Low Cost Custom Printing Ideas For Your Business

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					Low Cost Custom Printing Ideas For Your Business
Businesses are often looking for low cost solutions for increasing business and promotion, in addition to

The use of imprinted clothing and caps, as well as tote bags, offers a business direct advertising through
custom embroidery, screen printing and t-shirt screen printing. Logos and art are readily seen, colors
pop, and a lasting impression is made for the business at an affordable cost.

Eco-totes are now the rage for supermarket shopping, and a beautifully designed tote with a company
logo will get attention as well as serving the environment. Because screen printing can be done easily on
the material, a green product can be offered as a gift at trade shows, within the store, and to valued
customers. Other products that can be screened with a logo include cups, mugs and travel mugs, balls,
and pens.

A baseball cap is worn outdoors and at sporting events, and one with custom embroidery will show a
company as outdoor friendly, and especially if a business is sports or equipment related, will present it
to a wider audience. A number of colors for a logo are able to be embroidered in this process. Given
away at an event, embroidered caps or golf t-shirts are a valuable source of advertising.

T-shirt screen printing can benefit a business at a low cost by providing a screened logo on a t-shirt,
hoodie, sweatshirt, polo shirt or light jacket. Because these are worn outdoors, on the golf course, or at
the gym, they are seen by large groups of people who might be interested in connecting with that
business. Screened clothing also makes a wonderful gift to reward valued employees, star sales
associates, or customers.

Another valuable reward for employees are small cloth coolers that can be silk screened with the
company logo.

Since employees may be bringing their lunch to work, as well as packing food for an outing or ball game,
an insulated bag with a logo is great advertising at low cost. Cooler totes for drinks are also a great
promotion at games and can highlight a food or drink business. Small quantities can usually be ordered,
and about 100 lunch cooler totes might cost in the area of $2.00 to $3.00 each with printing.

A business or retail store can benefit greatly from custom embroidery, screen printing, or t-shirt screen
printing to promote their business in an effective way, get their brand out to a larger audience, and
reward customers or clients at an affordable price.

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