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					Premier Assistive Technology

E-Text Reader Features
      Compatible: Works with multiple File Formats including: Standard Text, MS Word (All
       Versions”), HTML and Rich Text Formats. Cut and Paste “to” or “from” any program
      Reading options : Adjustable reading speeds plus ability to read one word at a time or
      Bookmarks: Insert bookmarks to mark locations in the text
      Highlighting features: Use the built in highlighters to highlight text for studies
      Change Fonts: You can change the print fonts. The default is Arial, but you can change it
       to any font on your computer
      Tracking: Highlights and tracks each word as it reads
      Colors: Change foreground and background colors

Outline / Highlight Extraction Features

Special attention was given to the highlight colors used for highlighting. These unique colors will
not interfere with the background colors added to documents by other programs. If you have a
document with a background color and then you add highlighting to the document, our
highlight extraction technology can distinguish the difference between the highlighted text and
foreground / background colors. Frequently documents contain formatting and images. Our
new extraction technology will include all images and text formatting, even bullets, numbering,
hyperlinks, indentation, font size and type.

      Highlight with four different colors: Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow
      Customized Extraction: Based on a single color or all the colors of the highlighted
      Document format retention: Format of the extracted information is retained during
       extraction including graphics that are part of the highlighted text
      Selectable reading: Read entire document, just the highlighted information, or just one
       highlight color
Premier Assistive Technology

PDF Magic Pro Features:
     Easy-to-Use Interface
     Batch Processing of PDF Files
     11 output File types, including HTML, RTF, MS WORD, TXT
     Support 135 Languages
     Removes Encryption automatically
     Works with All Versions of PDF Files 3, 4, 5 and 6
     Includes Color Graphics
     Column and Table Formatting is retained during the conversion
     Works with most forms
     Web-oriented
Premier Assistive Technology

Premier Predictor Pro Features
The Premier Predictor Pro has impressive features all designed to make working with text a
breeze. Word Prediction, word search, grade level selection, and document digestion are just
some of the features available to you when using Predictor Pro.

What is Word Prediction?

Word Prediction is a technology developed to assist people who have difficulty spelling and
writing. As a person types, word prediction will display a list of the most probable words
allowing the typist to select the word from the list. This technology can significantly reduce the
number of key strokes an individual need to make. The built in talking dictionary lets the typist
hear the definition to make sure that the word they select is the right word. – Whether, and
weather can be very confusing to some writers.

Word Search

 Can’t think of the word or only know part of it? Predictor Pro comes with a built-in word search
tool that helps you find a word when you only know how to spell a portion of the word. Enter
the letters you do know. Then you can browse the list of words in the prediction list. When you
hear the one you want, select it, and it will be inserted into your document.

Document Digestion

 Predictor Pro has a built-in Document Digester. It will read through documents you select and
find words that aren't in the prediction library but may be relevant to you. You are given the
option to add these to the library to optimize the tool for your individual use.

Grade Level Word Prediction

Predictor Pro lets users select the grade level of the words that display in the prediction list.
You can quickly set the word prediction for 4th grade and below, 6th grade and below, 8th
grade and below and all grades. The grade levels let individuals start out with grade level
appropriate words and move up grade levels as their writing skills progress.
Additional Libraries

 There are more than 20 additional libraries that are available to import into Premier Predictor
Pro. These libraries contain words and phrases related to medical terminology that are
extremely difficult to spell. After you import the library, the terms can be accessed by just
typing a few characters. For example, if you were in the nursing program and you wanted to
write “Adhatoda vasica, syn. Justiciaadhatoda” you could just type “adhvas” and then select the
full term from the prediction list.

Network-Enabled Libraries

Chances are that if words are added to a prediction list, like city names or places, they are
relevant for the whole class. In the past, educators had to update every workstation. Now with
the network-enabled libraries just update that library, and instantly the additions will be
available to all students.
Premier Assistive Technology

Scan & Read Pro Features
Scan & Read Pro offers some unique and useful features such as supporting up to 8 different
languages and advanced settings making customization easy.

Features Include

      Full Color or Black and White scanning
      Word View "cursor tracking" technology
      Highlight by Word, Sentence or Paragraph while reading
      Adjustable spacing for lines, words and characters
      Selectable voices with adjustable voice rates
      Talking Spell check with 250,000+ Word Dictionary
      Thesaurus
      Zooms (magnifies) up to 400%
      Can open existing electronic documents (e.g., MS WORD)
      Automatic image rotation and alignment
      Works with any USB TWAIN compatible scanner
      Multiple languages
      Predictor Pro Industrial Strength Word Prediction
      Can create MP3 and WAV audio files
Premier Assistive Technology

Talking Calculator Features
The feature that really sets the Talking Calculator apart from other calculators is that it displays
your entries and results as you work. It actually displays the equation so that you can easily see
or hear your last process. When students are required to show their work, they can simply cut
and paste the steps into a document.

This is a great tool for everyday users.
Premier Assistive Technology

Talking Word Processor Features
Even if you are just learning word processing for the first time, you will find the powerful, yet
easy-to-use features of The Talking Word Processor to be a wonderful tool to build your word
processing skills quickly!

Create and edit Microsoft Word documents without having to purchase Microsoft Word. The
Talking Word Processor has many of the same features that you will find in Microsoft Word, but
without the price.

Proofread and learn by listening. The Talking Word Processor will read virtually any document
on your computer. You can even cut and paste from the Internet. You will be surprised to see
how many more errors you catch with your ears.

To use the built-in 250,000-word dictionary, just double-click on a word and the definition of
that word will open. Try to do that in Word Perfect or Microsoft Word. This dictionary could not
be easier.

Talking Grammar Check

Optional Categories, 29 in all

      Redundant phrases
      Archaic words
      Stilted words
      Awkward usage
      Vague modifiers
      Jargon
      Clichés
      Gender-specific terms
      Confusing terms
      Commonly confused words
      Contractions
      Punctuation inside quotes
      Punctuation outside quote
Premier Assistive Technology


     Auto segmenting of files. Without segmentation, an Ebook would make a
      file so large it would be almost useless. Text-To-Audio can automatically
      break up an Ebook into timed audio segments or by bookmarks that you
      can insert. Each segment becomes a track on an audio CD or separate MP3
     Clear Audio Technology creates the clearest audio files possible.
     Fast. It has the fastest conversion time yet creating an hour audio in only 4
     Audio File converter can convert existing audio files to one of 10 different
     Multiple voices from which to choose.
     Works with any SAPI-5 compliant digital voices.
     Multiple input file formats. Works with all versions of Microsoft Word files,
      Standard Text, Rich Text Format and HTML style.
     Can create 10 different types of audio output files, including MP3, WAVE,
      GSM, MP2, WMA and VOX.
     Compresses files as it creates them.
     Select up to 20 documents to process at a single time.
     Built-in talking word processor for final document editing.
     Each document can have its own settings.
Premier Assistive Technology

Ultimate Talking Dictionary

Hot Key Word Lookup: Definitions are only a key press away. The UTD will work with virtually
any program. To look up a word, all you have to do is highlight it in your current application (i.e.
email, word processing, Internet), press the F11 key and almost instantly you have the
definition of the word being read to you. You can setup the UTD so that it automatically reads a
definition to you. You now have access to a dictionary that does not require you to stop what
you are doing just to go elsewhere to lookup the meaning / synonyms / antonyms of a word.
This works great while surfing the Internet. Just highlight the word and press the F11 key. It is
that simple.

250,000 Words

The UTD comes with a standard, unabridged dictionary that contains over 250,000 words.
When a word definition is provided, it is always accompanied by a sentence using the word in
context for each sense / meaning of the word. It even shows you the form of the word (i.e.
noun, verb, adjective, etc.). The definitions are clearly written so that they can be understood
by all age groups.


The UTD will read the definitions to you so that you can hear the meaning of a word, as well as,
how to use it in a sentence. It can also highlight the word on the screen as it reads. Both the
“synonym” list and the “word prediction” list speak, so all you need to do is click on a word and
it will be read to you.


Have you ever tried to look up a word, but can’t find it because you have misspelled it? The
UTD takes care of that for you. If you misspell a word, the UTD will “predict” the word you are
trying to spell and present you with a list of potential matches to the word you are looking for.
Once you “select” the one you want from the list of possible matches, the UTD will read the
word you have selected to you, so you can be sure that that indeed is the word you want and
the UTD will then retrieve and display the definition to you.
Power Search

If you do not know how to spell a word, but know part of the word, you can do a “power
search”. A “power search” will provide a list of all the words that contain that sequence of
letters. Listen to the list and when you hear the one you want, simply click on it to select and
hear it read to you.


Until now, dictionaries and thesauruses have almost always been separate books / documents.
Not with the UTD. The UTD has a built-in thesaurus and will automatically look up alternative
words “synonyms” and "antonyms" every time you search a word. If you want to hear a
definition of a synonym, just double-click it.


In order to squeeze the maximum number of words into a dictionary, many publishers often
print dictionaries using smaller fonts than a person would typically find in a newspaper,
magazine or book. The UTD can be made into a large print dictionary without any reduction of
its total contents. The “zoom” feature allows you to enlarge the print up to 400% of its original
size to meet your online viewing needs…all this while NOT reducing the number of words in the

Word History

The UTD keeps a current “word session history”. Have you ever used a dictionary and you see a
definition and it tells you to look up another word, or it gives you a definition that requires you
to look up more words to understand that definition? The UTD keeps a history of all the words
you look up in a particular online session so that you can easily go back to the previous word
just by clicking on the “Back” button. It is just like using a web browser.


The UTD is designed to work with screen readers and screen magnifiers. The voice can be
“turned off” so that it will not interfere with a screen reader voice. After all, if you already have
a screen reader you do not need another program that talks. The UTD can also be used with
just simple keyboard commands and does not require the use of a mouse.

Interlinking Technology

The UTD is more than just a dictionary. With the UTD, you do not need to know the exact
spelling of a word. Now you can look up a word even if you are not sure of the word your are
looking for. Getting a definition of the word is great, but being able to easily find a word that
you don’t know is even better. Have you ever had a word at the tip of your tongue, but couldn't
think of the precise word? This is a fairly common occurrence for many individuals. They know
the concept, but the exact word escapes them. They know what it is and will know it when they
see it or hear it, but they just need help locating it.

 To enable us to achieve these powerful searching algorithms, all of the words in the UTD are
“interlinked” in a myriad of ways to allow cross-referencing on a variety of relational levels, so
that it is easy to find a word just by knowing a concept or related idea. A traditional dictionary
would NEVER help you with this. But with the UTD, you can find something just knowing a
concept or idea and using the UTD with its INTERLINK technology to navigate through word
relationships until you find the exact word you are looking for.

 For example, I want to look up a type of “cloud”, but I can’t think of the name of that type of
cloud. I know what the cloud looks like, the shape, the color, etc, but I still only know that it is a
cloud. Just enter the word “cloud” and it will give you not only the definition of a cloud, but it
will also list all the different “types of” clouds. In another example, you can start by looking up
“sky”; you can view all the parts of the sky such as “rainbow” and “clouds”. You can then select
“clouds” and then view the types of clouds. Using this approach, you can find a definition of an
acorn just by looking up the word “tree.”

 Just use your arrow keys to navigate through the list of types and listen to the pronunciation of
the word describing the cloud that you want. Once you hear the word you’re looking for, press
the ENTER key to look up the definition of that cloud to verify that this is indeed the type of
cloud you were thinking about.
Premier Assistive Technology

Universal Reader Features
     Works with ALL programs
     Can Read email files, Web Pages and even Help Files
     Works with virtually ALL programs.
     Can read email files, web pages, HELP files, even text documents (i.e. WORD, RTF, TXT
     Selectable voices with adjustable reading speeds (includes 2 Cepstral voices when
      ordered on CD).
     Optional adjustable view window – displays what is being read.
     Highlights / tracks each word as it reads.
     Talking Pointer lets you simply place cursor over text, icons, links and commands to
     Floating adjustable toolbar.
     Adjustable fonts, font sizes, foreground / background colors.

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