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									Housing career strategies

A Badenoch & Clark seminar

London, Wednesday 4th May, 2011
Points for discussion
•   18:00   Welcome by Caroline Hooper, Badenoch & Clark

•   18:10   The housing landscape - Katy Crothall and Caroline Hooper,
            Badenoch & Clark

•   18:30   Setting yourself apart and securing the right role -
            Jane Marriott, Human Resources Director, Adecco Group

•   19:10   Personal branding - Sally Jacobson, HR Consultant and
            Non Executive Director

•   19:50   Questions from the floor

•   20:00   Close, followed by networking
The public sector employment market
•   Seeing a difference between “brave” organisations and those adopting a more cautious
    approach to recruitment.

•   “Braver” (less risk averse) organisations are using opportunities created by change to

•   More cautious organisations are adopting a wait and see attitude.

•   Local government delay in communication of funding added to reduction of recruitment
    of first quarter.

•   Budgets were key area of focus Q1, hearing more about forthcoming changes for Q2
    an beyond which should bring opportunity.

•   Restructures as ever are creating opportunities within the sector predominantly on a
    permanent basis.

•   Number of permanent roles released remained the same Jan. – May 2010 Vs Jan. -
    May 2011.
 Job flow statistics (local government & housing)

• Roles currently in demand: Asset management, surveying, business
  development & change management.

• Job flow down 44% April from March (bank holidays).

• 26% down January – May compared to same period 2010 (but first
  quarter was largest in 2010).

• 13% down January – May compared to September – January 2010
  (rate of decline reducing).
The public sector market 6 months on from
the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR)
• 25.4% think there will be significant job losses in the next six months.
• 17.5% say there have been huge job losses in their department and
  they’re now under resourced (which means 82.5% believe this not to
  be the case).
• Coping with being under resourced – 41.1%; 41.2% said that the
  Spending Review now means they work harder (great for the CV).
• 76.6% said morale was either average or poor.
• 96.8% would like to see the Government to do more to help them find
• 12.1% don’t think the cuts were necessary (87.9% believing they
• Morale in London was the highest, with 30.4% saying it was good.
• 60.3% want to stay in the Public Sector.
• 70.7% over 55s want to stay in the Public Sector.
• 40.9% think they would have to up-skill in order to move into the
  private sector.
• 49% of Central Government workers think they would need to up-
• 44.7% are going to wait and see what happens, rather than
  proactively job hunt.
Senior housing market trends
• Organisational structure:
   – Collapsing of group structures
   – ALMO Modelling
• Internal modelling:
   – Creation of COO posts
   – Reduced head count with higher output expectations
• Growth areas:
   – New business people for Supported Housing
   – Continued demand for strong operational managers
   – Options appraisals and modelling
The changing market and practical advice
• Increased competition
   – Putting your best foot forward
   – Research

• Validate your ROI
   – What did you return to the organisation?

• Alleviate fears
   – Sell yourself

• Transformation

• Networking
• Helping to position yourself
   – Badenoch & Clark consultants
   – Use your agency
   – Right skills

• New areas
   – Outplacement
   – Coaching
   – Governance
Setting yourself apart and
securing the right role
Jane Marriott, Human Resources Director,
Adecco Group UK & Ireland
A view of career opportunities
     in the Private Sector

• Career summary

• Impact of the recession

• Identifying the right role/sector

• Practical advice

• Setting yourself apart

• What recruiters look for

• Personal learning
Career Summary

• Personnel Officer    British Home Stores

• Personnel Director   Burton Group

• HR Director          TK Maxx

• HR Director          Austin Reed Group

• HR Director          Adecco Group UK & I
Impact of the recession on job market

• Highly competitive BUT good jobs do exist for good candidates

• Recruiters are under pressure

• Employers are risk averse

• Difficult to move sector/specialism

• Lengthy selection processes – more hurdles

• Pressure on packages
Identifying the right role/sector

• Research
    • What you want to do
    • The sector
    • The roles
• Resources
    • Consultants
    • Network
    • Contacts – e.g. colleagues, customers, clients
    • People who have “made the move”
    • Trade/Professional Bodies
Practical advice on moving sectors

• It all starts with the CV

    • Key words

    • Make it easy for the recruiters to identify scope of roles/experience and
      therefore draw relevant comparisons
    • Job titles – try and find sector recognised/equivalent
    • Differentiate between jobs with the same employer
    • Deliverables, size of teams and budgets
    • Quantify results, achievements, ROI, savings etc.
    • Relevant training/development
    • Wow Factor!, size, scope, global reach etc
What to avoid

• Anachronisms and jargon
• Don’t include job/pay structures without explanation
• Too much detail/length
Setting yourself apart from the competition

• Internet, company data
• Trade/Professional Bodies
• Mystery shop
• Current employees
• People who have been involved/associated with it
 Benefits of research

• Get a feel for the company
• Help demonstrate skills transfer
• Prepare your questions/discussion points
• Aids your decision making
 What recruiters look for

• Technical skills
• Achievements
• Commercial delivery
• Cultural fit
• Added value
Personal learning

• Role reversal – interviewee not interviewer
• Demonstrate transferability/relevance of experience
• Be open minded
• Learn from experiences – review CV constantly
• Be realistic
• Don’t give up
• Invest in the process
Good Luck
Roundtable discussions
Point for consideration

• “What have you gained from this presentation,
  and how will you apply it to your job search
  strategy in the future?”.
Personal branding

Sally Jacobson, HR Consultant and
Non Executive Director
Roundtable discussions
Point for consideration

• “What three things will you take away from today and
  work on to improve your personal brand within your
  organisation and how will you ensure that those around
  you notice a difference?”
Summary and close

Caroline Hooper, Badenoch & Clark

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