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                   “Social MiniWeb”
 Create Automated Social Miniwebs That Drive Targetted Traffic
                    To Your Niche Blog

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My name is Alexis Kenne and I’m the owner of . Over the last few months I’ve gone from
being a LOSER affiliate to finally starting on the path of becoming a
SUPER AFFILIATE and Expert Blogger!

I shared some of my experiences on my blog

I quickly realized how important was a mailing list in an online
business. I then did everything to learn in the shortest time possible
to send a ton of free targeted traffic to my main site at and to my blog plus by making some
small split tweaks to my conversions (opt-in rates) I’ve also managed
to capitalize on the amount of traffic I do get.

More Traffic = More Opt-ins = More Sales

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Table of Contents

     1.Introduction                                              6

     2.Step 1 – Set up Your Wordpress Blog                       8

     3. Step 2 - Open Youtube Account                            11

     4.Step 3 – Open Facebook Account                            11

     5.Step 4 – Open Twitter Account                             11

     6.Step 5 – Open Twitterfeed Account                         12

     Recommended Resources                                       19

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   Create your own automated Social MiniWebs to drive traffic to
   your niche blogs.
        Simple...Automatic...Free! Three of my favorite words!
   You can create Social MiniWebs for niche blogs and your own
   personal blog, as I will be doing in this ebook for my blog

    Social MiniWebs can be created using FREE tools.

    Here is what we will be doing

    Creating a simple Wordpress blog, Youtube account, Twitter
    account, and Facebook account (or you can use existing
    accounts, or create a page within your existing Facebook

    We will install a Youtube plugin on our blog. Finally we will open
    a Twitterfeed account.

    Here is how it works

    You Upload a Video;
    Upload a video to your Youtube account. Your Wordpress blog
    grabs the video and posts it to the category of your choice.
    Within minutes the video post on your blog is tweeted to your
    Twitter followers, with a shortened URL that links back to the
    post. At the same time your video post is posted to your
    Facebook wall, again with a link back to your blog.

    You Make a Blog Post;
    Posts to your blog are automatically tweeted to your Twitter
    followers and posted to your Facebook page. Shortened links
    back to your blog post are created.

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    This complete process is automatic! You don't need to log in to
    your Twitter or Facebook accounts ...the free Twitterfeed
    software I show you how to use does everything automatically.

    Can you see how powerful this is? Your fully automated Social
    MiniWeb is driving traffic back to your Wordpress blog where
    you monetize the traffic with affiliate programs, your own
    products, physical products, whatever you want.

    Drive Traffic Automatically To Your Blog 24/7

    Even posting to your blog can be automated. I will not be
    covering how to set up autoblogging in this report, but I will post
    to my blog about how to set this.

    Of course it may already be posted … it depends when you are
    reading this ebook.

    My internet marketing blog is:

    So let's set up your first automated Social MiniWeb...

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The Blogging Institute

     Step 1

     Setting up Your Wordpress Blog

     If you don't have one yet, create a simple blog
     install on your own domain and hosting. If you are a total
     newbie and want to know how to set up a blog
     then visit my blog

     You need your Wordpress RSS feed url which is
     http://yoursite/?feed=rss2 or if you have customized your
     'Permalinks' to the search engine friendly
     /%postname%/ your RSS feed url is also http://yoursite/feed/ .
     You can use either.

     Next we are going to install the Wordpress plugin 'Automatic
     Youtube VideoPosts'.Login to your Wordpress Dashboard
     and from the left hand menu select 'Plugins', 'Add New' and
     search for the 'Automatic Youtube Video Posts'plugin;

     Select 'Install Now';

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     Select 'Activate Plugin';

     We will set the plugin to grab videos from your Youtube
     channel. If you already have a Youtube account you want to
     use then do this now. If not you can go to create one now and
     configure the plugin later.

     Here I have configured the plugin for my account and selected
     the videos to be posted to the Video category on my blog;

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The Blogging Institute

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The Blogging Institute

    Step 2

    Open Youtube Account

    Set up a new account or you can use an
    existing one. The Automatic Youtube Video Posts plugin will
    pull videos from your channel.

    Step 3

    Open Facebook Account

    Open a Facebook account at or create
    a new page within your existing account. When you login to your
    account the 'Create a Page' link can be found at the bottom of .
    Select the 'Brand or Product' option. From the dropdown menu
    select 'Website' and enter 'Yourblog' name. To avoid problems
    later avoid using registered names and trademarks of products
    and companies.

    Step 4

    Open Twitter Account

    Open a new Twitter account. Simple enough to do. Just go to and follow the instructions.

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The Blogging Institute

    Step 5

    Open Twitterfeed Account

    Log in to both your Twitter and Facebook accounts so your new
    Twitterfeed account can access them.

    Go to and create an account. This
    software takes your blog RSS feed and posts updates to your
    Twitter and Facebook accounts automatically.

    Login to the 'Feed Dashboard'. Click the 'Create New Feed'

     Name your feed and enter your blog RSS feed url. Click the
     'Advanced Settings' option;

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     You need to check the 'Post Link' box so your Tweets and
     Facebook posts automatically are linked back to your blog.
     Decide on a url shortening service from the dropdown menu. I
     use but there are several others to choose from including
     TinyURL and SnipURL.

     Here is how to set up with . Head over to
     Follow the instructions to sign up and then you will need your API key.

     This is free. Login to your account and go to this url : . On this page you will see your user name and API key. Copy and paste your user
     name and API key in the ' settings' option in Twitterfeed. can now automatically create shortened links back to
     your blog in your Tweets and FaceBook posts.

     Click the 'Continue to Step 2' button at the bottom of the

     Now we are going to configure Twitterfeed to access our
     Twitter and Facebook accounts;

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     First select Twitter. You will need to click the 'Authenticate
     Twitter' button;

     Since you should be already logged in to your Twitter account
     you will see this screen. Click the 'Authorize app' button;

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     Now scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Create Service';

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     Now go through the same process for your Facebook account.
     You should already be logged in to your Facebook account;

     I created a new Facebook page in my FaceBook account. You
     can either post to your Wall or a Facebook page;

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The Blogging Institute

     Authenticate the account;

     That's it!

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The Blogging Institute

                         Download Your $97 Gift >>>> Here
The Blogging Institute

    That's It!

    When you post to your Wordpress blog, TwitterFeed tweets
    your Twitter followers and posts to your Facebook page wall.
    Upload a video to Youtube and it is posted to your Wordpress
    blog which Twitterfeed then tweets to your Twitter followers and
    posts to your Facebook account.
    The tweets and posts have a link back to the original post on
    your blog.

    Congratulations you have created your first Social MiniWeb
    which will drive targeted traffic to your blog completely
    independently of the search engines.

     Thank You

     Alexis Kenne

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