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					Bilpy LLC, also represented by "Us," or "We" in this document document, greatly values
the privacy of our customers and guests to our site. The following Privacy Policy outlines
the information Bilpy LLC may collect, and how such information may be used.

           Information Collected by Bilpy LLC or on Bilpy LLC's Behalf

1. General
When you visit our Website, we collect only the Personal Information (information that
can be used to identify or contact you) you provide to us. Your provision of this
information is completed when you register and/or when you choose to use various
Website Services, participate in surveys, or send emails to us. We also non-personal
information on your use of our website, emails, special promotions and newsletters, and
your use of websites of selected sponsors and advertisers. We may use cookies or web
beacons to accrue this information. Bilpy LLC does not collect Personal Information in
this manner, nor do we use web beacons to track your activities on the Internet. Please
see below for more details.

2. Registration and Member Profile
You have the option to use our website without registering or submitting any Personal
Information. If you choose to do so, the only information we collect will be non-personal
information, which we collect through cookies or web beacons as described below.
However, you are required to complete a registration form to gain access to certain
content and services available on our site. We use your provided Personal Information to
improve customer service by informing you of significant changes to our Privacy Policy,
responding to your questions, and sending you emails with special promotions or
newsletters with relevant to your specifications. You may opt-out of receiving such
emails or unsubscribe to newsletters at any time, including during registration.

3. Surveys and Questionnaires
Bilpy LLC collects information you voluntarily provide through responses to surveys,
questionnaires and similar forms. Provision of such information is fully optional.

4. Cookies and Web Beacons
Bilpy LLC collects non-personal information about your use of our site, emails, special
promotions and newsletters. We collect non-personal information about your use of our
site and of the sites of selected sponsors and advertisers using cookies and web beacons.
Every user and visitor’s computer is assigned a different cookie, which is a small
computer file that is downloaded to your computer's hard drive and collects information
regarding frequency and use of certain sites. Similarly, web beacons are tiny graphic
image files embedded in a web page or email that send back information from the users'
browser to a home server. Web beacons are not used to track your activity across the
Internet on sites other than our own and our third party partners. This information is used
to dynamically generate advertising and content on web pages or in emails specifically
using your habits and preferences, to determine the popularity of certain content or
advertisements, and to monitor statistics of how many people are using our site and
selected sponsors' and advertisers' sites, opening our emails, and what they are using
these resources for. All data collected is anonymous.

Most browsers offer instructions on how to reject cookies in the "Help" section of the
toolbar. However, our cookie ensures full function of certain functions and conveniences
of our site. However, you do not need to accept our cookie in order to productively use
our site. It may be possible to link non-personal cookie information to Personal
Information collected separately from you in the ways described in section 2. Bilpy LLC
will not, without consent, link the cookie information we collect from you to Personal
Information you provide to us on our site.

5. Emails and Newsletters
Bilpy LLC may collect anonymous, non-personal information about your use of our
emails and newsletters. In some cases, your browser may be momentarily directed to the
site of a third party when you click on a link or an advertisement in an email or newsletter
which, per our request (see Disclosure to Website Service and Content Contractors,
below), notes your response to the email or newsletter before re-directing your browser to
the link you wish to view. This re-direction is very brief and will not interrupt your

                           Information You Choose to Share

Public Forums
This Privacy Policy does not protect you in public forums. When you use our public
forums, you do so at your sole discretion. Any information you choose to share in a
posting, bulletin board, chat room, or online discussion is public information that may be
seen, disclosed to or collected by third parties that do not adhere to our Privacy Policy.
We do not recommend providing Personal Information in public forums.

Emails to Us
This Privacy Policy does not apply to information, ideas, inventions or concepts that you
choose to share with us via email, or to the various departments listed on the "Contact
Us" link on our Website.

                            Disclosure of Your Information

We will not disclose any Personal Information you provide except as set forth in this
Privacy Policy or as specifically agreed to by you.

Contractors employed by Bilpy LLC include suppliers and vendors and that provide us
with services, technology, and/or content related to better website operations. They may
also be responsible for website maintenance. Sometimes these contractors have limited
and temporary access to your Personal Information in the course of their employment.
These contractors may also, as a part of their agreement with Bilpy LLC, send
newsletters, special promotions, and market research emails to you on our behalf. These
contractors will have access to your email address. Access to your Personal Information
by these contractors is limited to the information reasonably necessary in order for the
contractor to perform its job.

Certain content and services we offer on our website are provided on third party
contractor websites, which are hosted and operated by a company other than Bilpy LLC.
Bilpy LLC does not disclose your Personal Information to these third party sites without
your consent. Any information you disclose while using a third party contractor site is not
subject to this Privacy Policy. Bilpy LLC does not endorse and is not responsible for the
privacy practices of these contractor sites. To understand how that Third Party Contractor
Website collects and uses your Personal Information, you should review the privacy
policy posted on the other site. Bilpy LLC attempts to make it clear when you leave our
website and enter a contractor site, either by notifying you on the site or requiring you to
click on a link.

We may provide anonymous, non-personal information about you, combined with the
non-personal information of other users, to third parties as statistical data. For example,
we might use data collected from you and other users to calculate the number of users we
have and what features they use on our site, which we may share with third parties. We
may or may not charge third parties for this information.

Special Circumstances
We may release Personal Information to third parties to comply with valid legal
requirements such as a law, regulation, subpoena, court order, or search warrant, or in
special cases, such as a physical threat to you or others.

                   Notice of Privacy Rights to California Residents

We are required to provide you with a summary of your privacy rights under the
California Online Privacy Protection Act (the "Act") and the California Business and
Professions Code. These laws require us to share the categories of Personal Information
we collect, what third parties we share that information with, the names and addresses of
those third parties, and examples of those companies’ products. We hereby provide you
with this information.

The Act further requires us to allow you to control what entities we share your Personal
Information with. Send a request by email or standard mail to the address found below
should you wish to regulate this. Please indicate your name, address, email address, and
what Personal Information you want us to keep private. The request should be sent to the
attention of our legal department, and labeled "California Customer Choice Notice."
Please allow thirty (30) days for a response and for implementation of your instructions.
This service is free of charge.

Internet privacy is a dynamic, rapidly developing field. We may make significant changes
Personal Information we collect, and to this Privacy Policy, in the future. We may also
make minute changes to our Privacy Policy that generally will not affect our use of your
Personal Information. Normally we will not notify you of these insignificant changes.
Should you wish to, you may check this posted Privacy Policy for small changes.

Unfortunately, is not technologically possible to remove every record of your information
from our servers. Systems backups, which protect us against inadvertent loss of
information, may copy your Personal Information in a non-erasable form that will be
difficult or impossible for us to locate. That being said, if you so wish and express to us,
we will delete all of your stored Personal Information that we actively use for research
and daily business activities, as well as other readily searchable media.

Bilpy LLC is for adults age 18 and older who are legally allowed to enter into a binding
agreement. Children will not be permitted to bid in our auctions, as they will not be able
to complete registration – therefore, Personal Information will not be collected.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or any revisions, please exit the site

This site and the servers that allow this site to function are located in the United States.
By using this site, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and authorize Bilpy LLC
to transfer, collect, process and use your data as described. In the event of Bilpy LLC's
bankruptcy, dissolution, sale, merger, or other similar corporate event, the terms of this
Privacy Policy do not and will not apply. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy
Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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