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									Life Cycle Services
Erection and assembly
- a strong team
Erection and assembly
A perfect engineering is only as        Range of services                           performing with high efficiency. The
good as the expertise of the erection   • Erection of complete plants               entire Babcock Bosig Service erection
and assembly team on site. Higher       • Erection of plant components              and assembly personnel in erection
technical demands, time pressure          such as steam generators, piping          planning, preparation and execution
and complex interfaces put more           and structural steelwork                  consists of qualified and experienced
importance on the erection and          • Modernization and modification of         specialists keeping in mind the
assembly competencies and require         power station/waste incineration          client´s needs as the core of their
extremely qualified personnel.            plants for utility companies and          activities.
                                        • Boiler inspection, checks                 In addition to lump sum agreements
                                        • Maintenance and repair                    for plant / component erection and
                                        • Troubleshooting                           assembly Babcock Borsig Service
                                        • 24 h stand-by service                     also offers the provision of personnel
                                        • Erection performance                      within a temporary employment
                                        • Erection supervision                      agreement.
                                        • Erection co-ordination                    Furthermore Babcock Borsig Service
                                        • Wear protection                           is authorised to work in nuclear plants
                                        • Provision of specialists and              in accordance with Art. 15 of the
                                          supervisory personnel in                  Radiation Protection Ordinance. Due
                                          quality and safety management             to that fact our personnel is subject
                                                                                    to constant medical supervision and
                                        Within our erection and assembly            safety control.
                                        competencies the following
Babcock Borsig Service on the one       requirement for boiler, piping and
hand provides a broad range of know-    steelwork construction are available:
how and experience as far as erection   • Project managers
and assembly is concerned and on the    • Commercial clerks
other hand makes sure that this know-   • Locksmiths
how goes hand in hand with its          • Fitters
engineering competencies.                 Chief erectors
                                        • Welders for the TIG, TIG/E, E, MAG,
                                          G methods, partly with special            On our premises, regular training and
                                          training „Mirror welding“                 further training courses are held with
                                        • Automatic welders for cladding            which our personnel is prepared for
                                        • Welding specialists                       the tasks with which they have been
                                        • Specialised welding engineers             entrusted.
                                        • Annealing staff                           • Welder training and holding of
                                        • Pre-aligners                                welders' examinations in our
                                        • Refractory bricklayers                      welding instruction workshop in
                                        • Mechanical fitters                          Voerde-Friedrichsfeld / Germany
                                        • Safety engineers                          • Courses for further training of
                                                                                      erection management staff
                                        Various construction sites worldwide        • Training of chief erectors and
                                        show the flexibility of our site staff to     master welders
                                        adjust to local situations while            • Practical training courses for
During the entire duration of           It is obvious that working on complex   In industrial boiler service and firing
erectionphase, each construction site   projects includes the engineering and   system service we even dispose of a
is supported, by the appropriate        manufacturing of auxiliary assembly     workshop van for short-notice
specialist departments at the parent    equipment to ensure a safe and          incidents in case of emergencies.
company in Oberhausen. Solutions        efficient erection.
are being worked out especially for                                             All tools and devices necessary for
the problems to be solved.              Feasibility studies ensure a smooth     the performance of our erection and
                                        work sequence on site and prevent       assembly activities are available on a
                                        from unpleasant surprises during        permanent basis in our own stocks in
                                        project execution.                      Germany and abroad. This is why our
                                                                                response time for start of project
                                        The 24-hour stand-by service of our     execution and of course for plant
                                        scheduling department does not          start-up on site is extremely short.
                                        leave the customer alone with his
                                        problem even in the event of damage     For all erection and assembly activities
                                        outside of regular working hours.       Babcock Borsig Service provides a
                                                                                full and detailed work documentation
                                        In the area of industrial boiler and    containing the relevant technical and
                                        firing system service we hold a         personnel data.
                                        workshop van in readiness for short-
                                        notice assignments in the event of      In short, for any kind of work being
                                        damage.                                 performed on site, Babcock Borsig
                                                                                Service is the right partner to execute
The overhead functions with             The efficient staff management of       your future projects to your full
competent personnel ensure the          Babcock Borsig Service allows a 24-     satisfaction!
performance of the work in time and     hour stand-by service (see hotline
of the right quality.                   above) to take care of our clients
The detailed time-scheduling provides   whenever our service is needed.
certainty of execution.

                                                                                Integrated Quality
                                                                                Management System:
                                                                                • DIN EN ISO 9001
                                                                                • SCC**
                                                                                • AD-HP 0/TRD 201
                                                                                • Comprehensive Form of
                                                                                  Verification DIN 18800, Part 7
                                                                                • „Pressure Equipment Directive“
                                                                                  97/23/EG Modul H, H 1
                                                                                • KTA 1401 for piping works in
                                                                                  nuclear facilities
                                                                                • AVS D 100/50B
                                                                                • § 19 WHG (water law)
                                                                                • DIN EN 729-2
Business Segments

New Plant Construction,                   Revision, Repair                  Spare Part Service
Retrofit, Refurbishment                   and Maitenance

   Boiler Parts                              Valve Service and Drive          Pressure Parts
   Coal Mills                                Technology                       Firing Parts
   Firing Systems                            Flow Measurement                 Machine Parts
   Mechanical Systems                        Industrial Boiler Service        Electrical Parts
   Coal Feeder Systems                       Installation and                 I & C Parts
   Ash Handling Systems                      Commissioning
                                             Refuse Incineration Service    Valve Service and Drive
   Steam Turbine Service
   Heat Recovery Systems                     Revision and Maintenance
   Piping                                    Welding Technology and         Flow Measurements
   Electric, I & C Systems                   Wear Protection
   Commissioning                             Large Strip Mining Service
   Nuclear Technology                        Environmental Technology
   Magnetic Technology                       Sea Water Desalination

Locations .
Babcock Borsig                            Babcock Noel GmbH.                Heatec Co., Ltd.
Service GmbH (BBS)                        Würzburg (Germany)                Laemchabang (Thailand)
Gummersbach                               Babcock Borsig
Osterode                                  Anlagenservice GmbH               Steinmüller Instandsetzung
St. Ingbert (Germany)                     Oberhausen (Germany)              Kraftwerke Gesellschaft für
Surra (Kuwait)                                                              Energie- und.
Abu Dhabi (UAE)                           Babcock Borsig                    Umwelttechnik mbH (SIK)
Manama (Bahrain)                          Power Holdings (Pty)              Peitz, Berlin
Al Khobar (Saudi Arabia)Tripoli           Ltd. (BBPH)                       Boxberg, Lippendorf.
(Libya)                                   Johannesburg (South Afrika)       Haidemühl (Germany)

                                  Babcock Borsig Service GmbH
                                  Duisburger Strasse 375
                                  46049 Oberhausen
                                  Phone: + 49.(0)208.4575-2258
                                  Fax:   + 49.(0)208.4575-3423


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