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Reduced Bridging
 Lower product cost
 Easier and faster to erect

 Lower erection cost
Two Options Available:
  ClearBay - Welded
  ClearBay - Bolted
ClearBay - Bolted
   No on-site welding required…none!
   Easier and Faster to erect.
   Lower erection cost.
 in America
Manufactured at seven strategic and
convenient plant locations.
  This is the most in the industry and allows for lower
       freight costs, fast and cost effective service.

          Chemung, NY            St. Joe, IN
         Ft. Payne, AL          Norfolk, NE
         Florence, SC           Grapeland, TX
                  Brigham City, UT
Economizes joist design by utilizing
NBS roof panels to stabilize the joist.
Joists installed in test box
From inside the test box
Roof assembly in test box.
Joists after failure
The bridging detail.
The axial tie detail.
• NBS will build the seats to a “hold” dimension on the inside clear which will require only
(1) size of channel to be used.
• Joist top chords are pre-punched with 7/16” holes for the drill bolts.
• Channel, bolts, and drill bolts are supplied by NBS.
Flange brace - Details for non-welded flange braces are shown above. The detail
utilizes a bent plate clip with holes and a bolted flange brace. The clip can be bolted
to the brace, swung into place, and fastened to the bottom joist chord with self
drilling bolts. Flange brace, clip, and drill bolts are supplied by the NBS.
   The Nucor ClearBay Roof Joist System - in Partnership with Vulcraft
    Available Exclusively from Nucor Metal Building Companies

   Fully Bolted Connections

    ClearBay metal buildings are available with fully-bolted connections. Welded connections are still available.
    With fully bolted connections there will be no on-site welding required, which leads to faster and easier

   The Result: Lower Construction Cost
   Reduction in Bridging

    All Nucor ClearBay roofs have a reduction in bridging. Our unique integration of joist with our
    roof systems results in less bridging, allowing faster construction time, less material, and lower
    in-place cost.

   The Result: Lower Product & Construction Cost
   Lower Freight Cost

    ClearBay is manufactured at seven plant locations, strategically located across the US.

   The Result: Significant Freight Reduction
   Made in America!

    Nucor steel buildings are designed and detailed in America. Our metal buildings are
    fabricated entirely at American plants.

   The Result: Badly needed American jobs are staying in our country
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