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									Date:            January 19th, 2002
                                                                           Guest of Honour
Time:            6:00 p.m.       Reception
                                                                        - Dr. Roberta Bondar -
                 7:00 p.m.       Dinner                                  Canadian Astronauts
Location:        Liberty Grand - The Renaissance Room                      on Space Shuttle
                 (renamed from Heritage Room)                                 DISCOVERY
                 25 British Columbia Road
                 Exhibition Place, Toronto,
                                                                    One of the six original Canadian astronauts selected in
                 Ontario M6K 3C3
                                                                    December 1983 and began astronaut training in February
                                                                    1984. Dr. Bondar served as chairperson of the Canadian
                                                                    Life Sciences Subcommittee for Space Station from 1985
                                                                    to 1989, and as a member of the Ontario Premier’s Council
                                                                    on Science and Technology from 1988 to 1989. In early
                                                                    1990, she was designated a prime Payload Specialist for
                                                                    the first International Microgravity Laboratory Mission (IML-
Ticket Price:    $100                                               1). Dr. Bondar flew on the space shuttle Discovery during
                 (Parking Voucher available on site $7.00)          Mission STS-42, January 22-30, 1992 where she
                 Limited Tickets available: 288.                    performed life science and material science experiments in
                                                                    the Spacelab and on the middeck.
Music/Band:      Dynasty Band

                                                     Dinner Menu:
                Housemade Salmon Gravlax, with Apple, Fennel and Green Bean Salad, Grain Mustard Cream
                             Bisque of Asparagus with Smoked Red Onions and Crispy Pancetta
         Pepperberry Crusted Beef Tenderloin, Sweet Garlic Spun Potato with Market Vegetables, Port and Stilton Jus
                 Orange and Ginger Glazed Salmon, Three Parsley Risotto, Curried Carrot and Turmeric Jus

                                                          Fruit / Sweets

 Please RSVP: to Roslyn with the                      Reservation Form - FCCP Annual Ball - January 19th, 2002
 meal choice (Beef or Salmon) - by                          (please return no later than January 5th, 2001)
 no later than January 5th, 2002 to            Name of Member: __________________________________________
 ensure menu choice.
                                               Section:                ________________Phone: ___________________
 Roslyn Tsao:     (416) 860-1199
 Email:           rtsao@idirect.com                                        Name of Guests              Beef / Salmon
 FAX:             (416) 860-1474
 Mail:            1515-390 Bay Street,
                  Toronto, Ontario,
                  M5H 2Y2
                  Attn.: Roslyn Tsao
                                               Number of Guests:            _________     @ $ 100.00 each payable to FCCP
                            MESSAGE FROM THE FCCP PRESIDENT
         Our national economy, robust these past few years, appears now to be headed for recession. Our climate
seems to be changing. Our supply of safe drinking water appears less secure that we thought. And the terrorist
attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 jolted us like no other recent act of mass violence. In times like
these it’s easy to lose one’s bearings.

         Some have said that the FCCP has lost its bearings. I respectfully disagree. While the Federation’s
membership may be down from its historic highs, it is still respectable. We have hundreds of members, from many
different disciplines. Our programs, while perhaps limited in number, are well organized and always successful:
witness the recent Fall Symposium, co-hosted with the medical section. We continue to come together to learn, to
celebrate, to share, to dream, and to advocate.

        Our immediate past president, Ms. Roslyn Tsao, began the process of addressing the challenges facing the
FCCP and the Board, under my presidency, is continuing that process. To that end we are streamlining our
administration and renewing our commitment to the public good. Our renewal will succeed because the Foundation
has relevance, just as it did when it was founded 26 years ago.

        For those of you who have been active in the affairs of the FCCP, I commend you and look forward to your
continued participation and support. For those of you who have not been as active, I urge you to help us in renewing
and building our Federation. Your help, comments and ideas are always appreciated. Please feel free to contact me
or any other member of your board.

       In closing, on behalf of all on the Board of Directors, I wish
you and your loved ones peace and goodwill during this Christmas
season and good health and much happiness in the New Year.

                                                     Yours very truly,
                                                          Garth Low

    2000-2001 Executive Board:                                             The Law Society
President                                                                    in partnership with
       Garth Low        (Legal Section)                           Osgoode Hall Law School
First Vice President                                        The Chinese Canadian National Council
        Vansen Lee     (Medical Section)                         The Equity Advisory Group
Second Vice President                                      The Multicultural History Society of Ontario
      Kenneth Fung (Medical Section)
                                                     Invite you to attend a reception celebrating the changing face of
Secretary                                                                   the legal profession.
       Kenneth Fung (Medical Section)
Treasurer                                                      The reception will honour the contributions of
       Vince Cheung (Accounting Section)                                      Kew Dock Yip
Membership Director/Public Relations                  The first Chinese Canadian lawyer called to the Bar in Canada,
     Teresa Cheung (Legal Section)                                                  and
Social Director                                         The increasing diversity of the governing body of the legal
        Raymond Lau (I. T. Section)                                       profession in Ontario.
Past President                                       Passage of Time: The Changing Face of the Legal Profession
       Roslyn Tsao     (Legal Section)               Date:         November 21, 2001 at 4:30 PM.
                                                     Location:     Convocation Hall
         Other Staff Members                                       130 Queen Street West, Toronto
Webmaster and Newsletter Editor                                                       th
                                                     RSVP no later than November 7 - call 416-947-3300 ext. 2285.
     Joseph Kung (I.T. Section)
  Human Genome Symposium A Success
Although this joint symposium was held on Thanksgiving Sunday, over
130 people were in attendance at The Doctor's House in Kleinburg, ON.
Our keynote speaker, Dr. Steve Scherer, Senior Scientist, Department of
Genetics at the Hospital for Sick Children provided an update on the
current status of gene mapping. In particular, certain personality traits
such as the Type "A" and obsessive/compulsive disorders are located on
Chromosome 15.
Dr. David Chitayat, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of
Toronto gave a detailed talk on various inherited genetics disorders and    Pictures from top left clockwise:
new prenatal screening techniques such as the nuchal translucency test
and the PAPP-A testing.                                                      Dr. Steven Scherer, Dr. David Chitayat,
                                                                             Dr. Joan Murphy, Dr. Rose Kung,
In the afternoon session, Dr. Steven Narod, Chair, Breast Cancer             Conference & Dinner Attendees,
Research at the Centre for Research in Women's Health reviewed the           Magnificant Buffet Brunch,
risks of developing breast cancer associated with BRCA-1 markers and         Roslyn Tsao, Dr. John Chiu,
the treatment options available for these high risk women.                   Dr. Steven Narod
Finally, Dr. Joan Murphy, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics
& Gynaecology, University of Toronto, addressed issues concerning
Familial Ovarian Cancer screening and its relationship with breast
The evening programme involved Dr. Tatyana Barankin, who spoke
about depression in adolescents at Bayview Garden.

 Special thanks to all those who helped to make this event a huge
AGM 2001

                                     FCCP Administrative Overhaul
" Administrative assistance and centralized record keeping: secretary at Coral Place will begin to contact sections
  for their membership information to input into common database
" Membership Brochure: draft to be presented at next meeting
" Communication Standard: no update required
" Library: to be addressed on ongoing basis, however, first priority is database                 - Kai-Wah Tang

                                    CHINESE CANADIAN
                               PHARMACISTS’ ASSOCIATION (ONT.)
                                                    Invites you to

                                   BOWL FOR FUND 2001
                                       Saturday, December 1st, 2001
                                                 CLUB 300 BOWL
                                              146 Old Kennedy Road
                                                 Markham, Ontario
                                                   (905) 477-0894
                                    (North of Steele Ave E. on Old Kennedy Rd)

                                                Registration: 6:00 PM
                                       Practice and Bowling: 6:30 PM SHARP
                                               Buffet dinner: 8:30 PM
                                                 Fee: $25 per Bowler
                        (Fee includes 3 games of 10-pin bowling, shoe rental and Buffet Dinner)
                                              $10 for Buffet Dinner only

                Prizes and trophies                       Raffle Draw
                    !   Highest Individual Score              !   $10 per ticket or $20 for 3 tickets
                    !   Highest Team Score                    !   Lots of Prizes to be won
                    !   First Runner-up Team Score            !   Proceeds to benefit CCPA Scholarship Fund
                    !   Most Honest Team Score
                             Registration Deadline: Sunday, November 25, 2001
              For all inquiries, please call CCPA pager (416) 793-0021 or email ccpa_ont@hotmail.com
                       CCPA Bowl For Fund 2001 Registration & Pledge Form
  Team name             ___________________________          Contact # ________________
  Team members:        1____________________________
      !   I cannot attend but would like to support by purchasing Raffle Tickets: $ _______
  Please mail to: 842 Gerrard Street East #2, Box #201, Toronto, Ontario M4M 1Y7
  Make cheque payable to : Chinese Canadian Pharmacists’ Association
  Date/Time:    Saturday, December 8th, 2001.

  Location:     Golden Regency Restaurant
                Unit F88 Pacific Mall 4300 Steeles Ave E
                Phone: 905-848-8811

  Details:      3:30 p.m.        Ma-Jong Game.
                6:00 p.m.        Annual General Meeting (CCABP)
                7:30 p.m.        Dinner and Karaoke

  Contact:      Sylvia Pong-Porter                                  pongporter@sympatico.ca
                Tony Wong          (905) 883-2187                   t.c.wong@home.com
                Joseph Kung        (416) 456-0031                   kungj@ipoline.com

  Tickets:      $ 38.00          Adults 12 to 99
                $ 20.00          Kids 4 to 12
                Free             Infants 4 and under.

                       Sailing on Celebrity’s Constellation - 91,000 tons, inaugural voyage May 2002
   PRICE:      $2150 pp Canadian cruise including tax (inside cabin, Category 10), double occupancy
               $2400 pp Canadian cruise including tax (outside cabin, Category 10)
               $ 950 pp airfare from Air Canada from Toronto
                         DAY       DATE         PORT                                                   ARRIVE           DEPART
                      Sun.         May 26       Barcelona, Spain                                                         6:00pm
                      Mon.         May 27       At Sea
                      Tue.         May 28       Malaga, Spain                                           7:00am           4:00pm
                      Wed.         May 29       Lisbon, Portugal                                       11:30am           7:00pm
                      Thur.        May 30       Vigo, Spain                                             8:00 am          5:00pm
                      Fri.         May 31       At Sea
                      Sat.         June 1       Le Havre (Paris), France                                 7:00am         11:00pm
                      Sun.         June 2       Brussels (Zeebrugge), Belgium                            7:00am          5:00pm
                      Mon.         June 3       At Sea
                      Tue.         June 4       Hamburg, Germany                                       10:00am           9:30pm
                      Wed.         June 5       At Sea
                      Thur.        June 6       Oslo, Norway                                             8:00am          8:00pm
                      Fri.         June 7       At Sea
                      Sat.         June 8       Dover, England                                              7:00am

PAYMENT:       Deposit for cruise (by credit card): $1306/room
               Full payment by March 24, 2002. (Full refund of deposit if cancelled prior to March 24 , 2002)
               Deposit for airfare (by cheque): $100 pp
               Full payment due 60 days prior to departure. (Full refund of deposit if notice of cancellation is received 100 days prior
               to departure).

                  Please notify Kitty at Cruise Holidays if you are interested in this trip at (416) 293-1525.
                                Upcoming Activities                                                 Weekly
                                 Reception for Kew-Dock Yip                           Badminton      BasketBall     Ballroom

            Date: November 21st, 2001                                                   Practice      Practice       Dance

November Place: Convocation Hall, 130 Queen Street West,                                                            Practice

  2001      Details: The Changing Face of the Legal Profession
                   The reception will honour the contributions of Kew Dock
                   The first Chinese Canadian lawyer called to the Bar in Canada, and
                   The increasing diversity of the governing body of the legal
                   profession in Ontario.
            Contact: (416) 947-3300 ext. 2285.                                           Every         Every          Every

                                  CCPA Bowl For Fund 2001                               Monday       Thursday        Monday

            Date: Saturday, December 1st, 2001                                            and

            Place: Club 300 Bowl, 146 Old Kennedy Road                                Thursday                      8.30 pm -

            Details: Come and Play games for Prizes and Dinner for                      6-8 pm                      10:00 pm

                   Registration: 6:00 PM, Practice and Bowling: 6:30 PM SHARP,
                   Buffet dinner: 8:30 PM, Fee: $25 per Bowler (Fee includes 3
                   games of 10-pin bowling, shoe rental and Buffet Dinner) $10 for
                   Buffet Dinner only
December           Proceeds to benefit CCPA Scholarship

  2001      Contact: CCPA Pager (416) 793-0021 or email ccpa_ont@hotmail.com
                                 CCABP /IT Christmas Dinner                             Contact:      Contact:      Contact:

            Date: Saturday, December 8th, 2001                                        Raymond        Dr. David       Joseph

            Place: Golden Regency Restaurant, Pacific Mall, Markham                       Lau           Lam           Kung

            Cost: $ 38.00 (Adult), $ 20.00 (Children 3 to                            (416) 721-4567 (416)321-6001 (416) 456-0031

            Details: Ma-Jong, Banquet Dinner, CCABP AGM, Karaoke &                       (IT)        (Medical)        (IT)
            Contact: Sylvia: pongporter@sympatico.ca, Joseph: kungj@ipoline.com

                                        FCCP Annual Ball

            Date: Saturday, January 19th, 2001

 January    Place: Renaissance Room, Liberty Grand, Exhibition Place,

  2002      Cost: $ 100.00 (limited tickets
            Details: Elegance Venue, Excellent Speaker, Choice of
                   Guest of Honour - Dr. Roberta Bondar - Canadian Astronauts on
                   Board The Space Shuttle DISCOVERY
            Contact: Roslyn Tsao (416) 860-1199 or rtsao@idirect.com
            CCMS Cruise -CCMS Western Europe CME Symposium 2002, Sailing
May 2002
            Celebrity's Constallation, 91000 tons inaugural

            CCABP 2002 Symposium - The CCABP 2002 Symposium will take place
            Saturday, June 1, 2002 at the Chinese Cultural Centre, Scarborough.
June 2002
            The tentative theme of the Symposium is: "Emerging Technologies
            Clinical Laboratory". More details will be followed.

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