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									Defence Industry
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Defence industry excellence                                   Victoria’s defence industry is underpinned by a vibrant
Through technical know-how, advanced manufacturing            and growing economy, an enviable lifestyle and a broad
capability, broad technical skills and training, and strong   range of industry capabilities. In addition it is supported
financial institutions, Victoria can boast a significant      by a strong network of world-class universities and
competitive advantage in the defence industry sector.         research clusters and stimulated by a diverse pool of
                                                              highly skilled workers who have created a fusion of
In Victoria, key international and domestic defence           energy, creativity and ability.
companies, as well as many small and medium size
businesses, provide a diverse range of defence products       Melbourne is Australia’s largest and busiest container
and services, and undertake major defence industry            sea-port handling around 36 per cent of the nation’s
projects both locally and internationally.                    container trade. There are additional well-serviced
Victoria’s highly skilled defence workforce, superior         container ports along Victoria’s coastline.
manufacturing industry, and outstanding research and
development (R&D) capabilities makes it:                      Melbourne is a vibrant centre for economic activity and
                                                              acts as a transport, manufacturing and service industry
- the lead state for the Joint Strike Fighter project         hub in Australia.
- Australia’s pre-eminent military combat vehicles
  designer and manufacturer                                   Defence Innovation
                                                              Victoria is Australia’s knowledge, innovation and
- expert in complex systems development mitigation
                                                              technology capital.
  and support

- the leader in naval systems design, engineering,            Australia has a long and rich tradition of world-class
  support and shipbuilding                                    research and development, with many of the world’s
                                                              foremost organisations establishing R&D operations in
- the lead manufacturer of munitions
- home to the Defence Materials Technology Centre
                                                              Melbourne is home to a large cluster of research
- the leader in autonomous systems design and
                                                              institutes, nine universities, technology parks and
                                                              Australia’s first Defence Cooperative Research Centre; the
- a major centre for ADF military and trade training.         Defence Materials Technology Centre.

                                                              Victoria is also home to the Defence, Science and
Strategic location
                                                              Technology Organisation (DSTO), Commonwealth
Victoria’s time zone bridges North American and               Scientific and Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the first
European working hours and provides ready access to           Australian Synchrotron which is located in Clayton and
the Asian market. Melbourne airport is Australia’s largest    was officially opened in 2007.
curfew-free freight and passenger airport, open for
business 24/7.
Skills for the Defence Industry                                         Capability
Victoria is home to 5 million people with 3.6 million living in the     Victoria’s defence industry offers a wide range of capabilities;
capital city, Melbourne. Melbourne is a comparably young city with      the most active sectors are the Land and Vehicle, Maritime, and
48 per cent of people being under the age of 35. More than 233          Aerospace sectors. Land and Vehicles is the largest revenue earner
nationalities live in Melbourne, making it one of the world’s most      for Victoria with $408 million generated over the 2007/08 period;
multicultural cities.                                                   followed by Maritime, Aerospace, Weapons and Munitions,
                                                                        Garrison Support and Logistics; as presented in Table 1.
Victoria is home to four universities that were ranked in the top
400 in the Times Higher Education World University rankings.            Table 1: Breakdown of gross revenue across defence industry sectors
It also has Australia’s largest share of university graduates capable   2007-08
of sustaining a strong defence industry.
                                                                         Industry                  Domestic             Exports              Total            Proportional
The Victorian Government invests over $1 billion annually in the         Sector                    Business                ($               Activity             sector
TAFE training system and is committed to ensuring that skills                                     ($ millions)          millions)         ($ millions)         activity %
development better matches industry needs.                               Land and
                                                                                                       346.5               61.1               407.6                  26
Victorian universities offer an extensive range of professional
                                                                         Maritime                      279.1               92.4               371.5                  23
and technical training for the aerospace and aviation sectors.
From precision machining to engine overhaul, engineering to              Aerospace                     177.3               58.8               236.1                  15
systems design, and air traffic control to airport management,           Weapons and
                                                                                                       168.3               41.3               209.6                  13
Victoria is the place for global training needs.                         Munitions
Victoria has Australia’s largest concentration of education and                                        145.9                0.1               146.0                   9
training facilities for aerospace engineers and technicians.
                                                                         Logistics                      75.6                0.9                76.5                   5
Features of the industry
- Victoria’s defence industry is diverse, globally integrated and        Systems
                                                                                                        47.4                4.1                51.5                   3
  internationally competitive with an annual turnover (2007-08)          Integration
  of $1.6 billion                                                        Modelling &
                                                                                                        24.3                7.8                32.1                   2
- Employs over 9000 Victorians in the manufacture of equipment           Computer
  and provision of services to support national and international                                        18                 5.8                23.8                  1.5
  defence activities.
                                                                         Electronics                    17.6                6.3                23.9                  1.5

- Major international defence companies operating in Victoria            Homeland
                                                                                                        8.2                 1.8                10.0                  0.6
  include Chemring, Boeing, Thales, BAE Systems, GKN Aerospace,          Security
  Lockheed Martin, AAI Corporation, QinetiQ, BMT Defence Services,       Other                          6.3                  0                  6.3                  0.4
  L3 Communications, SAIC and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems.               Totals                      1,392.5              280.5               1,595                 100

                                                                        Source: Australian Aerospace & Defence Innovation’s 2008 Report on Victoria’s defence Industry Activity
   The Victorian defence industry is internationally competitive.               - the establishment of the $82 million Defence Materials
   In 2007-08, 34 per cent of Victoria’s defence companies                        Technology Centre (DMTC), based in Melbourne.
   exported their goods and services. These exports were valued
                                                                                - the Australian node of Lockheed Martin’s Innovation Centre;
   at $280 million, with 55 per cent coming from Victoria’s
   maritime and land and vehicles sectors.
                                                                                - $316 million extra funding over four years for training
   Plan for the Future                                                            resulting in an additional 172,000 training places, an upgrade
   A Roadmap for Victoria’s Defence Industries—launched in                        in TAFE facilities and more flexibility for individuals,
   August 2006—is the Government’s vision for Victoria to                         employers and training providers.
   be home to a world-class defence industry that is globally
   integrated and recognised as the centre of Australian defence                The 2008 Defence Industry Roadmap Progress Report further
   industry capability.                                                         outlines the Victorian Government’s achievements to date and
                                                                                is available at;
   The Roadmap initiatives were set out to support the
   development of Victoria’s defence industry.                                  For more information on the Defence Industry in Victoria
   Progress to date includes:                                                   contact the:
                                                                                Defence and Aerospace Unit
   - $300 million Bushmaster Infantry Mobility vehicle program                  Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development
     (Thales Australia);                                                        13 22 15 (within Australia) +61 3 9651 9999 (international)
   - $160 million Pyrotechnic Countermeasures contract                

   - $80 million Combat Body Armour project (ADA);

   - $3 billion LHD project (BAE Systems);

   - the Victorian Government continues to be the major sponsor
     of the Australian International Airshow and has retained the
     rights to host the Airshow until 2015;

The Victorian Government provides a range of networks, programs and initiatives to support new and existing
businesses in Victoria. Invest Victoria and the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development,
through its dedicated Defence Industry Unit, provide a gateway for accessing information and assistance.

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