:       Okay any other questions?

(Unk male):   Hey Armand.

Armand:       Yes.

(Unk male):   I don’t know if you covered that or not there was some interference here, but do
              you have like a good example. I heard you mention a couple of your products.
              Do you actually have like something that we can buy, maybe have something on
              one of your products that is exactly how you would lay it out.

Armand:       No, what I’m going to do is I’m going to upload some examples of all these types
              of books.

(Unk male):   Okay.

Armand:       Again, since being out of town, I don’t actually have access to my computer at
              home until tomorrow, to view the net so I’ll be able to take and pull up some files
              that you’ll be able to see exactly how this whole process works.

(Unk male):   So even if we fell asleep here and bumped our head here we’ll be able to figure it

Armand:       Exactly.

(Unk male):   All right thanks.

Armand:       Are you saying you were sleeping?

(Unk male):   No, not when you’re talking my man. Bobs on, bobs in the background.

Armand:       Okay.
                              Production Class 3 Week 2

Jim:      Yes, hey Armand Jim here.

Armand:   Okay.

Jim:      I’ve got a question about the install file. You said don’t put it on the desktop.

Armand:   No, no I said do put it on the desktop.

Jim:      Oh you said do put it on the desktop.

Armand:   Yes.

Jim:      You said that when they clean the desktop every 30 days or so they’re more likely
          to throw it away.

Armand:   Okay that’s a good point let me clarify that. What I meant is this is that if you did
          not have an install file and they downloaded the eBook to their desktop then they
          would delete the actual eBook from their desktop. But if you use an install file
          when you put an icon on the desktop its simply not just an icon, because
          remember the program actually resides in the C directory under program files and
          if they click programs from the menu on their computer the eBook would still be

Jim:      Oh okay.

Armand:   Does that make sense?

Jim:      Yes.

Cheryl:   Armand this is Cheryl.

Armand:   Yes.

Cheryl:   When you were talking about audio on the eBook I was thinking wow what if
          someone just read the chapters and then you go and then someone’s going to
          release a book, but just reads the chapters. What are the possibilities of just being
          able to combine all those if someone does read full chapters out into an upgrade
          that would be like an MP3 that would be downloadable that they could burn if
          they wanted to?

Armand:   Absolutely.

Cheryl:   Yeah.

Armand:   Absolutely you can do that.

Cheryl:   So if you did that with the audio generator program we could then just lump all
          those together, we wouldn’t have to re-read the whole thing again?
                              Production Class 3 Week 2

Armand:   Right. You could actually link all those files together absolutely.

Cheryl:   Cool, cool great.

Armand:   In fact what we did on this one book and again this book that I referenced of a
          person that hasn’t released it is actually Alex Mondossian.

Cheryl:   I thought so.

Armand:   Alex, I helped Alex put together this book, which he’s going to release here in the
          very near future and in this book what we did was we actually have the audio
          playing and then what we also have on the left hand side is the downloadable
          chapter. So if a person doesn’t want to sit there with the book they can actually
          download that chapter right to their desktop or to their computer at some place.

Cheryl:   Great.

Armand:   Okay any other questions before we move on?

Gary:     Yes Armand this is Gary.

Armand:   Gary, go ahead.

Gary:     It was something you said, I’m not sure I heard it right, but you were talking about
          the install file and creating a folder on your C drive.

Armand:   Right, that’s actually the directions on how to create that install file. Part of the
          process when you download that set-up stream software is, in order to create it
          you’re going to have to create the location of where that product should sit when
          its finished. That means, for example, if I was going to have a book and lets just
          call it my eBook. I would go into my C drive into my program files folder and
          create a folder called my eBook and from there you would have to just follow the
          steps through set-up stream, but that’s the first step of the process in order to
          create that install file.

Gary:     I’ve got you now I misunderstood. Thanks.

Armand:   Okay, anything else before we move on? Okay the next step here and again if you
          have any other questions that you may not have had a chance to answer definitely
          write then down and we’ll answer them towards the later part of the call, but now
          the next thing we want to do is actually cover software. The reason is, is because
          software, most people think that software is a very complicated product to
          develop. It’s a very complicated issue in most people’s minds and again it’s just
          in your mind. You do not have to have any experience in order to do this. Any
          one of you can do this and you can do it in record time. Let me give you some
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

First of all, the examples are everything that you have in the downloadable files
that we’ve sent you that’s the first step, because every one of those pieces of
software was developed by someone else and I’ve utilized these exact same
techniques that we’re going to be talking about tonight. We’re going to get into
very specific details as to how you do this and you’re probably going to be a little
shocked as to how easy it really is to create. Now, here’s the first step in creating
a piece of software.

The first thing is this, is that, lets back up just a little bit, because when you’re
thinking of a product to create there are two things you need to look at. Its simple
how to information and if it is how to information than you’re going to do a book,
an off line product, an eBook whatever type of information that you may need.
You could go into audios or whatever else as well too and we’ll talk about audios
at a separate time. The second part is automation. If the problem that you’ve
located and identified as something that can be automated, it may be just a tedious
task or it could be just a very simple task, but if it can be automated than its

Now, in order to develop software the only thing that you need to understand is
what the end result should be that’s it. What should it look like? Where should it
be? How should it appear and make it easy for the end user to use. Now here’s
the company that I utilize. See I utilize a set of companies that work as reverse
auctions and reverse auctions are great and the reason why they’re so great is
because they work in your favor 100%. What I mean by in your favor is that, see,
a standard auction like eBay for example. Ebay itself is, a person will start off
with a bid, then the next person will bid higher and higher and higher until
someone wins or the auction is gone. What we want to do is we want to create,
utilize a reverse auction and let me explain how this reverse auction works.

You put up a bid into the sites that we’re going to talk about for a number and lets
say the number is $200 and that’s what you’re willing to spend, that’s your
maximum budget that you have to work with. Now what happens is a person will
come in and they’ll say well you said the most you want to pay is $200, but I can
do it for $180 bucks. Then the next person comes in as a programmer and says I
can do it for $150 and the next person comes in and says no, I’ll do it for $100
bucks. It’s like Name That Tune, if any of you remember that show. I can do it,
name that tune in less numbers, well I can develop your project for less money
that’s how these products actually work and that’s what you need to understand is
that all this stuff works in your favor.

Every single bit of it and what we’re going to talk about is using what’s referred
to as a lance type-site. Now a lance type-site again, the way we take that is from a
freelance type-site and here’s what we have to do first. First we have to define
our product and then we have to write down simply an outline and here’s what
your outline should contain, just simple step-by-step how to solve your problem
utilizing this software. What’s the first thing that should happen? What
information should be required by the user? What’s the second step as far as
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

information that is required by the user? What does the software need to do in
order to get your final end result? It’s just a few simple steps.

It makes me laugh, because some people will sell these books on how to create
software and what they’ll do is they’ll tell you, you need to make this big chart
and what you need is to make this workflow process in order to create a piece of
software. I’m like you know that’s bogus, because you don’t need to know all
that. Your programmer doesn’t need to know that. If you go to a programmer
and you show him this big long flow of process they’re going to instantly raise the
amount of money that they’re going to charge you in order to get this done. So
make it very simple and put it in layman’s terms. You don’t have to use these big
words, in fact the more simple words you use the better in defining what your
project is and how it should be done.

The second thing you need to do is define your budget. How much money do you
have to work with? Obviously this is something you can’t do for free, although
we will talk about one method where you can get it at a ridiculously low price, but
you need to have a budget that you’re willing to work with. Now, this budget
does not have to be big. We’re not talking thousands of dollars. We’re talking
hundreds of dollars. You know $200, $300, $400, you know there are only two
projects that I’ve spent more than $5,000 for and every other project that I’ve
developed I’ve spent less than $2,000 for. The majority were less than $1,000,
mostly in the area of $500 and less. Did you get that? I just said the majority of
my software that I developed; I developed each one for $500 or less. Some of
them for only $200 and one or two for only $50 bucks and then took that software
and went on to sell thousands of copies in many cases.

I sold them for much higher in fact I was in profit after the first sale. So that’s the
profit potential its totally outrageous, because most people associate software with
higher price and most people also associate it with something very complicated.
Well you also need to realize that if you don’t know how to do something don’t sit
down and get a book and try to figure out how to write software yourself, because
that’d be the most crazy thing I’ve ever heard of anyone doing. What you want to
do is you want to outsource it. You want to outsource it to programmers that
know what they’re doing, but are going to allow you to pay them only pennies on
the dollar. Now you’ve heard the commercials about things like this where you
can get people to work for you or get things for just pennies on the dollar and
most of its bogus, but this time its actually true.

Here’s what it is. There is a big world out there and you know there are other
places outside of the United States. There are places where people will work and
be happy to work, that’s the key, be happy to work for very little money. You’re
not ripping anyone off. You’re not utilizing child labor or anything like that, but
you’re just outsourcing it to countries where the American dollar is worth quite a
bit. It doesn’t matter what you pay them in, the point is that they’ll work for very
little money. A programmer in the U.S. will charge you between $100 and $150
per hour on average to have work done through them. The places that we’re
going to discuss and we’re going to talk about, you’ll get programmers for about
                   Production Class 3 Week 2

$6 per hour or less, way less in many cases, but $6 or less is usually about the
average that I find programmers for.

Now here are the resources that you can utilize. I’m going to talk about these one
at a time so you know what each one does. The first one is called
www.scriptlance.com and the second one is www.rentacoder.com. I’m going to
go back to each one of these and I’ll tell you why they’re different and why I
advise each one of these. The second one is www.rentacoder.com. The third one
is www.elance.com. Those are the three main ones to work with, in fact out of
those three I’d only truly utilize one of those the majority of the time. When I say
the majority of the time, lately it’s been like 95% of the time. Let me give you
some definitions as far as what each one does.

The first one is called www.scriptlance.com and script lance is primarily, if you
want to develop a piece of software that’s web based, meaning something that a
person will have to access over the Internet on a website that’s where you would
wan to go scrip lance. The majority of the programmers develop web applications
and what they, here are some guidelines that you want to go by and we’re going to
go into much more detail on this in just a few minutes, but the guidelines are this
when you’re developing software. If it’s going to be web based and it has to have
a database. Here are the two things you need to know. You need to require your
programmer to develop it in PHP that’s the first thing. That’s just PHP. The
second thing is they’re going to utilize a database its called mysql. The reason
why you want those two things is because those are the easiest things to programs.

See PHP programmers and again, this may all sound a little strange to you, but
don’t worry about it. I’m just telling you some guidelines. I’m not going to get
into too many technical details, but a PHP programmer, the reason we require a
PHP programmer is because its one of the fastest growing programming
languages around. That means that’s the most programmers in that language, so
that means you’ll have a lot of people to work with and the cost to get something
done in PHP is very, very minimal. The second thing mysql is because most web
hosts already have mysql installed. If they’re trying to get you to utilize anything
other than that, tell them no. Some people will try to get you to utilize an access
database because they want you to put all your information on a Window server,
but Windows servers on the Internet are not the norm.

A Linux server is the norm or it could be referred to as a Unix. Those are the
norm as far as servers go on the Internet. Windows servers are just much more
expensive and they’re much less stable when it comes to the Internet. So if you’re
having something developed, develop it for the masses and put it on a Unix server
that will support PHP and mysql. Its very simple and again, we’ll go into it in
more details later. The second one is www.rentacoder.com. With rentacoder
what you’re looking for and why you would use this particular company is this.
Rentacoder again, works on a reverse auction, which we’ll talk about in a
moment, but primarily the programmers there you’re going to want to utilize for
desktop applications. A piece of software that’s going to sit on your desktop that
they’re going to download, they’re going to install it and its going to work from
                     Production Class 3 Week 2

their computer not yours.       That’s the main reason why you want to utilize

The third one is elance, elance you can actually have both types of programming
done. Elance and rentacoder are very similar in nature. Now, out of those three,
the main one that I promote and the main one that I suggest that you utilize to do
anything just about is rentacoder and the reason is, because they have the most
protection for the user trying to get bids or software done. You will not…on
elance you have the ability to be ripped off. On script lance you have the ability
to be ripped off, on rentacoder there is zero ability for you to get ripped off and if
you do it’s your own fault. The system is set up so secure that you have to accept,
see, the programmer doesn’t get paid in rentacoder unless you approve 100% of
the work. You see with elance or script lance the coder can request the money
prior to it being finished and basically hang you out to dry.

Rentacoder is just very much designed for the end user in mind and that’s why I
recommend it so highly. Now lets define what a lance type-site is, because many
of you probably have never utilized in the area like this before. Using lance type-
sites is very simple and again as I stated it works as a reverse auction. We already
talked about that, it’s like the Name That Tune game where its going to be your
max price and then everyone’s going to bid under that max price. So the first
thing you need to do when working with a lance type-site is set your maximum
price. Make it affordable, put it in your budget. Don’t ever assume that it’s going
to cost a lot of money that’s the first thing. If you assume its going to cost a lot of
money you’re going to make a big mistake because you’re not going to believe
what things will be designed or created for.

So always start off with a much lesser amount and don’t, you don’t have to
overextend yourself. If you have $400 then you know put a bid in for $200, if you
have $200 available that you want to create a software project then put a bid in for
only $100. You see I put the bid; my max bid only half the amount of money I
truly want to spend. This gives me a way that I can go up. You see even if I
don’t accept anyone’s bids I can put another bid in. Lets say no one takes my
offer than no one wants to bid on my project because my max bid is too low than
all I need to do is post another bid. You see it doesn’t cost me anything in order
to do that. If I just want to get pricing just to see if I might want to do this project.
Well, then I can put up a project and I do not have to accept any of the bids that’s
the great part. Don’t do that too many times because some places will hold that
against you as far as your ratings as a buyer. So don’t do it too many times, but
you can do that out there.

The key thing in utilizing any one of these lance type-sites is the bidders
feedback. Every one of these programmers they work off a feedback scenario,
meaning that the work that they’ve done for people previously, people will rate
them. They will give them, rank them on a scale between one to ten or one to five
depending on the company and you can look at their feedback. For example if the
person has a nine as far as their feedback goes that means the average rating that
they’ve received was nine, which means they’re pretty darn good. Also, here’s
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

the other thing that you can do is never; never accept a programmer with zero next
to their name, meaning they’ve never done a project before.

Here’s the process that I go through when I’m actually creating a software project,
is I go through the process and I put up my bid. I describe the bid. I’m actually
going to go through a couple of the bids that I’ve put up so you can hear exactly
what it is. We’re going to upload some of those samples for you to actually look
at, but these are the actual bids and you’ll see what I say, because I use kind of
cryptic language, which you’ll understand in just a few minutes. The first thing I
do when I put up a project is I start and people start bidding on it, the first thing I
do is I start looking at their feedback. Now here’s what I do and it’s a selection
process so this is very important. What I do is, all the people with zero feedback I
automatically delete that’s the first step.

The second step is this, is now I go through and I pick out the top people instantly
with the highest ranking, meaning that they’ve done the most number of projects.
For example, if they’ve done, this ones done 75, this ones done 80 and this ones
done 100. I’ll take the top five people and put them in a separate category all by
themselves. When I say category, how do I do this? I just do it on a scrap piece
of paper next to me on my desk. I just write down their name and I.D. in the
system and then inside the interface with rentacoder you simply can delete the
people so you don’t see the ones that have zero feedback. That kind of clears up
the board or the area that you’re working and then whatever I have left over I start
emailing. You can email them via a private message board inside of these places.
I start asking them, have you ever done a project like this before? If the answer is
no they’re gone, they’re off my list. If they have, then can you please send me a
sample of what you’ve done and if they don’t then they’re off my list.

I never want to work with someone who has never done a project like this before.
The one piece of information that’s going to be extremely valuable to you is this.
Never, never, never take the first bid for any project. If you take the first bid
you’re asking for trouble. Get a wide variety of responses back, you see within
the first twenty-four hours of posting your project on one of these sites you’re
going to get between fifteen to twenty on average, people to respond to you.
You’re not hurting for programmers to do the work. So never take the first bid,
because the first guy will always, always, always tell you I can do this project, I
can have it done for you in the 48 hours so please choose me. No, I may choose
him later if he’s any good, but I’m not going to take him just because he’s the first
bid and I’m in a hurry to get my project done I’m definitely not going to do that.

Again, as I said always make sure that that programmer has already done a similar
project before. If they haven’t then don’t use them and certainly don’t be their
guinea pig. If you’re their guinea pig and they’re trying to develop new
techniques, if they’re trying to learn how to do this while working for you you’re
just going to waste time. I’m never in the mood to waste time when I’m
developing software. I want it done now and I want it done quickly and I want it
done efficiently and I want to pay almost no money for it. That sounds like a very
strange demand, but you know I always get it too.
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

Also you want to post to more than one of these sites. Sometimes I’ll post to
elance and rentacoder and script lance to get a project done. Why, because I just
want a variety of bids. I want to know exactly that I’m making the right move and
I want to know which one has the lowest bids. Rentacoder is always going to be
by far the lowest bids out there, but I’ll post to other sites anyway just so I can
shop around a little bit. You also want to have a definite date of completion.
Inside this other process you will put when you want this project completed by. It
doesn’t take long to develop software unless it’s an extremely complicated piece
of software. Most people will think it takes months, no it doesn’t. Most software
is accomplished in days, 48 hours. I’ve done it in as little as 60 minutes, but you
can do this and it doesn’t take months. Seven days, ten days, ten days is probably
max unless it’s extremely complicated, but most anything you can have done in
ten days.

The most important key is to utilize these specific words and here are the words.
At the top of every project that you post, at the top of every project that you create
this is the first thing that you want to write. This is the phrase write this down;
this is a very simple project for a programmer who knows what they are doing.
Again, this is a very simple project for a programmer who knows what they are
doing. The reason you write that down is the effects, the psychological aspect of
just that one statement is just amazing. I did it by accident one day and I’ve been
utilizing it ever since, but that has saved me more money in hiring programmers
than anything else. For example, I was developing a piece of software one time;
my average bid was $1200 dollars. I knew that was way too much money based
on previous bids that I’d received and I couldn’t figure out why I was getting such
high bids.

Well I also forgot to add that one line, so what did I do? I simply posted another
bid, the exact same phrasing, but I added this one line. The results, I ended up
getting the software done for only $200. Two hundred dollars for what was
originally $1200 and the thing is I posted it to the same board and the listings
were actually only two or three spaces apart. So you could see that it was the
same title, everything was identical except this one phrase and it was just an hour
or two later that I posted it and had quite a reduction in price. What I want to
share with you now is actually some of the actual bids or projects that I’ve posted
up on the Internet. The reason why I want to share these things with you is so
you’ll see how to do it.

I only tell programmers what they need to know. Everything else is truly
secondary. They really don’t need to know what my project is for and you’ll see
what I mean in just a moment. What I’m doing right now is I’m logging into
rentacoder, its free to sign up, you can create an account. In fact, I suggest you all
create an account just to see what it is and how the process works. What we’re
doing is we’re logging in here, okay here’s what happens. I’m inside my
rentacoder account. What I’m going to do is look at my bid requests and I’m just
going to pick a project that all of you have or know. Here’s one, you’ll never be
able to figure this one out. Here’s the description, the description I’m reading to
you exactly word for word off the page.
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

This is a very simple program for a programmer who knows what they are doing.
Simple search and replace, I need a program to search a directory containing ten
html files. There are a total of ten variables the program will replace in the ten
files. So again, just to reiterate there are ten pages, ten files and there are ten
different things I want to replace in those files. It says once the variables are
replaced the program will then rename all ten files to the name of the variable and
add an html extension. For example, if the variable was text a, the save to name
would be texta.html, nothing complicated so far. All the renamed files would be
saved to a new folder that’s it, pretty simple. In summary, search a directory
replace ten variables and rename and save the pages to a new directory. That was
the whole thing. Probably a total of less than 100 words and on that project we
had 25 people bid on this project. This particular project for those of you who
don’t know what it is was called smart page generator. That was my description.

All they did was, I told the programmer what I wanted the program to do. I didn’t
go into what it is. I mean could you tell by that description that it was going to
create smart pages? No. Ultimately all they needed I told them what I wanted the
software to do and that was it. He doesn’t know why I need this done. He doesn’t
care why I need this done. All he knows is that this is what I need done. How
much did I pay for that? Two hundred dollars, two hundred dollars and do you
know how much we’ve generated from that, lets put it this way, we’ve only
released it just a little while ago as many of you know and that product has
brought in over six figures in that timeframe. In fact, heck in the first three weeks
we sold 512 copies at $97 a piece, but we paid $200 gong through rentacoder and
putting this in. I also want to pick something else here that you can see.

What I want you to understand is how we create the software, as far as, to post to
it I should say. I’m trying to pick something that makes sense for you guys so you
can understand more of it. Okay here’s one, I had them redo my pop-up software
I have a java script, which creates code for a pop-up window for your website and
I needed it converted to a VB (Visual Basic) application. I’d also like the
program available to select an html file and insert the codes where it’s needed and
then resave the file. The program will be two screens. One to select the options
and the second to select the html file and to save, this is a simple program I need
this done immediately. That was the basis of it. I paid $50 bucks to have my
newest version of pop-up generator created.

The point I’m trying to make is that I don’t have to tell people too much
information when I create this software. The reason is, because it’s on a need to
know basis. You figure out what the problem is. You figure out how to do it.
You figure out hey this is ultimately what I need it to do. You post it up to one of
these sites, utilize the words and again, I’m not kidding about the words its not
just something I made up one day and say hey I think I should say this. No, its
something that I’ve proven it works. It’s effective, I use it over and over again
and definitely utilize those words. Again, this is a simple project for a
programmer who knows what they’re doing. Its been proven to reduce the
amount of money that you’re actually spending. Always put your maximum bid
                                 Production Class 3 Week 2

              that’s very crucial in doing this. Again, if you have $200 bucks to work with put
              it in for $100 and you’ll be amazed.

              Some of the products that we have developed we’ve gotten for as little as $50
              bucks like I said. Some quick fixes that we’ve needed done we’ve had done for
              ten dollars and fifteen dollars from these different sites. The one question many
              people ask me is, well what if you need something fixed. What if the software
              doesn’t work? Well certainly you need to test it on some different computers and
              you need to get some people’s input as far as what it is and how it works, but also
              once you find some programmers that you like and you utilize, you use the same
              ones over and over again. I don’t go out and find new ones any more. Most of
              the time I just go back to the previous ones that I’ve worked with and then they
              already have a relationship with me. They know I pay on time. They know I pay
              when I’m supposed to pay on these boards and they know I have a great rating
              inside these lance type sites so they’re more than happy to do more work for me in
              the future, because it works out best for all of us.

              They do the work fast for me and I pay them on time that’s it. A couple days, the
              longest project I’ve ever had on rentacoder spanned for a period of ten days. In
              ten days we had the project done and ready and ready to market. The smart page
              software took us three days to develop within seven days we started marketing on
              that particular project just because I was lazy and didn’t develop the website on
              time. The majority of it is fairly simple. There is really not a lot more to know
              when it comes to that particular part. There are a couple of details I want to share
              with you in a moment, but what I want to do is I know we’ve got about twenty
              after ten and I did promise that we were going to take a short break.

              So what I want to do right now is take a short break for those of you that need to
              take one. About two to three minutes and then we’re going to come back and
              finish up on the software portion of it. Prior to coming back what we’re going to
              do is we’re going to open up the call for questions on this particular subject, but
              then I’m going to go into some more details on the software itself. Let’s take a
              break, three minutes and be back here.

                                               *** BREAK ***

Armand:       Any questions while we’re taking a break?

(Unk male):   Yeah Armand who do you get to transcribe your CD’s if you don’t want to
              download them?

Armand:       Say that again.

(Unk male):   If we want CD’s of your workshop that’s what I like to listen to rather than me
              sitting and downloading all this stuff. Who can I get to do that for me that you
                                  Production Class 3 Week 2

Armand:       Actually, on the last call like I said what we’re going to do is we’re going to take
              all the information on the call and if you like CD’s what we’ll do is we’ll figure
              out what the cost will be and then we’ll ship you the CD’s.

(Unk male):   Sounds great.

Tracy:        Hey Armand this is Tracy.

Armand:       Hey Tracy.

Tracy:        Hey, are you going to go into on the next section some of the things on rentacoder
              like, for example, to see like what all things are being bid on right now in order to
              get ideas?

Armand:       Well, yeah I mean we can go through a couple different things, but probably the
              best way for most people to kind of see that is to go in there themselves and look
              around, but I’ll go through a couple of them just to kind of give examples as far as
              what people are asking for.

Tracy:        Okay.

(Unk male):   Armand.

Armand:       Yes.

(Unk male):   Quick question. When you run that little, this is a very simple project for
              somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Armand:       Ah huh.

(Unk male):   Do you ever get some conversation email back where they’re going how would
              you know that if you’re not a programmer?

Armand:       Never.

(Unk male):   Okay.

Armand:       The question for those of you who couldn’t hear it. The question was is that when
              I post that phrase up there do I ever get someone saying how do you know if
              you’re not a programmer? That’s actually part of the key is that if when you state
              that phrase they think you know something about what you’re doing. You don’t,
              but it kind of sounds like you do, that you know how much work is involved in
              creating this project. I’ve never had anyone actually contradict me on it by saying
              it’s complicated. It is complicated and you don’t know what you’re talking about.
              I’ve never had that happen. Again, I’ll open this back up here. Okay any other

(Unk male):   Armand can I ask you a question about one of your products? Are you there?
                                 Production Class 3 Week 2

Armand:       Yeah.

(Unk male):   Can I ask you a question about smart page generator real quick?

Armand:       Sure, go ahead.

(Unk male):   You know there’s been some stuff going around saying that google’s; you know
              how to change an alga rhythm.

Armand:       Yes.

(Unk male):   Do you foresee that making, having to make any changes on smart page generator
              because of that?

Armand:       No, I mean the people that said have said that, people have said this for quite
              some time. My smart pages are actually doing just as well as they’ve always

(Unk male):   Okay.

Armand:       In fact, right now we’ve got several thousand in there.

(Unk male):   Okay.

Armand:       There have been no drops as far as placement goes.

(Unk male):   You see no penalty for using smart pages?

Armand:       No I don’t put them on a separate domain even. I put them on my main ones.

(Unk male):   Okay great.

Armand:       I can also say this though is that if you do think or if you have a fear and I tell
              everybody this. If you think for some reason or you’re not comfortable utilizing a
              smart page put it on a separate domain.

(Unk male):   Yeah and then plug it into the main one?

Armand:       Yeah and then have it out, when they hit the smart page it will redirect to the main
              one anyway.

(Unk male):   Right. To place on that web page do you need to already be listed on that web
              page before you add the smart pages in or I’m sorry on that search engine?

Armand:       Yeah, you have to have that domain listed in google prior to utilize it in a smart
                                    Production Class 3 Week 2

(Unk male):   Does it matter under what (inaudible) though?

Armand:       No.

(Unk male):   Okay.

Armand:       Just as long as its in google. Overall, the longest its taken ever to get a smart page
              in or to even have a site index its taken me six weeks that’s the longest now, but
              google has changed everything where they were updating just once per month on
              the whole index. Now they’re doing a bunch of smaller indexes on a daily basis.

(Unk male):   Okay great, thanks.

Armand:       Okay anything else before we get back to the call? What we’re going to do now
              is we’re, I was asked if we could actually go through some of the bids that people
              are bidding on. What we’re going to do is we’re actually going to go through
              some of the projects just to see what’s happening out there on the Internet I mean
              as far as what people are searching for. I’m not going to mention any names I’m
              just going to go through this pretty easy as far as all that goes, because I want you
              to see that all this information is fairly simple and its not very complicated, but
              we’re probably going to find some good ones and some bad ones.

              Now, I’m doing this in real time so you can see exactly how this all works, but
              lets just go through and I’m going to pick a programming language because they
              divide everything down into the types of programming languages. Now I’m
              actually going to go through and we’ll probably just do a fake bid as well too in
              just a moment just so you can understand what it is. I clicked on VB, which
              stands for Visual Basic and again when it comes to a desktop application the
              lowest common denominator in programming languages is called Visual Basic.
              That’s the most number of programmers out there, that’s the language that they’re
              utilizing. It was developed by Microsoft and its very easy for most programmers
              to figure out, how to program in. Its usually one of the first languages that a
              programmer learns how to program in and that’s why there are so many people
              out there that can do a project in Visual Basic.

              Now there are other languages and we’re going to get a little bit into that, but I’m
              going to try not to be very technical in doing so. I’m just going to go through the
              category here for Visual Basic and we’ll see if there’s anything that sounds
              interesting enough to click through. I’m just going to read off some of the titles.
              VB code to create a reminder button on a public task form in Outlook. Sounds
              interesting, but sounds kind of boring. CNC control we don’t know what that is.
              Personal security eraser, it says I want an online privacy software made in Visual
              Basic; this application has to have the functionality of Windows and Internet
              cleaner. This is interesting let’s just look at this project. This one says, lets read
              the full project. Now this guy just about wrote a book on this thing its just
              amazing, but you can see some very simple things that he’s done.
                   Production Class 3 Week 2

It says I’ve done an online privacy software made in www.visualbasic.net clearly
commented. That means he just wants the program ready to make the comments
to in case he ever has to use another programmer, the programmer will know what
all the code means. It says this application has to have the functionality of
Windows and Internet cleaner, downloadable and it gives the websites of those
particular programs with a good looking skin, which means just the way the
program looks. It has all the features to deleting cookies. It says Internet cache,
browser addresses, index dat files of all the above mentioned dealing in Internet
temporary files. All he wants is, he wants a program that will delete all the
temporary files on a computer and then it goes on to say. It also has edit and keep
a list of typed URL’s and cookies. One thing is missing as far as the list is to
select and de-select, it gets into a crazy thing.

Essentially all he wants is, he wants an Internet cleaner. He wants something that
will go onto your website, download to your desktop, you run it and it cleans all
your temp files on your computer by keeping your temp files clean what that will
do is that will make your computer run faster. That’s what it is, it’s very simple.
A simple project, we can’t really look at as far as the bids go, because we’re not a
programmer on here and its not our bid anyway, but max bid accepted $400
bucks. Okay this was just posted a few minutes ago so it’s fairly new. Lets see if
we can find something else.

Word XP, someone wants a program just like Microsoft Word. Why, I have no
idea, but they want to program the maximum bid $500 bucks. QuickBooks web
shop this is pretty interesting. Need to link to QuickBooks 2002/2003 premiere to
an Internet shop we currently use. We need stock, price, quantity, description,
and he gives the columns that are needed, but the program price $100 bucks.
Address book reader, I need an ASP file, which is capable of reading and
uploading the users email address from their address book so they can send a page
to a friend, probably a pointless application, but its under $100 bucks. Jpeg
compression this looks pretty interesting. I always like graphic type stuff so lets
take a look at what this guy wrote. This actually sounds like a pretty good
program or at least a pretty good bid.

Okay jpeg compression, this is great because this is very straight and to the point.
I’m looking for a way to convert a bitmap file into a jpeg file in Visual Basic
without the need for any external dll’s. A dll file is a compressed application
inside of Visual Basic that’s essentially what it is, including the Window add-ons
XP. I need stable Visual Basic code that I can add to my existing project that I
can convert the file into a jpeg fast and with good quality. I hope someone here
has the knowledge of how this can be done in a stand-alone version in Visual
Basic 6 thanks. Now his max bid is $120 bucks. That’s actually a neat little
program and one bid has been posted so far and this was just posted up today.

Here’s another one that’s really good. The reason I say its pretty good is because
it’s so simple. We need a spyware and adware removal program. The program
needs to remove all known, most popular spyware and adware programs. The
software will need to run on Windows platforms and have a graphical interface.
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

Well obviously. The spyware definition should be listed in definitions file and be
encrypted. We also need the ability to add entries to the definitions for spyware
updates. Now this person has no idea what they’re doing and here’s what I mean.
Their description was pretty good. The problem was his amount that he bid. He
immediately assumed that this was going to be an expensive program. This is not
an expensive program this is a very cheap program to develop. You can do it for
probably way less than $200. I’m imagining around $100 bucks. I’m pretty
accurate when it comes to these things being the number that we’ve done. See the
reason is that he posted $500 dollars plus. He’s expecting to pay over $500 for it
and you know what he’s probably not going to be disappointed. People will put
$500 plus in the whole project, to bid on the project. Why, because he gave them
the opportunity to.

Again that’s a classic problem. Here’s one, well we don’t want to use that one
because I know someone’s that possibly doing that and this could possibly be
their project so we don’t want to talk about that. Ebay api, again lets look at this.
I wish to upload to a Linux server into a (inaudible) database. All the fields
needed by the eBay api add item for the server to post each auction to eBay. It
says one of the fields needs to have style number from which the eBay api allows
for. I want bids only from people that have experience with eBay api and have
written successful programs for it. Now it’s a pretty interesting program, max bid
accepted $750 bucks. Problem, well the max bid is $750. This is open, open to
the public, people can see what your max bid is.

So, what are they going to do? They’re going to bid $600 or $700 hundred
dollars, $725 just for having that project done. You don’t want to have your max
bids up that high that’s a very problematic issue. Here’s another one I’ll click on
just because it’s interesting, it seems kind of funny. Actually I would like to have
this project. It says this is the first part of a larger project, which is why I desire
someone with ASP or VB.net experience. This project may require a program to
preprocess the audio files before passing it to a flash file. What he wants and
again, lets just read it and I’ll explain it to you after. I’m looking to duplicate the
functionality demonstrated on the website www.sitepal.com. If you haven’t been
there you should go there, because its actually a pretty neat little program, it puts a
little flash animated character on your website.

I don’t need a clone of that site just the animation. Generally what I’m looking
for is an animated person’s face in flash to automatically lip sync to any given
audio file. The face must react to the audio file not just move the mouth randomly
and it should be reasonably accurate. I’ll require commented source code and
explain how the code works with instructions on how to insert a face of my own
design. Now what he’s looking for is he’s looking to have a flash file on his
website look like they’re talking with any audio that he adds to it. Sounds pretty
simple. Sounds pretty neat and lets see what he bid. Again, max bid a major
problem. Open to fair suggestions. Well a fair suggestion is a matter of opinion,
so people are probably going to open that up and really cost this person a lot of
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

Let me just go with you through the process and what we’re going to do is go
through this whole process of creating a bid so I can go through the different steps
with you. Lets see if my laptop actually has a little program that I can capture this
with and we don’t have it on our computer, but that’s okay, because what I’m
going to do is I’m going to go through the steps. What I do is, I simply go into
rentacoder and I click a button that says request bids. I click the button that says
request bids again and now we’re going to start creating the project. Now here’s
the step and I’m going to walk you through each individual piece of this. So later
on when you get the audio for this, listen to this section and you can just simply
re-listen to it to post your own project title.

We’re going to make a fictitious project and lets call it a widget. I won’t go
through the final step. I’m going to need a widget creator okay. The title is the
first thing that you need to enter in is what you want to call this project and I
usually just put what I want the project to do in that area. Now the project type,
the project types are divided into six different areas. We have large business,
which is $5,000 plus, medium business $500 plus, small business project $100
plus. Very small business project under $100 dollars the category we want.
Personal project, which is maybe homework or questioned from a beginner or
newbie assistance. Well most of the time I’m going to do very small project
under $100 bucks that’s where I always start unless I know for sure it’s going to
be more than that. At first start for less than $100 bucks you never know.
Bidding type- there are four types of bidding types. It’s an open auction, which is
what we want to do. We want an open auction so everyone has the opportunity to
bid on it.

We can also do a private auction where I can just invite one programmer or two
programmers to bid on our project. A one-on-one project that you have already
picked your programmer that you’ve worked with previously and you can select
that same programmer again or I could just simply pay a programmer a bonus.
Here’s the part that some people always ask. This is the one question people
always ask me, is about the non-disclosure agreement. See rentacoder has built
into it a non-disclosure agreement and what this does is that if you think that your
project is so good that you want someone to sign a non-disclosure form that they
won’t tell anybody about it prior to even looking at what you want done then you
can check that box. Do I do it? No. Should you do it? That’s up to you.

If you feel that close to your project and you want someone to sign a form before
even viewing it, feel free definitely go ahead it doesn’t affect you. Is it going to
bother you? Well, you’re probably going to have less people bidding on your
project so just be aware of that, but does it hurt you as far as overall. No, if that’s
what you require that’s what you require. The next thing is part two of the
description. Again, we already talked about it on the description and the first
thing we would type in is something very simple and that is this is a simple
project for a programmer who knows what they are doing. So we’d simply type
that in. This is a simple project for a programmer who knows what they are
doing. That’s our description. Deliverables- now some of this information you
see, see rentacoder already has filled in for you under deliverables, which means
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

to detail and list the description of everything that you want from the coder before
you pay them. These are the requirements that you want before the coder gets
paid. Okay one and this is what they already have pre-filled in for you.

Number one a complete and fully functional working program in an executable
form as well as complete source code of all work done. Source code is the key.
Its fully functional and you have the source code. Number two an installation
package that will install the software in ready to run condition on the platform
specified in this bid request. Number three exclusive and complete copyrights to
all work purchased and it says no gpl third party components unless all copyright
ramifications are explained and agreed to by the buyer on the site. Well what that
means is that they don’t want to use any third party components that may have
copyrights to it, which means that you want the software to own free and clear its
yours and no one else has any right to it. I don’t add anything else to that section
under the deliverables portion.

Now the next part, it says other files, if I want to give them a sample of anything I
can simply select those files off my hard drive and upload them to rentacoder’s
hard drive so people can download and view examples that I require. The next
step is platform. This is very simple. If I want it to run on a Windows platform
all I type in is all Windows platforms, very simple. The next step we just clicked
submit. Delivered in how many days? Okay, what’s the common ground? You
can say ten, you can say seven, me I say three days that’s what I always, always
put. The next thing is max bid. Well even though we entered it the first time and
said it was less than $100 bucks we’re just going to put $100 dollars that’s the
max bid that we’re going to accept and the close date, the bidding close date.

When do we want the auction to end essentially? Well you have to keep in mind
that, first of all, rentacoder automatically pre-fills this in for you, but I go back in
and I change it. I put in three days usually. From the date that I’m posting this
three days out from there is when my auction will end. Once I choose a
programmer then they have three days to complete the project. The bidding close
date they usually put you ten days out minimum, so I usually go in there and I
change the date on it. We can put a graphic up there as well, which is the next
section and then the last part is I agree to all terms and conditions of the
rentacoder agreement and then I simply click next.

Now this next section is what they call bid request categories this is very crucial.
This is where we check what types of people we want to bid on this. Let me give
you the main categories. For example, we have database, we have documentation
or tech writing, data entry, game development, graphic arts, language specific,
Windows platforms and then we have some other server stuff, but here’s the
majority of what I do. If I’m doing this, I’m primarily developing software for
PC’s, if I’m going to develop a piece of software and the reason why is its easy.
Personally I don’t own a Mac so I don’t know anything about a Mac. I don’t
know how things should even run on there, but a PC is very easy and you’re going
to find more programmers available to develop a program to run on a PC.
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

What we need to do is simply this. We select the types of programs that we want.
Here’s what I put normally, I’ll type in, I’ll check and this is what I’m going to
check write this down. Check Visual Basic, check Delphi, also we’re going to
check Windows and that is it. Those are the things that we usually check when
we’re developing the software. Then after you’ve done that simply click the next
button. Then its congratulations, posting confirmation, your bid has been
successful posted, which means that I just posted a bid that looks like a bunch of
gibberish on it, because I didn’t fill in all the forms completely, which means I
need now to go in and hopefully delete this. Give me one moment; I want to
delete this real quick. Anyway we’ll figure that out later. We’ll see if we get any
bids on a bogus project that’s called widget creator.

The key though is, that’s how simple it is. That’s how easy it is to post a project.
I just posted everything there’s nothing left. Those steps that we just went
through in about five to six minutes that’s how long it takes you to post a project.
There is nothing else left to the imagination. You now know all the steps in order
to post a project up to rentacoder. Elance and script lance work very similar.
They’re almost identical in the process; except again my recommendation is first
of all they don’t have any protection for you, the person actually doing the project.
So rentacoder does look out for you and they have some very firm requirements
and its just great. I mean we’re really happy as far as doing business with
rentacoder, because I’ve really never had an issue.

I’m not saying that all programmers are great, what I’m saying is if you utilize a
selection process and you delete the people who have never done anything before
and then you ask the people that are left if they’ve done something similar you’re
going to have a good experience overall in posting a project or creating software.
Its not complicated, its easy to do, you can do it in a matter of just a couple of
days and that’s it. You see so create the software. Any problem that can be
automated is a software solution waiting to happen and if you don’t do it someone
else will. There are projects that I’ve put off for a day or two days in some cases
where all of a sudden a person releases something that I just thought of even
though I didn’t tell anyone, it just happened to be coincidence. That should have
been me and you will find things like that too, but you need to take action and
develop those projects and just put them up there.

The first time will be the most complicated there’s no doubt you’ll be the most
nervous the first time. Don’t worry about it because if you can just tell someone
what you want done you can create a piece of software there are really not a lot of
issues. You may not even be the most technical person in the world, don’t worry
about it, because you’ll learn. You’ll learn some of these things when dealing
with the software. When you start playing it, I mean I’m developing software just
to automate tasks that I do on a daily basis just for personal use. I’ll put up a bid
for a project, if something’s tedious to me I’ll put a bid in just to take that job and
make it easy for me. I’ll pay $100 bucks, $200 bucks; $50 bucks just to have
someone create a piece of software that will automate that task for me.
                   Production Class 3 Week 2

It opens up a whole new world that you probably weren’t exposed to before when
you start doing projects like this with creating software. If you don’t ultimately
know, all you have to do is ask the programmer many times and they’ll tell you
what you don’t know. The other thing is if you feel uncomfortable in doing that,
email someone that does that has done projects before, so that you know you’re
getting a good deal. Ultimately it’s just a matter of trying it and getting it done,
you’ll like it, it’s easy and its very, very profitable there’s no doubt. You can
create a piece of software for $200, make a couple sales and have it paid for itself
in no time. You’ll also be able to create software for a couple hundred dollars and
sometimes charge five or six hundred dollars for that same piece of software.

You see once you create a piece of software it goes, the value is there forever.
Once I create a piece of software, what I do is I start marketing it obviously; I
make the money off the software. Now that software is timeless unless something
changes where that software is no longer of valid use any more then no one will
want to pay for it. I can tell you this, if you’re smart about doing it. If you go
through the product research tactics that we talked about you’ll have a piece of
software that will be created and will also be available from here till forever. So
definitely go through and start creating a piece of software. Now there’s a shorter
version of this as well. Its what I call five-minute software creation.

You can actually create a piece of software in about five minutes or so. We’ve
done it. It works and here’s how it works. What you do is first define your
problem. Define what the problem is just like we said before, you know what is
it, what does it look like and what’s your solution for it. Then what you’re going
to do is you’re going to search for software that already exists that’s already
created except the programmer is giving it away for free. Yes, Virginia there is a
Santa Claus because these programmers exist for no other reason than just to
create programs. Some programmers believe that all software should be free and
that’s called open source software. Where do you find open source software? It’s
all over the Internet.

For example let me give you some websites again such as www.sourceforge.net is
one place; www.freshmeat.com is another place just like it sounds; number three
is www.webattack.com, those are three great places. What you’re looking for is
you’re looking for free software. What they call freeware, in fact you can just go
to google and type in freeware and you’ll find all these major download
directories where people will allow you to download their software and utilize
their software for free. I think www.webattack.com is one of the greatest places
that I utilize and what web attack does is this. It’s a big directory where you can
download software and what they do is post it up there into two categories, one
for freeware and one for shareware. Under freeware is what you’re looking for.

In the freeware category it’s divided up into anything that you want to know.
There are simple attachments for Outlook, Windows applications, desktop
graphics, anything its all right there. Once you see it you’ll understand what I
mean. If you go there find the piece of software that does something similar to
what you want done. In fact you may even find the piece of software that does
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

exactly what you want done then here’s what you do. Download the software and
try it out. Make sure you like it. Make sure it works the way you want it to then
turn around, email the person who created it and make them an offer. The offer
will look something like this. Hi, my name is Armand Morin and what I want to
do is, I downloaded your software I just totally fell in love with it and what I’d
like to do is this. I wonder if you’d be interested in private labeling this software
and what I mean is this. I will buy the rights to your software from you along
with the source code and I’ll send you whatever, make an offer. This can be done
for like $50 bucks most of the time; $100 bucks in some cases and some cases a
lot more than that.

Some people will say yes, some people will say no, the ones that say yes though
it’s going to turn around immediately. You see the software is already developed,
all your doing is putting your name and your information on the software instead
and you’re getting the source code for the project. These people were not looking
at the software as a profit model. What they were looking for is just a way to help
save the world and hey I believe in saving the world just as much as the next
person, but I also like to save my time in developing software especially if there’s
something that already exists that will do what I need it to do. I simply contact
these people, make an offer and we’re done, that’s one way.

Again, offer to private label it, you get the rights to the software and also you get
the source code to the software. The source code is the most important part. The
reason why its important is because if you ever need changes made in that original
program or can’t be contacted, you have the source code, which is really what
created the software that you can take to somebody else and they can now fix it
for you or enhance it or make it better. So you can utilize the source code to do
all that. Now there’s also one other place that I’ve told many people that I would
never talk about, but I’m going to talk about it on this call for the first time.

Here’s a website that many of you don’t know exists, but its there and I’ve
utilized it many times in the past and its called www.planet-source-code.com,
write that down. What I’m going to do is I’m going to show you real quick how
to use planet source code and you’re going to be shocked. You’re going to be
amazed, because this is the greatest resource that I’ve ever found online and
here’s what it is. You go to www.planet-source-code.com and what I want you to
concentrate on is in the upper right hand corner of the page there is a little place
that has the different types of programming languages. What we want to choose
is Visual Basic and lets just use that as an example, you can choose any other
kind, but Visual Basic is the one that we want to start with.

Now when we choose Visual Basic we’re going to be taken to the Visual Basic
section of planet source code and then at the top all we’re going to do is we’re
going to select, click on newest and best and then we’re going to click on newest
code and tutorials. You can do this for any type of programming language I’ve
just chosen this. I’m going to show you how easy it is to find software, because
what this is, this is all Visual Basic software when you get to this next page that’s
already created, that’s open source that you can utilize to create a program
                    Production Class 3 Week 2

immediately. We want an encrypter, decrypter, well here’s one on here right now
it was just uploaded today. We want a super calculator that’ll do all kinds of
scientific calculations, well its right there it was just uploaded today. These are all
brand new codes that were just uploaded recently, meaning today up to this area.

We can find all kinds of code for anything that we want to find and I could go on
a long time telling you about this particular website, because I’ve used this so
much. Its one resource that is just amazing to me that there’s full software already
developed, waiting for you to put your name on it with the proper
acknowledgements and are waiting for you to find a programmer that you would
like to utilize on here. They’ve already done the work. The work is there
download it and install it, its there. This is the raw source code though; this is the
raw source code to all these programs. You can find anything that you want that
someone has already created and its here, its all here. This is just the most
amazing place.

Now, lets get you into a different area, this is the actual source code. If you
download it and you look at it you’re probably not going to read it, be able to read
it because you don’t have Visual Basic the program, but you can send it to
someone and say hey I have the source code it does this and I need it modified to
do that. You can do it and you know what its all 100% legal. Its just amazing
what can happen with this site. Planet source code will become your best friend if
you’re thinking about ever creating a piece of software, especially if you just need
something simple, straight to the point, its there, its all there. Anybody that has
any inclination or is a programmer you’re going to be amazed. It’s shocking and I
use this thing all the time. So take a look at that that’s one of the places that you
can go to, but it’s a whole new different realm of software, because it already
exists and that’s less than five minutes that you’ll be able to do it and create a
piece of software.

You can do a search. You can look around. You can contact the people that
created the software. All kinds of stuff you can do inside www.planet-source-
code.com. This is actually owned; www.planet-source-code.com is owned by
rentacoder so its part of the same company. I found them on a totally separate
area and have been using them for about two years and I can tell you this is just
amazing. I mean we found full software projects that we’ve completed in here
and are currently marketing, so definitely utilize this resource if you have an
inkling of going into developing software.

What we’re going to do right now is we’re going to open up the call. Any
question that you’ve been holding, any questions that you have regarding software
definitely ask them, because we want to make sure that you understand this whole
process. What I’m going to do is suggest that you all go to rentacoder sign up for
an account, its free, go there today and just see what happens. You’re going to be
shocked, it’s so simple. The other thing is I’m going to take some of the copies,
some of the posts that I’ve made for some of my projects, put it up into a file for
you so you can download it and you can look at it. Also what I’m going to do is
take some of the process, see if we can go through some of the process as far as
                               Production Class 3 Week 2

           outlining that to make it a little bit easier. We talked about some of the eBooks
           earlier we’re going to upload some samples for you to utilize and view as well.
           So we’re going to be doing that as well, but I’m going to open up the call right
           now for any questions. Okay any questions.

Tracy:     Hey Armand this is Tracy again. I actually did a bid while you were doing that,
           while you were walking through. My question is the last time I did that I had like
           150 or 200 bids or whatever come back.

Armand:    Sure.

Tracy:     Do you have any responsibility to reply to any of those?

Armand:    No.

Tracy:     You just leave them sitting there and you can walk away from it?

Armand:    Yep.

Tracy:     Okay, perfect thanks.

Matthew:   This is Matthew.

Armand:    Yes.

Matthew:   Once you get the code developed and everything, how do you develop your user
           interface? Do you have them do it at the same time?

Armand:    Yeah they do all that.

Matthew:   Okay. So I mean like when you had smart pages developed you went ahead and
           had him put all that together at the same time?

Armand:    Yes I did.

Matthew:   Okay.

Armand:    Yeah, what you do is you’ll be going back and forth with the programmer quite a

Matthew:   Right.

Armand:    When they send you the code. They’ll send you a sample EXE file usually and
           what they’ll do is, they’ll say what do you think of this? You say hey could you
           move this up just a little bit. Could you make the interface just a little bit smaller?
           Can you do this and do that or can you add this graphic to it? They’ll do all that
           for you.
                               Production Class 3 Week 2

Matthew:   Okay great.

Cheryl:    Hey Armand so to clarify this is Cheryl again.

Armand:    Yes.

Cheryl:    So with web attack now, you’re basically looking to get private label and then you
           own the source code.

Armand:    Correct.

Cheryl:    With www.planet-source-code.com the big secret, are you then owning that
           source code as well or are you using it to develop your own project?

Armand:    Its like public domain source code. What you can do is, they put it up there to
           enhance again, because many programmers believe in just totally open source and
           if there are any restrictions that it can’t be utilized for commercial purposes they’ll
           put that in the attachment in the download file.

Cheryl:    Okay and then it stays as like a public domain? The information is still there on
           www.planet-source-code.com even though you’re using it?

Armand:    No, not once you change it.

Cheryl:    Once you change it its yours it’s gone?

Armand:    Yes.

Cheryl:    Got it. Thanks.

Bret:      Hey Armand.

Armand:    Yes.

Bret:      I just got on the call, I didn’t get the email for some reason, but I just finished a
           piece of software that I’d like to start marketing and don’t really know where to
           start. I had a free scaled down version developed also. Would you recommend
           submitting that to freeware sites or how would you go about marketing a new

Armand:    Yeah absolutely. One of the things that you can do is submit it into freeware sites.
           For example, lets say that you have a piece of software just like Bret’s talking
           about and you need to get that out into the general public. What you would do
           and this is the exact process that I do. I go into google and I type in software
           submitter and what happens is, you’ll see a couple different programs
           immediately that will actually take your software and submit it into the various
           freeware and shareware type places. Now you can make a freeware version that
                               Production Class 3 Week 2

          you can send to and the whole purpose of it is to simply just get people to utilize it
          and then register the full working version.

Bret:     Can you capture names of people that download the free version? Do they do that
          for you or do you have to have something in place to capture their information?

Armand:   You have to have something built into the software they will not do it for you.
          Download dot com for example is one of the places that you can upload the
          software to that’s actually on a pay per click basis now and on there in order to be
          able to capture the email addresses you’re paying a huge astronomical fee that is
          totally ridiculous. We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars in order to add that
          functionality. The easiest way to do it is to have a little pop-up window that
          comes up prior to opening, before they actually get to the software and its built
          into the software. When they fill in that form it submits it to your auto responder

Bret:     Okay.

Armand:   It’s very simple. In fact that same code can be found on www.planet-source-

Bret:     What would you call that if I wanted to search for it?

Armand:   Type in shareware registration.

Bret:     Okay great.

Armand:   That’s where I found it.

Bret:     Are we going to record the call tonight? I kind of missed most of it tonight.

Armand:   Yeah all the calls are recorded and I’m going to be uploading it in the next day or

Bret:     Okay great thanks.

Armand:   As well as last weeks call just so everyone understands as well. Any other

Tom:      Yeah Armand this is Tom.

Armand:   Yes.

Tom:      Is there any way you can reverse that audio generator idea and transcribe these
          calls so that I don’t have to go over this ten thousand times in order to get all my

Armand:   We’ll see what we can do. I might be able to use a service to do that.
                                Production Class 3 Week 2

Tom:      Okay that’d be cool.

Armand:   I make no guarantees though, but there’s another service and we’re going to talk
          about it actually on the next call, the service I’m thinking of. For those of you
          that need transcription work let me give you a preview of what I’m talking about.
          Its called www.idictate.com. The way it normally works is this, is you call into
          that service. You talk just like we’re talking right now, it will convert what
          you’re saying to a transcription and email it back to you the next day.

Tom:      Do you know what that costs?

Armand:   Yeah one penny per word.

Tom:      How accurate is it?

Armand:   It’s very accurate, in fact what they do is, first it’s a two-phase process. First of
          all the first step of the process is that they take the information and they have a
          machine do it. Then what they do in the second part is they go through and they
          have a human go over it and its all monitored in real time.

Tom:      Okay so you don’t have to train it?

Armand:   No, nothing like that. This is a virtual service you just three way into it.

Tom:      Wow.

Armand:   We’ll see what we can do as far as getting a transcription of all this as well.

Tom:      Great thanks.

Paul:     Armand this is Paul.

Armand:   Hey Paul.

Paul:     Just a question. Once you’ve put out the software what about licensing and things
          like that? Typically if I buy a piece of software then one of the things they send
          me is a registration or a license that you’ve got to get. Do you worry about that?

Armand:   Well the license itself, I use a pretty generic license and here’s where I got mine.
          What I did on my software is I actually bought a product, you guys can just as
          well. Its called www.autoweblaw.com by Linn Thurman and Bruce Saffron and
          what I did is they actually have a registration piece in there for software and such.
          What you do is simply fill in the blanks and it creates it for you instantly with all
          the legal jargon that you need.

Paul:     Okay, maybe I’m phrasing it wrong. So the registration numbers for the software.
                               Production Class 3 Week 2

Armand:   Oh the registration numbers that’s part of the programming process.

Paul:     Okay.

Armand:   If you require a registration piece as far as registration via the web, registration in
          the application itself then you would actually put that as part of the programming
          process. For example, Bret just recently talked about he has a demo version or a
          shareware version. When you’re talking with your programmers you would ask
          them, tell them that you want a demo version that’s only good for (X) number of
          days or its only good until or will have limited functionality to it. Again that’s all
          part of the shareware process as far as the development goes.

Paul:     Then as far as developing or generating registration numbers would that also be
          part of that?

Armand:   Yep absolutely. They will do all that for you.

Paul:     Okay.

Armand:   Any other questions before we wrap up?

George:   Armand I want to make sure we have the right address for Bret, can you have him
          email me so I can double check that?

Armand:   Ridgeway?

George:   I didn’t hear I just heard there was a Bret who said he wasn’t getting the emails?

Bret:     Oh yeah that was me, you want my email address?

George:   Why don’t you just, are you a member of my affiliate center?

Bret:     Yeah I think I am.

George:   Just email me, click on the link and email me and give me your correct address
          and I’ll make sure it’s correct.

Bret:     Okay great thank you.

Armand:   Its separate in the back end George.

George:   Pardon me.

Armand:   It’s under workshop class.

George:   Okay.

Armand:   Just so you understand.
                              Production Class 3 Week 2

George:   Yep.

Armand:   Yeah send an email to george@myaffiliatecenter.com and George will take care
          of it for you Bret.

Bret:     Okay great.

Armand:   Okay one last round of questions or if there are any other questions before we
          wrap up. So what we’re going to do is again, we’re going to take this call just as
          we talked about and upload it to the net in the next few days and then you will all
          have access to it and download it. I’ll break it down into smaller files like we did
          previously. As I also stated on earlier calls if at the end of the whole process if
          you’d like all the calls put onto CD’s for you we’ll figure out some kind of price
          point as far as basically just whatever the costs are for us to do that and then we’ll
          get that out to you.

          So if you’re interested in that I’ll be announcing it towards the later part of the
          calls. Then if you have any questions, again the email to email us at is
          coaching@gogenerator.com and that will come directly to me and I’ll be able to
          answer it from here. So with that again I’d like to that everyone for jumping on
          the call and we’ll talk to everyone next Wednesday. We’re still doing a call, its
          going to be at the same time, 9:00 p.m. Eastern and on this same number, but I
          will be sending you a reminder prior to the call. Everyone have a great night and
          we’ll talk to everyone next Wednesday.
Production Class 3 Week 2

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