SARDINIA 99
  Seventh International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium


               Thomas H. Christensen
                  Raffaello Cossu

                      Scientific secretary:

                      Roberto Raga


                      volume II

 Environmental Sanitary Engineering Centre, Cagliari

                                  VOLUME II:


1.1 Water balance and leachate production
J.P.A. Hettiaratchi, V.S. Shroff, G. Achari
Effect of Individual Rainfall Events on Leachate Production in Young
Semi-arid Landfills                                                          3
A. G. Capodaglio, P. Bacchi, E. Claus, M. Olmo, L. Nettuno
Leachate Generation in Landfills: Model Sensitivity and Case Studies        11
E. Demirekler, R.K. Rowe, K. Unlu
Modeling Leachate Production from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills           17
A. P. Butler, A.I. Zacharof, C.J. Sollars
A Stochastic Flow and Transport Model for Landfill Leachate Production      25
1.2 Flow regime
R. P. Beaven, W. Powrie
Analysis of Waste Flushing and Flow to Wells Using MODFLOW and an
Effective Stress Dependent Hydraulic Conductivity                           33
D. Bendz, P. Flyhammar
Channel Flow and its Effects on Long-Term Leaching of Heavy Metals in
MSW Landfills                                                               43
H. Rosqvist
Solute Transport through Preferential Flow Paths in Landfills               51
J. Heerenklage, K. Hammerton, G. Spelman, N. Lambropoulos, R. Wainberg,
R. Stegmann
Recirculation of Landfill Leachate in a Sealed Test Cell - A Radioisotope
Tracer Study                                                                61

2.1 Leachate quality
G. Urbini, L. Ariati, S. Teruggi, C. Pace
Leachate Quality and Production from Real Scale MSW Landfills               73

M.D. Armstrong, R.K. Rowe
Effect of Landfill Operations on the Quality of Municipal Solid Waste
Leachate                                                                    81
M.A. Gomez-Martin, I. Antigiiedad, I. Ansoleaga
Physico-Chemical Evolution of Leachates from MSW Landfills in the
Basque Country (Spain)                                                      89
C. Oman, A. Bengtsson, H. Rosqvist
Changes with Depth and with Time of Leachates from a Pilot-Scale Landfill   97
P. Kjeldsen, M. Christophersen
Composition of Leachate from Old Landfills in Denmark                       105
C. Oman
Organic Compounds Selected for Leachate Characterisation Programs           113
A. Ledin, A. Baun, P.L. Bjerg, N. Nyholm, T.H. Christensen
Polar and Ionic Organic Compounds in Landfill Leachate: A New Concern?      119
K. Curi, O. Sensoy, G. Kocasoy
Determination of the Best Chemical Treatment Method for Young Leachate      127
2.2 Leachate management concepts
D. Poitel, P. Courant, C. Primi, J. M. Mandin
Various Leachate Treatment Plants in France                                 135
R. B. Wallace, K. S. Nakhjiri
Non-Treatment Management of Landfi 1 Leachates                              143
A. R. Allen
Natural Solutions to Landfill Leachate Management: More Cost Effective
Strategies                                                                  151
W.L. Fowler, L.A. Langdon, M.J. Watson, D.A. Cochrane
Development of Cost-Effective Leachate Disposal Options for an Unlined
Landfill                                                                    159
R. J. Scrudato, J. J. Pagano
In-refuse Storage and Treatment of Sanitary Landfill Leachate               167
R. Angerhofer, M. Faulstich
Elimination of Pollutants from Landfill Gas and Leachate by Bulks of Used
Glass                                                                       175
V. Maliokas
The "In Situ" Purification Method for the Treatment of Leachate from a
Landfill                                                                    181
C. Aran, S. Franck, G. Berroir, T. Gisbert
Leachate Recirculation by Horizontal Trenches: Instrumentation              185
T. Bramryd
Utilization as Fertilizer of Nutrients Extracted from Mixed MSW through
Fermentation in Landfill Bioreactor Cells                                   193

2.3 Biological treatment in constructed and natural systems
K. Kylefors, H. Ecke, A. Lagerkvist
Relevancy of a Discharge Limit of COD for Landfill Leachates                201
L. Chang
Dimensioning of Single-Stage Activated Sludge Treatment Plants for
Nitrogen Removal from Landfill Leachate                                     207
K.Haarstad, T. Maehlum
MSW Leachate Variability and Alternative Pretreatment Filtering in Cold,
Temperate Climates                                                          215
G. Tham, G. Renman
Considerations for On-Site Leachate Treatment: A Case Study in Sweden       225
C. Maurice, A. Lagerqvist
Establishing Vegetation in a Pilot Scale Wetland in a Cold Climate Region   231
S.K. Marttinen, R.H. Kettunen, J.P.Y. Jokela, J.A. Rintala
Sewage Treatment Plant as an Option to Control Leachate Emissions           239
R.H. Kettunen, J.A. Rintala
Biological Treatment of Leachates from Oil Shale Combustion and
Processing Residues                                                         247
H. Palmquist, Ft. Ecke, A. Lagerkvist
Removal of Hazardous Elements from MSWI Slag Leachate Using
Anaerobic Filters                                                           253
D. Geenens, D. Bixio, C. Thoeve
Advanced Oxidation Treatment of Landfill Leachate                           261
H.D. Robinson, L.J. Strachan
Simple and Appropriate Landfill Leachate Treatment Strategies in South
Africa                                                                      269

2.4 Physico-chemical treatment partly combined with biological treatment
F. Avezzu, G. Bertanza, C. Collivignarelli
Ammonia Stripping from Landfill Leachate: Process Modelling and
Comparison between Bubble Reactor and Packed Column                         277
H.D. Robinson, G.R. Harris, S.D. Last
The Stripping of Dissolved Methane from Landfill Leachates Prior to
Their Discharge into Sewers                                                 285
R. Lacasse, Y. Arcand, P. Talbot, O. Vermeersch, J. Mlynarek
A New Polishing Process for Municipal Landfill Leachate Treatment           295
C. A. Tweney, M. Heavy
The Treatment of Landfill Leachate Using Peat                               303
/. Ozturk, M. Altinbas, O. Arikan, B.S. Tuyluoglu, A. Basturk
Anaerobic and Chemical Treatability of Young Landfill Leachate              311
R.M. Roddy, C.P. Huang
Landfill Leachate Treatment Using an Integrated Fenton Process              319

M. Bjorngreen, K. M. Persson
Chemical Precipitation of Metals as a Landfill Leachate Treatment Method:
Four Years of Practical Experiences                                          327
2.5 Membrane technology
T. Peters
Past and Future of Membrane Filtration for the Purification of Landfill
Leachate                                                                     335
A. Hippen, U. Theilen, K. -H. Rosenwinkel, C. F. Seyfried
Leachate Treatment in a Combined Moving-Bed and Microfiltration System       345
H. Eipper, C. Maurer
Purification of Landfill Leachate with Membrane Filtration Based on the
Disk Tube DT                                                                 353
R.J. York, R. S. Thiel, E. G. Beaudry
Full-Scale Experience of Direct Osmosis Concentration Applied to Leachate
Management                                                                   359
M. Hanashima, T. Shimaoka, T. Kobayashi, K. Ushikoshi, H. Suzuki,
K. Katsura, A. Toji, D. Kojima
Treatment of High Salinity Leachate by Reverse Osmosis and Concentrate
Treatment Technology                                                         367
2.6 Dioxin problematic in leachate from Japanese landfills
Y. Noma, Y. Matsufuji, M. Takata, K. Tomoda
Study of the Mass Flow of Dioxins in a Landfill for Municipal Solid Waste
Incineration Ash                                                             375
K. Yoshikawa, S. Urabe, Y. Matsufuji, T. Sato
Field Survey on the Concentration of Dioxins of Landfill Leachate in Japan   383
A. Tachifuji, Y. Matsufuji, M. Hanashima
Fate and Production Process of Mutagens in Landfill Leachate                 391
Y. Horii, T. Kawanishi, M. Hanashima
Dioxin Treatment of Reclamation Leachate in Landfills                        401
E. Nishikawa, M. Ohkata, K. Miki, J. Satou
Dioxins (PCDDs/PCDFs) in Landfill Leachate and Their Treatment               411
T. Tanaka, Y. Katsu, K. Futami, N. Katsukura
Decomposition of Dioxins from Leachate Using an Advanced Oxidation
Process                                                                      419
Y. Matsufuji, A. Tachifuji, M. Hanashima, T. Sato
Fungal Growth and Dioxin Removal in the Activated Cover Soil of
Landfill Layers                                                              429

3.1 LFG generation and extraction
J.M. Lamborn
Waste Composition at the Narre Warren Landfill                             441
G.Thrupp, J.M. Lamborn, T. A. Delfino
Landfill Gas Generation Rates Estimated from Pressure Rebound in
Extraction Systems                                                         449
J. Rodriguez-Iglesias, E. Maranon, H. Sastre, L. Castrillon
Characterisation of Extraction Wells and Recovery of Biogas in Municipal
Solid Waste Sanitary Landfills                                             457
A. Huber, S. Wohnlich
Gas Collection Layers                                                      465
Biogas Recovery from the Gas Drainage System of a Multi-Layer Capping      471
T. Ohlsson, T. Edeskdr, A. Rustan, A. Lagerkvist
Blasting Test on Polyethylene Landfill Gas Drainage Pipes                  477
3.2 LFG pre-treatment prior to utilization
M. Hagmann, E. Heimbrand, P. Hentschel
Determination of Siloxanes in Biogas from Landfills and Sewage Treatment
Plants                                                                     483
J. Stoddart, M. Zhu, J. Staines, E. Rothery, R. Lewicki
Experience with Halogenated Hydrocarbons Removal from Landfill Gas         489
3.3 Flares and biofilters
R. Eden, R. Smith
Guidance on Best Practice Flaring of Landfill Gas in the UK                499
F. Straka, J. Crha, M. Musilova, M. Kuncarova
LFG - Biofilters on Old Landfills                                          507
B. Dammann, J. Streese, R. Stegmann
Microbial Oxidation of Methane from Landfills in Biofilters                517
3.4 LFG utilization
S. Thorneloe, A. Roqueta, J. Pacey, C. Bottero
Database of Landfill Gas to Energy Projects in the United States           525
M. F. Aylward
The Linking of Sixteen Landfill Sites to Centralized Landfill Gas to
Electricity Power Plants                                                   533
J. Branson
Perspective on CNG, LNG, LFG-To-Pipeline gas and other gas projects        537
R. Eden
Liquefied Methane as a Viable Route to Landfill Gas Utilisation            543

4.1 General aspects
J. Thrane, M.P. Ginnerup
Operating the Largest Landfill in Denmark with Use of an Information
Management System                                                          551
O. Aguilar-Judrez, C. Aran, D. Houi
Effects of Landfill Operations on Temperature Rise                         559
G. Wahl, S. Flamme, D. Regener
Demands on Landfilling Operation and Leachate Disposal at Class I
Landfills according to TASI                                                567
4.2 Birds and flies control
E. Bertolini, S. Maz.z.ali, E. Meglioli, L. Ruggeri
Integrated Biological Intervention against Flies in Two Italian Sanitary
Landfills                                                                  573
R.J. Terry, D.B. Willett
Bird Control at Landfill Sites: Total Enclosure Netting System             581
4.3 Odours control
F. Otieno, C.S. Magagula
Management Strategies of Odour Problems at Landfill Sites                  589
P.J. Longhurst, R.A.F. Seaton
Empoying Data on Public Perception for the Strategic Management of
Landfill Odour                                                             597
4.4 Gas associated risks
R. Gregory, A. Revans, M. Hill, M. Meadows, C. Ferguson, J. Gronow
A Framework to Model Human Health and Environmental Risks from
Landfill Gas                                                               605
R. Lewicki
Early Detection and Prevention of Landfill Fires                           613
4.5 Environmental and safety management
G. Reyneri, P. Kociolek, F. Belfiore
Implementation of an Environmental Management System (ISO 14001
and EMAS) at Landfills                                                     621
E. Bertolini, E. Meglioli, L. Canovi, V. Bonvicini, L. Bertolotti
Implementation of an Environmental Managing System Conformed to the
ISO 14001 Regulation                                                       631
G. Reyneri, F. Belfiore
Use of Risk Analysis in the Implementation of an Integrated Management
System at Landfills                                                        637

P. Daddi, P. Ghezz.i, G. De Giovanni
The Security and Co-ordination Plan for the Corliano Landfill Works         645

5.1 Hygienic aspects in MSW landfilling
M.R. Boni, A. Chiavola, P. Borrello, P.M.B. Gucci, L. Musmeci, A. Pirrera
Bioaerosol from Sanitary Landfills: Preliminary Investigation on a Semi-
Pilot Plant                                                                 655
G. Aggazzotti, G. Fantuzz.i. E. Righi, G. Predieri, G. Ceppelli
Microbiological Quality of Leachate from Municipal Solid Waste Landfill
Sites and Infection Risk for Workers                                        663
L. Bondi
Measurement of allergogenic substances in landfill excavation               669
5.2 Health effects related to hazardous waste landfilling
L. Heasman
The Health Effects of Controlled Landfill Sites - An Overview               675
C.A. Redi, S. Garagna, M. Zuccotti, G. Baratti, G. Lodigiani
Rodents as Bioindicators of Genetic Risk near Hazardous-Waste Landfill
Sites                                                                       679

General Contents of the Proceedings                                         687

Alphabetic Author Index                                                     721

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