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1 Minutes of 2nd Meeting of CONSAL XV Executive Board JW Marriott


									                 Minutes of 2nd Meeting of CONSAL XV Executive Board
                                JW Marriott Hotel, Medan
                                 Thursday, 19 April 2011
                                   08.00am – 13.00pm



Brunei        Ms. Hjh. Rosnani Hj Yaakub

Cambodia      Ms. Chhoun Mony
              Ms. Yim Mory

Laos          Ms. Khanthamaly Yangnouvong

Malaysia      Mr. Mohd Sharif Mohd Saad
              Ms. Hjh. Siti Rodziah Othman
              Mr. Kamal Sujak

Myanmar       Ms. Swe Swe Myint

Philippines   Prof. Antonio Santos
              Ms. Lilia Echiverri
              Ms. Thelma Kim

Singapore     Ms. Ngian Lek Choh

Thailand      Dr. Prachark Wattananusit
              Ms. Nawarat Panyangam

Vietnam       Mr. Dang Van Uc
              Mr. Pham The Khang
              Ms. Bui Thi Thuy


Ms. Hj. Sri Sularsih
Director, National Library of Indonesia
Dr. Zulfikar Zen
Vice President, Indonesian Library Association
Mr. H. Bambang Supriyo Utomo
Secretary General, Indonesian Library Association


Mr. Amerigo Benigno
Library Association of Timor Leste
Ms. Margarida Soares
Library Association of Timor Leste
Mr. Dedi Junaedi
Main Secretary, National Library of Indonesia
Ms. Lilik Soelistyowati
Deputy Director, National Library of Indonesia
Mr. Nurdin Pane
Director of Library and Archive Board of North Sumatera


Ms. Woro T. Haryanti                        Acting Secretary General
Dr. Zulfikar Zen                            Member
Mr. Teguh Purwanto                          Member
Mr. Agus Sutoyo                             Member
Ms. Sauliah                                 Member
Mr. Aristianto Hakim                        Member
Ms. Nori Safitri                            Member
Mr. Chaerul Umam                            Member

   Opening session by Director of National Library of Indonesia
   1. The Director of National Library of Indonesia, Ms Sri Sularsih, formaly opens the
       session with a brief remark of greetings and chairs the meeting.

   Welcome address by the Director of National Library of Indonesia
   2. The meeting starts with a welcome address from Director of National Library of
       Indonesia, Ms Sri Sularsih.
   3. Ms Sri Sularsih conveys appreciation for the attendance of the delegates in
       Medan as in the current meeting, all member countries are represented.

   Photo session
   4. Ms Sri Sularsih also invites all board members, including the observers to go to
       the front for photo sessions.

Introduction of Consal delegates
5. The meeting comprising 10 country members is declared a quorum by the
6. Ms Sri Sularsih invites all the participants to introduce themselves.
7. The delegates introduce themselves, starting in alphabetical order, from Brunei
   Darussalam, and ended by the presiding Indonesian delegates. The Director also
   introduces the two observers from Timor Leste, Mr Amerigo Benigno amd Ms
   Margarida Soares, Ms Lilik Soelistyowati, Deputy for Developing Library
   Materials and Information Services and Mr Dedi Junaedi, Main Secretary of
   National Library of Indonesia and also Director of Regional Library and Archieve
   Board of North Sumatera Mr Nurdin Pane.

Adoption of Agenda
8. Mr Antonio Santos suggests rearranging the agenda by putting country report
   session to be the last item to discuss.
9. Ms Thelma Kim of the Philippines recalls the membership fee issue to Vietnam
10. Mr Antonio and Mr Sharif give their suggestion that it should be included in
   business arising.
11. It is approved by the Board.
12. The Chairman accepts all suggestions and approves it to be included in the

Adoption of 1st Meeting Minutes
13. The Chairman leads the agenda into the adoption of the 1st Meeting Minutes.
14. Mr Antonio Santos suggests that the Board approve the minutes since it has
   been corrected and confirmed earlier before.
15. Ms Lilia Echiverri suggests to continue the agenda for discussing business
16. Mr Zulfikar opens up the issue about the seed money again and admits that there
   was a miscommunication and unawareness of the Indonesian delegates about
   the money given by in an envelope. On behalf of Indonesia Board, Mr Zulfikar
   says that we will replace the money and case closed.

17. On behalf of Ms Nellie, Ms Rosnani says that seed money should be given out in
   a formal session which is also suggested by Mr Sharif.

Matters Arising
18. Mr Antonio raises the issue of the secretary general.
19. Mr Zulfikar explains that for the mean time, Ms Woro will act as the Secretary
   General until the new definitive Secretary General is announced.
20. Ms Lilia asks about the board’s support for Malaysia in their bidding for hosting
   IFLA Conference and Mr Antonio suggests Mr Sharif to explain the matter.
21. Mr Sharif explains that Malaysia’s bid to be the host for IFLA Conference has
   been canceled.
22. Mr Sharif also asks about the opportunity for Cambodia to host the Consal
   Conference after Thailand. Mony responds that Cambodia has not been ready
   yet for hosting Consal after Thailand. Mr Zulfikar then suggests discussing it on
   the next meeting.

Progress report on the preparation of Consal XV General Conference
23. Mr Zulfikar explains about the proposed date (28-31 May 2012), venue (Kartika
   Discovery Hotel, Bali) and committee for the conference.
24. He asks for any opinion on the10 topics proposed from the Board.
25. Ms Ngian suggests that the topic number 10 should be taken wider not only
   school library but other kinds of library and Ms Thelma also suggest changing the
   title of the topic into a more general one.
26. Mr Antonio suggests that there should be a brief explanation on each topic.
27. Mr Sharif agrees to add another topic on the improvement of reading interest
   through other libraries beside school library.
28. Ms Rosnani agrees with him.
29. The Board approves to extend the topic into the role of libraries in improving
   reading interests.
30. Mr Antonio suggests changing the conference theme into “National Heritage:
   Preservation and Dissemination”.
31. Mr Prachark asks to change topic no. 2 about preservation in library into a more
   general one, not only in library area.

32. Ms Thelma thinks that the sub topics are distorted from the conference theme. In
    her opinion, each sub topic has to convey national or cultural heritage phrase.
33. Mr Zulfikar explains that the topics are made so to attract participants from many
34. Ms Ngian suggests collecting papers sent by school libraries and sorting them
    out to find the best one.
35. Mr Antonio asks about the registration fee in Bali. He suggests that it can be
    arranged into package, group etc.
36. Mr Sharif says that the registration fee in the last conference in Hanoi was
    affordable which he expects too for next conference in Bali. He says that Bali is a
    popular tourism object so that people will be interested in visiting Bali.
37. Ms Ngian and other members suggest that the registration fee is around
    US$100-200. Mr Zulfikar says that it will be forced into minimum because the
    committee is going to seek for sponsors.
38. Ms Siti Rodziah seeks for time correction in call for papers.
39. Ms Mony and Ms Mory ask about accomodation and airfare supports for them.
40. Mr Zulfikar answers that Indonesia will try to find the best solution for it.
41. Mr Sharif says that we can ask for more information on those matters to
    UNESCO’s Director office in Bangkok. According to him, UNESCO can give
    funding support.

Consal Project
42. Vietnam delegates ask about the formal letter concerning Consal projects.
43. Ms Ngian suggests a project on digital bibliography of rare books. She continues
    that each member submit 10 best rare books and give images and brief
    description on the materials to be digitized.
44. Mr Sharif agrees on the project while Ms Siti Rodziah asks about the proposal.
45. Mr Pham The Kang suggests that the criteria of the arre book should be made
46. In giving response to Ms Ngian’s opinion, Mr Zulfikar says that each country
    member can digitize rare books and other materials and asks for the project
47. It is concluded that Singapore is expected to send their proposal containing the
    criteria, templates etc need for the project initiation.

48. Ms. Ngian explained that they would send a proposal which also contains a
   timeline to learn how to schedule and also time periods required in the project.
49. Mr Zulfikar explains about the school library project directory and research on
   legal deposit act.
50. Ms. Ngian asks about the digital issue of material whether websites, blogs etc
   are included in the research on legal deposit act.
51. Ms. Ngian responds that similar projects will be discussed both in CDNL & IFLA.
52. Ms. Sauliah says that the project is not included digital format yet.
53. Mr Zulfikar wants to know about the Laos project whether the training coverage
   involving other Asean countries.
54. Laos explains the project is only for local participants.
55. Ms. Bui offers to make cooperation especially in the training with the neighboring
   countries like Vietnam, Thailand etc.
56. Mr Zulfikar responds that the project do not have to involve other countries. If
   there is a possibility of cooperation with other countries then it can be proposed.
57. Mr. Prachark asks about Laos project. Thailand comments that to get access to
   the resources related to Laos projects, he offers some students from Laos to take
   library study in Thailand.
58. Ms Siti Rodziah informs that Malaysian Government has a training project called
   MTCP. She invites all member countries to send one participant.
59. Mr Prachark explains that the project proposed by Thailand will be moved two or
   three years because there is no financial support from the government.
60. Mr Antonio suggests that the project is adopted in Consal 15 or 16.
61. Ms Ngian suggests contacting IFLA to seek for the funding.
62. Mr Sharif informs there is no proposal from Asean countries received by IFLA.
63. About the Consal librarian award, the participants discuss about the fixed criteria
   so that there is no gap between those who deserve the award nationally or
   internationally. What to consider is to divide the categories for the librarians’
   achievement that could be acknowledged regardless of their services.
64. Mr Zulfikar suggests the Librarian Award be given to the public librarians.
65. Ms Ngian says that other librarians from other kinds of library will question the
   award. She continues if the award will be given in turn that is acceptable.
66. Ms Rosnani asks for the criteria and guidance in selecting the nominees.
67. Vietnam advises that each country should at least send one nominee.

68. Mr Sharif agrees with Vietnam and adds that different category must be made
    and criteria must be cleared. He also says that the librarians must be
    acknowledged first.
69. Ms Mory agrees with Mr Zulfikar since it is difficult to find qualified librarian in
70. Ms Ngian suggests to make two categories: international and national impact
71. Ms Thelma says that the Consal Librarian Award should stick to the definition
    and qualification of librarian. She can accept Mr Zulfikar’s idea but not to be
    taken into Consal Librarian Award. She thinks that the idea is better to be taken
    as an acknowledgment from Consal.
72. Mr. Zulfikar responds that every country is free to choose each criteria of the
    librarian. Mr. Sharif suggests that the award-winning must come from each
    country because of their differences of criteria.
73. Tony suggested that each host country has their own criteria and idea so as we
    have done before, just let the host country do what they have proposed.
    Therefore, the outstanding librarian award will keep running as proposed by the
    host country.
74. The conclusion is not to bring this award into a competition but to reward and
    recognize to the work of librarians who are very dedicated.
75. Mr Zulfikar responds that the agreement on the full membership of Timor Leste is
    still awaiting for the progress of their membership in Asean. For the time being
    they will be invited as the observer.
76. Mr Antonio responds that the issue should be re-discussed by all members
    without the presence of Timor Leste. Referring to the constitution, there are
    several points that should be discussed regarding to the status of Timor Leste.
77. Mr Sharif asks Timor Leste delegates whether they represent the national library
    or the library association. Timor Leste replies that they are from the library
    association. The report that at the moment they have not the national library yet.
78. Ms Rosnani has no objection with the membership of Timor Leste since they
    need guidance. Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Philippines agreed but there
    should be a formal acceptance after Consal XV. During the time, Timor Leste
    could become an active observer to know more about Consal. Singapore,
    Thailand and Vietnam all agree.

79. The Board agrees to accept Timor Leste but there are several points to be
   discussed first.
80. Mr Antonio is appointed to prepare guidelines concerning Timor Leste’s

Consal Website
81. According to Ms. Bui that there has been a discussion about the website
   although not yet concluded. Finally there is agreement between the 3 countries
   namely Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Indonesia will take over by May 2011 and each member country agrees to support
   the contents.

82. During the Consal 15 a booth should be set up for Consal. Every member
   country should contribute materials to be exhibited including the book of Consal

Country Reports
83. Each country presents their country report in brief.

Acknowledgment and Closing Remarks
84. The 3rd Meeting of Consal XV Executive Board will be held in Bali on May 28,
85. EB members exchange tokens.
86. Ms. Hj. Sri Sularsih initiates to close the meeting and requests Mr Zulfikar to
   proceed the closing.
87. Acknowledgement and closing remarks by Mr Zulfikar representing the President
   of Indonesia Library Association.
88. At 13.00 the meeting is declared close.

   Prepared by Chaerul Umam


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