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									                            List of Acronyms

ADSL       Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
AFRINIC    African Network Information Centre
APNIC      Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
APRICOT    Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technology
ARIN       American Registry for Internet Numbers
ARP        Address Resolution Protocol
ARPANET    Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
AS         Autonomous System
ASN        Autonomous System Number
ASO        Address Supporting Organisation
AW         Assignment Window
BIND       Berkeley Internet Name Daemon
BGP        Border Gateway Protocol
ccTLD      Country Code Top Level Domain
CIDR       Classless Inter Domain Routing
DNS        Domain Name System
DNSO       Domain Name Supporting Organisation
EGP        Exterior Gateway Protocol
EIGRP      Extended Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
GPRS       General Packet Radio Service
gTLD       generic Top Level Domain
IAB        Internet Architecture Board
IANA       Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IBGP       Interior Border Gateway Protocol
ICANN      Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICMP       Internet Control Message Protocol
IEPG       International Engineering & Planning Group
IETF       Internet Engineering Task Force
IGP        Interior Gateway Protocol
INET       Internet Society annual conference
INTERNIC   Internet Network Information Centre
IP         Internet Protocol
IPNG       Internet Protocol Next Generation
IRR        Internet Routing Registry
ISIS       Intermediate System to Intermediate System
ISOC       Internet Society
ISP        Internet Service Provider
ITU-T      International Telecommunication Union - Telecoms Working Group
LACNIC     Latin American & Caribbean Network Information Centre
LAN        Local Area Network
LIR        Local Internet Registry
MTU        Maximum Transmission Unit
NANOG      North American Network Operators Group
NAT        Network Address Translator

                    Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
NIR        National Internet Registry
NLA ID     Next Level Aggregation Identifier
NOC        Network Operation Centre
NRO        Number Resource Organisation
OSPF       Open Shortest Path First
PA         Provider Aggregatable
PI         Provider Independent
PGP        Pretty Good Privacy
POP        Post Office Protocol / Point Of Presence
PPP        Point-to-Point Protocol
PSO        Protocol Supporting Organisation
RAS        Remote Access Server
RFC        Request For Comments
RIP        Routing Information Protocol
RIPE       Reseaux IP Europeens
RIPE NCC   RIPE Network Co-ordination Centre
RIR        Regional Internet Registry
RR         Routing Registry
SLA ID     Site Level Aggregation Identifier
TCP        Transmission Control Protocol
TLA ID     Top Level Aggregation Identifier
TLD        Top Level Domain
UDP        User Datagram Protocol
VLSM       Variable Length Subnet Mask
WAN        Wide Area Network
W3C        World Wide Web Consortium
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre

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