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					      Designer’s Guild Launch Royal Collection
Amongst the pile of            create a collection which     champagne and
invitations for collection     reflected its royal patronage macaroons!) was certainly
launches this season, the      whilst also                   inspiring and deemed by
one that really stood out as                                 everyone there as a
the most exciting and                                        resounding success for
intriguing was certainly the                                 Designer’s Guild. With a
Designer’s Guild invitation                                  combination of richly
to the launch of its Royal                                   coloured, sumptuous
Collection, to be held in                                    fabrics and striking and
the Queen’s Gallery at                                       elegant designs, the royal
Buckingham Palace.                                           collection offers stunning
                                                             combinations of fabrics
Apart from the glamorous                                     from intricate embroideries
location, the invite sparked                                 to rich crushed velvets.
much speculation in the
studio as to the contents of                                The 2008 Royal Collection
the collection. We were all                                 will be launched at
intrigues as to why          encompassing the essence       Christine Scott Interiors
Designer’s Guild was         of her company, which is       soon - so keep an eye out
chosen over other long       often very contemporary        for details of the launch
standing British companies   and brightly coloured. The date and please ring to
such as Colefax and Fowler   Royal Collection comprises enquire if you would like to
or Zoffany whose designs     an exclusive range of fabrics receive an invitation to the
often have a slightly regal  and wallcoverings which        launch event.
                             are inspired by the
                             furnishings within the
                             British royal palaces and
                             from the ancient British
                             royal archives. The range
                             includes a book of weaves,
                             one of silks and a
                             wallcoverings collection,
                             which will all be produced
                             using the finest weavers,
                             printers and specialist mills,
                             whose expertise remain
air about them in both scale faithful to traditional
and style. We also           production methods.
wondered how Tricia Guild
would tackle the challenge The collection (which was
to                           presented over