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Author Last Author First Dept/Div                                   Number   Title
Abazi       Gani         Neurosurgery                                 1      Evaluation of CSF flow in shunts using a non-invasive thermal technique
Abreu       Eduardo      Orthopaedic Surgery                          2      Allograft Storage Conditions Do Not Have Detrimental Effect on Soluble Collagen Fraction or Hydrogel Performance
Aderman     Chris        Ophthlamology                                3      Gene profiles of omega-3 and omega-6 PUFA fed mice with retinopathy
Agam        Yigal        Ophthlamology                                4      Electrophysiological studies of visual recognition in surgical epileptic patients
Altman      David        IPO                                          5      The Intellectual Property Office
Anor        Tomer        Neurosurgery                                 6      Large-Scale Simulation of the Human Cranial Arterial Tree
Armant      Myrian       Surgery                                      7      Preclinical Regulatory Validation Of A 3-Stage Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cell Manufacturing Protocol
Aslam       Muhammad Newborn Medicine                                 8      Isolation, Immunodepletion and Differentiation of Mouse Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Aspegren    Oskar        Ophthlamology                                9      Retinal Expression of IGF Binding Proteins
Berkey      Cristin      Infectious Diseases                          10     Opposing roles of the TNF and IMD pathways in susceptibility of Drosophila melanogaster to Vibrio cholerae
Bordes      Veronica     Psychiatry                                   11     A Longitudinal Analysis of Latina/o Academic Persistence in College
Broadbelt   Kevin        Pathology                                    12     Neurochemical Relationship Between the Gabaergic and Serotonergic System in the Developing Human Brainstem
Brown       Juliana      Pathology                                    13     Dissecting the roles of tumorigenic mutations in a brain cancer model using disease-prone ES cells
Chan        Yee-Ming     Endocrinology                                14     Expression of GnRH, TGFα, or KISS1 by Human Hypothalamic Hamartomas is Not Sufficient to Cause Precocious Puberty
Chen        Jing         Ophthlamology                                15     Erythropoietin prevents pathologic vessel loss and subsequent proliferation in a mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy
Chen        Judy         Otolaryngology                               16     Endoscopic CO2 Laser Approach for the Management of Type I and Type II Laryngeal Clefts: Clinical Presentation and Outcomes
Chen        Vicki        Ophthlamology                                17     A Proposed Mechanism by which Graves’ Disease Mimicks a Forth Cranial Nerve Palsy
Choma       Michael      General Pediatrics, Resident in Medicine     18     Investigating Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) cardiovascular physiology using high-speed optical imaging and contrast microangiography
Chou        Janet        Immunology                                   19     Predictors of Clinical Success in a Multidisciplinary Model of Atopic Dermatitis Treatment
Cole        Joanna       Adolesc. Med.                                20     Risks, Trends, and Outcomes among Pregnant Adolescents and Young Adults
Coma        Silvia       Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                     21     Specific regulation of the expression of Semaphorin 3F by E47 and Id proteins
Connor      Kip          Ophthlamology                                22     Dietary ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reverse late stage pathologic retinal neovascularization
Dabrowska   Alicja       Infectious Diseases                          23     FOXO3a as a key mediator of apoptosis in HIV-1-infected primary CD4+ T-lymphocytes
Dearling    Jason        Nuclear Medicine (Radiology)                 24     Positron emission tomography in the detection of neuroblastoma using radiolabelled antibody-derived molecules
Dokter      Maarten      GI Cell Biology                              25     Trimeric Fc-epsilon-RI shuttles antigen into endo/lysosomal compartments in a dynamin-dependent manner
Duncan      Jhodie       Pathology                                    26     The Developmental Profile of Cholinergic Muscarinic and Nicotinic Receptors in Medulla Oblongata of the Human Fetus and Infant in Relationship to
Fournier    Mary         Adolesc. Med.                                27     Weight-Related Behaviors of Homeless High School Students
Friedrich-Medina         General Pediatrics                           28     Young Female Donors May Not Confer Increased Risk of Chronic Gvhd in Sex-Mismatched Pediatric Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant
Ganem       Neil         Hem/Onc                                      29     Transient Multipolar Spindle Intermediates Increase Merotelic Attachments and Promote Chromosome Instability in Cells with Supernumerary Centrosomes
Geretti     Elena        Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                     30     Site-Directed Mutagenesis in the B-Neuropilin-2 Domain Selectively Enhances Its Affinity to VEGF165, but not to SEMA3F
Gorman      Mark         Neurology                                    31     The impact of formal neurology education in pediatric residency
GottumukkalaVijay        Nuclear Medicine (Radiology)                 32     Detection of Multi-drug Resistance in Cancer Cells Using Lipophilic Cationic 64Cu Complexes
Gross       Jane         Pulmonary                                    33     Human IL-17A Potentiation of in-vitro Opsonophagocytic Killing of Streptococcus pneumoniae
Hassan      Areej        Adolesc. Med.                                34     Primary care follow-up plans for adolescents with substance use problems
Haynes      Robin        Pathology                                    35     The Ontogeny of Serotonergic Markers in the Developing Human Cerebral Cortex: Analysis of Autopsy Cases from Midgestation through Infancy
Ho          Jacqueline   Nephrology                                   36     A Requirement for miRNAs in the Mesenchyme During Early Kidney Development
Imam        Farhad       Newborn Medicine                             37     Mechanisms of Hypoxia Resistance in the Zebrafish Model
Ismail      Nesreen      Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg, Grad student       38     Integrins are Novel Receptors for Angiopoietin-1 on Cardiac Myocytes: A New Nonvascular Cardioprotective Mechanism for Ang1
Kazama      Itsuro       Nephrology                                   39     Podocyte-derived BMP7 drives nephron maturation: a novel regulatory axis in kidney development
Khatwa      Umakanth     Pulmonary                                    40     A Novel Mechanism for Polymorphonuclear Cell Migration Through Collagen Barriers: Role of Matrix Metalloproteinase-8
Kho         Alvin        Informatics                                  41     Transcriptomic phases of the developing human fetal lung predict lung developmental stage
Kim         Nayoung      Infectious Diseases                          42     HIV-1 Tat Association with Cellular Promoters in Human Immature dendritic like Cells
Kim         Sang W.      Otolaryngology                               43     Long-term audiologic outcome in children with Down syndrome
Koduru      Suresh       Immunology                                   44     Generation and characterization of CIP4 KO mice

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Kuroda      Taruho       Hem/Onc                                    45        Understanding the Physiological Alterations Associated with Tetraploidy: Potential Strategy for Novel Cancer Thrapeutics
Kwon        Mijung       Hem/Onc                                    46        Mechanisms to suppress multipolar divisions in cancer cells with extra centrosomes
LaBelle     James        Hem/Onc                                    47        Hydrocarbon Stapled BH3-Only Protein BIM Induces Apoptosis in Models of Dysregulated Apoptosis
Le          Hau D.       Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                   48        Hepatic Protection of Omega 3 Fatty Acids in a Murine Bile Duct Ligation Model
Lee         Tong-Young Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                     49        Angiostatin targets mitochondria in endothelial and tumor cells and regulates expression of genes which inhibit angiogenesis
Lee         Jessica      GI , IBD                                   50        Growth Impairment in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Role of Parental Height and Genetic Variants
Lee         John         Immunology                                 51        A Murine Model of the Human TACI mutation A181E
Author Last Author First Dept/Div                              Clinical/Basic Title
Li          Zhe          Hem/Onc                                    52        The GATA1s mutant protein contributes to myeloid leukemia in Down Syndrome patients through derepression of E2F target genes
Liu         Hongye       Informatics                                53        Tissue-specific functional avoidance of microRNA suppression in mammalian development and malignancy
Mahan       Vicki        Cardiothoracic Surgery                     54        Modulation of Oxygen/Glucose Uptake in Piglets Preconditioned with Carbon Monoxide Before Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
Mammoto     Akiko        Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                   55        Transcriptional regulation of VEGFR2 on lung vascular development
Massaad     Michel       Immunology                                 56        Strategy for stabilizing the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome protein and its applications
Meisel      Jonathan     Surgery                                    57        Short and Long-Term Inhibition of Intra-abdominal Adhesion Formation with the Angiogenesis Inhibitor Sunitinib
Misasi      John         Infectious Diseases                        58        Shared host determinants for Ebola and Lassa fever virus infection
Murtie      Joshua       Neurology                                  59        Topical application of GDNF receptor ligands: A novel treatment strategy for small fiber peripheral neuropathy
Murugan                Neurology
            Rajamanickam                                            60        Generalized Dynamic Theory of Alternative Splicing Regulation
Nakamura    Mari         Pediatric Health Services                  61        Influenza Vaccination in Adolescents with High-Risk Conditions
Nardi       Valentina    Hem/Onc                                    62        A critical role for CCL chemokines in the immuno-protection induced by Type I Interferons and IRF8/ICSBP against Bcr/Abl-induced leukemia
Novak       Katherine    Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                   63        Inhibition of Renal Ischemia Reperfusion Injury with the MMP Inhibitor Marimastat
Oyoshi      Michiko      Immunology                                 64        Mechanical injury by tape stripping causes Th2 responses in mice
Ozcan       Esra         Immunology                                 65        TACI and TLR4 synergize in driving immunoglobulin class switching in vitro and in vivo
Pacak       Christina    Anesthesiology                             66        Bioengineering Conduction Tissue for Repair of Pediatric Heart Block
Packard     Alan         Nuclear Medicine                           67        The Small-Animal Imaging Laboratory at CHB
Park        Eun-Hyoung Neurosurgery                                 68        Induced canine hydrocephalus alters pulsation absorber characteristics
Park        Sang Tae     Infectious Diseases                        69        Regulation of the virulence-associated SigH stress response regulon by an essential protein kinase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Paterson    David        Pathology                                  70        Differential Patterns of Abnormal Binding to 5-HT2A versus 5-HT1A Receptors in the Medulla Oblongata in the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
Permar      Sallie       Infectious Diseases                        71        Potent SIV-specific cellular immune responses in breast milk of SIV-infected, lactating rhesus monkeys
Philbin     Victoria     Infectious Diseases                        72        Unique immunostimulatory activity of Toll-like receptor 8 agonists towards neonatal antigen-presenting cells
Platzer     Barbara      GI Cell Biology                            73        Establishing Fc-epsilon-receptor I transgenic mice as a novel model for food allergy
Power Coombs elanie      Infectious Diseases                        74        Neonatal Monocytes Express High Amounts of Adenosine A3 Receptors That Inhibit TLR2-mediated Neonatal TNF Production
Qudsi       Rameez       Hem/Onc                                    75        A genetically engineered mouse model of osteosarcoma that closely mimics the human disease
Ramachandran runa        Urology                                    76        Specific AP-1 dimers mediate the response of human bladder smooth muscle cells to platelet-derived growth factor
Ranpura     Sandeep      Urological Diseases Research Center        77        Selective AP-1 Dimer Formation Regulates Mechanotransduction Signaling in Human Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells
Roy         Roopali      Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                   78        Mining the Urinary Proteome: Identification and Validation of Biomarkers for Early Detection of Cancer
Salgado     Cristian     Ophthlamology                              79        Anterior Segment Complications after Diode Laser Photocoagulation for Prethreshold Retinopathy of Prematurity
Sarraj      Bara         Lab Medicine and Blood Transfusion         80        Myeloid-specific deletion of tumor suppressor PTEN enhances the neutrophil ability to cross the venular wall and tissue barriers
Sawady      Joel         Medicine (Resident)                        81        Access to Specialty Care in Rural El Salvador
Scherr      Elisabeth    Cardiac Surgery                            82        Upregulation of VEGFR-1 Prevents Adaptive Capillary Growth in Hypertrophied Myocardium
Shah        Dhvanit I.   Hem/Onc                                    83        Genetic Screens to Identify Genes Responsible for Hematopoiesis in Zebrafish
Shanti      Rabie        Surgery, (Student?)                        84        Human Fetal Bone Engineering With Electrospun Nanofibers And Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Shen        Xiaohua      Hem/Onc                                    85        The polycomb protein Ezh2 is essential for embryogenesis but dispensable for the self-renewal of embryonic stem cells
Shim        Joon W.      Neurosurgery                               86        CSF VEGF-A and Human HB-EGF in Hydrocephalus
Sidbury     Robert       Pediatric Health Services                  87        Randomized trial of vitamin D supplementation for winter-related atopic dermatitis in Boston: A pilot study
Singleton   Theresa      GI and Nutrition                           88        The First Transmembrane Region of FcεRIβ Contains a Signal Peptide and the Interface for Stabilization of the Tetrameric FcεRI Complex

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Sinkevicius    Kerstin        Stem Cell Program (Hem/Onc)               89         Identification And Characterization Of Human Lung Cancer Stem Cells
Skinner        Margaret       Otolaryngology                            90         Laryngeal Cleft Anomalies and the Incidence of Tracheoesophageal Fitula
Son            Mary Beth      Rheumatology                              91         Diagnosis and Treatment of Kawasaki Disease: Analysis of 27 U.S. Pediatric Hospitals from 2001-2006
Steigman       Shaun          Surgery                                   92         A Hitherto Missing Piece of the Fetal Wound Healing Puzzle: Amniotic Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Tian           Ze             Informatics                               93         An optimized platform for global gene expression profiling of peripheral whole blood samples
Trivedi        Niraj          Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                  94         Discrimination of Cell and Tissue Types by Housekeeping Genes and Transcription Factor Expression Profiles
Unternaehrer Juli             Hem/Onc                                   95         Control of Nanog and Cdx2 expression in the inner cell mass vs. trophectoderm decision
Wang           Guangwen       Pathology                                 96         Fetal Overgrowth Caused by Global Loss of Imprinting is Rescued by Igf2R Reactivation
Wang           Lulu           Endocrinology, (Student)                  97         Stress inhibits Kiss1 mRNA expression in the arcuate nucleus of male mice
White          Richard Mark Hem/Onc                                     98         An expanded pool of embryonic neural crest progenitors predisposes to melanoma
Willett        Kiernan        Ophthlamology                             99         Dietary Intake Of Omega-3 Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Modulates Some Arachidonic Acid Cascade Enzymes And Protects Against Pa
Yang           Jiang          Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                  100        A role for neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in regulating tumor angiogenesis
Yung           Chong          Surgery                                   101        Microfluidic Blood Cleansing Device for Sepsis Therapy
Zacharek       Sima           Stem Cell Program (Hem/Onc)               102        Role of Bmi1 in bronchio-alveolar stem cells in normal lung and lung cancer
Sullivan       Stephen        Plastic Surgery                           103        Palatoplasty Outcomes in Patients with Cleft Palate
103 abstracts (incl. IPO)

Research Day Abstracts 2008
Alphabetical order                                                                               In order of # of submissions
Adolesc. Med.                                                                  3                 Hem/Onc (2 of these are Stem Cell Program)         13
Anesthesiology                                                                 1                 Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg                           10
Cardiothoracic Surgery; Cardiac Surgery                                        2                 Infectious Diseases                                  8
Endocrinology                                                                  2                 Ophthlamology                                        8
General Pediatrics, Resident in Medicine OR Pediatric Health Services          5                 Immunology                                           6
GI Cell Biology; GI IBD; GI and Nutrition                                      4                 Neurosurgery                                         6
Hem/Onc (2 of these are Stem Cell Program)                                    13                 Pathology                                            6
Immunology                                                                     6                 General Pediatrics, Resident in Medicine OR Pediatric5Health Services
Infectious Diseases                                                            8                 GI Cell Biology; GI IBD; GI and Nutrition            4
Informatics                                                                    3                 Surgery and Plastic Surgery                          6
IPO                                                                            1                 Adolesc. Med.                                        3
Lab Medicine and Blood Transfusion                                             1                 Informatics                                          3
Nephrology                                                                     2                 Otolaryngology                                       3
Neurology                                                                      1                 Cardiothoracic Surgery; Cardiac Surgery              2
Neurosurgery                                                                   6                 Endocrinology                                        2
Newborn Medicine                                                               2                 Nephrology                                           2
Nuclear Medicine (Radiology)                                                   3                 Newborn Medicine                                     2
Ophthlamology                                                                  8                 Nuclear Medicine (Radiology)                         3
Orthopaedic Surgery                                                            1                 Pulmonary                                            2
Otolaryngology                                                                 3                 Urology; Urological Diseases Research Center         2
Pathology                                                                      6                 Anesthesiology                                       1
Psychiatry                                                                     1                 IPO                                                  1
Pulmonary                                                                      2                 Lab Medicine and Blood Transfusion                   1
Rheumatology                                                                   1                 Neurology                                            1
Surgery and Plastic Surgery                                                    6                 Orthopaedic Surgery                                  1
Urology; Urological Diseases Research Center                                   2                 Psychiatry                                           1

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Vasc Biol Pgm, Dept Surg       10           Rheumatology                1
                              103                                     103

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ntation and Outcomes

uman Fetus and Infant in Relationship to the Caudal Serotonergic System and Arousal

etic Stem Cell Transplant
h Supernumerary Centrosomes

ation through Infancy

e Mechanism for Ang1

                        a.o. 9/10/2011                                                                Page 5                     103 alpha abstracts

on of E2F target genes

ermic Circulatory Arrest

bacterium tuberculosis
nt Death Syndrome (SIDS)

al TNF Production

and tissue barriers

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cade Enzymes And Protects Against Pathogenic Retinal Neovascularization

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