Warrensville Heights School Board Community Relations Meeting

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					Warrensville Heights School Board
Community Relations Committee
May 6, 2010
4:30 p.m.

PRESENT: Michelle Elba, Kathy Perry, Tanesha Ali, Deborah Campbell, Nadiyah Thompson, Sabrina
Green, Dorothy Blackmon.

Flyers were passed out for 2nd Annual Tea. Discussions regarding Tea were opened up.

Deborah Campbell suggested incorporating a celebration of “Sunday Hats”. After discussion this idea
will be used at a later time, mainly because flyers were already done and did not include information
regarding the hat theme.

Deborah Campbell suggested offering pictures of the event for a nominal fee as a fundraising tool. She
will also donate a *massage from South Pointe as a raffle prize.

Pamela O’Bannon will oversee the assembly of the gift bags that will be provided to attendees. She will
also donate *Jazz CDs as gifts/prizes for Table Games.

Upon entering the event there will be a Teapot Game. The prize for that game will be the *teapot and
its content + mini tea kit?

Nadiyah Thompson will donate a *Precious Memories Picture Book for the most “seasoned” woman in
attendance. She will also assist Michelle Elba in creating a *Tea Basket as a raffle prize.

Other Basket Ideas:

Aroma Therapy;

Avon; - confirmed

Bath & Body;

Mary Kay;

It was suggested that we ask some local restaurants and shops for donations. New Beginnings Beauty
Shop may be willing to donate services. Panera was another suggested place to solicit donations.

Pamela O’Bannon will act as MC for the Tea. There will be an inspirational speaker at the Tea. Jean
Smith will do a welcome. Tanesha Ali will work on securing a soloist for the Tea. If the soloist cannot be
secured then Sabrina Green will do a dramatic reading of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman”.
Warrensville Heights School Board
Community Relations Committee
May 6, 2010
4:30 p.m.
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Celebrating Staff, Faculty and Parents

Nadiyah Thompson will do Flyers and Invitations for event.

The committee wants to provide plaques to retirees and certificates to those employees being affected
by the lay off. We would also like to provide certificates to the parent volunteers.

There are 11 retirees; 28 lay-offs; 6 parents; There were two other names submitted to Michelle Elba
for consideration of parent recognition (Lester & ????????-see Kathy Perry for other nominee).

Suggested Dates: June 1st or June 2nd at Thistledown or Kathy Perry’s contact location. See Michelle
Elba for pricing and menu.

Deborah Campbell and Kathy Perry will act as MCs for the event.

Committee Contact Information

Tanesha Ali                         216-809-0535          

Deborah Campbell                    216-543-3331          
Michelle Elba                       216-288-9295          

Sabrina Green                       216-315-0498          

Kathy Perry                         216-288-7764          

Nadiyah Thompson                    216-299-9859          

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