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					         Young People’s Services
         Tuesday 31 May 2011
Careers & Connexions

     Young people 'despondent' about future career prospects (CYP Now 23/05/11)

     26% of those from deprived homes believe that few or none of their career goals
      are achievable, compared to just seven per cent of those from affluent families. (Princes
      Trust 18/05/11)

     CEG and the Emperor’s new clothes (CEIAG newsletter May 2011)

     Careers England latest briefing (18/05/11)

     Government accept Wolf review of vocational qualifications (CEIAG newsletter May
      2011) click here for the full government response

     CBI/ EDI education & Skills survey (CEIAG newsletter May 2011)

     New student finance website launched

     NEET figures set to rise as government changes reporting rules Until last month,
      councils ceased to include young people in their local Neets statistics when they reached their
      19th birthday. But the government now wants councils to report this information based on
      academic age. This means the cohort of young people included in Neets data will increase,
      since young people will feature in statistics for the entire academic year in which they turn 19.
      (CYP Now 19/05/11)

     Supporting youth employment - an overview of the government's approach (CEIAG
      newsletter May 2011)

      Mentoring social networking site

    CEIAG discussion site (Cloudworks 19/05/11)

    Which Way Now & It's Your Choice 2011-12 booklets will be available for delivery from 1st
      September 2011. To place an order or enquire about costs email: or
      tel: 01329 229 138 (CEIAG newsletter May 2011)

September Guarantee
    September Guarantee will continue (Hansard 18/05/11)

Staff training
    New online learning course for non-specialists NB the link to the actual website doesn’t work!
       (CEIAG newsletter May 2011)

Youth Service
    The shape of youth services to come (CYP Now 17/05/11)

Careers Education
    Free online learning from BT (Thanks to Karen Weaver for her email)

Care to Learn
    Care to Learn application packs for the 2011/12 academic year are now available to
      order from YPLA Publications by calling 0845 602 2260 or emailing, quoting the
      reference YPLA-G-002/2011. (YPLA Bulletin 25/05/11)

    £180 m bursary fund announced (CEIAG newsletter May 2011)

Higher Education
    9.3% drop in teacher training applications (TES 20/05/11)
    Universities to be able to recruit unlimited number of up-front fee payers? (THES
      School of Pharmacy to merge with UCL (THES 13/05/11)
      LSE to charge £8500 (BBC 26/05/11)
      Fees list update (BBC 25/05/11)

   V Q Day Vocational qualifications day – 22/06/11 (CEIAG newsletter May 2011)

      Paralympics’ Sports Taster Day (free entry) Saturday 2nd July @ John Charles Centre for Sport
       Tennis Centre, Leeds. For further details contact Ross Bibby the Disability Sports Development
       Officer: Tel: 0113 395 0159 Email: Open to all ages with any disability
           o Juniors (8-17) 10am – 12pm
           o Adults (18+) 1pm – 3pm
      Leeds Disability Sports Camp 22nd – 26th August 2011 @ different venues across Leeds. For
       further details contact Ross Bibby the Disability Sports Development Officer: Tel: 0113 395 0159

    Volunteer Centre Open Day Wednesday 8 June 2011 - 11:00am to 1:00pm for people who are
      interested in volunteering and for organisations looking for more volunteers. Drop into Leeds
      Volunteer Centre during the day for advice, information and free refreshments! For more
      information about the Open Day email or call 0113 395 0405.
      Venue: Volunteer Centre Leeds Enterprise House, 12 St Paul's Street, Leeds, LS1 2LE (VA-L E-News
      Environmental Volunteering Fair Sunday 5 June 2011 - 12:00pm to 4:00pm at Kirkstall Abbey
       (VA-L E-News 26/05/11)
      New volunteering programme NB the V-involved Leeds project is no longer running (Learning
       Partnerships 17/05/11)
      National Citizen Service website

      More people found fit for work (DWP 27/04/11)

Mental health
   Rise in tuition fees fuels young peoples anxiety (CYP Now 23/05/11)

      Judge calls on councils to review support for homeless teenagers (CYP Now 10/05/11)

Child protection/ Safeguarding
    CEOP to become part of new National Crime Agency (CEOP 09/05/11) Click here for more but
       will take the lead (CYP Now 25/05/11)

      Child protection training drops according to CEOP (CYP Now 31/05/11)

Young offenders
    East Moor to lose 9 beds (CYP Now 17/05/11)
    4 new social workers for Wetherby YOI (CYP Now 12/05/11)

      UK Childhood wellbeing ranks behind Europe (Save the Children 03/05/11)

    Thousands more young people claim JSA The number of young people claiming unemployment
      benefits rose by 6,800 in a month, according to latest government figures. Those aged between 16
      and 24 claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance went from 415,100 in March to 421,900 in April (CYP Now
      DLA to be replaced by Personal Independence Payment (DWP 04/05/11)

Bullying and abuse
    8% rise in sex offences against children (CYP Now 26/05/11)
    NSPCC launches Helpline text service to report child abuse Text No 88858 (NSPCC

      £3m extra for disabled person's organisations (DWP 11/05/11)

    11 new Apprenticeships at Yorkshire Water (Business Desk 24/05/11)
    Degree or apprenticeships: which works best in the job market? (Guardian 15/05/11)

    Graduates urged to expect lower salaries (YEP 19/05/11)
    Graduates more hopeful about their job chances (Independent 18/05/11)
    Graduate job search website

Job hunting
    Free interview techniques film (Thanks to Karen Weaver for her email)

      Work begins on Leeds Arena the programme will:
         o create around 100 opportunities for progression into employment with the aim of securing
            roles for those living near to the site;
         o safeguard 110 local construction jobs;
         o provide 48 people weeks of work experience for 16-17 year olds and 96 people weeks of
            work experience for 18 plus years old;
         o create around 60 new apprenticeships, with the priority of helping those who lost
            placements during the economic downturn so they can complete their training (LCC
              24/05/11) YEP 25/05/11

CRCI                     Company             Where?      New         Job losses    Source
Engineering              Control Aer         Leeds                   9             Insider 27/05/11
                         (ventilation co)
Financial Services       Eversheds           Leeds                   15  
                         Lloyds              Leeds                   25            YP 25/05/11
                         RBS                 Leeds                   40            BBC 24/04/11
                         UK General          Leeds       20?                       Business Desk
                         (Insurance)                                               26/05/11
Legal & Political        Addleshaw           Leeds                   40?           Business Desk
Services                 Goddard                                                   25/05/11

Leisure, Sport &         Welcome to          Leeds       8           2             Business Desk
Tourism                  Yorkshire                                                 25/05/11
Manufacturing &          William Cook        Leeds       <150                      YP 17/05/11
Production               (steel castings)
                         Power Link          Sherburn    15                        Business Desk
                         Machine Co                                                31/05/11
Retail Sales &           Go Outdoors         UK          500                       Business Desk
Customer Services                                                                  24/05/11
Various                  Eastgate Quarter    LS2         >4000                     YEP 17/05/11
                                                         (by 2015)

   Innovative programmes announced (LCC 31/05/11)
   'Support youth employment government' report (HM Government May 2011)

   Mandatory work placements begin (DWP 17/05/11)
   Weak private sector recovery overwhelmed by public sector redundancies (CIPD

Vacancies etc for level 3 leavers
    Latest vacancy and other news from (24/05/11)

And finally ...

5 best physics howlers
   1. Q: Steve is driving his car at 60 feet per second, and the speed limit is 40mph. Is Steve speeding?
       A: Steve should check his speedometer.
   2. Q: Currently, the sun is in a stable period. State two balanced forces in the sun.
       A: Page 3 and the football pages.
   3. Q: Why would living close to a mobile phone mast cause ill health?
       A: You might walk into it.
   4. Q: Give three ways to reduce heat loss in your home.
       A: Thermal underwear, move to Hawaii, close the door.
   5. Q: What is the National Grid?
       A: A very large free barbecue in public parks.


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