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					#04 / FEBRUARY 2011

Interview with Nadeem Abdul Wahed, Fagor
Industrial’s Middle East Branch Manager.

                                         Kepa Bedialauneta
                            Managing Director, Fagor Industrial

  “ We are well aware of the capability of
         our R + D department, and we have
               full confidence in their talent.”
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                                                                  FAGOR FOCUS

                      Marriott Shanghai
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                   TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


                               Managing Director,
                               Fagor Industrial

2011: setting the pace
on the path to success

    The New Year’s not such a recent me-            expansion policy, increasing our presence in         This hard work has been constant, in fact,
    mory any more, but we’d like to give it         other countries, and successfully carried out        and so have our efforts to ensure it is ac-
    some thought right now, as traditionally        projects that have been a turning point for          knowledged: in Autumn we made another
    it’s a time of year when we stop and think      us, both for their dimension and their em-           advancement in the washing area with the
    about what we’ve achieved over the last         blematic nature, which has made them an              launch of our new range of washer extrac-
    365 days and make our new year’s reso-          excellent form of international presentation         tors, and at the same time we have been
    lutions, giving some thought to the mis-        for us.                                              sure to attend the major sector trade fairs
    takes we’ve made and setting our goals
    for the coming year.
    But at Fagor Industrial, when we sat                   “We are well aware of the capability of
    down to do that we couldn’t find any new
    goals to set ourselves... except for con-
                                                           our R+D department, and we have full
    tinuing on the path we followed in 2010.
    Everyone’s aware of the tough financial
                                                           confidence in their talent.”
    situation in Spain and abroad, but in
    spite of that we have continued with our        We are very pleased to see Fagor Industrial’s
                                                                                                         such as Hostelco or Expodetergo, to give
                                                    name directly linked with high-prestige pro-
                                                                                                         customers, partners and any interested
                                                    jects such as fitting out the first Michelin star-
                                                                                                         professionals the chance to discover the
                                                    winning London pub, or equipping one of
    SUMMARY                                                                                              advantages of our products first-hand. And,
                                                    Shanghai’s top luxury hotels, which is set to
                                                                                                         closer to home, we have had the pleasure of
                                                    open in a few months’ time. We’re also plea-
                                                                                                         sponsoring and supplying the equipment for
    WHAT´S NEWS AT FAGOR                   4        sed with the excellent work done by many
                                                                                                         the San Sebastián Gastronomika Congress,
                                                    of our offices abroad, developing major pro-
    OF INTEREST                          20                                                              where our products were tried and tested by
                                                    jects and extending our presence to new
    FAGOR FOCuS                          25                                                              the world’s most demanding chefs.
                                                    areas, showing that the best way to confront
    FAGOR PEOPLE                         30         the economic crisis is to rely on quality and        All this was made possible by our total confi-
                                                    acknowledged hard work.                              dence in the quality of all our product areas,
                                                                                                         and because we are well aware of the ca-

FAGORNEWS 2011                                    TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

pability of our R+D department and have
full trust in their talent for competing on the
highly competitive restaurant, hospitality and
group catering market. Companies who do
not look to the future or who are content to
just sit on their laurels are the companies
most likely to stagnate. The work done at
our laboratories and showrooms is vital in
keeping Fagor Industrial at the forefront, and
so in 2010 we increased their number and
capacity, and we intend to continue in this
line throughout the forthcoming year.
All in all, this issue of Fagor News is a good
opportunity for us to announce our inten-
tion of continuing not just to grow, but also
to make sure that this growth does not go
unnoticed. We therefore intend to continue
to launch new product ranges that are at
the forefront as regards performance and
technology with respect to our competitors.
Which is another good reason for continuing
to trust in the work of our offices in other
areas in order to be backed by products
and service of proven quality, for offering
all-round solutions for equipment provision,
and for continuing to extend the business
unit and Fagor Industrial’s prestige and re-
putation in Spain and the rest of the world.
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                               TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

To really make the most of the cooking po-         used for grilling fish. The range also includes   Our granite enamelled steel Gastronorm con-
tential of our range of ovens, Fagor Industrial    a specific stainless steel wire chicken grill,    tainers have a rectangular design allowing
has launched a full new range of accessories       for even cooking of up to 8 whole chickens        the food to be easily divided into portions,
that will give users the benefit of more versa-    in vertical position.                             for cooking dishes such as lasagne.
tile cooking, ensuring they always obtain top
                                                   The new stainless steel trays for chips and       The range of accessories is rounded off with
quality final results.
                                                   frying also have a new feature: no oil is re-     a new series of extractor hoods, specially
The range of grills has been extended with         quired to obtain a perfect fry, so cooking is     designed for the 061 and 101 electric ovens
a new series of grill and multigrill models for    healthier and saves money. We also offer a        and ideal for any type of business that invol-
grilling and browning meat, fish or vegeta-        tray for eggs, omelettes and pancakes, with       ves cooking in front of customers and with
bles, made of cast aluminium and designed          6 or 12 compartments, made of aluminium           lower installation costs than for any other
for uniform cooking, with grill lines as desi-     with a non-stick surface coating, and new         model of fume extractor. The condensation
red, without burning the food. The multigrill      bread and cake-making trays that improve          hood version also works as a power reco-
can also be used for pizzas and other items,       heat transmission, including a special model      very system, making it more economical and
and the special rib grills have a larger capaci-   with baguette moulds.                             saving on power.
ty than the previous models and can also be

4                                                                                                                              #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                            TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

Fagor Industrial has increased its range of     capacity by an additional 12%. Heat insula-       The access door to the refrigerator unit of
industrial cooling systems with the launch of   tion has been improved with the inclusion of      these cabinets is of the lift-up type and is
the new ADVANCE range, a line of Gastro-        a 60 mm layer of injected polyurethane, and       located at the rear of the models, all of which
norm cabinets that stand out for their high     both this insulation and the R-404 coolant        have a hermetic compressor with ventilated
power savings. The new range is also spe-       are completely CFC-free, making ADVANCE           condenser and evaporator placed outside
cially designed to obtain maximum storage       a totally environment-friendly product, even      the chamber to increase storage space. The
capacity in a compact size.                     more so if we take into account the 99%           interior and exterior are made of austenitic
                                                recyclable materials the products are made        stainless steel with 7% nickel in its compo-
Energy efficiency and excellent hygiene are
                                                from and the LED interior lighting, which also    sition, providing better corrosion resistance.
the main features of this range of industrial
                                                saves on electricity.
cooling cabinets. Energy efficiency is obtai-                                                     The ADVANCE range has electronic tempe-
ned by using new cooling system techno-         Cleaning is made much easier thanks to the        rature and defrost control, shown on a digi-
logies that enable a 15% reduction in con-      built-in base with curved radii, built-in outer   tal indicator display. This range can work at
sumption compared to similar models in the      guides and easy pull-out shackles, and for        100% efficiency at room temperatures of up
CONCEPT range, without any loss of perfor-      optimum hygiene the new range also has an         to 43º C.
mance. They are also equipped with the new      evaporator outside the chamber, which does
ECO function, which increases their saving      not make contact with the food.

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                            5
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

                              SAN SEBASTIÁN

FAGOR INDUSTRIAL    The international San Sebastián Gastrono-        chefs on the national and international cuisi-
                    mika Euskadi Saboréala Congress, held at         ne scenario, and the programme also inclu-
SPONSORS THE 2010   the Kursaal Palace in San Sebastián, was an      ded the Euskadi Saboréala alternative, which
                    unprecedented success in several aspects,        gave participants the chance to touch, smell
SAN SEBASTIÁN       both for the organisers - the congress en-       and taste the dishes prepared by these top-
GASTRONOMIKA        ded with record figures for attendance and       class professionals, who hold 49 Michelin
                    participation - and for Fagor Industrial, as     Stars and 51 Repsol Suns between them,
CONGRESS            this year we had the honour and the respon-      plus another three suns that were won du-
                    sibility of being sponsors of the event.         ring the Congress by chefs Sergi Arola and
                                                                     Paco Roncero.
                    In addition to having our own stand, Fagor
                    Industrial’s sponsorship included supplying      In the words of Peio Bengoetxea, Fagor
                    all the equipment used in the different areas    Industrial’s Marketing Manager, “there is pro-
                    and utility rooms, a task made easy thanks       bably no better framework for testing out the
                    to the efficient management of our distributor   quality of our service than submitting it to the
                    Hosfrinor. And we knew we had to rise to the     pressure of a culinary event of this dimen-
                    occasion: the 2010 San Sebastián Gastro-         sion, in the hands of professionals who are
                    nomika was attended by the most important        only content with the very best”.

6                                                                                                #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                   TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

                      Intensive promotion                                the secrets that have made this congress
                                                                         unique: “Most events only focus on cuisi-
                      Our stand, with a surface area of 18 sqm
                                                                         ne itself, but San Sebastian Gastronomika
                      and located in the “Market” space, was the
                                                                         takes in all the other sectors too: cuisine is
                      epicentre for all the different types of com-
                                                                         certainly is a fundamental part of the event,
                      munication activity. All the visitors asking for
                                                                         with the Alta Gastronomika section being at-
                      information at the stand took part in a pri-
                                                                         tended by the best Spanish and international
                      ze draw for a meal at the Arzak restaurant,
                                                                         chefs, but the parallel congress “Off Gastro-
                      and a special edition of our magazine Fagor
                                                                         nomika” also brings together reference figu-
                      News was brought out with a print run of
                                                                         res from the world of restaurants and wine,
                      2000 issues, half of which were given to the
                                                                         grill houses, hotels and culinary tourism”, she
                      congress participants and the other half to
                                                                         told us. She added that she considers Fagor
                                                                         Industrial’s collaboration “invaluable” for the
                      We were also involved in publicising the           congress, as “you’re a real reference point in
                      Congress, including an interview with Roser        every kitchen”.
                      Torras, the director of San Sebastián Gas-
                      tronomika, in our blog. She told us some of

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                   7
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                            TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

A high turnout and a host of activities          And there was certainly plenty of show coo-       All in all, the congress may have been tiring
                                                 king on offer throughout the congress, along      but it was a highly satisfactory experience
As expected, the crowds flocked to the
                                                 with three competitions that drew the atten-      for us, as we were able to demonstrate the
event, with an official count of 12,000 pro-
                                                 tion of many visitors: the Official Competition   quality of our equipment not only to all the
fessionals attending San Sebastián Gas-
                                                 to find Spain’s Best Sommelier 2010, the 1st      professionals visiting our stand but also to
tronomika on 22, 23 and 24 November, in-
                                                 “Jordi Estadella” International Gin and Tonic     the world’s most demanding master chefs.
cluding 1,250 conference participants, 300
                                                 Contest, and the 1st National Grill Compe-        As Peio Bengoetxea explained, “this was a
speakers, 1,100 accredited exhibitors and
                                                 tition. San Sebastián Gastronomika’s events       unmissable event for us, a top-class culinary
over 400 journalists, in addition to the 600
                                                 reached a high point at the end of the last       encounter. The huge number of exhibitors
people who came to the Gastronomika “Jor-
                                                 day, when nine of the attending chefs - all       and brands participating make it a prime
nada Popular” on Sunday 21st. An obligatory
                                                 belonging to the new generation of Spanish        objective for hostelry sector professionals”.
stop-off point for many was Fagor Industrial’s
                                                 culinary creators - held a live banquet on an     Well, we can get some well-earned rest
stand, where they were able to find out first-
                                                 8-metre long table, offering their creations to   now... as we prepare for next year’s con-
hand about all the advantages of the kitchen
                                                 the participants, who didn’t even have to get     gress.
equipment being used at that very moment
                                                 out of their chairs to sample the delicacies.
by the chefs at the Fair’s practical demons-

8                                                                                                                            #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                 TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


                                      LABORATORY OPENED IN LUCENA

Fagor Industrial’s group of purpose-built la-       ty conditions, adapting our production to the     those early days, products have been certi-
boratories in Lucena (Córdoba) has recently         optimum operating ranges for any climate in       fied year after year for different markets and
extended its working scope and capacity             the world”.                                       customers in line with data from other labs”.
with the start-up of a new installation specia-                                                       Re-certification in 2009 confirmed the high
                                                    Testing is performed on aspects such as
lising in the testing and certification of indus-                                                     quality of the testing carried out at these ins-
                                                    temperature, electrical consumption, door
trial cooling units. This new laboratory, which                                                       tallations.
                                                    opening, tolerance, noise emission, du-
began functioning on 11 June 2010, follows
                                                    rability of materials or traction resistance.     The Lucena facilities will be extended in the
on from the previous testing environment,
                                                    This rigorous nature of the testing was ac-       future with the start-up of another two analy-
and has now begun its activity with a staff of
                                                    knowledged when the previous lab became           sis units, making a total of six rooms with
four technicians, carrying out testing for the
                                                    the third laboratory in the world to obtain la-   all the necessary equipment for recreating
new Advance range and the Green range for
                                                    boratory certification for the Pepsico Group.     extreme climatic conditions, and a room
Coreco Industrial.
                                                    “That meant we went from being a company          for measuring noise level, which will help
In the words of Manuel López, the manager           whose products are certified to a company         minimise the noise pollution caused by all
of the new laboratory, it represents “the spi-      certifying the products ourselves, on an in-      the product ranges. “The technology effort
rit of renewal that characterises our brand         ternational level”, Manuel López says, adding     we are making has one single purpose: to
made a reality: these new state-of-the-art          that the previous laboratory’s work had al-       provide our customers with the very best
facilities were designed with the most self-        ready been rewarded in 2005 when they be-         products, safe in the knowledge that they
demanding sense of efficiency so that any           came the Spanish pioneers in UL and NSF           will have no difficulty in exceeding even the
refrigerator unit can be tested and certified       standard certification of their products for      toughest market requirements”, declares
under truly extreme temperature and humidi-         the American and Canadian market. “Since          Manuel López.

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                                 9
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                              TOGETHER WE EVOLVE



For yet another year, Fira de Barcelona was      The LA Range of high-spin washer extrac-          as a result of its optimum sterilising capacity,
the venue for the International Hotel, Restau-   tors also rose to the occasion, drawing vi-       preventing germs and infectious agents from
rant and Group Catering Equipment Trade          sitors’ attention with their ability to combine   spreading with its double door system.
Fair - Hostelco - an undisputed reference        high performance with low water and power
                                                                                                   The drying and ironing range was also well-
event for this sector. And for another year      consumption, two factors guaranteeing
                                                                                                   represented, with the presentation of the
Fagor Industrial attended the exhibition, pre-   quick investment recovery. These qualities
                                                                                                   13 and 40 kg capacity SR Range tumble
senting new products that included the LR        are common to all the models in the range
                                                                                                   dryers, the PSE-35 roller dryer/ironer and
range of fast spin washer extractors for the     presented at Hostelco, with capacities of 10,
                                                                                                   the PSG-80/320 model, designed to work
self-service sector and the LA range of high-    13, 18, 25, 60 and 120 kg, in addition to mo-
                                                                                                   in a compact space and with an output of
performance washer extractors in the Expo-       del LA-13, designed for the self-service sec-
                                                                                                   up to 180 kg/hour, while requiring very little
limp section of the Fair, which specialises in   tor and also available in 10, 13, 18 and 25 kg
                                                                                                   manpower for large-sized items like sheets
industrial cleaning.                             capacities, which includes a kit for coin slot,
                                                                                                   or tablecloths.
                                                 central payment unit or charge card. Many
The new LR Range models have quickly
                                                 visitors to the stand also noticed the stylish    This all-round offer was one of the factors
become one of our star products, with their
                                                 new appearance and design of this range,          that guaranteed us total success at the latest
innovative extra-fast 200G spin speed, 25%
                                                 with more robust units and easier repair and      Hostelco Fair. The other factor, as in previous
higher than that of other similar models on
                                                 maintenance.                                      years, was the excellent work put in by all our
the market. Visitors to Hostelco were able
                                                                                                   colleagues in setting up the stand, presen-
to view all the new models in this range of      The washer extractors on offer were roun-
                                                                                                   ting the products and attending to visitors,
appliances designed for the self-service         ded off with our sanitary barrier range. We
                                                                                                   partners and the media. It was hard work,
sector, with capacities of 10, 13, 18 and 25     presented a 16 kg capacity model from a
                                                                                                   but we gained much satisfaction from being
kg, along with the models LR-10 and LR-18,       range also including 22, 27, 33, 49, 67 and
                                                                                                   able to stand out with our products at one of
with specific coin-op function.                  100 kg versions and which has been highly
                                                                                                   Spain’s most important trade fairs.
                                                 successful in hospitals and health centres

10                                                                                                                             #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

The Internet communication strategy deve-         The five shortlisted projects were selected         cluding sector professionals, chefs, culinary
loped by Fagor Industrial was a finalist in the   by the jury from a total of 1,450 presented in      and catering bloggers and the media. In the
Social Media category of the European Ex-         this category. Fagor Industrial’s entry, entitled   words of Peio Bengoetxea, Fagor Industrial’s
cellence Awards, Europe’s most prestigious        A Recipe for Social Media Success, focused          Marketing Manager, “having reached the fi-
communication awards. The prize-giving ce-        on projection of the brand in the different In-     nalist stage when we were up against top
remony for these awards, which acknowled-         ternet channels with the creation of a corpo-       international campaigns is the best proof that
ge the best international achievements in the     rate blog and a Twitter channel that has suc-       we have exceeded all our expectations”.
communication and public relations sphere,        ceeded in bringing together a community of
was held in Prague in December.                   nearly 800 enthusiasts in under a year, in-

ALMOST 7 MILLION                                  This talent for keeping at the cutting edge
                                                  has enabled the company to receive al-
                                                                                                      developing Versatile and Efficient Small-Si-
                                                                                                      zed Industrial Ovens, has benefited from a
EUROS RECEIVED IN                                 most seven million euros in subsidies for the       subsidy of almost 500,000 euros from the

R+D DEPARTMENT                                    projects it has presented to various public
                                                  tenders for encouraging innovation in re-
                                                                                                      call by the Technology Fund of the National
                                                                                                      Inter-Company Cooperation (CIE).
SUBSIDIES                                         search and development, energy efficiency
                                                                                                      In addition to these we would also mention
                                                  and business competitiveness. They inclu-
                                                                                                      the projects for Compressor Replacement,
                                                  de the New Single Systems Platform for
                                                                                                      New High Load Capacity Programmable
                                                  the Fagor Industrial Group, which received
                                                                                                      Industrial Washer Extractors, the New Elec-
                                                  over two million euros from the Ministry of
                                                                                                      tronic Pan Washer with Water Spray Tech-
Fagor Industrial has always considered an         Industry, Tourism and Trade’s Avanza 2009
                                                                                                      nology and the Development of Industrial
active research and development policy to         R + D Sub-Programme, or the High Energy
                                                                                                      Induction and Vitro-Ceramic Cookers, which
be vital for any technology company wishing       Efficiency and Low Consumption Industrial
                                                                                                      have obtained aid in the form of loans and
to grow and provide optimum quality stan-         Dishwashing Projects and the New Line of
                                                                                                      subsidies as a result of several calls connec-
dards in today’s increasingly competitive         Industrial Ovens with their own Electronic
                                                                                                      ted with the development of innovation and
world. The work of our R+D department has         System, which obtained over 600,000 and
                                                                                                      energy efficiency projects. In short, outstan-
always been one of our main assets in fin-        870,000 euros respectively in the form of
                                                                                                      ding work by a department whose in-house
ding the solutions that have placed us at the     loans and subsidies as a result of the call
                                                                                                      efforts have produced results essential for
forefront of our sector.                          by the CDTI (Centre for the Development
                                                                                                      our image with respect to our partners and
                                                  of Industrial Technology) for Research and
                                                  Development Projects. Another project, for

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                              11
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                TOGETHER WE EVOLVE



                   Fagor Industrial’s branch in the Canary Is-       pervision from the Fagor Industrial projects
                   lands has totally fitted out the kitchens of      department in Las Palmas, which visited
                   the “Base General Alemán Ramírez” military        the works at least once a week to check
                   barracks in La Isleta peninsula, Gran Canaria     it was progressing as required. The results
                   island. The project was embarked on after         amply fulfilled the client’s requirements, with
                   signing a contract with the company Accio-        all the elements integrated in comfortable,
                   na Infraestructuras and consisted of equip-       spacious areas, in the case of both the in-
                   ping a kitchen to cater for 1,500 people. In      terior zones - kitchen, washing area and
                   addition to the standard kitchen installations,   workrooms - and the dining areas.
                   it also had to include a refrigerated and neu-
                                                                     As this was a single-floor installation, the only
                   tral storage area, food preparation halls, a
                                                                     complications were those connected with
                   dishwashing area, a self-service area for
                                                                     installing the heaviest items in the building
                   officers and another for soldiers, plus a third
                                                                     - the dishwashers, blast chiller and cooking
                   self-service area for the VIP dining room and
                                                                     units - although the problem was quickly sol-
                   a soldiers’ social centre.
                                                                     ved thanks to the collaboration of the whole
                   The installation took a total of three months     works team of the company Acciona.
                   and was carried out under constant su-

12                                                                                               #04 / FEBRUARY 2011

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                   13
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                              TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


Set in the heart of London’s Fulham district,     Part of the Harwood Arms’ success is thanks      lamander grill, along with one of our most
the Harwood Arms is the first-ever English        to its collaboration with Fagor Industrial UK,   recent launches, the Visual Plus Oven, with
pub to boast a Michelin Star, won for provi-      who took charge of installing all the kitchen    its four cooking methods (steam, adjustable
ding Londoners with a relaxed atmosphere          equipment together with their service partner    steam, regeneration and convection), plus
for enjoying the finest British food, accom-      Hugall Services. It was not an easy task, as     an auto reverse fan for balanced cooking,
panied by excellent beer and wine at a great      all the equipment had to be lifted in through    a HACCP recording system and five self-
price. The man behind its success is Ste-         the first-floor kitchen window.                  cleaning programmes.
phen Williams, former chef at the famous Le-
                                                  The chef Stephen Williams is deservedly          Fagor Industrial’s collaboration with the
dbury restaurant. Proof of his talent is in the
                                                  famous for being not only talented but also      Harwood Arms adds another Michelin star-
fact that in addition to the Michelin star, the
                                                  highly demanding, which means he always          winning restaurant to its customer portfolio,
Harwood Arms has also received awards in-
                                                  insists on the top quality of the ingredients    after having contributed to the reconstruction
cluding the Menu of the Year and the Diner’s
                                                  he uses. The equipment supplied by Fagor         of Andoni Luis Aduriz’s star establishment
Choice from the online restaurant reservation
                                                  Industrial includes the 700 range of cookers,    Mugaritz.
portal Open Table.
                                                  with high-power burners and an SG-70 sa-

COMMERCIAL                                        Fagor Industrial UK has signed a contract
                                                  with Commercial Catering Spares, a com-
                                                                                                   cial equipment and increasing its after-sales
                                                                                                   service. Commercial Catering Spares, a
CATERING SPARES                                   pany specialising in spares distribution for     company with almost 15 years of recogni-

TO STOCK SPARES                                   the catering sector, for the stocking and dis-
                                                  tribution of its catering equipment spares.
                                                                                                   sed experience in the sector, plans to initially
                                                                                                   store spares to cover 80% of the demand
FOR UK AND                                        This agreement will enable Fagor Industrial      for Fagor parts at its recently opened base
                                                  UK to concentrate its efforts on backing the     in Heywood.
IRELAND                                           distributor network for the sale of commer-

HUGALL SERVICES,                                  Fagor Industrial has recently joined forces
                                                  with a top-class ally in the UK: Hugall Ser-
                                                                                                   With over 25 years’ experience, Hugall Ser-
                                                                                                   vices offers a 48 hour repair service and ma-
NEW PARTNER IN                                    vices, a specialist maintenance and repair       jor investment in stocks of Fagor equipment

THE UK                                            company with a staff of 28 technicians in the
                                                  UK and numerous contracts with different
                                                                                                   spares. The alliance of these two firms on
                                                                                                   the UK market is a reference point for high
                                                  Technical Services firms in the areas where      performance and potential growth.
                                                  it does not have its own technicians.

14                                                                                                                            #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                 TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


FAGOR INDUSTRIAL      Fagor Industrial’s branch in the Dominican
                      Republic has signed a contract to fit out the
                                                                       on discovering that they would be staying in
                                                                       the country much longer than originally ex-
EQUIPS THE            kitchens at the Brazilian Army camp in Hai-      pected, the Brazilian army forces looked for

BRAZILIAN ARMY        ti as part of the United Nations Stabilisation
                      Mission (MINUSTAH). The Mission, set up by
                                                                       a supplier to improve their kitchen facilities.
                                                                       A tender was launched and the supply was
BASE IN HAITI         the UN Security Council in 2004, was crea-
                                                                       allocated to Fagor Industrial, who had bid
                      ted with the aim of ensuring a safe, stable
                                                                       against several American competitors. The
                      environment for developing the political pro-
                                                                       equipment provided consisted of 4 cooking
                      cess and strengthening the country’s Go-
                                                                       units, 2 tilting bratt pans, 3 cookers, 4 fry-
                      vernment institutions.
                                                                       tops, a dishwasher and a VPE-202 oven.
                      The devastating earthquake that struck Haiti     The contract was signed in November, and
                      on 12 January 2010 led to the UN increasing      the equipment arrived in Santo Domingo in
                      the MINUSTAH force in order to support re-       early January, to be later sent on to Haiti.
                      construction work. On arriving in Haiti and

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                15
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


                   Fagor Industrial Poland increases its custo-      The cooking shows will be recorded by two
                   mer service capacity and number of part-          rotating cameras for exceptional presentation
                   ners thanks to the inauguration of a new          of all the processes, transmitting the ima-
                   showroom in its Palmiri facilities, which will    ges to two 50-inch screens. The showroom
                   provide the perfect setting to demonstrate        offers the option of installing a projector,
                   the capacities of our cooking equipment.          for presentations focused on more techni-
                                                                     cal aspects that require the use of images,
                   This showroom is large enough for 30 guests
                                                                     and video images can also be transmitted
                   and is equipped with the latest cooking te-
                                                                     through a laptop computer to the screens
                   chnologies designed by Fagor Industrial: two
                                                                     and projector. The audio signal is transmit-
                   ovens –Visual and Visual Plus-, a hooded
                                                                     ted via computer, through two independent
                   dishwasher and a refrigerated cabinet on the
                                                                     microphones. A combination of utility and
                   back wall. It also has two grills and a cooktop
                                                                     state-of-the-art technology that will be used
                   in the front, hidden behind a small dividing
                                                                     to increase Fagor Industrial’s presence in this
                   section made of wood and steel.
                                                                     country, while increasing the level of satisfac-
                                                                     tion of our partners.


                   Fagor Industrial Poland signed an agree-          The agreement with Fagor Industrial includes
                   ment to equip the Elblag Technical School         the installation of 600 and 700 series coo-
                   of Catering, including cooking, refrigeration,    king equipment; Visual, Visual Plus and HGV
                   dishwashing and laundry equipment. The            ovens; refrigeration cabinets and dishwas-
                   school, which belongs to the Elblag Secon-        hing machines for the main kitchen; three
                   dary School of Commerce, boasts 50 years          kitchen classrooms, a dessert classroom,
                   of tradition training chefs and waiters and re-   a customer service classroom, two cafete-
                   cently received a subsidy from the European       rias and a laundry department. This impor-
                   Regional Development Fund for its expansion       tant project was completed to the client’s full
                   and modernisation.                                satisfaction, and represents an exceptional
                                                                     letter of recommendation for Polish profes-

16                                                                                              #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                 TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

EQUIPMENT FOR ONE     Fagor Industrial Poland was chosen as the
                      supplier for all the kitchen and refrigeration
                                                                        The agreement includes 280 pieces of equi-
                                                                        pment for 23 hot and cold food preparation
OF THE EURO CUP       equipment for one of the new stadiums being       stations, to provide services for the 44,000

STADIUMS              built to house the UEFA Euro Cup in 2012.         fans expected to attend each game.


FAGOR INDUSTRIAL      Fagor Industrial has significantly increased
                      its presence in Algeria after winning an inter-
                                                                        of cookers, ovens, conveyor dishwashers,
                                                                        washer extractors and tumble dryers, in
EQUIPS 85             national tender that attracted bids from the      addition to frying pans, cooking units, ovens

UNIVERSITY            main sector companies, and being chosen
                      to supply and install the equipment for 85
                                                                        and all their accessories.
                                                                        This assignment brings the number of uni-
RESIDENCE             canteens in university halls of residence. The
                                                                        versity restaurant establishments equipped
                      call was made by the Office National des
CANTEENS IN           Oeuvres Universitaires, it is funded with 8.5
                                                                        by Fagor Industrial in Algeria to more than
                                                                        300 since they began to work in this country
ALGERIA               million euros and it includes the installation
                                                                        in 1992.

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                               17
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                              TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


FAGOR INDUSTRIAL   Fagor Industrial Colombia has signed a con-
                   tract with Pacific Rubiales Energy for equip-
                                                                    lar ice-making machines with a production
                                                                    capacity of 300 kilos per day. This equip-
COLOMBIA EQUIPS    ping the kitchen installations of the oil com-   ment is complemented by 13 portable trolley

METAPETROLEUM      pany Ecopetrol. The facilities will consist of
                   two central kitchens for preparing the meals
                                                                    units for hot dishes and 6 for cold dishes,
                                                                    and 26 refrigerator cabinet units of different
AND OPENS A NEW    for a staff of 6,000 - 7,000 workers, who will   capacities. As regards dishwashers, Fagor
                   use two central canteens plus another three      Industrial has supplied six FI 120 dishwasher
OFFICE IN BOGOTÁ   satellite establishments.                        units, each with a washing capacity of 1,200
                                                                    plates per hour.
                   The agreement includes the installation of
                   11 Visual range ovens – 7 models from the        Our Colombia office has also changed its lo-
                   202 series and 4 from the 101 series – in        cation in Bogotá. The new offices are more
                   addition to six 200-litre cooking units, nine    centrally based and will therefore be more
                   150-litre tilting bratt pans and two modu-       accessible for customers.

18                                                                                             #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                  TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

                      DADE COUNTY KEY

                      In December, our Miami office was awarded        The key-giving ceremony is an event held
                      the Honorary Key to Miami Dade County at         annually by the Beacon Council, Miami Dade
                      a ceremony held at the JW Marriott Marquis       County’s official investment promotion body.
                      Miami Hotel and attended by Carlos Álvarez,      Fagor Industrial was chosen to receive the
                      the County Mayor, Mario F. Buisán, the Tra-      award in acknowledgement of its growth
                      de Commissioner for Spain, member of the         strategy, job generation and investment in
                      Miami Dade County Committee and Sergio           the city.
                      López de Arcaute, Fagor Comercial’s Presi-
                      dent in Miami.


FAGOR INDUSTRIAL      Fagor Industrial’s Mexican branch is contri-
                      buting to training new culinary professionals
                                                                       The Culinary Art School is the Mexican equi-
                                                                       valent of London’s Wine and Spirit Education
MEXICO EQUIPS         by fitting out the Culinary Art School, one of   Trust (WSET), specialists in wine training.

THE CULINARY ART      the most prestigious schools of haute cuisi-
                      ne in the country, based in Tijuana (Baja Ca-
                                                                       Both organisations share an avant-garde
                                                                       vision and use state-of-the-art technology
SCHOOL                lifornia), opened seven years ago and which      in their application and development work-
                      has already issued degrees to nine intakes       shops, which is one of the reasons why the
                      of students. The School has been refurbis-       Culinary Art School chose Fagor Industrial to
                      hed and is now totally fitted out with Fagor     supply its equipment, concerned to tastefu-
                      Industrial products, supplied through our        lly integrate its cooking installations with the
                      distributor company Cocinas Institucionales.     building’s architectural characteristics.

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                 19
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                             TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


THE NON-SMOKING   Law 42/2010, amending Law 28/2005 con-
                  cerning health measures against smoking,
                                                                   non-smokers on the premises. Screens and
                                                                   partitions were installed, which five years on,
LAW AND ITS       was passed on January 1 this year. More          are of no further use.

EFFECTS ON THE    commonly known as the Non-Smoking Law
                  or Anti-Smoking Law, it has had a major re-
CATERING SECTOR   percussion on many aspects of society, par-      Contradictory figures
                  ticularly the restaurants and catering sector,   As the debate rages on whether establis-
                  which is considered one of the areas most        hment owners should disobey the law or
                  affected by the new measures.                    whether it is unconstitutional, the restaurant
                  There are two basic reasons for concern          and catering sector, with the exception of a
                  among caterers and restaurant owners:            few isolated challengers, has been forced to
                  one is the anticipated downturn in busi-         place a total ban on smoking in all its esta-
                  ness caused by the total ban on smoking          blishments, with heavy fines being imposed
                  in bars and restaurants, as it means diners      on those who fail to observe the law. News
                  spend less time on the premises, speeding        features, studies and collective notices have
                  up consumption of desserts and aperitifs,        proliferated in the online and offline media,
                  while before the ban smokers stayed longer       but one particularly noteworthy study is a
                  in the restaurants. The other reason is the      survey conducted in January by the Spa-
                  investment that had to be made under the         nish Federation of Self-Employed Workers
                  previous Law, when establishment owners          (ATA), “Smoking and the Restaurant and
                  could create separate areas for smokers and      Catering Sector”, which yielded devastating

20                                                                                            #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                            TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

results: 65% of interviewees from the sector    data again when a few months have gone by         The pioneer countries that were the first to
said business had declined as a result of the   to determine the real extent of the change.       enforce smoking bans have carried out stu-
law, and more than a quarter complained                                                           dies on the evolution and effects of restric-
of loss of investment after having installed                                                      tions in the restaurant and catering sector. In
special areas for smokers in their establish-   The situation in other countries                  2007, UK magazine Moneyweek published
ments. 55.1% were even considering having       Spain is by no means the first country to take    an extensive article written by collaborator
to dismiss staff as a result of the slump in    measures for curbing the smoking habit. Per-      Glynn Davis for which a host of data was
business.                                       haps what the country most criticises about       gathered on the situation in other countries
                                                the law is that the most restrictive measu-       in order to examine the likely effects of the
                                                res have been directly adopted, and sooner        imminent ban on the pub and restaurant
Not all the replies were negative, however:                                                       sector. Some of this data was quite surpri-
                                                or later these will extend to all the countries
26.4% of those interviewed did not consider                                                       sing: a year after the smoking ban in restau-
                                                in the European Union. France, Italy, Fin-
the enforcement of the Law to have affected                                                       rants was enforced in New York in 2003, the
                                                land, Germany and Estonia are some of
their business, and 33.4% had not noticed                                                         Zagat Guide conducted a survey of 30,000
                                                the countries that have already enforced or
any drop in the number of customers. Mo-                                                          consumers and discovered that 23% dined
                                                are currently drawing up similar restrictions
reover, 28.8% answered affirmatively when                                                         out more often than before. Another study
                                                to Spain, and in non-EU countries such as
asked whether the non-smoking law could                                                           conducted in Ireland in 2004 concluded that
                                                Canada, the USA, Singapore or Australia,
be beneficial for their business in the long-                                                     support of the Non-Smoking Law had grown
                                                smoking has been subject to prohibitions
term. Bearing in mind that this survey was                                                        by 67% before its enactment, and 82% after
                                                even more restrictive than those in Spain for
conducted within a fortnight of the law being                                                     it was enforced. English pubs that had kept
                                                several years now.
passed, it may be necessary to collect the                                                        a step ahead of the law by banning smoking

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                           21
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                               TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

in their establishments before it was passed     to all flights without exception but, after the   and are probably the tobacco variant that
did not note any drop in business, and even      initial protest, nobody today contemplates        has most suffered as a result of the ban.
in cases where drinks consumption had de-        the possibility of smoking on an aeroplane
                                                                                                   Some autonomous communities and city
clined they discovered that food consump-        ever again. A study conducted in 2007 by
                                                                                                   councils have already announced their in-
tion had risen, perhaps due to the cleaner       the research company Synovate discovered
                                                                                                   tention of encouraging outdoor terraces in
air and the fact that they had done away with    that 60% of the smokers interviewed were
                                                                                                   the streets, although it remains to be seen
a major source of appetite suppression by        in favour of restricting cigarette smoking in
                                                                                                   whether these measures will be accompa-
banning cigarettes.                              places like restaurants, bars and public buil-
                                                                                                   nied by tax suppression to facilitate inves-
                                                                                                   tment. For the moment, a side-business
                                                 The problem with implementing the law is          would appear to have boomed: the sale
Pavement cafés, the
                                                 the high percentage of smokers in Spain -         of outdoor heaters, which create sufficient
cigarette’s last stand
                                                 just over 27% - and the fact that smoking is      warmth for clients to smoke in a pavement
In any case, the recent history of the fight     a deep-rooted tradition in this country. The      café on even the coldest days of the year.
against smoking is filled with examples          fact that the law was enforced in mid-winter      Although it is too early to say what the real
showing that when cigarettes are banned,         could lead to a possible upturn in the ha-        consequences of the law will be on the res-
awareness would appear to be raised, so          bit, as with spring just around the corner the    taurant and catering sector, and although
much so that nobody - not even the smokers       outdoor terraces of bars and restaurants are      opinions are raging on all fronts, there is little
themselves - want a return to the previous       turning out to be a providential solution for     doubt that when the good weather sets in
state of affairs. In the 1980s, airlines began   many smokers who are not willing to give up       the smoke will soon be rising from the streets
to ban smoking on short-distance flights         their cigarettes - or cigars, which were tra-     and squares of our country once again.
and a decade later the ban was extended          ditionally smoked with a postprandial drink

22                                                                                                                              #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                              TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

            COOKERY                        Our book selection for this issue is
                                           quite cosmopolitan and includes
                                                                                     books that delve into the history of
                                                                                     cuisine, reviving recipes from an-
                                                                                                                              Our thanks to the Aliana
                                                                                                                              Cookery Book Shop in Madrid
              BOOKS                        works on little-known and highly
                                           appealing aspects of Japanese
                                                                                     cient Rome or dishes from the lite-
                                                                                     rary world of Benito Pérez Galdós.

                                           and Argentinian cuisine and an            Without forgetting quintessential
                                           overview of the world’s most outs-        Spanish creations like Valencian
                                           tanding chefs. And we also feature        paellas or pintxos.

  Pescado. Un arte de Japón                  Pintxos 2011                               Curso de cocina. Macarons                Coco
  (Fish: a Japanese Art)                                                                (Cookery Course: Macarons)
                                               E d. a soCiaCión dE H ostElE-                                                       E d. P Haidon
    M ontagud E ditorEs                      ros dE  H ondarriBia                         E d. H. B luME
                                                                                                                                 Synopsis: This single-volume
  Synopsis: This book is consi-              Synopsis: This book has now                Synopsis: Macarons are a cut-            encyclopaedia is a treat, a luxury
  dered the ultimate work on the             become a tradition, and this               ting-edge delicacy in the cake-          item and more, as ten of today’s
  centuries-old culinary art of fish         year’s recently-published ver-             making world, and this book              top masters of cuisine, including
  preparation in Japan. Chihiro              sion contains the best recipes             by Sébastien Serveau is an               Ferrán Adriá, Alain Ducasse, Yo-
  Masui, aided by the magnifi-               – almost 90 of them – that com-            excellent way of learning to en-         shihiro Murata, Gordon Ramsay
  cent photographs of Richard                peted in the Euskal Herria Pin-            joy them without having to visit         and Alice Waters, have chosen
  Haughton, brings us the most               txos Championship, held for the            the most exclusive tea rooms.            the hundred contemporary che-
  complete, exquisite compilation            fifth time this year. The texts are        The author is the head of the            fs who are currently cooking
  of the history, traditions and cui-        in Spanish, Basque and French,             confectionary area of the Alain          up the very best dishes in their
  sine itself that any fan of oriental       and the excellent photographs              Ducasse School of Cuisine, and           sanctuaries of cuisine. The book
  delicacies could possibly desi-            by Pablo Jiménez are a temp-               not only does he teach profes-           reveals the most interesting
  re. Collaborating chefs include            tation in any language. In addi-           sionals but also has useful ex-          trends in world cooking in pla-
  big names like Hachiro Mizutani,           tion to a full description of all the      perience in putting across his           ces ranging from Paris to New
  a holder of three Michelin stars.          dishes, the book also includes             knowledge to the public at large.        Orleans, from Bilbao to Kyoto.
  Ingredients, utensils, cutting te-         a chapter on the Champions-                This experience is patent in his         It includes an exhaustive list of
  chniques, preparation, presen-             hip itself. An essential work for          book, where a profusion of pho-          menus and recipes, along with
  tation, philosophy and culture             discovering the latest develo-             tographs and easy-to-follow ad-          impressive pictures of dishes,
  fill the pages of a book that is a         pments in bite-sized Basque                vice turns macaron creation into         kitchens and restaurants. For
  feast for the eyes.                        cuisine.                                   something simple and fun. And            professionals, amateurs or an-
                                                                                        there are plenty of chef’s tips to       yone else who loves cooking.
                                                                                        ensure your success.

  Las recetas de Solita.                     El gran libro de la paella                 Coquinaria. XI recetas                   Siete Fuegos. Mi cocina
  La cocina en los                           y los arroces de la                        de cocina pompeyana                      argentina (Seven Fires:
  Episodios Nacionales                       Comunidad Valenciana                       (Coquinaria. XI recipes                  Argentinian Cuisine My Way)
  (Solita’s recipes. Cuisine in              (The Big Book of Paella                    from Pompei)
                                                                                                                                   V & r E ditorEs
  the Episodios Nacionales)                  and Rice Dishes of the                       E ditorial tEjuElo
   nn E ditorEs                              Valencian Community)                                                                Synopsis: Argentinian cuisine
                                                                                        Synopsis: This book was                  has much more to offer than just
                                               E d. C HroniCa
  Synopsis: Rebeca Calvo is not                                                         brought out just over a year ago         steak. One of the professionals
  the first writer to look to a literary     Synopsis: If you think the fa-             but is still a real discovery, not       who can tell us the most about
  classic to find cuisine and reci-          mous rice and paella dishes are            just for the beauty of the book          the subject is Francis Mallmann,
  pes from past eras. But she has            only typical of the Valencia re-           itself - which won it the National       a master griller who all his life
  made a quite outstanding effort            gion, then think again: rice is an         Gastronomy Prize for the Best            has collected popular recipes
  in combing the 46 novels making            ingredient used with variety and           Publication of 2009 - but for the        from all parts of his country and
  up Benito Pérez Galdós’ “Episo-            abundance in recipes from all              unusual and appealing subject it         now serves them up to the ce-
  dios Nacionales”, and not just for         over Spain. However, there is no           deals with. Reconstructing the           lebrities and statesmen who
  the huge dimension of the task.            doubt about the fact that Valen-           recipes and culinary culture of          visit his restaurant, Patagonia
  Rebeca Calvo confesses she is              cian Community is in a class of            ancient Pompeii is the task that         Sur, or any the numerous other
  both a fan of the Episodios and            its own for rice dishes, backed            Ainhoa del Carre and Jaime Ruíz          establishments he either runs
  a cookery lover, and so writing            by a centuries-old tradition. In           de Velasco set themselves, and           himself or counsels. Excellent
  this book was quite a matter               2009 the Palace Fesol Rstaurant            they succeed in transporting us          beef steaks can come off a cle-
  of course, as are its excellent            in Valencia celebrated a century           to everyday life in its streets and      verly-handled grill... but so can
  results: a readable, informative           of existence, run by the same              palaces, with a minute descrip-          fish, chicken, pork and vegeta-
  compilation, in a beautifully-pre-         family for four generations and            tion of its dishes - Poma duck,          bles, and the forms of prepara-
  sented edition published by NN,            always serving supreme quality             eggs in wine, Oplontis chicken,          tion are endless. The attractive
  of what people ate - or wolfed             rice dishes. Its current manager           octopus vinaigrette, globis, wild        photographs help readers fully
  down rather - in the different re-         Francisco Sanmiguel narrates               mushrooms in honey, sweet and            understand the recipes, so that
  gions of Spain travelled through           the history of the establishment           sour quail – and all the instruc-        they too can reach new heights
  and narrated by Don Benito. Its            in this must-have book contai-             tions you need to bring them             of charcoal-grilled perfection.
  pages not only contain culinary            ning a total of 150 rice recipes in        back to life almost 2,000 years
  or literary history: the book is a         the form of paellas, creamy rice,          later.
  history of Spain.                          soupy rice and fideua.

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                                               23
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                                            TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

                                                   CULINARY BLOGGERS
                                                   Cookery is making an increasing ap-        cipes for traditional and international      years, and this interest finally led him
                                                   pearance in the 2.0 world, with new        dishes but also has other points of          to create “Monsieur Cocotte” (http://
                                                   blogs constantly being written and         attraction such as a basic cookery ,
                                                   maintained by a group of professio-        section for beginners or recipe com-         which he set up in March 2010 as an
                                                   nals who surprise us with their crea-      petitions with themes ranging from           online recipe book, but since then it
                                                   tivity, rigour and imagination, offering   Italian to Mexican cuisine and inclu-        has evolved into a point of encoun-

                                                   us content, knowledge and opinions.        ding Christmas recipes or ideas for          ter for his cookery-loving friends and
                                                   And we present two excellent exam-         cooking with cherries from the Jerte         followers, not all of them cooks them-
                                                   ples of the phenomenon in this is-         Valley. Paco’s excellent work has            selves, but all of them with a keen
                                                   sue of Fagor News. Our two guest           not only placed his blog among the           interest in the culinary world.
                                                   bloggers in this issue are Paco Be-        top pages in the Wikio cookery blog
                                                                                                                                           Jose María’s aim is to post recipes he
                                                   cerro, the creator of “Lazy Blog”, and     ranking, but it has also allowed him
                                                                                                                                           has tried out personally and to explain
                                                   Jose María Serrano, the man behind         to extend his activity to collaborations
                                                                                                                                           their preparation in his blog as clearly
                                                   “Monsieur Cocotte”, who, as is now         for “Directo al Paladar” (www.direc-
                                                                                                                                           and simply as possible, enhancing
                                                   becoming a regular occurrence, have and to be one of
                                                                                                                                           them with a personal touch not just
                                                   each contributed a tasty recipe.           the twenty bloggers chosen to attend
                                                                                                                                           strictly concerned with cuisine itself:
                                                                                              the Virgen Extra Jaen 2.0 encounter,
                                                   Paco Becerro confesses he is a self-                                                    he accompanies them by a story, or a
                                                                                              organised by the Jaén Provincial Go-
                                                   taught cook: he is actually a law gra-                                                  touch of humour (you have to laugh at
                                                                                              vernment to show participants the
                                                   duate, but over 20 years cooking in                                                     his definitions of the degree of difficul-
                                                                                              entire process of virgin olive oil pro-
                                                   his family environment together with                                                    ty of each dish). His blog also inclu-
                                                                                              duction. That’s not bad for someone
                                                   the numerous cookery courses and                                                        des links to programmes and videos
                                                                                              who refers to himself as lazy in the title
                                                   workshops he has attended and the                                                       on the subject of cooking and food.
                                                                                              of his blog!
                                                   large and ever-growing number of
                                                                                                                                           Social collaboration is also one of the
                                                   books on the subject he has devou-         Jose María Serrano, known in the
                                                                                                                                           strong points of “Monsieur Cocotte”,
                                                   red have allowed him to forge his own      blog world as Monsieur Cocotte, stu-
                                                                                                                                           as he is highly active in Facebook and
                                                   culinary personality, which has led        died computer science and worked
                                                                                                                                           Twitter (
                                                   him to start up the “Lazy Blog” pro-       for banks and consultancy firms un-
                                                                                                                                           cotte), and much of the content that
 CHICKEN                                           ject ( He chose
                                                   the name as his blogger friends had
                                                                                              til the dot com bubble burst and he
                                                                                              changed job, working for the Regional
                                                                                                                                           ends up in his blog originates from the
 CHILINDRÓN                                        to insist for ages before he finally got   Government. But throughout all this
                                                                                                                                           comments on these sites, as Jose
                                                                                                                                           María considers them “crucial” for
                                                   round to starting up the blog and pos-     time cookery was close to his heart,
 WWW.mONSiEURcOcOTTE.BLOGSpOT.cOm                                                                                                          its functioning. With so many friends
                                                   ting his recipes.                          in spite of the fact that - as he himself
                                                                                                                                           taking part, it’s easy to see why the
                                                                                              declares - he isn’t a chef and doesn’t
 DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY:                             Three years after its creation, “Lazy                                                   results are outstanding.
                                                                                              intend to become one. However it’s
 For novice cooks who want to rustle               Blog” not only features over 300 re-
                                                                                              also true that he has been cooking for
 up something scrumptious.

 Ingredients (for 6 people - invite
 a few friends round!):
 A 1½ kg chicken, kindly sliced by your local
                                                   COURGETTE-                                 250 gr. of squid rings                       the shelled mussels and the peeled
                                                                                              1 Italian type green pepper, 1 ripe to-      prawns. Reduce to medium heat until
 2 onions.                                         WRAPPED                                    mato                                         the rice is cooked.
 1 fat juicy red pepper.
 My mouth’s already watering!
                                                   CREAMY                                     2 cloves of garlic                           When the rice is almost done (around
                                                                                              1 litre of fish fumet (preferably made       14-16 minutes in all), add the shelled
 3 green peppers.                                  SEAFOOD RICE                               with monkfish or sea bass)                   clams, previously soaked in a bowl of
 Homemade tomato sauce, thickened to                                                          Saffron, salt, extra virgin olive oil        water to remove any grit, and turn off
 taste (that’s the trick).                                                                                                                 the heat so that the rest of the cooking
 Salt and pepper.                                                                             For serving:                                 can be done on residual heat. Leave to
                                                                                              1 courgette, 100 gr. of Mesclun salad,       stand for up to 5 minutes, and serve.
 PREPARATION:                                                                                 a dash of ajopere (a mix of extra virgin
 1. Brown the chicken in olive oil. When it is                                                olive oil, a clove of garlic and a nice      PRESENTATION
 browned to your liking, set it aside.                                                        bunch of parsley).                           Use the blender to prepare an ajopere,
 2. Peel and finely chop the onions. Wash                                                                                                  mixing 1 clove of garlic with 10 cl of
 the four peppers and slice as desired. Stew                                                  PREPARATION                                  virgin extra olive oil and a nice bunch of
 the onion and peppers in the oil you used                                                    Blanch the tomato to loosen the skin,        fresh parsley. Finely slice a courgette
 to fry the chicken. Add the tomato sauce,                                                    and peel it. Finely slice the cloves of      using a mandoline slicer and blanch
 salt and pepper. Add more tomato or less                                                     garlic and fry them in extra virgin olive    for 2 minutes in boiling water.
 depending on how thick you want your stew         Seafood rice is normally eaten in large    oil, in the same cooking pot you will
 to be. Leave it to cook on a slow heat for        amounts as a single main course. As        later use for the rice. Remove when          Place two courgette slices on each
 around fifteen minutes.                           Christmas has just gone by and we’re       brown. In the same oil, make a sofri-        plate and with the aid of a serving ring,
 3. Add the slices of chicken and cook it all      counting the calories, today we’re         to with the chopped tomato and the           place a small portion of creamy rice on
 together for another twenty minutes. Serve        going to prepare it in small portions,     green pepper. When it is soft, set it        them and then carefully remove the
 hot.                                              wrapped in courgette slices and ser-       aside. Sautée the squid rings and she-       ring. Garnish with the lettuce mix and
                                                   ved with a mix of salad greens and         llfish in the same pan, and set aside.       with a dash of ajopere on the rice and
 It can be kept in the fridge for up to two days   olive oil with garlic and parsley.                                                      another on the plate. Serve immedia-
 and you can also freeze it. If you make it for                                               Heat the rice in the oil you used for        tely so that the rice keeps its texture.
 your partner - real or potential - they’ll see    Ingredients for 4 people                   frying until it is transparent, and add
                                                   (It will be enough for 8 servings like
 you in another light. ;) Chicken chilindrón is    the ones shown in the photo.)              the sofrito and the fish stock. Brown
 famous for its aphrodisiac powers!                                                           the saffron in a frying pan, add a
                                                   For the rice:                              spoonful of stock and add to the rice
                                                   300 gr. of bomba rice                      and sofrito. Cook the rice for 8 minutes
                                                   8 prawns, 8 mussels, 8 clams               on a high heat and then add the squid,

24                                                                                                                                                            #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

                   During recent months, a new silhouette has        Designed by Callison, one of the top archi-
FEATURE            been taking shape in Shanghai’s specta-           tecture and design firms in the world, both
                   cular skyline. It is the Lvdi Hotel, Marriott’s   the new Marriott Lvdi Hotel and the su-
                   latest milestone, located in the heart of a       rrounding area were conceived precisely for
                   new neighborhood in the exclusive district of     this type of tourism, which has not ceased
                   Luwan, an area that is popular with high-end      growing in the Modren city in recent years.
                   tourists because of its entertainment and         This category of customer is well known in
                   shopping possibilities: from the yachts doc-      the hotel sector, not only for its potential, but
                   ked at the port to the fashion shops, luxury      also because it is very demanding. The hotel
                   automobile dealerships, jewelry and watch         will satisfy these demands with 300 luxury
                   shops scattered along the streets.                rooms and a comprehensive offer, including
                                                                     meeting rooms, shops and various gourmet

26                                                                                               #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                              TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

It is precisely in this last sector where Fagor   Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chonqqing, and            a definitive push forward in March, 2009,
Industrial has played an important role, in       is considered a leading company in the re-        when Polytek representatives visited Fagor
charge of equipping the hotel’s restaurants.      gion offering design, supply, installation and    Industrial headquarters in Oñati. They had
This is one of Fagor Industrial’s largest pro-    services in the industrial kitchen and refrige-   the opportunity to see, first hand, the quality
jects in Asia, opening the doors to other         ration equipment, and laundry and acces-          standards to which we work, as well as some
collaborative efforts with this hotel chain in    sories sectors.                                   of the most important projects in which we
China                                                                                               have participated. Without a doubt, it was a
                                                  “It may seem as though this project fell into
                                                                                                    long trip, but both parties were very satisfied
                                                  our laps, but our success has much to do
                                                                                                    with the results: “Fagor is one of the three
                                                  with the long-term effort made by our sales
An important trip                                                                                   important brands we believed could satisfy
                                                  team,” stated Mikel Olarte, General Manager
This type of collaboration does not happen                                                          the needs of the hotels we supply,” stated
                                                  of Fagor Industrial China. “Our sales teams
overnight. The project’s success was the re-                                                        Pan Bin, a Polytek Shanghai representative.
                                                  have always maintained contact with Polytek
sult of intense work based on the reliability                                                       “But after visiting its headquarters in Spain,
                                                  Shanghai to promote the Fagor brand and
of installing a range of top-quality products,                                                      we were completely sure of the brand. As
                                                  keep them up to date with the latest pro-
as well as firm support from our dealer                                                             such, we were sure that the quality of its pro-
                                                  ducts and marketing materials.”
Shanghai Polytek. This firm, established in                                                         ducts and services could be a determining
                                                  This work to promote the brand was given          factor for this project’s success.”
Hong Kong in 1975, has offices in Beijing,

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                             27
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                            TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

Polytek’s support played a fundamental role       Designing the perfect kitchen                   May is the month during which Fagor
in Marriott’s final decision to choose Fagor                                                      Industrial’s equipment will be put to the test,
                                                  The installation was completely finished in
Industrial as the sole supplier for its restau-                                                   when the Lvdi Marriott opens its doors.
                                                  three months and, according to Pan Bin,
rant equipment needs, support that was                                                            “Usually, there are two important factors that
                                                  the process was perfectly smooth. “The
fostered by the work carried out by Fagor’s                                                       lead customers to choose a hotel,” explains
                                                  only difficulty was perhaps during the design
salest eam, who showed the dealer other                                                           Pan Bin. “One is the attractiveness of the
                                                  phase, when we had to change the equip-
projects developed in the same city. The                                                          surrounding areas, including location, con-
                                                  ment lists various times, because designing
project for the Lvdi Shanghai Marriott was up                                                     nections and entertainment. The other is the
                                                  the perfect kitchen it not an easy task, and
to par with the establishment, and included                                                       hotel’s facilities and services. In this sense,
                                                  sometimes there is a difference between
kitchen equipment for a Chinese restaurant,                                                       the Marriott will be located in an area desig-
                                                  what you imagine and reality. In any case,
a restaurant offering western food and an                                                         ned to be attractive for both business and
                                                  Fagor really helped us in this matter, and
employee cafeteria. The project took its first                                                    luxury travelers. This means many luxury
                                                  the sales team and refrigeration design de-
steps in November of 2009, when Fagor                                                             brands will set up their shops here, making
                                                  partment in Kunshan made a real effort to
Industrial presented its proposal, and was                                                        it an area of choice for many events. Con-
                                                  find the best solution to design the perfect
confirmed with the signing of the contract in                                                     nections are also important: it is half an hour
                                                  kitchen for the Marriott.”
February of 2010.                                                                                 from the airport and there is a Metro station

28                                                                                                                           #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                 TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

  TechnIcal DaTa                                                                                      FagOr eQUIPMenT
  TYPe OF InSTallaTIOn                              PrOjecT DaTe                                      Kitchen equipment for a Chinese restau-
                                                                                                      rant, a restaurant offering western food
  New luxury hotel in Shanghai’s Luwan              Carried out in 2010, completed in June.
                                                                                                      and an employee cafeteria.
  district, focused on high-end tourism.
                                                    SaleS In charge OF The PrOjecT
                                                    Fagor Industrial China
  Shanghai, China.

only 100 metres away. Also, the hotel offers       project. Be it the Guangdong Sheraton,             “Our sales strategy in such a competitive
first rate facilities and services so guests can   the Tianjin Westin or a small restaurant; we       market as this is based on professionalism,”
enjoy a pleasant and luxurious stay. Our em-       always try to put our best efforts into mana-      stated Samuel. “And that does not only inclu-
ployees have worked intensely to offer the         ging the project and fully supporting our cus-     de selling products. It also includes our cus-
best customer service, both reliable and           tomers.” However, it seems that our success        tomer service, including training, testing the
custom-tailored.”                                  in equipping the Lvdi Marriott is the best refe-   equipment, visiting the facilities to make sure
                                                   rence we have for future projects in the area:     everything is working properly, etc. Sales is
                                                   “A good reference project to show potential        only the first step, the first stage; the second
The best reference                                 customers.”                                        stage includes long-term commitment and
Yet despite the responsibility of carrying out                                                        offering efficient post-sales services to final
                                                   For now, the completion of the Lvdi Marrio-
such an important project, always based                                                               users.”
                                                   tt has already had direct consequences,
on “quality, price and post-sales service,” in     including the implementation of a project in
the words of Samuel Zhong, Sales Mana-             Guangzhou, the Zhangija Marriott Hotel, for
ger of Fagor China, Fagor Industrial’s sales       which Polytek will once again seek the colla-
team was never overwhelmed, because “we            boration of Fagor Industrial.
believe each project is our most important

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                                29
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                                TOGETHER WE EVOLVE


Nadeem Abdul Wahed
Middle East Branch Manager.

Q & A


When Nadeem joined Fagor Industrial full-
time in 2005, with the mission of opening
FIME (Fagor Industrial Middle East) - the
division created to support clients in the
Arab Emirates and Middle East countries -
                                                  “Fagor industrial is known for the
he became involved in a business which,
as he tells us, has never stopped growing         value for money.”
and which currently exports to 14 countries
in the Middle East, India and Eastern Africa.
FIME was set up in the free trade area of the   What memories do you have of those                  What do you remember about your first
Emirate of Sharjah, with the idea of re-ex-     years?                                              clients?
porting to other countries. The United Arab
Emirates has the advantage of being the         My most important and strongest memory is           Most of all, I have an excellent memory of
Arabian Gulf’s most important trade centre      of when I arrived in the United Arab Emirates       the Fagor distributors who were already
and the point for redistribution of the goods   and started setting up the Fagor Industrial         working directly with our factory in Oñati in
to other countries in the area. Nadeem tells    project in-situ, right from the first day and the   Guipúzcoa, Europe, as right from the start
us about his years of non-stop activity, cea-   very first steps.                                   they gave us a great welcome and a lot of
seless but fascinating.                                                                             help, and that’s been the case right up until
                                                                                                    today. And we always try to do the same,
                                                What were those early beginnings like?              offering them all our support.
How long have you worked for Fagor              The Export Manager and I visited many free
Industrial?                                     trade zone in the United Arab Emirates - as
                                                                                                    Which areas and countries is Fagor
My experience with Fagor Industrial spans       you know, this is the Middle East’s leading
                                                                                                    Industrial currently offering its services
over ten years now: it began in 2001, when      country for free trade zone and investor bac-
I was working as the Sales and Marketing        king - until we finally opted to set up in the
Manager for Fagor’s distributor in Yemen, in    Sharjah International Airport free trade area.      Well, since we set up the centre, our aim has
charge of both the household appliances         Some of our authorised distributors had             been to offer our services to all the countries
division and the division corresponding to      their offices in Sharjah and Dubai, so this         in this region, which apart from the Emirates
Fagor Industrial. In 2005, Plácido González,    was the ideal location for us. In just a short      were Oman, Qatar, Bahrein, Kuwait, Saudi
the Fagor Industrial’s former Export Mana-      time we succeeded in registering the brand,         Arabia, Irak, Yemen, Jordan, Iran, and Pakis-
ger, asked me if I would like to create and     obtaining our business licence and opening          tan, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Mau-
manage a new division, the Middle East di-      our offices in the place where we decided           ritius, together with East African countries
vision, in the United Arab Emirates. And I’ve   our distribution centre was to be based.            like Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya
been here ever since.                                                                               and Tanzania, plus the recent addition of
                                                                                                    South Africa.

30                                                                                                                              #04 / FEBRUARY 2011
FAGORNEWS 2011                                                                                                           TOGETHER WE EVOLVE

  What type of services does the divi-             What do you think the difference is
 sion provide?                                     that makes Fagor Industrial the clients’
                                                                                                     T Q
 The main reason for creating the division                                                          FAGOR PEOPLE / IN BRIEF
 was to be close to our distributors, to pro-      Fagor Industrial is known for the return on
 vide support and supply them with our             investment it provides, and its value for
 products and spare parts whenever they            money: it’s been on the market for over 50       Age: 43.
 needed them. And in fact we managed to            years, which means our products, factories       Character: easy-going.
 reduce the delivery time from 30 days to          and services are well-trusted, and we cons-
                                                                                                    Hobbies: swimming and watching
 24 hours in the United Arab Emirates and          tantly endeavour to improve them, respon-
                                                                                                    TV documentaries on different cul-
 to 3-7 days for other countries in the area,      ding to the feedback we receive from our
 which was a great help to our distributors.       clients. I think they value the open, honest
 Our services include knowledge of market          rapport we have with them, and that’s one        Favourite dish: steak.
 requirements, as well as providing commer-        of the main values that makes them part of
                                                                                                    A challenge: to grow from a solid
 cial and technical training for our clients.      the Fagor Industrial family. I also think that
                                                   Mónica Gallastegi, Mikel Coronado (repre-
                                                   senting Fagor Oñati) and myself and Miss         A film: avatar.
 We’ve heard you have plans for your               Lina in FIME work as a real team, that we’re     A book: the Koran.
 warehouse to move to bigger premises              accessible to the clients and offer a good
 due to the increase in demand. What               service.                                         A colour: blue.
 can you tell us about that?                                                                        A date to remember: june 2006.
 As I mentioned before, offering our servi-                                                         A truly essential Fagor Industrial
                                                   And lastly, what do you like doing when
 ces to all these countries means we always                                                         product: the cooking line.
                                                   you’re not at work?
 need to have most of our products in stock
 to attend to the clients’ needs, and this avai-   To be honest, sometimes even when I’m not
 lability is the main reason for our success.      working I can’t resist checking my e-mail,
 But it implies stocking a sufficient amount of    and I think I’m not the only one who does
 all our products - cookers, ovens, dishwas-       that! But at weekends I spend time with
 hers, refrigerators and laundry equipment.        my family of course. I have two daughters -
 That’s why we decided to make more sto-           one’s ten and the other’s twenty - who are
 rage space available.                             always waiting for the weekend to come
                                                   around so that we can all be together.

#04 / FEBRUARY 2011                                                                                                                      31
Bº Santxolopetegi, 22
Aptdo 17 - 20560
Oñati (Guipúzcoa) Spain
Tel.: +34 943 71 80 30

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